Thursday, February 25, 2021

Wellesley/Lambert engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 25 February, 2021, between Capt Lord Frederick Charles Wellesley [born 30 September, 1992], of The Blues and Royals, second son of the 9th Duke of Wellington [born 19 Aug, 1945], of Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, and his wife the former [Princess] Antonia Elizabeth Brigid Luise von Preussen [born 28 Apr, 1955], and Capt Katherine Emma Lambert [born 25 July, 1992], Royal Engineers, the elder daughter Nicholas Thomas Lambert [born 3 Feb, 1957], descended from the Wilson of Cliffe landed family, and his wife the former, Fiona Burn.

Capt Lord Frederick Wellesley is a descendant of Queen Victoria:-

Queen Victoria [1819-1901]-->Victoria Princess Royal [1840-1901]-->Wilhelm II, German Emperor [1859-1941]-->Wilhelm Crown Prince of Germany [1882-1951]-->Friedrich Georg von Preussen [1911-66]-->Antonia von Preussen [b 1955-]-->Capt Lord Frederick Wellesley [b 1992]

Descent from the Guinness Earls of Iveagh:-

Rupert Guinness 2nd Earl of Iveagh [1874-1967]-->Lady Brigid Guinness [1920-95]-->Antonia von Preussen [b 1955]-->Capt Lord Frederick Wellesley [b 1992]

Capt Katherine Lambert is the granddaughter of Thomas Peter Lambert, who married 14 Apr, 1956, Davinia Margaret Walford [born 10 Oct, 1934, died 16 Sept, 2019], and a great granddaughter of Lt-Col John Erskine Scott Walford, MBE [1899-1961], the cricketer, and his wife the former Geraldyne Edith Mary Wilson [born 19 Dec, 1905- died July, 1973], scion of the landed family of Wilson of Cliffe Hall.

Katherine Lambert's royal ancestry:-

King Charles II = Barbara Villiers [later Palmer, Duchess of Cleveland], and had issue, 

[1]Charles Palmer [later FitzRoy], 1st Duke of Southampton & 2nd Duke of Cleveland [1662-1730], who married Anne Pulteney, and had issue 

[2] Lady Grace FitzRoy [1697-1763], who married Henry Vane, 1st Earl of Darlington, and had issue 

[3] Henry Vane, 2nd Earl of Darlington [1726-92], who married Margaret Lowther and had issue 

[4] William Vane, 1st Duke of Cleveland [1766-1842], who married Lady Katherine Powlett and had issue 

[5] Lady Augusta Vane [1796-1874], who married Mark Milbank MP, and had issue 

[6] Sir Frederick Milbank, 1st Bt [1820-98], who married Alexina Don, and had issue 

[7] Sir Powlett Milbank, 2nd Bt [1852-1918], who married Edith Green-Price, and had issue 

[8] Sybil Milbank [died 1930], married Lt-Col Sir Murrough Wilson, KBE, and had issue, 

[9] Geraldyne Wilson [1905-73], married John Walford [c1899-1961], and had issue 

[10] Davinia Walford [1934-2019], who married Thomas Peter Lambert [1927-2021], and had issue 

[11] Nicholas Lambert [b 1957], married Fiona Burn, and had issue, 

[12] Capt Katherine Emma Lambert [b 1992]

The bride-to-be is 12 generations in descent from King Charles II.



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