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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Marina, Viscountess Bury 1937-2020

_. Marina, Viscountess Bury, died 8 June, 2020. She was 82.

Viscountess Bury is the mother of the 10th Earl of Albemarle, and is a granddaughter maternally of the 8th Baron Howard De Walden [1880-1946].

She was born 30 December, 1937 as Marina Orloff-Davidoff, daughter of Lieutenant-Commander Count Serge Orloff-Davidoff [1905-1945], by his wife the Hon Elisabeth Gwendolen Scott-Ellis [1914-1976], scion of the Barons Howard De Walden.

She married 20 March, 1964, as his second wife, Derek William Charles Keppel, styled Viscount Bury [1911-1968], son and heir of the 9th Earl of Albemarle. Her husband predeceased his father, dying 8 Nov 1968.

Marina Bury leaves an only son, Rufus Arnold Alexis Keppel [born 16 July, 1965], who succeeded his grandfather, 14 July, 1979, as 10th Earl of Albemarle, Viscount Bury and Baron Ashford.

The funeral takes place at East Chiltington Church, near Lewes, Sussex, 10 July, 2020.


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