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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Maj. Giles Vivian Inglis-Jones 1967-2020

_. Major Giles Vivian Inglis-Jones, who died 22 June, 2020, aged 53, was the husband of Arabella Kincaid of Kincaid, Chief of the name and arms of Kincaid.

He was born in 1967, scion of the Inglis-Jones landed family, son of Julian David Vivian Inglis-Jones [1933-2010], by his wife the former Mairi Lennox Owen, and married 24 March, 1995, the then Arabella Jane Hornell, daughter of Denis Peareth Hornell Lennox of that Ilk and of Woodhead [b 1 Aug, 1941], by his wife the former Jane Logan Batters.

His wife was recognised as Chief of the Name and Arms of Kincaid from on 29 July 1999. She was recognised by Lord Lyon King of Arms, and matriculated her arms at the Lyons Court on 26 January 2001. On 26 January 2001 her name was legally changed to Arabella Jane Kincaid of Kincaid, recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Maj Inglis-Jones leaves a widow and five children.


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