Friday, November 03, 2023

Sam Gueterbock to marry Emily Arcedeckne-Butler

 The engagement was announced 3 November, 2023, between Samuel George FitzHardinge Gueterbock (born 1996), scion of the Barons Berkeley, eldest son of the Hon Thomas Fitzhardinge Gueterbock (born 5 January, 1969), of London, and his wife the former Helen Ruth Walsh, and Emily Julia Garnier Arcedeckne-Butler (born 5 June, 1996), descended from the Barons Dunboybe, eldest daughter of Timothy Garnier Arcedeckne-Butler (born 15 August, 1962), of London, and his wife the former Nathalie Catherine Rawoo.

Sam Gueterbock is a grandson of the 18th Baron Berkeley, OBE (born 20 September, 1939).

Emily Arcedeckne-Butler is a descendant of the 23rd Baron Dunboyne (1780-1850)


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