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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Peto/Leguen de Lacroix engagement

_. The engagement was announced 18 June, 2020, between Edward Henry Haldane Peto [born 7 Oct, 1979], scion of the Peto baronets, younger son of Robert Henry Haldane Peto [born 18 Sept, 1950], of Tilham Farm, Baltonsborough, Somerset, by his wife the former Susan Judge, & Louise Marie-Clare Leguen de Lacroix [born 1985], elder daughter of Mr Paul C.A. Leguen de Lacroix [born 1955], of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Carole E.L. Goodenay.

Edward Peto is a grandson of Sir Henry Peto, 4th Baronet [1920-2010].


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