Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Helen Buchanan-Dunlop

Helen Buchanan-Dunlop, who died at her home in Skiathos, 9 January, 2006, was the wife of Maj. Richard Buchanan-Dunlop, QC, late the Royal Signals (b. 19 Apr, 1919), scion of the BLG family of Buchanan-Dunlop of Drumhead. She was the former Helen Murray Dunlop, only child of Lieutenant-Colonel William George Dunlop, OBE, MC, TD, of Wester Overton, Strathaven, Lanarkshire, and married Richard Buchanan-Dunlop, 14 Sept, 1948. She was mother of Pepi, Rosi, and Amanda. The funeral took place 10 January, 2006.

Source: Daily Telegraph 13 January, 2006

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