Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Hudson/Ashton engagement

The engagement was announced 1st Nov, 2023, between George William Hudson (born 1992), elder son of Nicholas J.M. Hudson (born 1961), of Putney, London, and his wife the former Johanna M. Chattle (born 1961), and the Hon Isobel Louise Ashton (born 22 September, 1992), second of the four daughters of the 4th Baron Ashton of Hyde (born 18 July, 1958), of Broadwell, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Emma Louise Allinson (born 1963).

Lord Ashton of Hyde is the fourth holder of the peerage created in 1911. The 1st Baron, as Thomas Gair Ashton, was Liberal MP for Hyde in Cheshire and later for Luton. He was a kinsman of the Luptons, from whom descends HRH The Princess of Wales.


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