Thursday, April 30, 2020

Milnes Coates/Watson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 30 April, 2020, between Dr Thomas Anthony Milnes Coates [b 19 November, 1986], son and heir of Professor Sir Anthony Robert Milnes Coates, 4th Baronet, MB, BS, MD [born 8 December, 1948], of Helperby North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Harriet Ann Burton, and Annabel Lucy Watson [born 1986], elder daughter of Mr Philip Watson, of Hawkhurst, Kent, by his wife the former Roslyn Holman.

Dr Thomas Milnes Coates is a grandson maternally of Raymond Montague Burton [1917-2011], and a great-grandson of Sir Montague Burton [1885-1952].


Ann Lowry Power 1929-2020

_. Ann Lowry Power [née Colvill], who died 27 April, 2020, aged 90, was a scion of the Irish landed gentry family of that name; born 1929, daughter of Colonel Robert Lowry Chaigneau Colvill [1896-1973], by his wife the former Violet Edleston Harry [died 1972]; she married 1955, the novelist Richard Patrick Mervyn Power [1928-70], by whom she had six children.


Lady Arabella Prudence Morley Hervey [born 2020]

_. The Marchioness of Bristol [nee Meredith Dunn], wife of Frederick William Augustus Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol (born 19 Oct, 1979), Gave birth to a daughter, Lady Arabella Prudence Morley, 8 March, 2020.

The Marquess and Marchioness of Bristol married at the Brompton Oratory in May, 2018.

Lord Bristol is the younger son of the late 6th Marquess of Bristol (1915-85), by his third wife the former Yvonne Marie Sutton.

The Marquess of Bristol is a younger half brother of the late 7th Marquess, and inherited the family honours, 10 January, 1999.  He is also Earl of Bristol, Earl Jermyn, and Baron Hervey.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Baron May of Oxford, OM, FRS 1936-2020

_. Lord May of Oxford, OM, AC, FRS, FAA, FTSE, FRSN, life peer, an Australian scientist who was formerly Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, died 28 April, 2020, aged 84.

Robert McCredie May, was born in Sydney, 8 Jan, 1936, and  was a son of Harry and Kathleen May.

He married in 1962, Judith Feiner, by whom he had a daughter.

Lord May was Chief Scientific Adviser to HM Government and Head of the OST, 1995-2000; was President of the Royal Society from 2000, and a professor at the University of Sydney and Princeton University. He held  joint professorships in University of Oxford and Imperial College London.

He was knighted in 1996, and created a life peer in 2001, as Baron May of Oxford, of Oxford in the County of Oxfordshire, and served as a crossbench member of the House of Lords until his retirement in 2017.

Lord May of Oxford was appointed to the Order of Merit in 2002. The honour is in the personal gift of Her Majesty the Queen.


Nancy Gordon McLaren 1921-2020

_. Nancy Gordon McLaren [née Ralston], died 25 April, 2020, aged 98; daughter of Gordon Springer Ralston [1896-1932], by his wife the former Nita Josephine Tisdall [1898-1974]; married 18 September, 1943, Martin John McLaren [1914-1979], scion of the Barons Aberconway, a grandson of the 1st Baron; and was widowed, 27 July, 1979. She was mother of three sons, Richard, Francis and Patrick.


Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson [born 2020]

_. Carrie Symonds [born 17 March, 1988],  fiancée of the Rt Hon [Alexander] Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, PC, MP [born 19 June, 1964], Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and descended from the Royal House of Wurttemberg, gave birth to a son, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas, in London, 29 April, 2020.

Boris is a son of Stanley Patrick Johnson [born 18 Aug, 1940], by his wife the former Charlotte Maria Offlow Fawcett [born May, 1942], & Carrie Symonds [born 17 March, 1988], illegitimate daughter of Matthew Symonds [born 20 Dec, 1953], by Josephine McAfee.

Miss Symonds is a granddaughter of John Cowburn Beavan, Baron Ardwick [1910-94], life peer.


Vita Iris Goldsmith [born 2020]

_.Jemima Goldsmith [nee Jones, b circa 1987], wife of Benjamin James [Ben] Goldsmith (born 1980), descended from the Marquesses of Londonderry, gave birth to a daughter, Vita Iris, in April, 2020, a sister for Eliza, born circa July 2016, and Arlo Edward Zac, born September, 2017.

Ben is a son of the late Sir James Michael Goldsmith (1933-97), by his wife the former Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b 1937), scion of the Marquesses of Londonderry (Marquess, Ire, 1816), & Jemima is a daughter of Edward Jones, archirect, by his wife, Margot, and sister of film-maker Quentin Jones, &c.

Ben Goldsmith is a grandson maternally of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry. His first marriage which ended in divorce was to Kate Emma Rothschild, scion of the Barons Rothschild.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Beatrice Aventon Tennyson 1927-2020

 _.Beatrice Aventon Tennyson [née Young], who died at Waikanae, New Zealand, 26 April, 2020, aged 93, was the widow of Lt-Cdr James Tennyson, DSC, RN [1913-2001], scion of the Barons Tennyson, descended from the poet.

She was the former Beatrice Aventon Young, and was born 5 March, 1927, daughter of Alexander Tolhurst Young, of Wellington, New Zealand, and married 11 December, 1954, James Alfred Tennyson, son of Alfred Browning Stanley Tennyson [1878-1952], and his wife the Hon Margaret Cicely Drummond [1880-1963], scion of the Viscounts Strathallan [Earls of Perth].

Mrs Tennyson leaves two sons, David Harold Alexander Tennyson, the 6th Baron Tennyson [born 4 June, 1960], who succeeded to the peerage from a cousin in 2006, and Alan James Drummond Tennyson [born 28 January, 1965].


Maisie Elizabeth Lyburn [born 2020]

_. Rosemary Jane [Rosie] Lyburn [nee Campbell Adamson, born 1987], wife of Peter James Lyburn [born 1984], gave birth to a daughter, Maisie Elizabeth, 21 April, 2020, at Dundee, a sister for Alexander Hugh, who was born 2016, and for Esme Jane, born 2018.

Rosie Lyburn is a scion of the Campbell Adamson landed family, daughter of Hugh Alexander Campbell Adamson 0born 1954].


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hugh Dudley Wilbraham 1929-2020

 _. Hugh Dudley Wilbraham, who died 22 April, 2020, aged 91, was head of the landed gentry family  of that name; born 1929, son of Ralph Venables Wilbraham [1894-1983], by his wife the former Katharine Mary Kershaw [1908-84]; married 27 April, 1957, Laura Jane McCorquodale [born 5 June, 1935, died 9 Apr, 2015], scion of that landed family, daughter of Capt George McCorquodale [1904-79], by his wife the former Hon Charlotte Enid Lawson Johnston [1910-1991], by whom he leaves issue.


Maria Roper-Curzon 1941-2020

_. Maria Roper-Curzon [nee Taylor], who died 22 April, 2020, was descend from the Lane Fox family, of Branham Park; born 1941, daughter of Maj Robert Vickris Taylor [1908-43], by his wife the former Prudence Lane Fox [1915-2006]; married, 1964 [div 1967], the Hon Michael Henry Roper-Curzon [born 1931], son of the 19th Baron Teynham [1896-1972]. No offspring.


Sir [William] Eric Kinloch Anderson, KT 1936-2020

_. Sir William Eric Kinloch Anderson, KT, FRSE, died 22 April, 2020, aged 83.

Eric Anderson, born 27 May, 1936,  the son of William James Kinloch Anderson and Margaret Gouinlock Harper.

During his early career, Anderson taught at Fettes College, where Tony Blair was a pupil, and at Gordonstoun where he taught the Prince of Wales. He moved to be headmaster at Abingdon School (1970–75), Shrewsbury School (1975–80) and Eton College (1980–94) and he was rector of Lincoln College, Oxford (1994–2000).

In 2002 he was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Thistle.

He was chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund (1998–2001) and provost of Eton College (2000–2009).

He was married to Elizabeth ("Poppy") Anderson, daughter of William and Mary Mason, of Skipton, North Yorkshire. His son is David Anderson, KBE, QC, Baron Anderson of Ipswich, a life peer, and his daughter Kate is married to Will Gompertz, the BBC Arts editor.


Monday, April 20, 2020

Lily Hope Maud Macdonald-Buchanan [born 2020]

_. An increase in the descendants of Sir Winston Churchill. Lily Hope Maud, was born 19 April, 2020, to Flora Caroline Soames [born 1982], scion of the Soames landed family, and her partner [Charles] Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan [born 1970], scion of that landed family.

Lily is a great-great granddaughter of Churchill, and a great-great-great-granddaughter of the Victorian prime minister, Lord Rosebery.

Mother Flora, is the interior designer daughter of the Hon Jeremy Bernard Soames [born 25 May, 1952], by his wife the former Susanna Keith [born 23 Oct, 1952], and is a granddaughter of the late Baron Soames, GCMG, GCVO [1920-87], by his wife Mary Spencer-Churchill [1922-2014], scion of the Dukes of Marlborough, Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, daughter of the Rt Hon Sir Winston Spencer-Churchill, KG [1894-1965], Prime Minister 1940-45, and 1951-55.

[Charles] Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan [born 1970], ceramic artist, is the fourth son of Alexander James Macdonald-Buchanan [1931-2017], by his his wife the former Elizabeth Vivian Smith [born 30 March, 1939], scion of the Barons Bicester, daughter of Maj the Hon Hugh Adeane Vivian Smith [1910-78], by his wife the former Lady Helen Dorothy Primrose [1913-1998], daughter of the 6th Earl of Rosebery [1882-1974], son of the 5th Earl of Rosebery [1847-1929], Prime Minister 1894-5.

Charles married Poppa Augusta Fraser [born 1979], scion of the Lords Lovat, by whom he had issue,  a daughter, Constance, and son Jacobi.


The 4th Baron Broadbridge 1929-2020

_. Lord Broadbridge, the fourth Baron, died at Cardiff, 19 April, 2020. He was 90.

Martin Hugh Broadbridge was born 29 Nov, 1929, son of the Hon Hugh Trevor Broadbridge [1903-79], by his wife the former Anne Marjorie Elfick [1903-79], and succeeded to the peerage and baronetcy on the death of his cousin, Peter, the 3rd Baron, 6 February, 2000.

His grandfather, George Broadbridge [1869-1952], was Conservative MP for the City of London 1938-45, Lord Mayor of London 1936-37, was created a baronet in 1937, and raised to the peerage in 1945.

He married firstly, 31 July, 1954 [div 1967], Norma Sheffield, daughter of Maj Herbert Sheffield, MC; married 2ndly, 1968, Mary Elizabeth Trotman [1923-2007], daughter of Joseph Emlyn Trotman [1893-1966].

Lord Broadbridge leaves a son, Richard and a daughter, Katherine, from his first marriage. The son, Air Vice-Marshal the Hon Richard John Martin Broadbridge, CB [born 29 January, 1959] succeeds to the peerage and baronetcy.


Baroness Dunsany 1942-2020

_. Lady Dunsany, who died at Our Lady's Hospital, Navan, from coronavirus Covid-19, 9 April, 2020, was the widow of Lord Dunsany, of Dunsany Castle, Co, Meath, the 20th holder of Ireland's oldest barony.

Maria-Alice Villela de Carvalho, born in Brazil, married firstly, _____ de Marsillac, by whom she had two children, a son, Daniel, and a daughter, Joanna. She married 2ndly, 1982, the Hon Edward John Carlos Plunkett [born 10 Sept, 1939], son and heir of the 19th Baron Dunsany [1906-1999], by his first wife, Mrs Vera Bryce, former wife [1] the Hon Randall Arthur Henry Plunkett, and [2] of John Felix Charles Ivar Bryce [1906-85], and youngest daughter of Colonel Genesio de Sa Sottomaior, of San Paulo, Brazil. She was the mother of two sons from her second marriage, Randal and Oliver.

Her husband, who succeeded his father, 6 Feb, 1999, as 20th Baron Dunsany, a title in the Peerage of Ireland [created in 1461/2], died 24 May, 2011, and was succeeded by his elder son, the Hon Randal Plunkett, 21st Baron [born 9 March, 1983].


Elizabeth, Baroness Grimthorpe, DCVO 1925-2020

_. Elizabeth, Baroness Grimthorpe, DCVO, who died 15 April, 2020, aged 94, was for almost thirty years a senior member of the Household of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Lady Grimthorpe, a scion of the Earls of Scarbrough, was the widow of the 4th Baron Grimthorpe [1915-2003], of Westow Hall, near York.

She was born Elizabeth Lumley, 22 July, 1925, daughter of the then Lawrence Roger Lumley, MP for Kingston-upon-Hull, by his wife the former Katherine Isobel McEwen, DCVO [1899-1979], a childhood friend Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon [later Duchess of York, and Queen], who served as an Extra Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Elizabeth Lumley's father, Lawrence, succeeded his uncle, as 11th Earl of Scarbrough, 4 March, 1945, and Elizabeth became Lady Elizabeth Lumley. Her father was Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-63, and was Grand Master, United Grand Lodge of England, 1951-67.

Lady Elizabeth married 17 Feb, 1954, at the Queen's Chapel, Malrborough Gate, London, the then Hon Christopher Beckett [1915-2003], son and heir of the 3rd Baron Grimthorpe [1891-1963], by his first wife the former Mary Alice Archdale [died 28 Apr, 1962]. The wedding, attended by the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, was followed by a reception at St James's Palace.

Her husband succeeded his father, 22 Feb, 1963, as 4th Baron Grimthorpe. He died 6 July, 2003, aged 87.

Lady Grimthorpe was appointed a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1973, and served Her Majesty until her death in 2002. She was appointed CVO in 1983, and advanced to DCVO in 1995. She followed her mother, Lady Scarbrough, into Queen Elizabeth's household, and was also joined in the mid 1990s, by nephew's wife, Elizabeth, wife of the 12th Earl of Scarbrough.

Lady Grimthorpe leaves two sons, Edward and Ralph, and a daughter, Harriet. The elder son, Edward, 5th Baron Grimthorpe, is a Newmarket racehorse trainer.


Beatrice Marguerite Tabor [died 2020]

_. Marguerite Tabor, who died 19 April, 2020, was the second wife and widow of Major-General David John St Maur Tabor, CB, MC [1922-2004], scion of that landed gentry family, and was previously widow of Colonel Peter Arkwright, OBE, scion of that landed family.

She was born Beatrice Marguerite Verdon, second twin daughter of Capt Francis Reynolds Verdon, of Sidbury, Devon, and married firstly, 8 May, 1958, Colonel Peter Arkwright [born 2 Apr, 1913], eldest son and heir of Richard Alleyne Arkwright, of Willersley House, Broadway, Worcestershire, by his wife the former Marjorie Hardcastle; married 2ndly, 1989, as his second wife, Maj-Gen David Tabor, CB, MC, son of Harry Ernest Tabor [1887-1961], by his wife the former Madeleine Frances Abel Smith [1889-1976], scion of that landed gentry family, and whose uncle Col Sir Henry Abel Smith, married into the Royal Family.

Mrs Tabor leaves issue by her first marriage, including two sons, Charles and Martin.


Andrew Robert Moncreiff 1944-2020

_. Andrew Robert Moncreiff, who has died from coronavirus, was a scion of the Barons Moncreiff.

He was born 12 April, 1944, son of Frederick Henry Wellwood Moncreiff [1909-1990], by his wife the former Gwendolen Alma Gifford [who died 2008], and married 9 Oct, 1971, Jennifer Margaret Chapman, daughter of John Chapman, of Johannesburg, South Africa, by whom he had two sons, Michael & Robert.


Anne Elizabeth Thacker [died 2020]

_. Anne Elizabeth Thacker [nee Phillips], died 19 April, 2020. She married firstly, July, 1962, Sir Anthony Jolliffe, GBE [born 1938], Lord Mayor of London, 1982-3; married 2ndly, Colonel Leonard Thacker. She leaves a son, Paul, and two daughters, Susan and Bridget.


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Lady Mansfield [died 2020]

_. Lady Mansfield, who died 18 April, 2020, was the widow of Vice Admiral Sir [Edward] Gerard Napier Mansfield, KCB, CVO [1921-2006].

She was the former Joan Worship Byron, daughter of Commander John Byron, DSC, and married Gerard Mansfield in 1943.  Her husband was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of the Atlantic, and was in retirement a fund raiser for the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust. She was widowed, 27 June, 2006. Lady Mansfield leaves two daughters, Diana [Didy], and Vanessa.


Sir Roger Houssemayne du Boulay, KCVO, CMG 1922-2020

_. Sir Roger Houssemayne du Boulay, KCVO, CMG, who died 14 April, 2020, aged 98, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and served as Vice-Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps.

Boulay served in the Colonial Service, and served in Nigeria between 1949 and 1958. In 1959 he joined Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service, and held appointments in Washington, the Foreign Office, Manilla and Paris. From 1973 to 1975 he was Resident Commissioner of the New Hebrides. He was made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George in the 1975 Birthday Honours. On 12 December 1975 he became Vice-Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, retaining the post until 9 April 1982. He was knighted in the Royal Victorian Order in 1982, having been made a CVO in 1972. He later served as an adviser to the Solomon Islands and Swaziland governments.

He was born 30 March, 1922, second son of Capt Charles Roger Houssemayne du Boulay, RN, of Exton House, Exton, Southampton, by his wife the former Mary Alice Veronica Morgan.

He married 30 Jan, 1957, as her second husband, Mrs Elizabeth Hudson, formerly wife of Havelock Henry Trevor Hudson, and daughter of Brig Francis Wyville Home, RM,  and Lady Pile, by whom he had issue, one daughter, Sophia Elizabeth Lucinda, born 20 Apr, 1959.


Parker/Thrower engagement

_. The engagement was announced 18 April, 2020, between Charles Herbert Parker [born 1953], son of Capt Blake Parker, RN, of Petersfield, Hants, and Miss Deborah Valentine Thrower.

Charles Parker married 1stly, 1977, Victoria Kathleen Scott [1956-2017], scion of the Scott baronets, of Rotherfield Park, by whom he had 2 sons and a daughter.


Elwes/Marsh engagement

_. The engagement was announced 18 April, 2020, between Hugo Marcus Elwes [born 1991], scion of that landed family, son of the late Martin Stephen Robert Elwes [1948-2014], by his wife the former Sarah Marianne Worsley [born 25 June, 1958], scion of the Worsley baronets, and Sophie Marsh, daughter of Robert Marsh and Mrs Sarah MacLachlan, of Toronto, Canada.

Hugo Elwes is a great nephew of HRH The Duchess of Kent, GCVO.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Robert Nicholas Bovill Whitehead [died 2020]

_. Robert Nicholas Bovill Whitehead died 17 April, 2020. He was 84. He married in 1985, Grania Jane Sutton [born 1952], scion of the Sutton baronets, daughter of John Alexander Sutton [1915-1981], by his wife the former Violet Deirdre Shepherd [1915-1994], by whom he had two sons and a daughter.


Sir Michael Bernard Grenville Oppenheimer, 3rd Baronet 1924-2020

_. Sir Michael Oppenheimer, 3rd and last Baronet, author and historian, died in Jersey, Channel Islands, 17 April, 2020. He was 95.

Michael Bernard Grenville Oppenheimer was born 27 May, 1924, and succeeded his father, Sir Michael, 2nd Baronet, in 1933. Educated at Charterhouse and Christ Church, Oxford. He married 1947, [Laetitia] Helen [born 1926], daughter of Lieutenant-Col Sir Hugh Vere Huntley Duff Munro-Lucas-Tooth, 1st Baronet, by whom he had issue, daughters, Henrietta, Matilda and Xanthe [who married a Mosley, scion of the Barons Ravensdale].

The first baronet, Sir Bernard, was Chairman of the South African Diamond Corporation, and awarded a baronetcy in 1921. The baronetcy now becomes extinct.


Rosemary Hosey [nee Heaton-Ellis] 1932-2020

_. Rosemary Horsey [nee Heaton-Ellis], who died 17 April, 2020, aged 87, was a scion of the Heaton-Ellis landed gentry family; born 14 Nov, 1932, second daughter of Maj John Sydney Heaton-Ellis [1890-1980], head of that family, of Wyddiall Hall, by his wife the former Jean Robinson Lee-Horwood. She married 6 Sept, 1958, Dr Peter John Horsey [died 18 Jan, 2015, aged 90], son of Capt Frank Lankester Horsey, CB, OBE, DSC, RN, of Liphook, Hampshire, by whom she had issue, two daughters, Nicola and Madeleine.


Friday, April 17, 2020

Hon Anne Philippa Warren [nee Russell] 1924-2020

 The Hon Anne Philippa Warren [nee Russell], who died 16 Apr, 2020, at Taupo, New Zealand, aged 96, was a scion of the Barons Russell of Liverpool.

Anne Philippa Russell was born 13 February, 1924, daughter of the 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool, CBE, MC [1895-1981], and his wife the former Constance Claudine Gordon [d 1974], and married 13 November, 1947, Major Gershom Radcliffe Layton Warren [1910-1991].


Stephen Greenhalgh's life peerage gazetted

 _. The life peerage awarded to Stephen John Greenhalgh has been gazetted in the name, style and title of Baron Greenhalgh, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Stephen John Greenhalgh, Baron Greenhalgh (born 4 September 1967) is a British businessman and politician, and was the second Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in London. He is a member of the Conservative Party. 

 On 18 March 2020 he was appointed an unpaid Minister of State jointly at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Home Office, and tradition dictates that a government minister must be a member of one of the Houses of Parliament. Subsequently, he was raised to the peerage.


Lady Millard 1929-2020

_. Lady Millard, who died 15 April, 2020, aged 90, was the widow of Sir Guy Millard, KCMG, CVO [1917-2013], diplomat, sometime British Ambassador to Hungary, Sweden and Italy.

She was born Mary Judy Dugdale, 22 April, 1929, scion of that landed family, daughter of Lieutenant-Commander James George Greville Dugdale [1898-1964], by his 1st wife the former Pamela Elizabeth Coventry [1901-1990], scion of the Earls of Coventry, a granddaughter of the 9th Earl.

Lt-Cdr Dugdale was a grandson maternally of the 4th Earl of Warwick [1818-93].

Mary Dugdale married in 1964, Guy Elwin Millard, Ambassador to Hungary 1967-69, Ambassador to Sweden 1971-74, and Ambassador to Italy, 1974-76. He was knighted in 1972.

She was widowed 26 April, 2013. Lady Millard leaves issue, two sons, Charles and James.


Lieutenant-Commander Martin Scobell Boissier, RN 1926-2020

_.Lieutenant-Commander Martin Scobell Boissier, RN, who died 16 April, 2020, aged 93, was a scion of that landed gentry family. He served as Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Derbyshire, 1992-2001.

Lt-Cdr Boissier, served as pilot with 810 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm aboard HMS Ocean during Korean War, 5/1953-9/1953; served with 812 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm in GB and aboard HMS Eagle in Mediterranean, 1955-1956, &c.

He was born 14 May, 1926, second son of Lieutenant-Commander Ernest Gabriel Boissier, RN, DSC, of Kedleston Rd, Derby, by his wife the former Doris Mary Bingham [died 2 March, 1958], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Lt-Col Richard Charles William Bingham, of Bingham's Melcombe; and educated at the RNC Dartmouth.

He married 16 April, 1955, Margaret Jean, daughter of Robert Blair, MB, ChB, of Greenbank, Little Eaton, Derbyshire, by whom he had issue, a son, John and a daughter, Susan.


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Arthur Isaac Louis Samuel [born 2020]

 The Hon Drusilla Katharine Anne Samuel [born 1988, nee Bridges], wife of Benjamin Marcus Peter Samuel [born 1989], scion of the Viscounts Bearsted, gave birth to a son, Arthur Isaac Louis, 15 April, 2020.

The Hon Drusilla Samuel is a daughter of the 3rd Baron Bridges, CVO [born 1954], and his wife the former Angela Margaret Collinson.

Benjamin Samuel is a son of the Hon Michael John Samuel [born 1952], son of the 4th Viscount Bearsted, and his wife the former Julia Aline Guinness [born 1959], scion of the landed gentry arm of the brewing dynasty.


Ebba Aurora Daphne De Zoete [born 2020]

_. Lisa De Zoete (née Skogh), wife of Adam Julian Simon De Zoete [born 1973], gave birth to a daughter, Ebba Aurora Daphne, 15 April, 2020, a sister for Diana.

Adam De Zoete is a son of Simon Miles De Zoete [born 1941], descended from the Courage landed gentry family, by his wife the former Fiona Catherine Fulton Rofe [born 1948].

Lisa De Zoete is a daughter of Stefan Skogh, of Stockholm, Sweden.


Professor Jocelyn Nigel Hillgarth 1929-2020

_. Professor Jocelyn Nigel Hillgarth died 12 April, 2020. He was 90.

Prof Hillgarth was formerly Senior Fellow and Professor of History, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto and University of Toronto.

He was born in 1929, a son of Capt [Alan] Hugh Hillgarth, CMG, OBE, RN [1899-1978], who assumed by deed poll, the surname of Hillgarth in lieu of his patronymic [Evans], 1928, by his wife the former Hon Mary Sidney Katharine Gardner [1896-1994], daughter of the 1st [and last] Baron Burghclere [1846-1921], by his wife the Lady Winifred Anne Henrietta Christina Herbert [1864-1933], daughter of the 4th Earl of Carnarvon [1831-1890].

His mother's first husband was Geoffrey Hope-Morley, afterwards 2nd Baron Hollenden [1885-1977].

He married 1966, Nina Pantaleoni [widow of Richard Foster].


Florence Elizabeth Somerset [born 2020]

_. Laura Elizabeth Somerset [nee Wade], wife of Charles Fitzroy Somerset [born 1981], scion of the Dukes of Beaufort, gave birth to a daughter, Florence Elizabeth, 3 April, 2020.

Charles Somerset is a son of Robin Fitzroy Somerset, MBE [born 21 May, 1930], by his wife the former Sarah Marguerite Mills [born 1945], daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Piercy Mills, KCB, CBE, DSC [1914-2006].

The infant is a descendant of Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort [1744-1803]


Ludo Ziggy Powys Shackleton [born 2020]

_. The Hon Lydia Elizabeth Moira Woodhouse [born 1989, nee Shackleton], wife of Charles James Philip Woodhouse [born 1989], gave birth to a son, Ludo Ziggy Powys, 9 April, 2020.

Charles is a son of Philip J. Woodhouse, by his wife the former Sarah J George, and Lydia is a daughter of the life peer Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, LVO [born 1956].


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Timothy Kenneth Thornton 1935-2020

_. Timothy Kenneth Thornton died 13 April, 2020, aged 85. He was born in 1935, a son of Maj Kenneth Marcus Thornton [1908-98], by his wife the former Angela Mariel Baliol Brett [1911-2006], scion of the Viscounts Esher; married 1966 [as her 2nd husband] Jacqueline M Hillman, by whom he had issue.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Antony Hanbury 1922-2020

_. Antony Hanbury, who died 12 April, 2020, aged 97, was a scion of the Hanbury landed family, formerly of Kingston Maurward.

He was born 31 July, 1922, third son of Horace Hanbury, by his second wife the former Clara Millicent Howard, and was a grandson of Sir Thomas Hanbury, KCVO [1832-1907].

Antony Hanbury married 1 Sept, 1949, Elizabeth Anne Leatham [born 14 Aug 1920], scion of that landed gentry family, of Hemsworth Hall, dau of Colonel Robert Edward Kennard Leatham, DSO [1885-1948], by his wife the former Menda Ralli [died 1959, who married Col Leatham as her 2nd husband. The first was Lord Arthur Hay, scion of the Marquesses of Tweeddale.

Antony Hanbury leaves issue, a son Rupert, and two daughters, Sarah and Jane.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Rt Rev Simon Barrington-Ward, KCVO 1930-2020

_. The Rt Rev Simon Barrington-Ward, KCVO, who died 11 April, 2020, aged 89, was Bishop of Coventry, 1985-97, and Prelate of theMost Distinguished Order of St Michael & St George, 1989-2005. He was born in 1930, a son of Robert McGowan Barrington-Ward [1891-1948], by his wife the former Margaret Adele Radice [1897-1975].


William Bertram Weatherall [died 2020]

_. William Bertram Weatherall died at his home, 11 April, 2020, aged 87.

He was a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Nigel Edward Weatherall [1891-1962], of Caldwell House, Gilling West, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Gladys Victoria Drabble [1897-1957], and married 19 Oct, 1956, Sally Verena Russell [1937-2010], scion of the Barons Russell of Killowen, daughter of Maj Denis Leslie Russell, MBE [1909-1986], of Burdenshot House, Burdenshot Hill, Guildford, Surrey, by his wife the former Verena Henderson [1911-1995]; he leaves issue, a son, Michael and two daughters, Annabel and Clare.


Phyllida Dorothy Roden Buxton 1932-2020

_. Phyllida Dorothy Roden Buxton, who died 11 April, 2020, aged 87, was a scion of the Buxton baronets.

She was born 9 July, 1932, daughter of Capt Henry Roden Victor Buxton [1890-1990], by his first wife the former Dorothy Alina St John, and was a granddaughter of Sir Thomas Buxton, 4th Baronet [1865-1919].

She married 20 June, 1959, her kinsman, Ronald Carlile Buxton [1923-2017], son of Capt Murray Barclay Buxton [1889-1940], by his wife the former Janet Mary Muriel Carlile [died 1942], a daughter of Sir Edward Carlile, 1st Baronet, by whom she had issue, two sons, and two daughters.

Her husband died 10 January, 2017, aged 93.


The Baron Tombs 1924-2020

_. The Lord Tombs, a life peer, industrialist and politician, died 11 April, 2020. He was 95.

Francis Leonard Tombs, was born 17 May, 1924, a son of Joseph Tombs. He was educated at Elmore Green School, Walsall, and at the University of London. Tombs had a career in industry, particularly in electricity generation.

 He was chairman of the South of Scotland Electricity Board, the Electricity Council and Rolls-Royce.

Tombs was president of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in 1981 and became an Honorary Fellow of its successor organisation the Institution of Engineering and Technology in 1991. Tombs was named chairman of Turner & Newall P.L.C., Britain's largest manufacturer of asbestos products on 30 November 1982, and remained there throughout much of the 1980s.

Knighted in 1978, Tombs was created a life peer on 29 February 1990, as Baron Tombs, of Brailes in the County of Warwickshire. He was granted a leave of absence in March 2008 which lasted until July 2010. Lord Tombs retired from the House of Lords on 31 March 2015. He wrote a memoir, entitled Power Politics: Political Encounters in Industry and Engineering. &c,

He was predeceased by his wife the former Marjorie Evans, daughter of Albert Evans, of Walsall.

He leaves issue, daughters, Catherine, Elizabeth and Margaret.


Saturday, April 11, 2020

Fergus John Maclean [born 2020]

_. Charlotte Helen Luise Maclean [born 1987, nee Lane], wife of Hugh Charles Maclean [born 1984] head of the Scottish landed family of Westfield, gave birth to a son Fergus John, 10 April, 2020, a brother for Eliza Catherine, who was born in 2018.

Hugh is son of John Robert Maclean, DL [1951-2013], by his wife the former Veronica Mary Lacy Hulbert-Powell [born 1954], scion of that landed family and a descendant maternally of the Barons St Levan.

Charlotte is a daughter of Jeremy R. Lane, of Longfold, Aberdeenshire, by his wife the former Catherine M.L. Thornton.


Terence James Barnewall 1935-2020

_. Terence James Barnewall, who died 28 March, 2020, at Junee, New South Wales, was a scion of the Barnewall baronets; born 1935, son of Alfred George Barnewall [1880-1952], by his wife the former Sarah Footter, of Violet Town, Victoria, Australia; married 1stly, 1957, Jannete, daughter of Robert Smith, of Junee, NSW; married 2ndly, 1978, Marie Patricia, daughter of Fredric Davies, of Sydney, and former wife of John Layton. He had issue from his first marriage, Judith Margaret [born 1959, deceased], and Teena Merrie [Tina] [born 1965].


Amyas Henry Stafford Northcote 1937-2020

 _. Amyas Henry Stafford Northcote, who died 21 March, 2020, aged 82, was a scion of the Earls of Iddesleigh.

He was born 25 November, 1937, elder son of Cecil Henry Stafford Northcote [1912-2003], by his wife the former Winifreda Iola Marguerite Williams [died 2007]; was Joint Headmaster of St Bede's School, Bishton Hall. Magistrate, Parish Councillor, President of Conservative Constituency of Stafford. Unm.

Amyas Northcote was a direct descendant of the Northcote baronets, later Earls of Iddesleigh.


James Edward C. Cox 1983-2020

_. James Cox, who died 8 April, 2020, aged 36, was descended from the Sheepshanks landed gentry family, born in 1983, son of Charles Ronald Buchanan [Charlie] Cox [born 1951], by his wife the former Belinda Jane Sheepshanks [born 1955], and brother of Arabella [now Mrs Cazenove] and Geordie. James's aunt, the former Susannah Mary Sheepshanks, is Countess Ferrers, wife of the 14th Earl Ferrers.

James Cox is grandson maternally of Charles Edward William Sheepshanks [1911-1991], head of that landed family, of Arthington Hall, near Otley, West Yorkshire.


Patricia, Baroness Talbot of Malahide [1936-2020]

_. Patricia, Lady Talbot of Malahide, who died 10 April, 2020, aged 84, was the second wife the late Lord Talbot of Malahide [1931-2016], the Irish peer.

She was the former Patricia Mary Riddell, born in 1936, daughter of John Cuthbert Widdrington Riddell, OBE, of Felton Park and Swinburne Castle, Northumberland, by his wife the former Maureen Helen Taaffe [1910-1992], daughter of George Taaffe, of Smarmore Castle, Co Louth; and married 1stly, Maj Geoffrey Thomas Blundell-Brown, MBE [deceased]. She  married 2ndly, 1992, as his second wife, [Reginald] John Richard Arundell, 10th Baron Talbot of Malahide, who had inherited the peerage [created in 1831], on the death of a cousin in 1987.

Her 2nd husband, who died 21 November, 2016, aged 85, was the Hereditary Lord Admiral of Malahide and the Adjacent Seas, and was also a Count of the Holy Roman Empire.

Lady Talbot of Malahide is to be buried at Swinburne.


Lord David Stephen Douglas-Hamilton 1952-2020

_. Lord David Douglas-Hamilton, who died at Edinburgh, 6 April, 2020, from coronavirus Covid-19, aged 67, was a scion of the Dukes of Hamilton and Brandon.

Lord David Stephen Douglas-Hamilton was born 26 December, 1952, the fifth son of the 14th Duke of Hamilton & Brandon, KT, GCVO, AFC, PC [1903-1973], by his wife the former Lady Elizabeth Ivy Percy [1916-2008], daughter of the 8th Duke of Northumberland [1880-1930].

His father was Lord Steward of the Household to King George VI and to Queen Elizabeth II, 1940-64, was a Knight of the Thistle, Premier Duke in the Peerage of Scotland, Premier Peer of Scotland, and Hereditary Keeper of the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Lord David, who was unmarried, was a younger brother of the 15th Duke [1938-2010], and uncle of the present 16th Duke [born 1978].


Friday, April 10, 2020

Elizabeth Joan Mary Warren 1929-2020

_. Elizabeth Joan Mary Warren, who died 17 March, 2020, was a scion of the Warren baronets, born in 1929, daughter of Brisbane Charles Somerville Warren [1887-1979], by his wife the former Janey Neill [Joan] Cartwright [1893-1986]. Unm.


David Archibald Innes 1931-2020

_. David Archibald Innes, who died 9 April, 2020, aged 88, a fortnight after the loss of his wife, was a scion of the Innes landed family of Inchgarry.

He was born in 1931, son of Lieutenant-Colonel James Archibald Innes [1875-1948], by his 3rd wife the former Evelyn Adelaide Dawnay [1904-1985], scion of the Viscounts Downe; married 10 June, 1955, Philippa Gordon-Cumming [1933-2020], daughter of Maj Sir Alexander Gordon-Cumming, 5th Baronet [1893-1939], by his wife the former Elizabeth Topham Richardson [died 1985], by whom he had issue, two sons, Guy and John and a daughter, Davina.

His wife, known as Poo, died 27 March, 2020.


Margaret Esme Scott Whittingdale 1920-2020

_. Margaret Esme Scott Whittingdale [nee Napier], who died 7 April, 2020, aged 99, was a scion of the Lords Napier of Merchistoun.

She was born 30 December, 1920, daughter of Brigadier Arthur Francis Scott Napier [1890-1971], by his wife the former Phyllis Grace Fleming [died 1978]; married firstly, 18 May, 1942 [div 1946], Capt Ephraim Stewart Cook Spence, of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders; married secondly, 21 Sept, 1946, her kinsman, Maj Alexander Napier [1904-54], a great-grandson of the 9th Lord Napier of Merchistoun [1786-1834], son of Archibald Scott Napier [1865-1934], by his wife the former Katherine Edith Liveing [died 1942]; married thirdly, 30 Dec, 1957, John Whittingdale, FRCS [died 1974], and leaves a son by her 2nd marriage, Charles Scott Napier [born 1 July, 1947], and a son, the Rt Hon John Flasby Lawrence Whittingdale, OBE, MP, PC [born 16 Oct, 1959], from her third marriage.

Her younger son is Conservative MP for Malden, and is Minister of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport.


Thursday, April 09, 2020

Alfred Forrest Phoenix Ferguson [born 2020]

_. Florence Jane C. Ferguson [nee Hill, born 1988], wife of Andrew Frederick John Ferguson (born 1978), scions of the Fergusons of Dummer, gave birth to a son,  Alfred Forrest Phoenix, 25 March, 2020.

Andrew Ferguson is the son of the late Major Ronald Ivor Ferguson (1931-2003), of Dummer, Hampshire, descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry, by his second wife, the former Susan Rosemary Deptford (now Lady Swinburn), of Dummer, Hampshire.

Florence is the elder daughter of Mr Michael John Campbell Hill [born 1947], of Gosberton, Lincolnshire, by his wife the former Jane Anne Barton, daughter of Gerald Douglas Barton, of Cherry Burton House, near Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Andrew Ferguson is the half-brother of Sarah, Duchess of York.


Barbara Evelyn Braithwaite-Exley [1928-2020]

_. Barbara Evelyn Braithwaite-Exley [nee Fell], who died 8 April, 2020, was the widow of Bryan Braithwaite-Exley [1927-2009], of Pant Head, Austwick, North Yorkshire, and mother of Marcus and Susan. Her daughter, Susan Jane [born 1953], married 1974 (div 2003) James Somerset Wigram, a descendant of the Wigram baronets, by whom she has issue.

She was born in Settle, circa Jan 1928, daughter of Ronald Fell, by his wife the former Vera Hickson.


Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Gerald Grimstone's life peerage gazetted

 _. The life barony awarded to Gerald Grimstone has been gazetted in the name, style and title of Baron Grimstone of Boscobel, of Belgravia in the City of Westminster.

Gerald Edgar Grimstone, Baron Grimstone of Boscobel (born 27 August 1949) is a British businessman. He was previously chairman of Barclays Bank plc and of Standard Life and group deputy chairman of Barclays plc, the holding company for the Barclays Group.

On 18 March 2020, he became an unpaid minister at the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and it was announced he would become a life peer. The peerage was gazetted 8 Apr, 2020.


Hon Mrs Raymond Fox-Strangways [died 2020]

_. The Hon Mrs Raymond Fox-Strangways died 7 April, 2020, aged 99. She was the mother of the Earl of Ilchester.

She was born Margaret Vera Force, daughter of James Force, of N Surrey, BC, Canada, and married 25 February, 1941, the Hon Raymond George Fox-Strangways [1921-2005], second son of the 8th Earl of Ilchester [1887-1970], by his wife the former Laure Georgine Emilie Mazaraki [died 1970]; by whom she had issue, two sons, Robin [born 1942], and Paul Andre [born 1950]. The elder son, Robin Maurice Fox-Strangway [born 2 Sept, 1942], succeeded his uncle as 10th Earl of Ilchester, 2 July, 2006.

The funeral took place at Taunton Deane Crematorium, 22 April, 2020.


Jane Stewart-Brown [nee Fenwick] 1936-2020

_. Jane Stewart-Brown [nee Fenwick], who has died aged 83, was a scion of the Fenwick landed gentry family; born 17 September, 1936, second daughter of Major Jonathan Brudenell Fenwick [1911-2000], by his wife the former Sybil Evelyn Galloway [1909-99]; married 8 October, 1963, Ian Hamilton Stewart-Brown [1936-2007], kin of the Brown baronets, elder son of Dennis Stewart-Brown, of Great Hallingbury, Bishop's Stortford, by whom she had 2 sons, William and James, and a daughter, Fiona [1971-2015].


George Paul Stephen Irby [born 2020]

_. Lucy Suzannah Irby [née Hemelryk, born 1986], wife of Harry Robert Paul Anthony Irby [born 1985], scion of the Barons Boston, gave birth to a son, George Paul Stephen,  7 April, 2020, a brother for Poppy Isabella Mary, who was born 12 Aug, 2016.

Harry Irby is a son of Paul Anthony Irby [born 1935], by his wife the former Emma Mary Henderson [born 1950].

Lucy Irby is a daughter of Stephen O. Hemelryk [born 1933], by his wife the former Pamela M. Baskerville.


Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Sylvie Jean Anna Magnus [born 2020]

_. Clementine Anna Magnus [born 1986, nee Hendry], wife of Thomas Henry Philip Magnus [born 1985], scion of the Magnus baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Sylvie Jean Anna, 6 April, 2020.

Thomas Magnus is the son and heir of Sir Laurence Henry Philip Magnus, 3rd Baronet [born 1955], by his wife the former Jocelyn Mary Stanton [born 1956], and Clementine is a daughter of Michael A.W. Hendry, ny his wife the former Annabel P.T. Milne.


Oscar Andrew Francis Norman [born 2020]

_. Emily Rachel Marmion Norman [born 1984, nee Dymoke], scion of that landed family, and wife of Sebastian Henry Andrew Norman [born 1983], gave birth to a second son, Oscar Andrew Francis, 6 April, 2020, a brother for Edward, who was born 29 June, 2018.

Sebastian Norman is a son of Dr Andrew Norman [died 1992], by his wife the former Hon Stella Mary Zuckerman [1947-92], daughter of the life peer the Baron Zuckerman, OM, KCB [died 1993], by his wife the former Lady Joan Alice Violet Rufus Isaacs [1918-2000], daughter of the 2nd Marquess of Reading, GCMG, CBE, MC, TD, QC, DL [1889-1960].

Emily Norman is a daugghter of Francis John Fane Marmion Dymoke [born 1955], scion of that landed family, son and heir of the 34th Hereditary Queen's Champion of England, by his his 1st wife the former Rosalie Mary Goldingham [born 1955].


Monday, April 06, 2020

John Randolph Lucas 1930-2020

 _. John Randolph Lucas, died 5 April, 2020, aged 90.

He was born in 1930 a son of Prebendary Egbert de Grey Lucas [1878-1958], by his wife the former Joan Mary Randolph [1898-1980], descended from the Viscounts Falmouth.  He married 1961, [Helen] Morar Portal [born 1929], scion of the Portal baronets, daughter of Sir Reginald Henry Portal, KCB, DSC [1894-1983], by his wife the former Helen Sophia Anderson [1902-1983], scion of that landed family and a descendant of the Viscounts Bangor. He leaves two sons, Edward and Richard, and two daughters, Helen and Deborah.


Lady Heathcote [died 2020]

_. Lady Heathcote, who died 28 March, 2020, was the wife of Sir Mark Heathcote, 10th Baronet.

She was the former Susan Mary Ashley, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel George Ashley, of Rosamundford, Aylesbeare, co Devon, and married 15 May, 1976, [Simon Robert] Mark Heathcote [born 1 March, 1941], son of Brig.-Gen Sir Gilbert Simon Heathcote, 9th Baronet [1913-2014], by his wife the former Patricia Margaret Leslie [c1917-2012].

Her husband succeeded as 10th baronet, 15 April, 2014.

Lady Heathcote leaves two sons, Alastair [born 18 Aug, 1977] the Olympic rowing silver medallist, and Nicholas [born 21 July, 1979].


Sir Andrew George Ilay de la Rue, 4th Baronet 1946-2020

_. Sir Andrew George Ilay de la Rue, 4th Baronet, died 5 April, 2020. he was 74.

He was born 3 February, 1946, son of Sir Eric Vincent de la Rue, 3rd Baronet [1906-89], by his first wife the former Cecilia Lenella Waring [died 17 Mar, 1963], daughter of Maj Walter Waring, and a granddaughter of the 10th Marquis of Tweeddale; succeeded to the baronetcy [created in 1898], on his father's death, 5 Dec, 1989.

He married 1984, Tessa Ann Dobson, daughter of David Dobson, of Stragglethorpe Grange, Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire, by whom he had issue, two sons, Edward and Harry. The elder son, Edward Walter Henry de la Rue, born 25 November, 1986, succeeds to the baronetcy.


Louise Cecelia Mary Petrie-Hay [nee Dormer] 1922-2020

_. Louise Cecelia Mary Petrie-Hay [nee Dormer], who died 5 April, 2020, aged 98, was a scion of the Barons Dormer.

She was born Louise Cecelia Mary Dormer, 1 January, 1922, daughter of John Hubert Aloysius Dormer [1874-1946], by his wife the former Virginia Sinclair Tankerville-Chamberlaine Bey [died 24 June, 1956]; married firstly, 13 Nov, 1940 [div 1954], Capt Peter Bailward [died 19 Jan, 1964]; married secondly, 1954, William Golding Petrie-Hay. She leaves 2 children, David and Sarah {Sally], from her first marriage, and a son, Rufus, from her second marriage.

She was a great-granddaughter of the 11th Baron Dormer [1790-1871].


Sunday, April 05, 2020

The 7th Marquess of Bath 1932-2020

_. The 7th Marquess of Bath, the eccentric peer known as the 'Loins of Longleat', died 4 April, 2020, after testing positive for Covid-19. He was 87.

Aleander George Thynn [who later adopted the spelling Thynn]was born 6 May, 1932, the eldest son of the 6th Marquess of Bath [1905-1992], founder of the famed Longleat Safari Park, by his first wife the former Hon Daphne Winifred Louise Vivian [1904-97], daughter of the 4th Baron Vivian [1878-1940].

He succeeded his father, 30 June, 1992, as 7th Marquess of Bath, Viscount Weymouth, Baron Thynne, and a baronet, and inherited the magnificent Longleat House, Wiltshire, where his erotic murals were something of a sensation.

Lord Bath married 9 May, 1969, Anna Gael Gyarmathy [the actress Anna Gael], daughter of Laszlo Gyarmathy, of Los Angeles, California, by whom he had issue, a son, Ceawlyn, and a daughter, Lady Lenka Abigail Thynn [born 1969]. The son, Ceawlin Henry Laszlo Thynn, styled Viscount Weymouth [born 6 June, 1974], now succeeds to the family honours. Lord Weymouth married 8 June, 2013, Emma Clare A. McQuiston, the model and star of TV's Strictly Come Dancing, who becomes Britain's first black marchioness.

The new heir apparent to the peerages is the 8th Marquess's elder son, John Alexander Ladi Thynn, born 26 Oct, 2014, who now uses the courtesy title Viscount Weymouth.


David Churchill Thomas, CMG 1933-2020

_. David Churchill Thomas, CMG, born 21 Oct, 1933, died 4 Apr, 2020. He was s of David Bernard Thomas (c1903-) and Violet Churchill Quicke (1901-). He married in 1958, The Baroness THOMAS OF WALLISWOOD OBE (b 1935), a life peer, and had a son and two daughters.


Elisabeth Lady Gordon Cumming [1929-2020]

_. Elisabeth Lady Gordon Cumming, died 4 April, 2020. She was 91.

She was born 14 March, 1929, the former Elisabeth Hinde, eldest daughter of Maj-Gen Sir William Robert Norris Hinde, KBE, CB, DSO, by his wife the former Evelyn Muriel Wright [1901-80], scion of that landed family, of Yeldersley.

Lady Gordon Cumming was a first cousin of Susan Mary Wright [later Ferguson and later Barrantes], mother of Sarah Duchess of York.

Her younger sister, Cathryn [born 1 Sept, 1931], was wife of the 6th Earl Cawdor [1932-93]

She married 15 July, 1953 [divorced 1972], as his first wife, Sir William Gordon Cumming, 6th Baronet [1928-2002], of Altyre.

She leaves issue, including Sir Alexander Gordon Cumming, 7th Baronet [born 15 Apr, 1954]


Saturday, April 04, 2020

Milo Hal Flint Salvesen [born 2020]

_. [Mary] Abigail Salvesen [born 1984, nee Elphinstone] wife of Edmund [Edo] Theodore Salvesen [born 1984], and scion of the Elphinstone baronets, gave birth to a son, Milo Hal Flint, 3 April, 2020.

Edo Salvesen, is scion of a landed gentry family, son of Andrew Cameron Salvesen [born 1947], by his wife the former Angelica Magdalene Gwenfra Anne Elles.

Abigail is a daughter of Charles Elphinstone [born 1958], by his first wife the former Lucy Reynolds.


The Baron Armstrong of Ilminster, GCB, CVO 1927-2020

_. The Lord Armstrong of Ilminster, GCB, CVO, life Baron, former head of the civil service, confidant to three prime ministers, died 3 April, 2020. He was 93.

Robert Temple Armstrong was born 30 March, 1927, son of Sir Thomas Henry Wait Armstrong [1898-1994], sometime principal of the Royal Academy of Music, by his wife the former Hester Muriel Draper.

He was with the Treasury between 1950 and 1964. He held the office of Assistant Secretary of the Cabinet Office between 1964 and 1966. He held the office of Assistant Secretary to the Treasury between 1967 and 1968. He was Joint Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1968. He held the office of Under-Secretary of State, H.M. Treasury between 1968 and 1970. He held the office of Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister between 1970 and 1975. He was appointed Companion, Order of the Bath (C.B.) in 1974. He was appointed Commander, Royal Victorian Order (C.V.O.) in 1975. He held the office of Deputy Under-Secretary of State, Home Office between 1975 and 1977. He held the office of Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office between 1977 and 1979. He was appointed Knight Commander, Order of the Bath (K.C.B.) in 1978. He held the office of Secretary to the Cabinet between 1979 and 1987. He was appointed Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath (G.C.B.) in 1983. He was a director of NM Rothschild & Sons in 1988. He was a director of Shell Transport and Trading in 1988. He was a director of BAT Industries between 1988 and 1997. He was created Baron Armstrong of Ilminster, of Ashill in the County of Somerset [U.K. Life Peer] on 26 February 1988. He was a director of the Bank of Ireland in 1991. He was a director of Carlton TV between 1991 and 1995. He held the office of Chancellor of Hull University in 1994.

Lord Armstrong married firstly, 25 July, 1953 [divorced 1985], Serena Mary Benedicta Chance [1928-94], daughter of Sir Roger James Ferguson Chance, 3rd Baronet [1893-1987], by his wife the former Mary Georgina Rowney [died 1984]; married secondly, 1985, Mary Patricia Carlow, daughter of Charles Cyril Carlow.

He is survived by Lady Armstrong of Ilminster and by two daughters, Jane and Teresa, from his first marriage.


Lady Lethbridge [died 2020]

_. Lady Lethbridge, who died at Newmarket, 3 April, 2020, was the wife of Sir Thomas Lethbridge, 7th Baronet.

She was the former Ann-Marie Mott, daughter of Thomas Mott, of Ely, Cambridge, and married firstly, 1974, Rowley Arthur Fenwick; married secondly, 2007, as his second wife, Sir Thomas Periam Hector Noel Lethbridge, 7th Baronet [born 17 July, 1950]. She leaves a son, Charlie, from her first marriage.


Charles Victor Swinton Campbell [born 2020]

_. Jessica Clare Campbell [born 1989, nee Cator], wife of the Hon Thomas Colin David [Tom] Campbell [born 9 Feb, 1984], scion of the Barons Colgrain, gave birth to a son, Charles Victor Swinton, 26 March, 2020.

The Hon Thomas Campbell is the eldest son and heir of the 4th Baron Colgrain [born 16 Sept, 1951], by his wife the former Annabel Rose Warrender [born 17 Jan, 1956], scion of the Barons Bruntisfield.

Jessica Campbell is a daughter of the late Charles Francis Cator [1959-2015], scion of that landed gentry family, by his wife the former Jane P Culverwell.


Thursday, April 02, 2020

Peter Humphrey Day 1938-2020

_. Peter Humphrey Day, died 1 April, 2020, aged 81. He was a son of Humphrey Arthur Day [1904-1991], of Gosfield Hall, Halstead, Essex, by his wife the former Margaret Helen Grace Grier [1907-73]; married 22 June,  1968, [Gillian] Prudence Cosby [born 1942], scion of that Irish landed gentry family, daughter of Ivan Robert Sydney Cosby [1910-1987], by his wife the former Valerie de Haviland Carey [1918-2006], by whom he had a son, Thomas, and a daughter, Sarah.


The Countess of Lauderdale [died 2020]

_. The Countess of Lauderdale, who died 1 April, 2020, was the wife of the 18th Earl of Lauderdale [born 4 Nov, 1937], Chief of the Name and Arms of Maitland, and Hereditary Bearer of the National Flag of Scotland.

She was the former Ann Paule Clarke, daughter of Geoffrey Clarke, of Dolphin Square, London, and married 27 April, 1963, the then Ian Maitland, son of the Hon Patrick Francis Maitland [1911-2008], by his wife the former Stanka Lozanitch [died 2003]. Her father-in-law succeeded to the Earldom of Laurderdale on the death of his elder brother, 27 Nov, 1968, and from then she and her husband were styled Viscount and Viscountess Maitland.

Her husband succeeded as 18th Earl, Viscount Lauderdale, Viscount Maitland, Lord Maitland, Lord Thirlstane and Boltoun, a baronet, and Chief of the Name and Arms of Maitland, 2 Dec, 2008.

The Countess is survived by her 82 year-old husband and by a son, John Douglas Maitland, Master of Lauderdale and Viscount Maitland [born 29 May, 1965], and by a daughter, Lady Sarah Caroline Maitland-Parks [born 26 March, 1964].

The Countess is to be interred at the Lauderdale Aisle, Haddington.


Langlands/Yarrow engagement

_. The engagement was announced 2 April, 2020, between George William Langlands [born 1987], son of the late Major [Christopher] Jeremy George Langlands, late the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards, of Hartgrove, Dorset, by his wife the former Hon Selina Mary Manners [born 4 October, 1952], scion of the Barons Manners, & Annabel Rose Yarrow [born 1990], younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Michael Yarrow, of Cranborne, Dorset.

George Langlands is a grandson maternally of the late 5th Baron Manners [1923-2008]. The fifth Baron was a great-grandson of the British Prime Minister the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury [1830-1903], and descended in the direct male line from John Manners, 3rd Duke of Rutland [1696-1779].


Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Robin Murray-Philipson, OBE, DL 1927-2020

_. Robin Murray-Philipson, OBE, DL, who died 20 March, 2020, aged 92, was a descendant of the Viscounts Elibank.

He was born 5 June, 1927, son of Hylton Ralph Murray-Philipson [died 1933], of Stobo Castle, by his wife the former Grace Eleanor Monica Beasley-Robinson, and grandson of Hylton Philipson [1866-1935], of Stobo Castle, who married 18 Feb, 1896, the Hon Nina Charlotte Murray [1875-1966], daughter of the 10th Lord [later 1st Viscount] Elibank [1840-1927].

He married Catherine Cornelia Tilney, and leaves issue, Cornelia, Hylton, Suzie and Kate. His daughter Cornelia married 28 Jan, 1977, as his first wife Simon Clervaux Dickinson [b 26 Oct, 1948], a grandson maternally of Sir Edmund Hugh Chaytor, 6th Baronet [1876-1935].

His son, Hylton, was taken to hospital suffering from coronavirus on the day after his father's death, and watched his father's funeral from his hospital bed.

Hylton Murray-Philipson left hospital after 12 days in intensive care.


Gabrielle Marie Benson [nee Plowden] 1923-2020

_. Gabrielle Marie [nee Plowden], who died 30 March, 2020, aged 96, was a scion of the Plowden of Plowden landed gentry family. She was born 10 July, 1923, daughter of Roger Edmund Joseph Plowden [1879-1946], by his first wife the former Mary Florence Cholmondeley [1890-1930], scion of that landed family. She married 4 March, 1947, Major David Benson [1919-1997], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel John Ingham Benson, MC [1880-1956], by his wife the former Mary Beatrice Levett [died 1965], by whom she had issue, a son, and a daughter.


[Sallie] Cynthia Margaret Thompson [nee Ledsham] 1924-2020

_. [Sallie] Cynthia Margaret Thompson, died 31 March, 2020. She was 95.

She was born in 1924, a daughter of Alfred Pyne Ledsham [1887-1957], by his wife the former Sallie Elizabeth Fleck Saint [1890-1924]; she married 1947, John William McWean Thompson, CBE [1920-2013], journalist, sometime editor of the Sunday Telegraph, by whom she had a son, Matthew, and a daughter, Sarah. The son, Matthew John Thompson [born 1954], later Darroch-Thompson, married 18 Nov, 1978, Claire Nicola Darroch, 9th of Gourock [born 23 Dec, 1956].


The Baron Gordon of Strathblane, CBE 1936-2020

_. Lord Gordon of Strathblane, CBE, life peer, died from coronavirus at Glasgow, 31 March, 2020. He was 83, and a Labour member of the House of Lords.

James Stuart Gordon was born 17 May, 1936, son of James Gordon by his wife the former Elsie Riach.

He had a long career in broadcasting and worked as a political editor for Scottish Television, 1965-73, and was founder and managing director of Radio Clyde, 1973-96. He continued as chairman of Scottish Radio Holdings until 2005.

At the 1964 he contested East Renfrew for the Labour party. Gordon was appointed CBE in June, 1984; created a life peer in October, 1997, as Baron Gordon of Strathblane, of Deil's Craig in Stirling.

In 1971 he married Margaret Anne Stevenson, who survives him together with two sons and a daughter.


Benyon/Procter engagement

_. The engagement was announced 1 April, 2020, between Harry C.W. Benyon, eldest son of Richard Henry Ronald Benyon [born 1960], of Englefield, Berkshire, by his former wife the former Emma Helen Villiers [born 16 Oct, 1963], scion of the Earls of Clarendon, and Sarah C. Procter, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Philip Procter, of Skelton, York.

Harry Benyon is a grandson paternally of the late Sir William Benyon [1930-2014], a descendant of the Marquesses of Salisbury. His mother, Emma, is now the Baroness Grimthorpe, of Newmarket, Suffolk, second wife of the 5th Baron Grimthorpe [born 10 Nov, 1954]. Lady Grimthorpe is a descendant of the 1st Earl of Clarendon.


Commander William John Soames, RN 1926-2020

_. Commander William John Soames, RN, died 31 March, 2020. He was 93.

He was born in 1926, son of Lieut-Col Allen Aldwin Soames [1888-1955], by his wife the former Marjorie Combe [1894-1980], and was a great-grandson of the 3rd Marquess Conyngham [1825-82], by his wife the former Lady Jane St Maur Blanche Stanhope [1833-1907].

In 1948 he married Anne Carlyon Coates, daughter of Maj Sidney B. Coates, MC, of Pebmarsh, Essex, by whom he had a son, Michael [1950-2013], and a daughter, Patricia [Tisha]


Mary Violet Fairbank [nee Chetwynd Stapylton] 1926-2020

_. Mary Violet Fairbank, who died 27 March, 2020, aged 93, was a scion of the Viscounts Chetwynd.

She was born Mary Violet Chetwynd-Stapylton, 18 September, 1926, daughter of William Eric Chetwynd-Stapylton [1895-1978], by his wife the former Vivienne Spurling [died 18 Oct, 1961]; married 24 Sept, 1954, Richard Nevill Vaughan Fairbank [1919-2007], son of Lt-Col Henry Nevill Fairbank [1883-1957], by his wife the former Joyce Mary Thomas, by whom she had issue, two sons, David and Anthony and a daughter, Victoria.

Mrs Fairbank was a descendant of the 4th Viscount Chetwynd.