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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nicholas Meinertzhagen

Nicholas Neil Meinertzhagen,who was b. 26 August, 1943; died 29 January, 2006. He was 62. He was the only son of the late Mr Luke Meinertzhagen, (d. 1984), a partner in Cazenove & Co., and the late Mrs Meinertzhagen (nee Sheila Cameron Macnamara). Nicholas was the nephew of Daniel and Sir Peter Meinertzhagen. He married firstly, 1966, (div. 1978), Erzebet Sarolta, daughter of Janos von Kenyeres, Capt Royal Hungarian Hussars, and Countess Eva Toldalagi de Nagy Ertse (Erzebet married 2ndly, 1979, Count Ferdinand von und zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg, of the mediatised princely house); he married secondly, 1980, Princesse Anne de Polignac, elder daughter of Prince Edmond de Polignac (first cousin of the 7th Duc de Polignac & second cousin of HSH the late Prince Rainier of Monaco; married 3rdly, 20 Dec 2001 (div 2003) Mrs Galina Ozhharelleva, n,e Juraszkiewicz. He leaves issue, :- Carla Arabella Meinertzhagen, b.2 Aug 1967; and Johanna Meinertzhagen, b. 1981. The funeral is at Northington Parish Church, near Alresford, Hampshire, 9 Feb 2006.

Source: Daily Telegraph 3 Feb 2006

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