Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lady Montagu Douglas Scott

Lady Montagu Douglas Scott, who died 17 October, 2006, aged 81, was, as Valerie Finnis, a distinguished horticulturalist and garden photographer, widow of Sir David Montagu Douglas Scott (who died in 1986 aged 99), diplomat, scion of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry.
She was born Valerie Finnis, 31 Oct, 1924, at Crowborough, Sussex, 2nd daughter of Cdr Steriker Finnis by his wife Constance, and married Sir David in 1970. No issue.

Delia Baroness Baillieu

Delia Baroness Baillieu, who died 26 October, 2006, was the 2nd wife and widow of the 2nd Baron Baillieu (1915-73). She married Lord Baillieu in 1962 as Mrs Delia Muriel Champion. She is survived by issue from a previous marriage.Her homes were at Chiddingly and Lewes, Sussex.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rosemary Ann Ogilvy Bailey

Rosemary Ann Ogilvy Bailey (nee Freeman-Mitford), who died who died at Burford, Oxfordshire, 22 October, 2005, aged 95, was a scion of the Barons Redesdale. She was born in 1911, a daughter of Major the Hon Clement Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, DSO, eldest son and heir of the 1st Baron, (1876-1915), by his wife the former Lady Helen Alice Willington Ogilvy (d. 1973), daughter of the 11th Earl of Airlie; married 1932, Cdr Richard James (Dick) Bailey, OBE, RN (who d. 1969), by whom she had issue; 2 sons, Richard and Michael (who both predeceased her); & 4 daughters, Clementine, Penelope, Lavinia & Annabel; Funeral at St John the Baptist Church, Burford, 1 Nov, 2006...

Ursula Rowland

Victoria *Plum* Sykes, the writer, and her husband, Toby Rowland, have been presented with their first child, a daughter, Ursula Rowland, born in London, October, 2006.
Mr Toby Rowland is the son of the late Mr "Tiny" Rowland (whose birth name was Furhop)and Mrs Josie Rowland, & *Plum* (b. 4 Dec, 1969), is a twin daughter (with her sister Lucy now Mrs Euan Rellie) of Mark Richard Sykes (b. 1937), scion of the Sykes Baronets, of Sledmere, Yorkshire, and his second wife, Valerie.
Plum's paternal grandmother, Camilla Georgiana Sykes (nee Russell) (1912-83), was a scion of the Dukes of Bedford; the bride's paternal grandfather was the grandson of Christine Cavendish-Bentinck, a descendant of the 3rd Duke of Portland.
"Tiny" Rowland who died in July, 1998, from skin cancer, was the former head of the British-based conglomerate, Lonhro plc, has died at the age of eighty from skin cancer. Rowland, who fought a long take-over war with Mohamed Fayed for control of Harrods, was once described by the former British Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, as 'the unacceptable face of capitalism.. "

Sir Edward Thomas Hunter Blair, 8th Baronet

Sir Edward Thomas Hunter Blair, 8th Baronet, landowner and forester, died at Fleet Valley Nursing Home, 21 October, 2006. He was aged 85.He was born 15 December, 1920, son of Sir James Hunter Blair, 7th Baronet, by his wife Jean Galloway McIntyre, and was educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford.Career:---> Served in the 2nd World War with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; member of Kirkcudbrightshire County Council, 1970-71; Civil Servant, 1941-43; journalist (assistant Foreign Editor) 1944-49; Member of the Council of the Wyndham Trust, 1992-96; Member of the Scottish Association for Public Transport from 1993; President, Dumfries and Galloway Mountaineering Club, &c.He succeeded to the baronetcy (created in 1786), on the demise of his father, 1985.He married (i) 1956, Norma, daughter of Walter Sidney Harris, and they adopted a son, Alan, and a daughter, Helen. Married (ii) Jonet ?The baronetcy now devolves upon his kinsman, Patrick David Hunter Blair, b. 1958.The funeral took place at Straiton Parish Church, 27 Oct, 2006...

Floris Daniel van Pallandt Brocklebank

Felicia Brocklebank (nee Baroness van Pallandt, b. 1971), wife of James Brocklebank, gave birth to a son, Floris Daniel van Pallandt, 3 October, 2006, a brother for Thomas Charles Wilprand, who was b. 11 July, 2004.

Floris Daniel van Pallandt Brocklebank

Felicia Brocklebank (nee Baroness van Pallandt, b. 1971), wife of James Brocklebank, gave birth to a son, Floris Daniel van Pallandt, 3 October, 2006, a brother for Thomas Charles Wilprand, who was b. 11 July, 2004.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Angus Benjamin Maurice Hay

Miranda Hermione Rosamond Hay (nee Tennant, b. 1974), scion of the Barons Glenconner, wife of Thomas Hay, gave birth to a son, Angus Benjamin Maurice Hay, 8 October, 2006, at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Mrs Hay is a daughter of Mark Edward Tennant, and a granddaughter of the late Sir Iain Tennant, KT, by his wife the former Lady Margaret Ogilvy, dau of the 12th Earl of Airlie, &c.

Sheila McAlpine

Sheila McAlpine, who died 6 October, 2006, was the wife of Lt-Col. Malcolm Hugh Dees McAlpine (b. 1917), of the Royal Engineers, scion of the McAlpine Baronets (cr. 1918). She was the former Sheila Margaret, daughter of Maj. F. Raeburn Price, & married Malcolm McAlpine (a grandson of Sir Robert McAlpine, 1st Bt) in 1944; she had issue, Adrian (b. 1944), Cullum (b. 1947), and Hamish (b. 1954).The funeral took place at Chelsea Old Church, 18 Oct, 2006...

Oliver-Bellasis/Wise engagement

The engagement was announced, 11 October, 2006, between John Edward Oliver-Bellasis (b. 1976), descended from the Bates Baronets (cr. 1880), elder son of Charles Arthur John Oliver-Bellasis (b. 1940), of Boxford, Berks, by his wife the former Julia Elizabeth Manners, and Victoria J.H. Wise, ystn daughter of Mr & Mrs Kenneth Wise, of Princes Risborough, Bucks.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rogers/Norman engagement

The engagement was announced in October, 2006, between Daniel H. Rogers, younger son of the late Mr John Rogers and of Mrs Rogers, of Riverhill, Sevenoaks, Kent, and Kinvara C. Norman (b. 1977), scion of the BLG family of St Clere and Moor Place, and a descendant of the 4th Earl of Bradford, younger daughter of Mr James Collet Norman (b. 10 Aug 1945), of Hillington, Norfolk, by his wife the former Jennifer Wigan.


Mordaunt/Welch engagement

The engagement was announced in October, 2006, between James Richard John Mordaunt (b. 1967), scion of the Mordaunt Baronets (cr. 1611), elder son of Gerald Charles (Gerry) Mordaunt (b. 1939), of Essex, by his former wife, the former Carol Elspeth Villiers, scion of the Earls of Clarendon (now Mrs Carol Hammick, of Dorset), and Fiona K. Welch, daughter of Mr Alistair Welch, of Australia, and Mrs Jane Eardley, of London.


Lady Anne Catherine Dorothy Hill

The Lady Anne Hill, of Snape Priory, Saxmundham, Suffolk, who died 22 October, 2006, was a daughter of the 3rd Earl of Cranbrook (1870-1915), by his wife the former Lady Dorothy Montagu Boyle (d. 1968), daughter of the 7th Earl of Glasgow; she was b. 1911, as Lady Anne Catherine Dorothy Gathorne-Hardy. married 1938, George Heywood Hill (who d. 1986, descended from the Johnstone Baronets), and leaves issue. Funeral at Great Glemham Church on 30th October.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hoyer Millar/Burges-Lumsden engagement

The engagement was announced 24 October, 2006, between Mark Christian Frederick Hoyer Millar (b. 1975), scion of the Barons Inchyra (cr. 1962), son of the Hon Alastair James Harold Hoyer Millar (b. 1936), of London, by his wife the former Virginia Margaret Diana Macauley (descended from the Viscounts Camrose), & Anna Sophia Burges-Lumsden, daughter of Mr & Mrs Christopher Burges-Lumsden, of Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Baroness Hutchinson of Lullington

The Baroness Hutchinson of Lullington, who died 26 September, 2006, aged 86, was the second wife of the life peer, the Baron Hutchinson of Lullington, QC (b. 28 Mar, 1915). She was born in June, 1920, as June Capel, the younger (and posthumous) daughter of Capt. Arthur ("Boy") Capel, by his wife the former Hon Diana Lister (b. 1893), daughter of the 4th Baron Ribblesdale (b. 29 Oct 1854; d. 21 Oct 1925) (this peer was immortalised by the artist John Sargent), by his wife the former Charlotte Monckton Tennant, daughter of Sir Charles Tennant 1st Baronet. June's mother had married (i) 1913, Percy Lyulph Wyndham (of the Barons Leconfield, who was killed in WW1 in 1914); and after Capel's demise she became the wife of the 14th Earl of Westmorland. She married 1stly, 1948, Franz Osborn, and married 2ndly, in 1966, as his 2nd wife (the first wife had been the actress Dame Peggy Ashcroft), Jeremy Hutchinson, created a life peer in 1978.

James Robert Rhys Wingfield

Jane Fiona Wingfield (nee Dempster), wife of Rupert Bolingbroke Rhys Wingfield (b. 1972), scion of the Viscounts Powerscourt, gave birth to a son, James Robert Rhys, 25 September, 2006.

Walpole/Walker engagement

The engagement was announced 3 September, 2006, between the Hon. Roger Horatio Calibut Walpole (b. 1980), son of the 10th Baron Walpole, of Mannington Hall, Norwich, by his 2nd wife, the former Laurel Celia Ball, & Lesley Walker, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Walker, of Athelstaneford, East Lothian, and Mrs Walker.

Hon. Simon David Davan Sainsbury

The Hon Simon David Davan Sainsbury, who died after a fall, 28 September, 2006, was a yr son of the life peer, Baron Sainsbury (1902-98), and was a great-grandson of John Sainbury, founder of the grocery chain; b. 1930; sometime Vice-Chairman and Director of J Sainsbury Ltd; he never married, but recently celevrated a civil partnership with one Stewart Grimshaw.

William John Ernest Horsbrugh-Porter

Jennie Horsbrugh-Porter (nee Downing) wife of (Andrew) Alexander Marshall Horsbrugh-Porter (b. 19 Jan 1971), scion of the baronets of that name, gave birth to a son, William John Ernest, 25 September, 2006. Alexander is the son and heir of Sir John Simon Horsbrugh-Porter, 4th Baronet.

Loyd/Peake engagement

The engagement was announced 3 October, 2006, between Andrew W. Loyd, son of the late Major Peter Loyd and Mrs Peter Loyd, of Eastfield, Roxburghshire, and Mrs Katharine S. Assheton, daughter of Mr David Alphy Edward Raymond Peake (b. 1934), of Sezincote, Gloucestershire, scion of the Peake family headed by Viscount Ingleby, and Mrs Peake.

Hon. Lady Mayall (1914-2006)

The Hon Lady Mayall, who died 26 September, 2006, was the 2nd wife, and widow, of Sir (Alexander) Lees Mayall, KCVO, KCMG (b. 14 Sept, 1915; d. 27 Dec, 1992), sometime Ambassador to Venezuela and vice-marshal of the diplomatic corps. She was born the Hon Mary Hermione Ormsby-Gore, in 1914, a daughter of the 4th Baron Harlech, KG, GCMG, PC (1885-1964), by his wife, the former Lady Beatrice Gascoyne-Cecil, daughter of the 4th Marquess of Salisbury. She married 1stly, 1936 (div. 1946), Capt. Robin Francis Campbell, CBE, DSO, who died in 1985, only son of the Rt Hon Sir Ronald Hugh Campbell, GCMG; married 2ndly, 1947, Sir Alexander Lees Mayall. She leaves issue from both marriages. The funeral took place 6 Oct, 2006.

Isaac Archie Joseph Heathcoat Amory

Alice Heathcoat Amory (nee Thomson), wife of Edward Fitzgerald Heathcoat Amory, scion of the Baronets of that name, gave birth to a son, Isaac Archie Joseph, 28 September, 2006, a brother for Ludo, b. 13 June 2000, and Lily, b. 7 Aug 2002, and for Samuel, b. 30 Apr, 2004.

George David Garforth-Bles

Lt-Col. (George) David Garforth-Bles, who died 27 September, 2006, was a scion of that BLG family, the son of Capt. George Marcus Garforth-Bles, of Manchester and Knutsford; married (i) 28 Mar 1939 (div. 1947), Susan Muir Mackenzie, scion of the Muir Mackenzie Baronets (cr. 1805); married (ii) 1948, Anne Deshon, who predeceased him; he leaves 1 son and 1 daughter from his first marriage and 3 sons from his 2nd marriage.

Flora Myrtle Burrell

Celia Burrell (nee Shelmerdine), wife of William Westray Burrell (b. 1967), scion of the Burrell Baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Flora Myrtle, 26 September, 2006, at Melbourne, Australia, a sister for Coco, b. 6 Oct, 2000, and for Banjo, b. 1 Sept, 2004.

Lulu Iris Lane Fox

Lucy Lane Fox (nee Charles Jones) wife of James Richard Lane Fox (b. 1966), scion of that BLG family, gave birth to a daughter, Lulu Iris, 3 Oct, 2006, a sister for Milo Francis, who was b. 7 Jan 2005. James is a great-grandson of the 1st (and last) Baron Bingley (1870-1947), of Bramham Park, &c.

Stephen Charles Gladstone

Stephen Charles Gladstone, who died from cancer, 1 October, 2006, was a scion of the Gladstone Baronets (cr. 1846), and a kinsman of the eminent Victorian statesman William Ewart Gladstone; b. 1924, son of Capt Stephen Gladstone (1891-1965), by his wife the former Mary St. Clair Davidson; married 1952, Susan Valerie Guise (deceased), by whom he had issue. The funeral took place at Emmanuel Church, Ridgeway, Wimbledon, 16 Oct, 2006...

3rd Baron Nelson of Stafford

The 3rd Baron Nelson of Stafford died suddenly, 22 September, 2006. He was aged 62. Henry Roy George Nelson was born 26 Oct, 1943, and educated at Ampleforth and King's College, Cambridge, MA. Career:-> CEng, FIMechE, MIEE; joined RHP Bearings, 1970: General Manager, transmission bearings, 1973-78, automotive bearings, 1978-81; Manufacturing Director, industrial bearings, 1981-83; Managing Director, Hopkinsons Ltd, 1983-85; Managing Director, industrial and distribution divisions, Pegler-Hattersley plc, 1985-86; Group Managing Director, GSPK Ltd, 1986-90; Managing Director, power transmission division, Fenner plc, 1991-92; Operations Director, TIB plc, 1993-97 (non-executive director 1998-2000); Member of the Government Committee of Enquiry into Engineering Profession, 1978-80; succeeded his father, 19 Jan 1995, as 3rd Baron (cr. 1960), and as a Baronet (cr. 1955); he married 1968, Dorothy, daughter of Leslie Caley, of Tibthorpe Manor, Driffield, East Yorkshire, by whom he had issue, a son, the Hon. Alistair William Henry, b. 3 June, 1973, who now succeeds to the peerage and baronetcy; and a daughter, the Hon. Sarah Jane Nelson, b. 1981. Service of Thanksgiving took place at Our Lady and St Edward's Church, Driffield, 6 October, 2006.

4th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell

The 4th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell died 28 September, 2006. He was aged 68. He was born James Leslie Hamilton, 11 February, 1938, son of the 3rd Baron, GCVO, MC (1911-90), by his wife, the former Rosemary Olive Coke (d. 8 Oct, 1993), scion of the Earls of Leicester. He was educated at Eton and served in the Coldstream Guards, 1956-58; Career: --> Member of the Stock Exchange, 1967-80; Director, Rowton Hotels, plc 1978-84; Chairman, Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for the Disabled, from 1989; Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Surrey from 1993; succeeded his father as 4th Baron (cr. 1886), 10 Feb, 1990; married 1967, Anne Corinna Helena, daughter of Sir Pierson John Dixon, GCMG, CB, by whom he had issue, four sons (inc twins). He is succeeded in the peerage by his eldest son, the Hon Gavin Gouldburn Hamilton, b. 8 Oct, 1968. A Thanksgiving service takes place at St Michael's, Betchworth, 14 Nov 2006, and at St Mary's, Bridgnorth, 6 Dec, 2006.

Baron Harris of High Cross

The Baron Harris of High Cross, a life peer, a prominent and outspoken eurosceptic; Founder President, Institute of Economic Affairs since 1990, died 19 October, 2006, from a heart attack at his home in north London. Ralph Harris was b. 10 Dec, 1924, and educated at Tottenham Grammar School and Queen's College, Cambridge (MA); Career: --->Leader writer, Glasgow Herald, 1956; General Director, Institute of Economic Affairs, 1957-87, later chairman; created a life peer, 1979, as Baron Harris of High Cross, of Tottenham in Greater London; sat in the Upper House as a crossbencher, and was a close friend of Baroness Thatcher. Married 1949, Jose Pauline, daughter of Roger Frederick Jeffery, by whom he had issue.

Sir Peter Dupree, 5th Baronet

Sir Peter Dupree, 5th Baronet, died 12 September, 2006. He was aged 82. He was b. 20 Feb, 1924, son of Sir Victor Dupree, 3rd Bt (b. 19 Dec 1887; d. 13 Aug 1976); succeeded to the baronetcy (cr. 1921), on the demise of his father, 1976; married 1947, Joan (d. 2000), daughter of Capt. James Desborough Hunt; according to reference books he dies without issue, but the Telegraph death notice says he was the father of Stephen and grandfather of Emily, William and Richard; he is succeeded in the baronetcy (according to Who's Who) by his cousin, (Thomas William James) David Dupree, who was b. 5 Feb, 1930.

Baroness Julia Faustina Frances Thyssen-Bornemisza

From The Times birth announcements, Oct 2006 THYSSEN-BORNEMISZA To The Baron and Baroness on 13th October 2006, in Geneva, to Lorne and Alexandra, a daughter, Julia Faustina Frances.

Otto Charles Michael von Westenholz

Mellissa (Milly) von Westenholz (nee Sanders), wife of Mark Henry Cosimo von Westenholz (b. 1973), gave birth to a son, Otto Charles Michael, 19 September, 2006. Mark is the second son of the late Mr Charles von Westenholz, of Widford, Hertfordshire, by his wife, the former Lady Mary Marianella Anne Kerr (b. 1944), and Melissa is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Michael Sanders, of Chawton, Hampshire.
Mark von Westenholz is a maternal grandson of the late 12th Marquess of Lothian, KCVO (1922-2004).

Fiona Henderson, CVO

Fiona Henderson, CVO, sometime Woman of the Bedchamber (Temporary) to Queen Elizabeth II, died at the King Edward VII Hospital, 14 October 2006.
As Fiona Pilkington she began her career in the Household of the Duke of Kent as lady-in-waiting to the Duchess of Kent in the 1960s, but joined the retinue of royal ladies at Buckingham Palace in 1999 after the Duchess of Kent wound down her royal appointments and activities. She married (and divorced?) Alan Henderson, and stood as sponsor at the christening of Lord Nicholas Windsor, the Duchess of Kent's younger (soon to be wed) son, in 1970. Mrs Henderson was awarded the CVO, and later advanced to DCVO (?).
I may be quite wrong in advancing her to DCVO. Was she HENDERSON, Fiona D., CVO., because I believe her middle christian name was Douglas....The Telegraph says "HENDERSON. - FIONA. D.C.V.O.