Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Procopé/Horton engagement

The engagement was announced 14 January, 2006, between Robert H. Procopé, eldest son of the late Mr Fredrik Procopé and of Mrs Procopé, of Skipster Hagg, North Yorkshire, & Alice Emily Rose Horton (b. 1978), elder daughter of Mr (Gavin) Tobias Alexander Winterbottom Horton (formerly Witnterbottom),known as Toby, of Swainby, North Yorkshire, by his wife, the former Hon. Fiona Catherine Peake (b. 1955), eldest daughter of the 2nd Viscount Ingleby (b. 31 May, 1926), by his 1st wife, the former Susan Landale.

Source: Daily Telegraph 14 January, 2006

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