Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sir Nicholas Cosmo Bonsor, 4th Baronet 1942-2023

 Sir Nicholas Bonsor, 4th Baronet, who died 21 March, 2023, aged 80, was Conservative MP for Nantwich 1979-83, and for Upminster 1983-97, and was a Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in the administration of John Major, 1995-97.

Nicholas Cosmo Bonsor was born 9 December, 1942, son of Sir Bryan Cosmo Bonsor, 3rd Baronet (1916-1977), and his wife the former Elizabeth Hambro (1920-1995), scion of that eponymous banking landed gentry family.

He married 4 September, 1969, the Hon Nadine Marisa Lampson (born 23 Aug, 1948), daughter of the 2nd Baron Killearn (1919-1996), and his wife the former Nadine Marie Cathryn Pilcher (who died 24 Oct, 2011), by whom he had issue, two sons, Alexander and James, and three daughters, Sacha, Elizabeth and Mary.

The baronetcy (created UK, 1925), is now inherited by his elder son, Alexander Cosmo Walrond Bonsor (born 8 September, 1976).


Frederick Burnfield (born 2023)

 Cecilia Laura Katherine Burnfield (nee Barclay, born 12 Aug, 1991), wife of Giles Alexander D. Burnfield [born 1986], gave birth to a son, Frederick, 10 March, 2023.

Cecilia is a scion of the Barclay landed family of Higham, the elder daughter of Major [Thomas Patrick] Edward Barclay [born 1951], of Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Elizabeth A. Whitehead [born 1952].

Giles is the only son of David N.M. Burnfield, of Longstock, Hampshire, and the former Josephine Balmer [now Mrs Josephine Burnfield, of Chilbolton, Hants].


Blaise Atlas Jude Tritton (born 2023)

Pandora India Nicola Tritton [born 6 March, 1987, nee Sykes], descended from the Barons Buxton of Alsa, wife of Oliver Seymour Tritton [born 1985], gave birth to a son, Blaise Atlas Jude, 25 March, 2023, a brother for Zadie Grace Valentine, who was born 1 March, 2018, and for Sasha Raphael Phoenix, who was born 16 December, 2019.

Pandora is a daughter of Adrian William Guy Sykes by his wife the former Hon Nicola Mary Caroline Buxton [born 7 July, 1947], daughter of the life peer Baron Buxton of Alsa [1918-2009].

Pandora is descended maternally from the Birkin baronets.


Alexander Orf Waldegrave (born 2023)

 Dr Kate Mallory Orf, wife since 2017, of the Hon James Victor [Jamie] Waldegrave [born 1984], scion of the Earls Waldegrave, gave birth to a son, Alexander Orf, 15 March, 2023, a brother for William, who was born 27 May, 2021.

The Hon Jamie Waldegrave is a son of the Baron Waldegrave of North Hill, PC {life peer}, and the Baroness Waldegrave of North Hill, of Chewton Mendip, Somerset.

 Dr Kate Orf is a daughter of Mr Roger G. Orf, of London, by his wife the former Lisa T. Heffernan.

Jamie Waldegrave, descended from King James II, is a nephew of the 13th Earl Waldegrave.


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cairns/Laws engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 March, 2023, between Harry A. Cairns, son of Mr Ian Cairns and Mrs Alex Cairns, of London, & Isabella Grania Melissa Laws (born 1995), daughter of Matthew Thurlow Laws (born 1964), of Winford, co Somerset, & his wife the former Melissa Caroline Bristow (born 7 Nov, 1963).

Isabella is a great-granddaughter of the 2nd Baron Luke:-

2nd Baron Luke > Hon Caroline Jean Lawson Johnston > Melissa Caroline Bristow > Isabella Laws

Harry Laws is descended from the Murray baronets of Blackbarony.


Jean Margaret Steyn (nee Pollard) 1933-2023

 Jean Margaret Steyn, who died 4 March, 2023, aged 89, was the former wife of the late Baron Steyn, PC (1932-2017), the life peer and Law Lord, & Lord of Appeal in Ordinary 1995-2005.

She was the former Jean Margaret Pollard, born in 1933, daughter of Martin John Pollard, and married John Steyn in 1958 (div 1977), by whom she had issue. Her husband was knighted after their divorce in 1985, and when created a peer he sat on the Crossbenches of the Lords.

Mrs Steyn leaves issue, Martin, Deon, Linda and Karen. The latter is Dame Karen Margaret Steyn, a Judge of the High Court.


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Gabriel Henry Adrian Swire (born 2023)

 Poppy Swire (nee Cotterell, born 1988), wife of Samuel Compton Swire [born 1980], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Gabriel Henry Adrian, 10 March, 2023.

Poppy is a scion of the Cotterell baronets, daughter of Sir Henry Richard Geers Cotterell, 7th Baronet [born 22 Aug, 1961], of Garnons, Herefordshire, by his 1st late wife the former Carolyn Suzanne Beckwith-Smith [1955-99], scion of the Beckwith-Smith landed gentry family, sometime extra Lady-in-Waiting to Sarah, Duchess of York.

Samuel Swire is a son of the late Sir Adrian Christopher Swire [1932-2018], by his wife the former Lady Judith Compton [born 26 September, 1943], of Sparsholt, co Oxford, scion of the Marquesses of Northampton, & is a grandson maternally of the 6th Marquess of Northampton [1885-1978].


Monday, March 27, 2023

Hon Nicholas Lloyd Webber 1979-2023

The Hon Nicholas Lloyd Webber, who died 25 March, 2023, from cancer, aged 43, was the composer eldest son of the life peer the Baron Lloyd-Webber (born 22 March, 1948), and his first wife the former Sarah Jane Hugill.

Nick Lloyd Webber died at Basingstoke, Hampshire, from gastric cancer.


Christopher Michael Dean Leigh-Pemberton (born 2023)

 Emily L. Leigh-Pemberton (nee Dawes), wife of David Geoffrey Berners Leigh-Pemberton [born 1988], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Christopher Michael Dean, 22 March, 2023.

Emily is the eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Douglas Dawes, of Columbus, Indiana, United States.

David Leigh-Pemberton is the eldest son of the Hon Edward Douglas Leigh-Pemberton [born 10 January, 1959], of Longcot, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Jessica Elizabeth Berners Allsopp [born 5 Apr, 1960], scion of the Barons Hindlip.

David is a grandson paternally of the Baron Kingsdown, KG [1927-2013], Governor of the Bank of England 1983-93.


Saturday, March 25, 2023

Meynell/Skepper engagement

 The engagement was announced 25 March, 2023, between Frederick Hugh (Freddie) Meynell (born 29 July, 1990), son of (Edward) James Meynell (born 1959), of Boraston, Shropshire, and his wife the former Amanda Clare Gifford Lywood (born 1961), scion of that landed gentry family; and Poppy Joanna Alice Skepper (born 1988), younger daughter of Robert Braeme Skepper, of Sudbourne, Suffolk, and his wife the former Hannah Margaret Backhouse (born 1948), scion of the Backhouse baronets.


Friday, March 24, 2023

George Cecil Robert Maurice Spencer 1932-2023

 George Cecil Robert Maurice (Bobby) Spencer, who died at West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, 22 March, 2023, aged 90, was a scion of the Earls Spencer, and was heir presumptive to the earldom until the birth of Viscount Althorp in 1994.

He was born 14 July, 1932, and known as Robert or Bobby, son of Capt the Hon George Charles Spencer, RN (1903-1982), and his wife the former Barbara Blumenthal (died 1978); and was unmarried.

He was a grandson of the 6th Earl Spencer (1857-1922), a nephew of the 7th Earl (1892-1975), a first cousin of the 8th Earl (1924-92), and a first cousin once removed of Diana, Princess of Wales.

From the death of his cousin, the 8th Earl, 29 March, 1992, until the birth of Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, 14 March, 1994, he was heir presumptive to the Spencer earldom and Viscountcy of Althorp.


Appointments to the Royal Household

 The King has been pleased to appoint the following as Lords in Waiting: the Lord Luce KG, the Lord Janvrin and the Marquess of Cholmondeley. The latter served as Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain in the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

His Majesty has also been pleased to appoint the following as Extra Equerries: Vice Admiral Sir Tom Blackburn, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Andrew Ford, Commodore Anthony Morrow, Admiral Sir George Zambellas, Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin, Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer, Vice Admiral Sir Anthony Johnstone-Burt, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Alexander Matheson of Matheson, Bt., Lieutenant Colonel Michael Vernon, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Segrave, Sir Nicholas Bacon, Commander Richard Aylard, Major General Arthur Denaro, Sir Stephen Lamport and Mr. Ashe Windham.

The appointments announced in the Court Circular are to date from 17th March, 2023.


Hon Seymour Henry Fortescue 1942-2023

 The Hon Seymour Fortescue, who died 14 March, 2023, aged 80, was a scion of the Earls Fortescue, a banker, sometimes head of Barclaycard.

Seymour Henry Fortescue was born 28 May, 1942, a son of the 6th Earl Fortescue (1893-1977), and his second wife the Hon Sybil Mary Hardinge (1898-1985), daughter of the 3rd Viscount Hardinge (1857-1924); and married 1stly, 25 July, 1966 (div 1990), Julia Pilcher, only child of Sir John Pilcher, GCMG (1912-90), and his wife the former Delia Margaret Taylor (d 5 Jan, 2003); and married 2ndly, 23 Aug, 1990, Jennifer Ann Simon, daughter of Frank Simon, who survives him. 

He leaves issue from his 1st marriage, a son James (b 15 Apr, 1978), and a daughter, Princess Marissa Clara zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg (b 20 Oct, 1973), wife of Prince Maximilian zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg, and a daughter from his second marriage, Alexandra Kate (b 10 July, 1991).


(Iain) Colin Malcolmson 1935-2023

 Iain Colin Malcolmson, who died 13 March, 2023, aged 87, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and descended from the Earls of Leicester.

He was born 5 November, 1935, younger son of Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Donald Malcolmson, TD (1907-81), of Icomb Place, Cheltenham, and his wife the former Thetis Mary Wilson (1908-1993), scion of the Wilsons of Tranby Croft, Yorkshire. He married in 1960, Judith Ann (Judy) Crawfurd (born 1940), daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Hamilton Payne Crawfurd (1907-43), of Weetwood Manor, Staffordshire, and his wife the former (Hilda) Rosabel Whitborne (1906-59), by whom he had issue, two sons, James Colin (born 1963), and Angus Charles (born 1968), and a daughter, Louise Thetis (born 1966).

The 2nd Earl of Leicester > Lady Margaret Coke > Hon Lilian Strutt >Ian Donald Malcolmson > Iain Colin Malcolmson


Lady Charlotte Louise Manners 1947-2023

 Lady Charlotte Louise Manners, who died 15 March, 2023, at Knipton, Leicestershire, aged 76, was the daughter of the late 10th Duke of Rutland , CBE (1919-1999).

She was born 7 January, 1947, the only child of the 10th duke and his first wife Anne Bairstow Cumming Bell (who died 27 Dec, 2002); and was unmarried. She is survived by a partner, Lawrence.

Lady Charlotte was an elder half-sister of the 11th Duke (born 8 May, 1959).


Onslow/Marshall engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 March, 2023, between Thomas Cranley Douglas Onslow (born 1992), scion of the Onslow baronets, son of the Hon Richard Alan Douglas Onslow (born 27 June, 1956), of Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, and his late wife the former Phyllida Kingsley Moore (1961-2000); & Emma C.L. Marshall, daughter of Mr & Mrs Richard Marshall, of Richmond, Surrey.

Thomas Onslow is a grandson of the life peer the Baron Onslow of Woking, KCMG, PC (1926-2001), and his wife the former Lady June Ann Hay (d 2002), daughter of the 14th Earl of Kinnoull (1902-38), and descended in the direct male line from Sir Arthur Onslow, 1st Bt (1624-88).


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Moriarty/Underwood engagement

 The engagement was announced 23 March, 2023, between Daniel T. Moriarty, eldest son of Mr David Moriarty, of Durban, South Africa and Mrs Elaine Thornhill Moriarty, of Cape Town, and Clementine Florence Underwood (born 11 November, 1994), youngest daughter of Antony Simon Underwood (born 1949), of Parsonage House, Heytesbury, and his wife the former Mary Jane Gore-Langton (born 4 May, 1955), scion of the Earls Temple of Stowe, and a granddaughter maternally of the 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow,  KG, KT, GCSI, GCIE, OBE, TD, PC, FRSE (1887-1952), sometime Governor-Gen and Viceroy of India.



The Baron Kirkhill 1930-2023

The Lord Kirkhill, a life Baron, and former Labour government minister, died 21 March, 2023, aged 92.

John Farquharson Smith was born 7 May, 1930, son of Alexander Findlay Smith, of Aberdeen; and educated at Robert Gordon's Colls, Aberdeen; Hon LLD, Aberdeen; Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1971-1975; Minister of State at the Scottish Office in the administrations of Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, 1975-79; Delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of COE and WEU from 1981; Chairman Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of COE (1991).

He was raised to the peerage for life in 1975, as Baron Kirkhill, in the District of the City of Aberdeen, upon his appointment as a government minister.

He married in 1965, Frances Mary Walker Reid.


Allan Alexander Cameron, KC 1963-2023

 The brother of former Prime Minister David Cameron died from cancer, 21 March, 2023, at the age of 59. 

Alexander Cameron suffered a lengthy battle with ill-health, stepping down from the bar for retirement after his cancer diagnosis in 2020 following a career spanning over 30 years. The star barrister was the first to appear on camera while in action at the Court of Appeal. But the brilliance of Alex made itself felt far beyond the courtroom.  

He was born 27 Aug, 1963, the elder son of Ian Donald Cameron (1932-2010), and his wife the former Mary Fleur Mount (born 22 Oct, 1934), scion of the baronets of that name; and married in 1990, Sarah Louise Fearnley-Whittingstall (born 23 July, 1963), scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of William George Fearnley-Whittingstall, and his wife the former Daphne Maureen Shortt. He is survived by his wife and son Angus (known as Gus) born 1994, and a daughter, Imogen, born 1992.

Alexander Cameron was a descendant of King William IV and Mrs Jordan:-

King William IV > Lady Elizabeth FitzClarence > Lady Agnes Hay > Lady Agnes Cecil Emmeline Duff > Stephanie Agnes Cooper > Enid Agnes Maud Levita > Ian Donald Cameron > Alexander Cameron, KC


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Mary Stephanie Higham (nee Pigott) 1920-2023

 Mary Stephanie Higham (nee Pigott) who died 12 March, 2023, aged 102, was a scion of the Pigott baronets, born 29 Oct, 1920, elder daughter of Sir Berkeley Pigott, 4th Baronet (1894-1982), and his wife the former Christabel Charlotte Bowden-Smith (d 30 Apr, 1974); and married 1stly, 14 May, 1951 (marriage annulled 1954), Peter Friedrich Sika, son of Ministerialrat Dr. Wilhelm Sika, of Vienna; she married 2ndly, 21 Dec, 1959, Commander Walter Ernest Higham, RN (1897-1990), son of Ernest John Higham, by whom she had issue, two sons, Stephen (b 3 Oct, 1960), and Charles (b & d 1965).


Hon Penelope Cynthia Dewar 1935-2023

 The Hon Penelope Cynthia Dewar, who died 18 March, 2023, aged 87, was a scion of the Barons Forteviot, and member of the eponymous whisky distilling family.

She was born 29 April, 1935, second daughter of the 3rd Baron Forteviot (1906-1993), and his wife the former Cynthia Monica Starkie (who died in 1986), and was a younger sister of the Hon Caroline Dewar (born 12 Feb, 1934), who married as her first husband, 11 Sept, 1956 (div 1966), the 3rd Duke of Fife (1929-2015),

She married 14 December, 1959 (div 1977), Norman Frank Paul Butler, by whom she had issue, two sons, Paul (1960-88), and Sean (b 25 Sept, 1963), and Tracey Penelope (Tiggy) (b 6 Nov, 1961),


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lady Amelia Spencer weds Greg Mallett

The marriage has taken place in South Africa,  between Mr Greg Mallett & the Lady [Katya] Amelia Spencer [born 10 July, 1992], third daughter (twin with her sister Lady Eliza) of the 9th Earl Spencer (born 1964) of Althorp, by his first wife, the former [Catherine] Victoria Lockwood.

Lady Amelia has an older sister, the fashion model Lady Kitty Eleanor Spencer [born 28 Dec, 1990], and a brother, Louis Frederick, styled Viscount Althorp [born 14 March, 1994], and a half-brother from Earl Spencer’s second marriage, the Hon Edmund Charles Spencer [born 6 Oct, 2003], and a half-sister from Lord Spencer’s second marriage, Lady Lara [born 2006], and a half-sister from Earl Spencer’s third marriage, Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer [born 30 July, 2012].

Lady Amelia is a first cousin of the Prince of Wales & Duke of Sussex, and is a niece of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Greg Mallett is the son of David Mallett, a history teacher and former headmaster of Western Province Preparatory School, Cape Town, brother of South African rugby union player and Springboks coach Nick Mallett; their English father was Anthony William Haward Mallett (born 29 Aug, 1924, died 10 Dec, 1994), a schoolmaster (inc. principal, Diocesan College, Cape Town) and cricketer for Oxford University and Kent County Cricket Club, who married in 1949, Vivienne M. Short.

Anthony Mallett was son of Wilfred Howard Mallett [born 1893] by his wife the former Lucy Katleen Honeysett [born 1894], daughter of Edgar William Honeysett, a railway clerk, by his wife, Elizabeth .


Daughter for Lord Astor of Hever’s heir

  _. Princess Eliane Marie Ghislaine de Merode (b 20 March, 1990), wife of the Hon Charles Gavin John Astor (b 10 Nov, 1990), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Astor of Hever (b 16 Jun, 1946), gave birth to a second daughter, Lilyrose Irene Regine, 20 March, 2023, a sister for Astrid Henriette Elizabeth, who was born  9 November, 2020.

The Hon Charles Astor is Lord Astor of Hever's son, by his second wife, the former Hon Elizabeth Mackintosh, 2nd dau of the 2nd Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax.

Princess Eliane is the only daughter of Prince Léonel Amaury Marie Ghislain de Merode (b 1 Oct 1951), of Westerlo, Belgium, by his wife the former Régine Countess de Liedekerke (b 22 Jan 1955).


Melvyn Marckus 1944-2023

 Melvym Marckus, who died 7 March, 2023, aged 79,was a former City Editor of The Times and The Observer newspapers; born in 1944; married in 1987 (as her third husband) the Hon Rachel Mary Frances Bondonneau (nee King, born 1945), only daughter of the life peer the Baron King of Wartnaby (1917-2005), and his first wife the former Lorna Kathleen Sykes (who died 1969).


Lt-Col David John Wemyss Anstice 1932-2023

 Lieutenant-Colonel David John Wemyss Anstice, late the 10th Royal Hussars, died 4 March, 2023, aged 90; he was born in 1932, son of Vice-Admiral Sir Edmund Walter Anstice, KCB (1899-1979), and his wife the former Lesley Ritchie; and married firstly, 27 April, 1957, Alice Rosemary Graham Moncrieff (1935-1960), scion of that landed gentry family, of Kinmonth, daughter of Lt-Col Douglas Graham Moncrieff, MC (1893-1983), and his wife the former Henrietta Doreen St John (1900-87), scion of the Viscounts Bolingbroke & St John; married 2ndly, 24 Feb, 1962 (div 1973), Sarah Margaret Ramsay (born 30 Dec, 1937), scion of the Ramsay baronets, of Balmain, daughter of Robert Ottwell Ramsay (1900-1996), of Arbroath, Angus, and his wife the former Constance Aileen German (who died 19 Oct, 2002); and married 3rdly, 27 March, 1976, Jane Mary Gordon MacDougald, daughter of Lieutenant-Col Wilfired Joseph MacDougald, of co Dorset. He is survived by his 3rd wife, and three sons from his second marriage.


Stuart Gibson Worthington 1940-2023

 Stuart Gibson Worthington, who died in Spain, 7 March, 2023, aged 82, was a scion of that landed gentry family, of Moorhill; born in 1940, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Lancelot Jukes Worthington, TD (1891-1975), and his second wife the former MarjorieBrown Gibson (1908-1981); and married 1972, as her second husband, Mrs Geraldine Judith Snowball (nee Seth), daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel J.J. Seth, of Sneyd Park, Bristol, by whom he had issue, three daughters, Melanie, Lucinda and Victoria.


(Anne) Jennifer Preston (nee Kirwan) 1933-2022

 (Anne) Jennifer Preston (nee Kirwan), who died 26 December, 2022, aged 89, was descended from the Viscounts Chetwynd. She was born 4 December, 1933, a daughter of Sir (Archibald) Laurence Patrick Kirwan, KCMG (1907-1999), the archaeologist, and his 1st wife, the former (Victoria Edith) Joan Chetwynd (b 24 May, 1912 - ?), scion of the Viscounts Chetwynd; and married 14 August, 1965, Antony Martin Preston (1938-2004), the naval historian, by whom she had issue, four children.


Clement Michael Charles Royds 1931-2023

 (Clement) Michael Charles Royds, who died 12 March, 2023, aged 91, late the 5th Dragoon Guards, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and descended from the Yarrow baronets. He was born 11 August, 1931, son of Percy Edmund Clement Yarrow Royds (1904-1966), of Winsford, Somerset, and his wife the former Madeline Mary Beswicke. He married 2 June, 1956, Victoria Cooke, elder daughter of R.C. Cooke, of East Horsley, Surrey, by whom he had issue, James (b 1958), Radcliffe (b 1961), and Sophia (b 1964).

Sir Alfred Yarrow, 1st Baronet > Florence Yarrow > Percy Royds > Michael Royds


Zeal/du Bois de Montulé engagement

 The engagement was announced 21March, 2023, between Hugo Henry Zeal (born 8 Oct, 1994), elder son of Christopher J. Zeal, of Twyford, Berkshire, and his wife the former Lucy Violet Godsal (born 15 March, 1964), and Eleonore du Bois de Montulé , daughter of Mr and Mrs Guy du Bois de Montulé, of Geneva, Switzerland.

Hugo Zeal is descended from the Earls of Courtown:-

The 8th Earl of Courtown > Lady Elizabeth Stopford > Lucy Violet Stopford > Hugo Zeal


Sale/Campbell Adamson engagement

 The engagement was announced 21 March, 2023, between Alexander Robert Loyd Sale (born 17 March, 1991), elder son of Julian Edward Loyd Sale (born 1951), of Oxford, and his wife the former Fiona Taylor (born 1955), and Catherine Grace Campbell Adamson (born 1991), younger daughter of Hugh Alexander Campbell Adamson (born 1954), of Stracathro, Angus, and his wife the former Hon Alison Mary Elliott (born 1957), daughter of the late life peer the Baron Elliott of Morpeth (1920-2011).


Charlotte Victoria Bruce Walpole 1960-2023

 Charlotte Victoria Bruce Walpole, who died 28 February, 2023, aged 62, was a scion of the Barons Walpole.

She was born 16 March, 1960, the fourth daughter of Horace Jeremy Spencer Walpole (1924-2002), and his wife the former Mary Elizbeth Bruce Kidman (died 9 Nov, 2008); and married 8 Aug, 1987 (div 2000), James Ronald Trumper. She resumed her maiden name by deed poll after her divorce.

She leaves issue.


Monday, March 20, 2023

The 8th Baron Harris 1942-2023

 The 8th Baron Harris died 17 March, 2023. He was 81.

Anthony Thomas Scott Harris, was the 8th Baron Harris, of Seringapatam and Mysore in the East Indies and of Belmont in the County of Kent (Peerage of the UK, let. pat. 11 Aug 1815).

He was born 8 March, 1942, son of Maj the 7th Baron Harris (1916-1996), and his 1st wife the former Laura Cecilia McCausland; and married in 1966, Anstice Winter, daughter of Alfred Winter, by whom he had issue, two daughters, the Hon Isabel (born 1973), and the Hon Laura (born 1976).

He is succeeded in the peerage by his fourth cousin, Rear-Admiral Michael George Temple Harris (born 6 July, 1941), who commanded HM Submarines Osiris 1970-72, Sovereign 1975-77, and HM Ships Cardiff 1980-82 and Ark Royal 1987-89, a Younger Brother of Trinity House 1989, & Clerk Clothworkers' Company 1992-2001.


Sunday, March 19, 2023

The 29th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres, KT, GCVO, PC, DL 1927-2023

 The 29th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, KT, GCVO, PC, DL, who died 18 March, 2023, aged 96, was a Conservative party politician, was the last surviving person to have sat as an MP in the 1955 parliament.

He was possessor of one the most ancient titles in the peerage the earldom of Crawford having been created in the Peerage of Scotland for Sir David Lindsay in 1398, It is the premier earldom on the Union Roll. 

Robert Alexander Lindsay was born 5 March, 1927, son of the 28th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres, KT, GBE (1900-1975), and his wife Mary Katherine Cavendish (1903-1994), scion of the Dukes of Devonshire, and was known by the courtesy title Lord Balniel from his father's succession to the earldom in 1940 until his father's death, 13 December, 1975.

Lord Balniel, as he then was, was elected Conservative Party MP for Hertford at the 1955 general election, aged 28, and served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Henry Brooke until 1959. From 1959 to 1965, Balniel was president of the Rural District Councils Association, and from 1963 to 1970, he was chair of the National Association for Mental Health.

While the Conservative Party was in opposition, Balniel served as spokesman on Foreign Affairs from 1965 until 1967, and then joined the Shadow Cabinet as spokesman on Social Services. Following the party's victory in the 1970 United Kingdom general election, he served as Minister of State for Defence, then from 1972 was Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Balniel represented Welwyn and Hatfield from the February 1974 general election, but he was defeated in the general election in October, 1974. He was given a life peerage as Baron Balniel, of Pitcorthie in the County of Fife, in January 1975 before succeeding as Earl of Crawford in December the same year. After the passage of House of Lords Act 1999, he sat in the Lords by virtue of his life peerage. He retired from the House of Lords on 28 November 2019.

The Earl of Crawford & Balcarres was appointed First Crown Estate Commissioner from 1980 to 1985. He served as Lord Chamberlain to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother between 1992 and her death in March, 2002. He was appointed a Knight of the Thistle in 1996, and a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) in the 2002 Demise Honours, the special honours list published after the Queen Mother's death.

He married 27 Dec, 1949, Ruth Beatrice Meyer-Bechtler (1924-2021), the daughter of Leo Meyer-Bechtler, by whom he had issue, two sons, Anthony and Alexander, and two daughters, Lady Bettina and Lady Iona. The elder son, Anthony Robert Lindsay, styled Lord Balniel (born 24 November, 1958), succeeds as 30th Earl of Crawford.


Saturday, March 18, 2023

Duke of Somerset’s heir engaged

 The engagement has been announced between Sebastian Edward Seymour, styled Baron Seymour (born 3 February, 1982), son and heir of the 19th Duke of Somerset (born 30 Dec, 1952), and the Duchess of Somerset (nee Judith-Rose Hull, born 1952), and Poppy Alexandra Wilcox (born 1990), daughter of John A. Wilcox, of West London, and his wife the former Gillian J. Saggers (born 1954).

It will be Lord Seymour’s second marriage. He married firstly in 2006 (div 2014) Arlette Marie Leotine Lafayeedney, daughter of Daniel Lafayeedney.


Friday, March 17, 2023

Major Sir Andrew Iain Ochoncar Forbes of Corse, 13th Baronet 1945-2023

Major Sir Andrew Forbes of Corse, 13th Baronet, died 8 March, 2023, aged 77.

Andrew Iain Ochoncar Forbes was born 28 November, 1945, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Walter Forbes, CBE (1914-1979), of Alford, Aberdeenshire, and his wife the former Margaret Hawthorne Lydall (1912-2001), scion of that landed gentry family; and succeeded to the baronetcy in 2000, on the death of his kinsman, Sir John, the 12th Bt.

He married in 1984, Jane Elizabeth Dunbar-Nasmith (1953-2005), scion of the baronets of that name, daughter of Rear-Admiral David Dunbar-Nasmith, CB, DSO (1921-1997), and his wife the former Elizabeth Gwendoline Bowlby, OBE (1927-2021), scion of that landed family, by whom he had issue. He is succeeded by his son, James Patrick Forbes (born 1 Nov, 1986).



Thursday, March 16, 2023

Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts, KCVO, OBE

Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts, KCVO, OBE, who died 9 March, 2023, was a retired senior army officer who latterly served as the Senior Army Representative at the Royal College of Defence Studies.

Sir Sebastian served as Colonel of the Irish Guards from 2008 to 2011,being succeeded by the Prince of Wales, then Prince William of Wales, on 10 February 2011.

Educated at Ampleforth College and Balliol College, Oxford, Roberts was commissioned into the Irish Guards in 1977. He went on to be Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards in London and Northern Ireland.He was appointed Major-General commanding the Household Division and General Officer Commanding London District in 2003. He became the Senior Army Representative at the Royal College of Defence Studies in 2007 and retired in 2010.

Maj-General Roberts was appointed OBE, and KCVO, the latter a knighthood in the personal gift from Queen Elizabeth II for services to the Crown.

Sebastian John Lechmere Roberts was born in January, 1954, at Aldershot, Hampshire, son of John M.H. Roberts, and his wife the former Nicola H.L. Macaskie; and married in 1979, Elizabeth Anne Muir (born 24 July, 1955), daughter of Colonel Thomas Wemyss Muir (1924-2004), of The Queen's Dragoon Guards, scion of that landed gentry family, of Torquhan, Stow, Midlothian, by his wife the former Caroline Egeria Malise Graham (1929-2023), scion of the Graham, of Esk baronets (cr 1629), by whom he had four children.


Tiggy Jane Joanna Angus (born 2022)

 Sarah Jane Angus [née Frere-Cook, born 1986], wife of Alexander Angus, gave birth to a daughter, Tiggy Jane Joanna, 25 November, 2022, a sister for Isla Olivia Rosemary, born 16 July, 2018, and for Artie Aubrey, who was born 1 April, 2021.

Sarah Angus is a descendant of the Cracroft-Amcotts landed gentry family, daughter of Simon Aubrey Cracroft Fere-Cook [born 1955], and his wife the former Jennifer Jane Greenwood, and a granddaughter of Lieutenant-Col Gervis Hugh Frere Frere-Cook [1928-74], and his wife Rosemary Grace Cracroft-Amcotts [1928-2014].


Isabel Diana Colegate, FRSL 1931-2023

 Isabel Diana Colegate, FRSL, who died 12 March, 2023, aged 91, was an author and literary agent, and a first cousin of HRH The Duchess of Kent.

Her novel The Shooting Party (1980) was adapted as an award-winning film of the same name, released in 1985 by Castle Hill Productions Inc. In 2010, it was adapted for radio by the BBC.

She was born 10 September, 1931, a daughter of Sir (William) Arthur Colegate (1884-1956), of Bembridge, Isle of Wight, a Conservative MP, by his wife the former Winifred Mary Worsley (1888-1955), daughter of Sir William Henry Arthington Worsley, 3rd Baronet (1861-1936), of Hovingham Hall, York.

She married in 1953, Michael Fenwick Briggs (1926-2017), son of Dennis Briggs, of Oxford. Their home from the early 1960s to 2007 was Midford Castle, Bath. 

She leaves two sons, Barnaby and Joshua, and a daughter, Emily.


Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Shirley Houssemayne Harriott (née Du Boulay) 1933-2023

 Shirley Houssemayne Harriott, who died 7 March, 2023, aged 90, was a scion of the Houssemayne Du Boulay landed gentry family, formerly of Donhead Hall; she was born 4 March, 1933, elder daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Houssemayne du Boulay (born 11 Jan 1901, died 26 March, 1977), of Tickners Heath Farm, Alford, Surrey, by his 2nd wife the former Violet Gow Dewar (1899-1992), of the eponymous whisky distilling family and kinswoman of the Barons Forteviot. She married 1979, John F.X. Harriott, daughter of Cyril Harriott and his wife the former Elizabeth McGee.


The Hon Pelline Margot Marffy (née Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) 1932-2023

 The Hon Pelline Margot Marffy (née Lyon-Dalberg-Acton), who died 3 March, 2023, aged 90, was a scion of the Barons Acton, born 24 December, 1932, the eldest of the eleven children of the 3rd Baron Acton, CMG, OBE, TD (1907-1989), of Mblabane, Swaziland, and his wife the Hon DaphneStrutt (1911-2003), only daughter of the 4th Baron Rayleigh (1875-1947) and his wife Lady Mary Hilda Clements (1875-1919), daughter of the 4th Earl of Leitrim (1847-92), &c. She had ten siblings, five sisters, Charlotte, Catherine, Jill, Mary, and Jane, and five brothers, Richard, the 4th Baron Acton, John, Robert, Edward, and Peter.

She married 30 June, 1953, Laszlo Marffy, of Umvukwes, Zimbabwe, son of Elemer Marffy, by whom she had issue, seven sons, Denes, Miklos, Josephm Paul, Robert, John, Peter, and one daughter, Gabriella.


Artemis Jane Loder (born 2023)

Georgina E.C. Loder (nee Haszlakiewicz), wife of James Robert [Jamie] Loder [born 22 July, 1981], gave birth to a daughter, Artemis Jane, 10 March, 2023.

Georgina is a daughter of Mr Mark Haszlakiewicz, of Goodworth Clatford, and the late Mrs Haszlakiewicz.

James is a son of the late Capt Simon John Loder [1932-2002], by his second wife the former Penelope Anne Mary Mander [born 22 Sept, 1946], of Melbury Osmond, scion of the Mander baronets, and is descended paternally from the Flemings of Nettlebed [of which James Bond author Ian Fleming was a scion], the Barons Wyfold, and Earls of Stradbroke.

Jamie is a grandson maternally of Sir Charles Mander, 3rd Baronet [1921-2006].


Miranda Jane McHardy (nee Forbes-Leith) 1963-2023

 Miranda Jane McHardy (nee Forbes-Leith), who died 5 March, 2023, aged 59, was a scion of the Forbes-Leith baronets, of Fyvie.

She was born 5 July, 1963, the elder daughter of Sir Andrew George Forbes-Leith of Fyvie, 3rd Baronet (1939-2000), and his wife the former Jane Kate McCall-McCowan (who died 17 June, 1969, aged circa 33). She married 22 September, 1990, Julian N.W. McHardy, by whom she had issue, three children, Andrew (born 21 Dec, 1992), Iona (born 12 Feb, 1994), and Clodagh (born 22 May, 1996).


Monday, March 13, 2023

Baroness Masham of Ilton 1935-2023

 The Baroness Masham of Ilton, DSG, DL, who died 12 March, 2023, aged 87, was the longest serving life peer, who sat on the crossbenches, and was a lifelong campaigner for the disabled, and medallist in the Paraplegic Games.

She was born 14 April, 1935, as Susan Lilian Sinclair, scion of the Sinclair baronets, daughter of Sir Ronald John Charles Udny Sinclair, 8th Baronet (1899-1952), and his wife the former Reba Blair Inglis, daughter of Anthony Inglis, of Lismore Ayr.

She was severely disabled in a rding accident in the months before her marriage, 8 Dec, 1959, to the then David Yarburgh Cunliffe-Lister (born 21 March, 1937), styled Baron Masham, 1st son and heir of Maj John Yarburgh Cunliffe-Lister (1913-43), and his wife the former Anne Irvine Medlicott (d 28 May, 1961), and grandson paternally of the 1st Earl of Swinton, PC, GBE, CH, MC (1884-1972).

Her husband succeeded his grandfather, 27 July, 1972, as 2nd Earl of Swinton, Baron Masham of Ellington, co York, and Viscount Swinton, of Masham.

She was raised to the peerage for life, 12 Feb, 1970, as Baroness Masham of Ilton, of Masham in the North Riding of the County of York, and sat in the House of Lords for over 52 years. From 1972 she was also Countess of Swinton, as wife of the 2nd Earl, and from her husband's death, 26 March, 2006, she was the Dowager Countess of Swinton, but known by her life peerage.

She was an active member of the House of Lords, where she continued to be known as the Baroness Masham of Ilton, a title she held in her own right. She took a particular interest in issues surrounding disability, health and penal reform. 

She and her husband had two adopted children, John Charles Yarburgh (born 10 May, 1967), and Clare Caroline (born 30 June, 1965).


Sunday, March 12, 2023

Richard Grenfell Aylmer 1932-2023

Richard Grenfell Aylmer, who died 5 March, 2023, aged 91, was a scion of the Barons Aylmer, and a British cross-country skier. He competed in the men's 50 kilometre event at the 1956 Winter Olympics.

He was born 11 January, 1932, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Claud Aylmer (1900-1952), and his wife the former Margaret Victoria Hemming (1903-1998); and married 11 April, 1964, Marelyn Joyce Miller, daughter of Sir James Miller, GBE (1905-1977), Lord Mayor of London 1965, by his wife the former Ella Jane Stewart, by whom he had issue, two sons, Christopher (born 22 May, 1966), and Kenneth (born 20 Oct, 1970).


Margaret Agnes Burra (née Leader) (died 2023)

 Margaret Agnes Burra (née Leader), who died 8 March, 2023, aged 95, was a scion of the Leader landed gentry family (Ireland) of Hockley Lodge; a daughter of Capt Thomas Henry Mowbray Leader, of Hockley Lodge; and married 15 Aug, 1960, as his second wife, James Patrick Mackenzie Burra (1915-2005), of Pendoylan, Hollybush and Stowe-by-Chartley, son of Arthur Nicolas Burra (1885-1959), of Pendoylan, Cowbridge, Glamorgan, of that landed gentry family, of Rye, Sussex, by his wife the former Mary Mona Mackenzie, scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had issue.


Saturday, March 11, 2023

Montgomery James Roper Neilan (born 2023)

 Alexandra Florence Neilan [nee Roper, born 1987], wife of Samuel John James Neilan [born 1987],  gave birth to a son, Montgomery James Roper, 28 February, 2023, a brother for Araminta Elspeth Roper, who was born 22 November, 2020.

Samuel is the elder son of Steven James Neilan [born 1957], of Argyll, and mis wife the former Anne Marie Maclean.

Alexandra is the daughter of David Alexander Roper, of London, and his former wife the former Hon Sarah Jane Leathes Prior [born 1959], daughter of the life peer and former Conservative Government minister, James Prior, Baron Prior, PC [1927-2016], and his wife the former Jane Primrose Gifford Lywood [1930-2015], scion of that landed family.


Lulu Mable Mitcalfe Hope (born 2023)

 Emily May M. Hope [née Ramsay, born 1986], wife of James Frederick M Hope [born 1987], and a scion of the Earls of Dalhousie, gave birth to a daughter, Lulu Mable Mitcalfe, 28 February, 2023, a sister for Arthur Peter Mitcalfe, who was born 28 July, 2020.

James is a son of Jeremy F.A. Hope, by his wife the former Ann M Mitcalfe [born 1954].

Emily is a daughter of Patrick William Maule Ramsay [born 17 May, 1951], by his wife the former Fiona G.J. Stoddart [born 1960].


The Hon Theodore George Eugene 'Teddy' Bathurst (born 2023)

Lady Apsley (nee Sara E. Kushma), wife of Benjamin George Henry Bathurst, styled Baron Apsley (born 6 March, 1990), gave birth to a son, the Hon Theodore George Eugene 'Teddy' Bathurst, 7 March, 2023.

Lord Apsley is the only son and heir of the 9th Earl Bathurst (born 11 March, 1961), and his first wife the former Hilary Jane George, daughter of John F. George, of Weston Lodge, Albury, Surrey.



St John Webster/Crichton engagement

 The engagement was announced 11 March, 2023, between Edward Henry Rory St John Webster (born 1980), younger son of Capt Rory Ian St John Webster (born 1948), of Ash Priors, Somerset, and his wife the former Inga P. Clinton, and Georgina Caroline Nicola Crichton (born 1986), scion of the Earls of Erne, daughter of the late Simon Patrick Crichton (born 28 Aug, 1956), of Alderbury, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Fiona Jane Midwood (born 1958).


Friday, March 10, 2023

Ivo Rupert Marlow Grenville (born 2023)

 Rebecca Clare Grenville (nee Marlow, born 20 November, 1983), wife of Jack Grenville, gave birth to a son, Ivo Rupert Marlow, 16 February, 2023, a brother for Wilfred Paul Marlow (born 2018), and for Jocelyn Nell Marlow (born 2021).

Rebecca is a daughter of (Alastair) Rupert Marlow (born 1952), and his wife the former Hon Teresa Sackville-West (born 29 November, 1954), daughter of the late 6th Baron Sackville (1913-2004), of Knole, Kent.


Prince Edward created Duke of Edinburgh

 His Majesty the King has given a very special birthday present to his younger Prince Edward. In an announcement from Buckingham Palace the King has created his brother Duke of Edinburgh. However, in a break with tradition the announcement states that the awarding of the dukedom is 'for  his lifetime' and it will not descend to his son, James.

The Dukedom of Edinburgh was last created on 19 Nov 1947 when it was bestowed upon Lt Philip Mountbatten, RN, on the eve of his wedding to the then Princess Elizabeth, and on Philip's death, 9 April, 2021, it passed to his eldest son, the Prince of Wales. On the accession of King Charles III, 8 September, 2022,  all his previous honours 'merged in the crown' and became available for re-issue.

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie are now Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. The new style and title of their children remains open to conjecture. In 1999, it was announced that any children of Edward and Sophie would not use their right to be HRH and prince/princess and instead by styled as the children of an Earl of the United Kingdom. Their first born, Louise, is therefore styled Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor. Their only son, James, has been styled as Viscount Severn, which was created with the Earldom of Wessex in June, 1999.

The children of the new Duke of Edinburgh are rightfully Princess Louise of Edinburgh and Prince James of Edinburgh. However, if they decide (and the choice is theirs) not to take up royal styles and titles then Lady Louise remains just that, but ranks as the daughter of a duke not an earl, and James can now be styled Earl of Wessex and Forfar by courtesy, and uniquely, upon his father's death succeed only to the Earldoms of Wessex and Forfar and the Viscountcy of Severn.

A dukedom for life is very rare in the annals of the peerage. On 12 December, 1936, at his Accession Council, King George VI announced that 'My first act on succeeding My Brother will be to confer on Him a Dukedom and He will henceforth be known as His Royal Highness The Duke of Windsor'. The Letters Patent, 8 March, 1937, formally created the title, with no subsidiary peerages, and with no specification regarding the remainder to the title.

In 1386 Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford was created 'Duke of Ireland' for life only. His peerage was forfeit two years later when he fell foul of the King, Edward III.

In 1397 Margaret Plantagenet was created Duchess of Norfolk for life only, and this creation expired 24 March, 1400.

William Douglas, Earl of Selkirk, was created Duke of Hamilton in 1660. His wife was Duchess of Hamilton in her own right.

Louise Penancoët de Kerouaille, mistress of King Charles II, was on 19 Aug, 1673, created Duchess of Portsmouth for life. The title became extinct with her death in 1734.

Melusine von der Schulenburg, mistress of King George I, was created Duchess of Kendal for life, 19 March, 1719. She was also created Duchess of Munster, in Ireland, and for life, and held the peerages until her death in 1743.


Thursday, March 09, 2023

Simon John Elliot 1940-2023

 Simon Elliot, who died 6 March, 2023, aged 82, was a brother-in-law of Queen Camilla.

Simon John Elliot was born in Hertforshire in 1940, a son of Air Chief Marshal Sir William Elliot, GCVO, KCB, KBE, DFC (1896-1971), of Stourpaine House, Dorset, and his wife the former Elizabeth Rosemary Alice Chancellor (1906-1971), scion of that landed family, and was a cousin of the actress Anna Chancellor.

He married 27 April, 1972, Sonia Annabel Shand (born 2 Feb, 1949), second daughter of Maj. Bruce Middleton Hope Shand, MC (1917-2006), and his wife the Hon Rosalind Maud Cubitt (1921-1994), daughter of the 3rd Baron Ashcombe (1899-1962).

He is survived by his wife and issue, a son, Benjamin William Elliot (born 1975), married to Mary-Clare Winwood, daughter of Steve Winwood, the musician and songwriter; and two daughters, Alice Rosalind (born 1977), and Catherine Camilla (born 1981).


Richard Maximilian Ferdinand Bethell (born 2023)

 The Hon Mrs Alexander Bethell (nee Jonkvrouwe Alexa Hooft Graafland), wife of the Hon [Richard] Alexander [David] Bethell (born 21 Dec, 1986), gave birth to a son, Richard Maximilian Ferdinand, in Cyprus, 23 February, 2023.

The Hon Alexander Bethell is the only son of Major the 6th Baron Westbury, MBE (born 29 May, 1950), and his first wife the former Caroline Mary Palmer, descended from the Viscounts Churchill (now wife of Mark Chaytor Dickinson).

Mrs Bethell is the eldest daughter of Jonkheer and Mrs Ferdinand Hooft Graafland, of London.


Bridget Mary Lavallin Davies (nee Puxley) 1927-2023

Bridget Mary Lavallin Davies (nee Puxley), who died 2 March, 2023, aged 95, was a scion of that landed gentry family, born 19 March, 1927, daughter of Harry Lavallin Puxkey, and his wife the former Winifred Lyons, daughter of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Algernon McLennan Lyons, GCB, ADC, DL, JP (1833-1908); she married 1951, Arthur C. Davies, by whom she had issue, a daughter, Miranda (born 1952).


Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Princess Lilibet of Sussex christened: her style and title now settled?

 HRH Princess Lilibet Diana of Sussex was christened on Friday 3 March, 2023, by the Rt Rev John Harvey Taylor, Bishop of Los Angeles. 

Princess Lilibet Diana was born on Friday 4 June, 2021, the second child, and only daughter of HRH Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex, KCVO (born 15 September, 1984), and HRH The Duchess of Sussex (nee Rachel Meghan Markle, born 4 Aug, 1981). 

It is the first time that an official spokesman for the Sussexes has referred to Lilibet as a princess. There has been much debate since the death of the late Queen regarding the styles and titles of the Duke of Sussex's offspring. However, it is clear that under the terms of the Letters Patent of 1917, that all children of the sons of the Sovereign have and enjoy the style, title and dignity of prince or princess with the qualification of royal highness. Archie and Lilibet offically became a prince and princess on the death of their great-grandmother, on 8 September, 2022.

The controversial decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to deny their children courtesy titles was, I believe, unique in the annals of the peerage. In a complete break with tradition and with the laws governing peerages, and the styles and titles of courtesy relating to the children of peers, it was announced in May, 2019 that Archie Mountbatten-Windsor would not use a courtesy title associated with the Dukedom of Sussex.

It was expected that Archie would be styled as Earl of Dumbarton, which is Prince Harry's earldom, created with the Dukedom of Sussex and Barony of Kilkeel in May, 2018. The eldest sons of dukes in the peerages of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom traditionally assume their father's second senior peerage, as a 'courtesy' title.

However, following Archie's birth, a statement quickly followed that no courtesy titles would be borne by the seventh in line to the throne, and that he would be known as Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. 

Harry and Meghan's second child was born Lady Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor. This courtesy title was not granted or bestowed by the Queen at birth as it is an automatic qualification. The 'courtesy title' came as courtesy from the Crown, and not as a courtesy from a parent. When Harry and Meghan denied their daughter the courtesy title of a daughter of a duke they were in effect snubbing the Crown. The courtesy title - used or not - did not affect how the child's rank was recorded at the College of Arms.

Prince Archie was born Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, and being born the son of Duke, was Lord Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor as a legal entity. This changed on 8 September last year when he became a male line grandson of the Sovereign, and thereafter HRH Prince Archie of Sussex. Lilibet enjoyed the status befitting the daughter of the Duke of Sussex, and was officially Lady Lilibet by courtesy from birth until her grandfather ascended the throne.

Princess Lilibet is the fifth grandchild of the King and is seventh in line of succession to the throne, and will follow her uncle, the Princes of Wales, then Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales, Prince Louis of Wales and then her father, the Duke of Sussex, and elder brother Prince Archie, in the line of succession. 

Princess Lilibet was the eleventh great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, and was not be born a princess with the qualification of Royal Highness. That rank is reserved only for the children and male line grandchildren of the Sovereign, and the children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, as laid down by the Letters Patent of King George V [1917], and the further Letters Patent of Queen Elizabeth II [2012].

Under the terms of the Letters Patent creating Harry's dukedom, in May, 2018, the descent of the title is vested in his heirs male 'lawfully begotten'. Archie is destined, should he survive his father, to succeed as 2nd Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel. Princess Lilibet is not in remainder to her father's dukedom, earldom or barony.


Head/Levett-Scrivener engagement

 The engagement was announced 8 March, 2023, between Mr Tom W.R. Head and Veronica J Levett-Scrivener.

The bride-to-be, daughter of John Egerton Levett-Scrivener, of Sibton Abbey, Peasenhall, Suffolk, married firstly, in 1990, Giles Anthony de Lotbinière (born 3 Dec, 1959), scion of that landed family, by whom she has issue.


The 3rd Baron MacAndrew 1945-2023

 Lord MacAndrew, the 3rd Baron, died 3 March, 2023. He was 78.

He sat as a Conservative peer in the House of Lords from 1990 until he lost his seat when the Upper House was reformed in November, 1999.

Christopher Anthony Colin MacAndrew was born 16 February, 1945, the elder son of the 2nd Baron MacAndrew (1919-1989), and his wife the former Ursula Beatrice Steel (who died in 1986).

He succeeded to the peerage (created 1959), on the death of his father, 9 July, 1989. The title was created for his grandfather, Charles MacAndrew (1888-1979), Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Kilmarnock 1924-29, for Partick 1931-35 and for Bute and North Ayrshire 1935-59; Lt Col Ayrshire Yeomanry (TA) 1932-36; T/Chairman of Committees House of Commons 1934-50; knighted 1935; Brevet-Col 1936; Dep Chairman Ways and Means 1945 and 1950-51; Chairman Ways and Means 1951-59; Privy Councillor 1952.

The 3rd peer married 13 Dec, 1975, Sarah Helen Brazier, only daughter of Lt Col Peter Hendry Brazier, of Nash Court Farmhouse, Marnhull, co. Dorset, by whom he had issue, a son, Oliver, and two daughters, Diana and Tessa. 

The peerage now passes to his only son, the Hon Oliver Charles Julian MacAndrew, who was born 3 September, 1983.


Isabella Carolyn Lake (born 2023)

 Emily Lake (née Peck), wife of Edouard Lake, a descendant of the Barons Milford, gave birth to a daughter, Isabella Carolyn, 27 February, 2023.

Eduard is the younger son of David Anthony Lake (born 20 Jan, 1953), of Chelsea, London, and Mrs Lake. Emily is a daughter of Mr Graham Peck and the late Mrs Peck, of Little Witcombe, Gloucestershire.

The 1st Baron Milford > Maj Hon James Philipps > Penelope Doune Philipps > David Lake > Edouard Lake > Isabella Lake


Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Hon Mary Cynthia Burke Roche 1934-2023

 The Hon Mary Roche, who died 3 March, 2023, aged 88, was an aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales, and a scion of the Barons Fermoy.

The Hon Mary Cynthia Burke Roche was born 19 Aug, 1934, the elder daughter of the 4th Baron Fermoy (1885-1955), and his wife Ruth, Baroness Fermoy, DCVO (nee Gill) (1908-1993), Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Her siblings were younger brother, Edmund, 5th Baron Fermoy (1939-84), and the Hon Frances Roche (1936-2004), wife of (1) the 8th Earl Spencer, MVO (1924-92), and (2) Peter Shand Kydd (1925-2006).

She married firstly, 25 Nov, 1954 (div 1966), the Hon Sir Anthony George Berry, MP (1925-84), who was killed in the IRA bomb at the Grand Hotel, Brighton, 12 Oct, 1984, sixth son of the newspaper properietor the 1st Viscount Kemsley (1883-1968), and his wife Mary Lilian Holmes (d 1928); and married 2ndly, in July, 1973 (div 1980), Denis Roche Geoghegan; and married 3rdly, in 1981 (div 1989), Michael Robert Fearon Gunningham (who died 5 Apr, 2019, aged 94).

She resumed her maiden name after her second and third divorces. From her first marriage to Anthony Berry she leaves a son, Edward (born 23 June, 1960), and three daughters, Alexandra (b 9 Sept, 1955), Antonia (b 2 Aug, 1957), and Joanna (twin with her sister Antonia).


Gillian Mary Murray (née Adcock) (died 2023)

 Gillian Mary Murray (née Adcock), who died 13 February, 2023, aged 86, was the widow of James Alexander Gideon (Alec) Murray (b 18 Sept, 1936), scion of the Barons Elibank.

She was the former Gillian Mary Adcock, daughter of H. Gordon Adcock, of St Albans, Hertfordshire, and married Alec Murray, 11 Sept, 1965, by whom she had issue, two sons, James Richard (b 20 May, 1967), and Andrew Thomas (b 6 Nov, 1968).


Angus Malcolm Wolfe Murray 1937-2023

 Angus Malcolm Wolfe Murray, who died 15 January, 2023, aged 85, was a scion of the Murray baronets, of Blackbarony, a novelist, film critic and amateur cricketer.

He was born 20 May, 1937, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Malcolm Victor Alexander Wolfe Murray (1908-1985), and his first wife the Lady Grizel Mary Boyle (1913-1942), eldest daughter of the 8th Earl of Glasgow (1874-1963). His mother died in a wartime disaster. Onboard the SS Laconia when it was attacked, she was first rescued by a German U boat flying a red cross flag, but pushed off in a lifeboat when the U boat was attacked by a US bomber and had to dive. Most passengers, including the pregnant Lady Grizel, perished. Angus Wolfe Murray was five. Subsequently, he was brought up in the extended family, initially by his grandmother the Countess of Glasgow, at Kelburn Castle, until his father, Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Alexander Wolfe Murray, remarried, to Polish aristocrat Zofia Jaxa-Chamiec (1919-68).

As a young man, Angus was hailed as one of the most promising writers of his generation when his first novel, The End of Something Nice, a poignant tale about two lonely children, was published in 1967. A large advance and high expectations lead to a long personal struggle with the follow-up. After two years of writing, he tore the manuscript into tiny pieces and started again. Eventually, Resurrection Shuffle was published in 1978. A more experimental novel influenced by the ideas of that era, it was a flop and he never published another novel.

On 11 Nov, 1961, he married Stephanie Todd (born 1941, who died 27 June, 2017), daughter of Maj Hadden Royden Todd (1910-44), and his wife the former Wendy Robins, by whom he had four sons, Kim (b 1962), Rupert (b 1963), Gavin (b 1966) and Magnus (b 1968).

The family home was Glenternie House in Peebles, owned by his father.

In the Nineties, Angus moved to a remote off-grid cottage called Hopehead, miles from a gravel road, on the Stobo Castle estate, where he lived a Spartan existence, mostly without electricity. In later life, he had a fifth son, Calum. Angus remained close to Stephanie and spent increasing periods of time with her until, in 2010, they moved back in together at Glenlude House in the Borders.

After Stephanie’s death in 2017, Angus was seriously injured in a car accident. Life became more difficult after that. He eventually moved to a cottage near Kelburn, where he had spent part of his childhood.

A funeral and memorial was held at Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, at 11am on 9 February, 2023, followed by interment in Traquair Cemetery.


Monday, March 06, 2023

Hector Robin Steele MacDonald Johnston (born 2023)

 Megan MacDonald Johnston (née Steele-Knowles), wife of Archie James MacDonald Johnston (born 15 July, 1991), gave birth to a son, Hector Robin Steele, 27 February, 2023.

Archie is a son of Iain MacDonald Johnston, and his wife the former Jessica Marion Hoskyns (1967-2017), scion of the baronets of that name, descended from the ninth baronet.


Hon Mrs Peter Trustram Eve (nee Elliott) 1928-2023

 The Hon Mrs Peter Trustram Eve, who died 1 March, 2023, aged 94, was the wife of the Hon Peter Trustram Eve, scion of the Barons Silsoe.

She was born Petronella Letiere Sheldon Elliott, in 1928, daughter of Jannion Steele Elliott (who died 31 Mar, 1942), of Dowles Manor, Bewdley, Worcestershire, and his wife Mrs Doris Amie Wingfield-Stratford (who died 2 Dec 1974, aged 75), widow of Capt Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford (1883-1922), and daughter of John Eccleston Sheldon (1859-1939), of Worcestershire, and his wife the former Florence Letiere Petit (died 24 Feb, 1934), and married 29 Apr, 1961, the Hon Peter Nanton Trustram Eve (born 2 May, 1930), second son of the 1st Baron Silsoe, GBE, MC, TD, KC (1894-1976), and his wife the former Marguerite Nanton (died 25 Dec, 1945), by whom she had issue, two sons, Richard (born 9 March, 1963), and Nicholas (born 14 Nov, 1965).


Saturday, March 04, 2023

Roope/Collett engagement

The engagement was announced 4 March, 2023, between Nicholas Gerard Roope (born 5 Oct, 1991), descended from the Broadmead landed gentry family, son of Gerard Michael Roope (born 1959), of Teddington, and the former Nicola Margaret Heard (born 1958), now Mrs Nicola Roope, of Hurstpierpoint, and Beth R. Collett, daughter of Nicholas and Julia Collett, of Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire.


Sarah Margaret Aline Eyre (née Heywood) 1947-2023

 Sarah Margaret Aline Eyre, who died 28 February, 2023, aged 76, was a scion of the Heywood landed gentry family, of Haresfield Court.

She was born 14 February, 1947, daughter of Geoffrey Beresford Heywood and his wife the former Catherine Mary Richards, and wife of John Eyre. She leaves issue, a son, Charlie and daughter, Georgina.


Laurie Anthony Brooks Hird (born 2023)

To Camilla Margaret J. Close-Brooks (born 1985, scion of that landed family), and Nicholas Hird, the birth of a son, Laurie Anthony Brooks, 21 February, 2023, a brother for Rowley.

Camilla is a daughter of Jonathan Roger Close-Brooks (1943-2000), and his wife the former Carolyn Wells.


Eileen Mary Wade-Palmer (nee Doherty, died 2023)

Eileen Mary Wade-Palmer (nee Doherty), who died 19 February, 2023, aged 95, was the widow of Aubrey Wade-Palmer, scion of that landed gentry family.

She was the former Eileen Mary Doherty, and married in 1951, Aubrey Ruthven Wade-Palmer (1931-2003), son of Capt Aubrey Nugent Wade-Palmer (1882-1950), and his second wife the former Norah Mabel Bugg (1906-1978), by whom she had issue, three sons, Stephen, Christopher and John, and a daughter, Angela.



Cosmo Alexander Harry Morrison (born 2023)

 Chekkie Morrison [nee Kauntze], wife of Oliver Charles Francis Morrison [born 19 Aug, 1989], gave birth to a son, Cosmo Alexander Harry, 20 February, 2023, a brother for India Amber Chekkie, who was born 20 May, 2020.

Chekkie Morrison is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Christopher Kauntze.

Oliver is a son of Alexander Morrison, by his former wife the Hon Louisa Mary Constance Napier [born 5 February, 1961], daughter of the 14th Lord Napier, of Merchistoun, KCVO [1930-2012], by his wife the former Delia Mary Pearson, daughter of Major Archibald David Barclay Pearson, by his wife the former Hilda Constance Helen Blackburn [1902-86], a granddaughter maternally of the 13th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne.


Max Finn Chichester Campbell-Lamerton (born 2023)

 Lucy Anne I. Campbell-Lamerton (nee Colacicchi, born 1990), wife of Rory Patrick Chichester Campbell-Lamerton [born 1989], a descendant of the Barons Leconfield, gave birth to a son, Max Finn Chichester, 16 February, 2023.

Rory is the eldest son of Capt Michael Patrick Campbell-Lamerton, of Bishop's Tawton, co Devon, by his wife the former Clare Caroline Maxse [born 3 August, 1960], a descendant of the Barons Berkeley and Barons Leconfield.

Lucy is the younger daughter of William M. Colacicchi [born 1954], of Bringhurst, Leicestershire, by his wife the former Clare Elizabeth Vivienne Clutterbuck [born 1958], scion of that landed gentry family. Lucy's younger sister is Cecilia Mary Elizabeth Fitzalan Howard, Countess of Arundel & Surrey [born 1988], wife of the Duke of Norfolk's heir. She is a granddaughter paternally of Count Paul Edward Colacicchi.

2nd Baron Leconfield [1830-1901]-->Hon Mary Wyndham [1870-1944]-->Maj John Maxse [1901-78]-->Col. Martin Maxse [b 1935]-->Clare Maxse [b 1960]-->Rory Campbell-Lamerton [b 1989]


Allen/Farnham engagement

 The engagement was announced 4 March, 2023, between Guy R.S. Allen, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Stephen Allen, of Field Dalling, Norfolk, and Eleanor Rose E. Farnham (born 14 March, 1988), daughter of the late Daniel John Farnham (1940-2012) and his wife the former Henrietta Mary Philips (born 21 December, 1950), scion of that landed gentry family (she's now Baroness Wigram, second wife of the 3rd Baron Wigram, MVO (born 18 Mar, 1949).


Twins for the Duke of Northumberland's daughter ...

The Lady Melissa Jane [Missy] Trafelet [nee Percy, born 1987], wife of Remy White Trafelet [born 1970], and scion of the Dukes of Northumberland, gave birth to twin sons, Percy Dean and Alfred Ralph, 22 February, 2023, in Florida, brothers for Bluebell Rose, who was born 19 February, 2020, in New York.

Remy Trafelet is a son of Dean M. Trafelet, former Illinois Circuit Judge, by his wife Janet.

Lady Melissa is a daughter of the 12th Duke of Northumberland, of Alnwick Castle, and Syon House, by his wife the former [Isobel] Jane Miller Richard.

Lady Melissa was previously married, 2013 [div 2016] to Thomas Alexander van Straubenzee [born 1982], scion of that landed gentry family.


Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Ian Hamilton McCorquodale 1937-2023

 Ian Hamilton McCorquodale, who died 10 February, 2023, aged 85, was a scion of that landed family, son of the romantic novelist Dame Barbara Cartland, and a half-brother of Raine, Countess Spencer.

Mr McCorquodale was sometime chairman of Debrett's Peerage, and publisher of his mother's vast output of romantic writings. He had been in poor health having suffered several strokes in the early years after his second marriage.

He was born 11 Oct, 1937, the elder son of Hugh McCorquodale, MC (1898-1963), and Dame (Mary) Barbara Hamilton Cartland, DBE (1901-2000). 

His elder half-sister, Raine (1929-2016), married 1stly, 21 July, 1948 (div 1976), the 9th Earl of Dartmouth (1924-97); married 2ndly, 14 July, 1976, Edward John, 8th Earl Spencer, MVO (1924-92).

He married firstly, in 1970 (div 1993), Anna Chisholm (born 1941), daughter of Squadron Leader John Harry McKellar Chisholm, RAF (1918-1944), and his wife the former Patricia Lorraine Hulton-Harrop (1915-1964); and married 2ndly, in Sept, 2000, Bryony Jane Susan St John Brind (1960-2015), the ballerina, daughter of Maj Roger Michael Atchley Brind (b 1934), the Royal Marines, and his wife the former Jennifer M. St John Grey (b circa 1931).

From his first marriage he leaves two daughters, Tara and Iona.