Friday, August 28, 2020

Obituary: Ian Arthur Cluny Macpherson

 _. Ian Arthur Cluny Macpherson died 23 August, 2020. He was 91.

He was a son of Maj Arthur Clarence Macpherson, of Rowana House, Westward Ho!, co Devon, and married 5 March, 1966, the Hon Sarah Catherine Conolly-Carew [born 6 Nov, 1944], daughter of the 6th Baron Carew [1905-94], by his wife the former Lady Sylvia Gwendoline Eva Maitland [1913-91], daughter of the 15th Earl of Lauderdale [1891-1953].

He leaves a widow and three children, John Gavin [born 5 Apr, 1967], and two daughters, Caroline Emma Louisa Gray [born 7 Nov, 1969], and Katharine Heather Elizaabeth Bolder [born 23 Oct, 1974].


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