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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Elisabeth Baroness Ampthill [died 2020]

_. Elisabeth, Baroness Ampthill, who died 8 June, 2020, was the second wife of the 4th Baron Amphill, CBE, PC [1921-2011].

She was the former Elisabeth Anne Marie Mallon, daughter of Claude Henri Gustave Mallon, of Paris, and married 28 March, 1972, the then Hon Geoffrey Denis Erskine Russell.

Her husband's father, the 3rd Baron Ampthill petitioned for a divorce from his first wife in Apr 1922 on account of her adultery, misconduct being alleged as early as Nov 1918, within a month of their wedding.  On 15 Oct 1921 Lady Ampthill gave birth to a male child, Geoffrey, of which Lord Ampthill, by affidavit, disclaimed the paternity.  After a divorce of 1923 was overturned on appeal in 1924, Lady Ampthill petitioned on behalf of her son seeking a declaration of legitimacy.  This was granted in 1925.  Following the death of the 3rd Baron Ampthill, 3 June, 1973, the succession of his son was allowed on the grounds that his declared legitimacy brought him within the terms of the patent of creation as heir male of the body.

Her husband served in World War II 1939-45 as Capt, Irish Guards; Deputy Speaker House of Lords 1983-99; CBE 1986; Member of the Select Committee on the Channel Tunnel Bill 1987; Deputy Chairman, Express Newspapers 1989-2011 and of United Newspapers 1991-96; Chairman of Committees, House of Lords 1992-94; Privy Councillor 1995; Member of the Select Committee on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill 1996; elected hereditary peer (Deputy Speaker - Cross Bench), House of Lords 1999-2011.

The marriage ended in divorce in 1987.

Lady Ampthill's funeral takes place at the église du Sacré-Coeur, Lausanne, 12 June, 2020.


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