Thursday, May 31, 2018

Juno Albertine Bagot (born 2018)

_. Naomi Gillian M. Bagot (nee Kelly, born 1987), wife of Richard Alexander Bagot (b 1981), scion of the Bagot barons, and the Gaskell landed family, gave birth to a daughter, Juno Albertine, 30 May, 2018, at the family seat, Levens Hall, Cumbria, a sister for Oliver Baxter Bagot, who was born 17 Feb, 2016.

Richard Bagot is a son of Charles Henry (Hal) Bagot (born 1946), of Levens Hall, by his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Ross, and is a grandson of Oliver Robin Bagot, [1914-2000], of Levens Hall, who had been born surnamed Gaskell, of a landed family, in 1914, son of Henry Melville Gaskell, JP, and his wife, Dorothy Bagot, scion of the Barons Bagot. He assumed, by Royal Licence, the surname of Bagot in lieu of his patronymic, in 1936. 

Naomi Bagot is a daughter of Martin O.M. Kelly, of Winchfield, Hampshire, by his wife the former Gillian J. Francis. 



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

William Harley Tozier 1936-2018

_. William Harley Tozier, who was born at Buffalo, New York, 4 Nov, 1936, died at Snyder, New York, 29 May, 2018. His daughter, Carolyn, married in 1988, Sir William Molesworth-St Aubyn, 16th Baronet (born 1958).


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Max Eben Leckie Pike 1943-2018

_. Max Eben Leckie Pike, who died 28 May, 2018, aged 74, was the scion of a landed gentry family, the son of Lt-Col Godfrey Pike, DSO, MBE, by his wife the former Caroline Fox Hanbury, scion of that landed family, married 1976, Jean Mary Fitzalan Howard (born 1947), scion of the Dukes of Norfolk, daughter of Maj-Gen Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard GCVO, CB, CBE, MC (1916-2007), brother of the 17th Duke, by his first wife Jean Marion Hamilton-Dalrymple (1923-47).

Funeral at the Church of St Peter & St Paul, Northleach, Monday 11 June, 2018.


Viola Florence Ghislaine Mostyn (born 2018)

_. Lucy Concetta Mostyn (nee Rands, born 1987), wife of Henry Francis Joseph Ghislain Mostyn (born 1987), scion of the Mostyn baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Viola Florence Ghislaine, 28 May, 2018, a sister for Inigo Harvey Ghislain, who was born in 2016.

Henry is a son of the Hon Sir Nicholas (Mr Justice) Mostyn (born 1957), of the baronets of that name, by his wife the former Lucy Joanna Willis.

Lucy is a daughter of (David) Harvey Rands (b 1951), by his wife the former (Florence) Anne Gretton-Watson.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Sir Gordon Leith-Buchanan, 8th Baronet (died 2018)

_. Sir Gordon Leith-Buchanan, 8th Baronet, was killed in a motor accident, 26 May, 2018, at Haymarket, Prince William County, United States. He was 43.

Gordon Kelly McNicol Leith-Buchanan was born 18 October, 1974, the only son of Sir Charles Leith Buchanan, 7th Baronet (1939-98), of Clifton, Virginia, by his wife the former Marianne Kelly (from whom he was divorced in 1987).

He succeeded to the baronetcy (created in 1775) upon his father's death, 8 February, 1998.

Sir Gordon married 4 Aug, 2007, at Farifax, Virginia, Courtney Ann Hubbard, by whom he had a daughter, Olivia Mary, born in December, 2007, and a son, Scott Kelly Leith-Buchanan, who was born in Fairfax, Virginia, 30 September, 2010. The son now succeeds as 9th baronet.

On 26 May, 2018, Sir Gordon lost control of the Kawasaki motor cycle he was driving on Stormy Drive, Haymarket, in Prince William County. The baronet was not wearing a crash helmet. He was taken to hospital where he died shortly after.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Baron Howie of Troon 1924-2018

_. The Baron Howie of Troon, a Labour life peer, died 26 May, 2018.

As William Howie he was Labour MP for Luton, 1963-70, and was created Baron Howie of Troon in 1978.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Arnold John Palmer (born 2018)

_. Alice Charlotte Palmer (born 1988, nee Brinkley), wife of Nicholas John Palmer (born 1987), gave birth to a son, Arnold John, 25 May, 2018, a brother for Margarita Posy, who was born in 2016.

Nicholas Palmer is a son of John Reginald David Palmer (born 1957), by his wife the former Lady Laura Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (born 1956), daughter of the 6th Earl of Minto, OBE (1928-2005), by his first wife the former Lady Caroline Child-Villiers, daughter of the 9th Earl of Jersey, &c.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Mark Oliver Layton 1944-2018

_. Mark Oliver Layton, who died 24 May, 2018, aged 73, was a scion of the Barons Layton.

He was born 22 June, 1944, second son of the Hon David Layton, MBE (1914-2009), by his wife the former Elizabeth Gray; and was a grandson of the 1st Baron Layton, CH, CBE (1884-1966); he married Penelope (Penny) Hamilton, and was father of two sons, Tim & Peter.

The funeral took place 4 June, 2018.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sir Rupert Bromley, 10th Baronet 1936-2018

_. Sir Rupert Bromley, 10th Baronet died at his home in Cape Town, 23 May, 2018. Succeeded by his eldest son, Charles Howard Bromley, who was born in 1963.

The funeral took place at St John's Church, Wynberg, Friday 1 June, 2018.


Brig Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, GCVO, CBE 1938-2018

_. Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, GCVO, CBE, who died 23 May, 2018, was Private Secretary to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, 1993-2010, and Treasurer, 2000-2010.

He was a son of Lt-Col Eric Hunt-Davis, of Johannesburg, South Africa,by his wife the former Mary Eleanor Turnbull Boyce; married 1965, Anita Gay Ridsdale, daughter of Francis Ridsdale, by whom he had issue.

The funeral takes place at The Minster Church of St Denys, Warminster, Monday 2 July, 2018.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5th Baron Cottesloe 1927-2018

_. The 5th Baron Cottesloe died 21 May, 2018. He was 91.

Lord Cottesloe was born the Hon John Fremantle, 27 January, 1927, son of the 4th Baron Cottesloe, GBE (1900-94), by his first wife the former Lady Elizabeth Harris (1906-83), scion of the Earls of Malmesbury; succeeded to the peerage, created in 1874, upon his father's demise, 22 April, 1994; married 26 Apr, 1958, Elizabeth Ann Barker (d 2013), daughter of Lt-Col Henry Shelley Barker, DSO, by whom he had a son, and two daughters. The elder daughter, Betsy, is the wife of the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith, MP. The son, the Hon Thomas Francis Henry Fremantle, born 17 Mar, 1966, succeeds as 6th Baron Cottesloe.

The funeral is at St Swithun's Church, Swanbourne, 12 June, 2018.


Charles Douglas Massie-Blomfield

_. Catrina Massie-Blomfield (nee Stewart, born 1978) wife of Adrian Massie-Blomfield, gave birth to a son, Charles Douglas, 21 May, 2018, a brother for Rose & Anna.

Adrian is a son of Mr & Mrs Richard Massie-Blomfield, of Cavina, Nairobi, and Catrina is the daughter of Alexander Donald Stewart 15th of Ardvorlich (b 1933), of that landed family, of Perthshire, by his wife the former Virginia Mary Washington, daughter of Capt Peter Washington, of Wokingham, Berkshire.




Saturday, May 19, 2018

HRH Prince Harry/Meghan Markle marriage

_. The marriage took place 19 May, 2018, at St George's Chapel, Windsor, between HRH Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, KCVO (born 15 September, 1984), second son of HRH The Prince of Wales (b 14 Nov, 1948), by his first wife the former Lady Diana Frances Spencer (b 1 July, 1961, d 31 Aug, 1997), and Ms Rachel Meghan Markle (born 4 August, 1981), daughter of Thomas Wayne Markle (b 18 July, 1944), by his former second wife, Doria Loyce Ragland (born 15 September, 1956).

On the morning of his wedding it was announced that the Queen had conferred the Dukedom of Sussex, Earldom of Dumbarton and Barony of Kilkeel upon her grandson.

Under the terms of the Letters Patent of 1917 the children of this marriage will be known as Lord or Lady (Christian name) Mountbatten-Windsor. A first son will be known by his father's second peerage, Earl of Dumbarton.

In 1960 the Queen announced that any male line descendants not bearing royal styles and titles would bear the surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

On the succession to the throne of the Prince of Wales then all his male line grandchildren will all be HRH Prince/Princess, and Harry and Meghan's children will advance to this royal style and title.

However, the Queen may declare that the future children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be Princes and Princesses with the prefix HRH. Her Majesty made a similar announcement in 2012 before the birth of Prince George, because only the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales is entitled to the royal style and title under the terms of the 1917 letters patent. Without the Queen's intervention Princess Charlotte would have been Lady Charlotte Mountbatten-Windsor, and Prince Louis would be known as Lord Louis Mountbatten-Windsor.


Friday, May 18, 2018

Twin sons for Digby heir

_. Jessica Frances Digby (nee Murray Smith, born 1985), wife of the Hon Edward St Vincent Kenelm Digby (born 1985), scion of the Barons Digby, gave birth to twin sons, Henry George Kenelm and Milo Arthur Edward, 17 May, 2018.

The new father is the eldest son and heir of the 13th Baron Digby (b 1954), by his first wife the former Susan Watts.

Jessica Digby is the younger daughter of David Murray Smith, of Chiswick, London, and Mrs Joanne Murray Smith (nee Sargent),of Aldbourne, Wilts.


Ropner/Oates engagement

__. The engagement was announced 18 May, 2018, between Maxim H.S. Ropner (born 1990), scion of the Ropner Baronets (cr 1904) of Preston Hall, second son of Robert James Bruce Ropner (born 1962), of Kirklington, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Johanna Louise Stroyan, & Catherine M. Oates, daughter of Mr & Mrs Michael Oates, of Great Saxham, Suffolk.


Obituary: Lord Vivian

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Jenkins/Baker Baker engagement

_. The engagement has been announced between Edward J.R. Jenkins, son of Lt-Col Nicholas Jenkins, of Shrewsbury, and Mrs Beatrice Jenkins, of Nanyuki, Kenya, and Harriett E. Baker Baker, scion of that landed family, of Sedbury Hall, North Yorkshire, only daughter of William George Baker Baker (b 5 Jan, 1955), of Richmond, North Yorkshire, and Mrs Sarah Baker Baker, of Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

The bride-to-be is descended from Sir George Baker, Recorder of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, one of the loyal defenders of that town for King Charles I in the English Civil War.


Lady Carey Elizabeth Basset 1934-2018

_. The Lady Carey Basset, who died 14 May, 2018, aged 84, was a scion of the Earls of Leicester, of Holkham Hall, Norfolk.

She was born Lady Carey Elizabeth Coke, 5 May, 1934, second of the three daughters of the 5th Earl of Leicester, MVO (1908-76), by his wife the former Lady Elizabeth Mary Yorke, DCVO (d 1985), scion of the Earls of Hardwicke.

Her father was Equerry to the Duke of York (later George VI) 1934-37, and Extra Equerry to King George VI 1937-52, and to HM The Queen, 1952-76; her mother was a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen from 1953.

Her elder sister, Lady Anne Coke, Lady in Waiting to Princess Margaret, was the wife of the 3rd Baron Glenconner. Lady Anne was one of the Queen's trainbearers at the Coronation, 1953.

Lady Carey married 30 April, 1960, Bryan Ronald Basset, CBE (dec.,) scion of that landed family of Tehidy Park, the only surviving son of Ronald Lambert Basset (1898-1972), by his wife the former Lady Elizabeth Legge, DCVO (1908-2000), scion of the Earls of Dartmouth, by whom she had issue, three sons. She was precdeceased by her husband and one of her sons.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Teresa Sylvia Maria Jolliffe [born 2018]

 _. Dr the Hon Mrs William Jollife [nee Pia Maria Vogler, born 24 January, 1980], wife of the Hon William Henry Martin Jolliffe [born 1 Apr, 1967], gave birth to a daughter, Teresa Sylvia Maria, 12 May, 2018, a sister for Joseph William Charles, who was born 5 Aug, 2016.

The Hon William Jolliffe is the eldest son and heir of the 5th Baron Hylton [Peerage of the UK, cr 1866] [b 13 Jun 1932],  by his wife the former Joanna Elizabeth Bertodano [descended from the Earls of Mexborough].


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bristol/Dunn marriage

_.The marriage took place 12 May, 2018, at the Brompton Oratory, London, between Frederick William Augustus Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol (born 19 Oct, 1979), a younger son of the late 6th Marquess of Bristol (1915-85), by his third wife the former Yvonne Marie Sutton, and Miss Meredith Dunn.

The Marquess of Bristol is a younger half brother of the late 7th Marquess, and inherited the family honours, 10 January, 1999.  He is also Earl of Bristol, Earl Jermyn, and Baron Hervey.


Olivia Clare Tufnell (nee Fellowes) 1978-2018

_. Olivia Clare Tufnell, who died at her home 11 May, 2018, aged 40, was a scion of the Fellowes landed gentry family of Shottesham Park, born in 1978, a daughter of David William Lyon Fellowes (b 1949), by his wife the former Venetia Anne Moorhead (b 1953); married 2003, Simon Charles Tufnell (born 1977), scion of the Tufnell landed family, son of Michael Wynne Tufnell (b 1942), by his wife the former Hon Georgina Mary Cavendish (b 1944), daughter of the 5th Baron Chesham.

Mrs Tufnell is survived by her husband, and leaves a son (Frederick) Charles and a daughter Charlotte (Lottie) Margot.

A service of Thanksgiving will take place at Winchester Cathedral, 4 July, 2018.


Brooksbank/Rodgers engagement

_. The engagement was announced 12 May, 2018, between Thomas George Brooksbank (born 1988), scion of the Brooksbank baronets, son of George Edward Hugh Brooksbank (born 1949), of Battersea, London, by his wife the former Nicola Newton, and Amy Louise E. Rodgers (born 1988), daughter of Timothy A.E. Rodgers, of Taunton, Somerset, by his wife the former Susan Shave.

Thomas Brooksbank is the younger brother of Mr Jack Brooksbank, fiancé of HRH Princess Eugenie of York.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Erne/Patterson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 11 May, 2018, between John Henry Michael Ninian Crichton, 7th Earl of Erne (born 19 June, 1971), of Crom Castle, County Fermanagh, only son of the late 6th Earl of Erne, KCVO (1937-2015), by his first wife the former Camilla Marguerite Roberts (now Mrs Anthony Gray), & Harriet E. Patterson, daughter of Mr & Mrs Alan Patterson, of Berwickshire.

The Earl of Erne, who is also Viscount and Baron Erne and Baron Fermanagh, succeeded his father, 23 Dec, 2015.


Denys Archibald Rowan Hamilton, MVO, DL 1921-2018

_. Denys Archibald Rowan Hamilton, MVO, DL, late the Black Watch, who died 10 May, 2018, aged 97, was a scion of the Rowan Hamilton Irish landed family, of Killyleagh Castle. He was a kinsman of Her Majesty The Queen.

Denys Rowan Hamilton was High Sheriff of County Down in 1975; served as ADC to the Governor of Southern Rhodesia and was appointed the MVO in 1947.

He was born 26 April, 1921 a son of Brigadier-General Gawain Rowan Hamilton (1884-1947), by his wife the former Phyllis Frances Agnes Blackburn, who was a granddaughter maternally of the 13th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne.

He married 16 Nov, 1961, Mrs Wanda Annette Maxwell, daughter of Lt-Col Rupert Warburton, by whom he had issue, a son and two daughters.

A Service of Celebration takes place at St John The Evangelist, Killyleagh, County Down, 2 July, 2018.


Saturday, May 05, 2018

Susan Mary Maxwell Scott 1931-2018

_. Susan Mary Maxwell Scott, who died 4 May, 2018, aged 86, was a scion of the Lords Herries of Terregles.

She was born in 1931, a daughter of the late Herbert Francis Joseph Maxwell Scott (1891-1962), by his wife the former Eileen Josephine Smail (d 1974), unmarried.

The funeral takes place at St Andrew's Catholic Church, Tenterden, Kent, Wednesday 23 May, 2018.


Julia Mary (Judy) Countess of Strafford 1932-2018

_. Julia Mary (Judy) Countess of Strafford, who died at her home near Winchester, 4 May, 2018, aged 86, was the second wife, and widow, of the 8th Earl of Strafford (1936-2016).

She was the former Judy Pilcher, a daughter of Sir Dennis Pilcher, CBE (1906-94), by his wife the former Mary Aumonier (1907-91), and married firstly, 1956, Derek Nicholas Howard (1927-2003), married secondly, 1981, the then Thomas Edmund Byng, styled Viscount Enfield, who succeeded as Earl of Strafford, 4 March, 1984.

Lady Strafford leaves issue from her first marriage, Emma, Polly and Daniel.

A celebration of the Countess of Strafford's life takes place at St Mary's Church, Easton, near Winchester, Friday 18 May, 2018.


Patricia Countess of Harewood 1926-2018

_. Patricia Countess of Harewood, who died 4 May, 2018, aged 91, was the second wife, and widow, of the 7th Earl of Harewood, KBE (1923-2011), a cousin of the Queen.

She was born 24 November, 1926, as Patricia Elizabeth Tuckwell, a daughter of Charles Tuckwell, of Sydney, Australia, by his wife the former Elizabeth Jane Norton, and her first marriage was to Athol Shmith.

It was as Patricia Tuckwell, a violinist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, that she met the Earl of Harewood in 1959. Lord Harewood, the eldest grandson of King George V and Queen Mary had married Marion Stein, the pianist, in 1949, by whom he had three sons. The couple soon fell in love and the Countess of Harewood initially refused to grant her husband a divorce though she relented in 1967, three years after Patricia had given birth to his son.

The affair had constitutional repercussions. It caused a major scandal and constitutional difficulties involving the Queen herself. As supreme governor of the Church of England, the sovereign was officially unable to countenance remarriage after divorce - her permission for her cousin to marry was necessary under the terms of the Royal Marriages Act 1772. But Prime Minister Harold Wilson saved the Queen embarrassment by putting the question to the Cabinet. The Cabinet agreed and with the Queen's consent it was announced that she had acted, as a constitutional monarch had to, on the advice of her Government.

The scandal forced the Earl of Harewood to resign as Chancellor of York University, and it resulted in him being ostracised by the royal family for a long time afterwards.

Patricia and the Earl of Harewood married in the United States, on 31 July, 1967, but made their home at Harewood House near Leeds. The stately home became the Countess of Harewood's beloved home for the next fifty years.

Lady Harewood was widowed, 11 July, 2011, when the peerage passed to the earl's son from his first marriage, David Lascelles, now 8th Earl.

The countess leaves two sons, Michael Shmith, from her first marriage, and the Hon Mark Lascelles, from her marriage to Lord Harewood.

The funeral takes place at All Saints Church, in the grounds of Harewood House, near Leeds, 18 May, 2018


Friday, May 04, 2018

Lord John Kerr 1927-2018

_. The Lord John Kerr, who died 3 May, 2018, at the age of 90, was a scion of the Marquesses of Lothian.

John Andrew Christopher Kerr was born 4 July, 1927, the second son of Capt Andrew William Kerr, RN (1877-1929), by his wife, and kinswoman, the former Marie Constance Annabel Kerr. He was raised to the rank of the younger son of Marquess in 1941, when his elder brother, Peter Kerr, succeeded as 12th Marquis on the demise of a cousin.

He married 12 July, 1949, Isabel Marion Gurney (1924-2015), scion of that landed family, daughter of Sir Hugh Gurney, KCMG, MVO (1878-1968), by his wife the former Mariota Carnegie (1892-1980), scion of the Earls of Southesk, by whom he leaves issue.

Requiem Mass took place at the Church of St Hugh of Lincoln, Woodstock, co Oxford, Monday 14 May, 2018.


Lady Miranda Mary Emmet 1927-2018

_. The Lady Miranda Emmet, who died 3 May, 2018, aged 90, was a scion of the Dukes of Norfolk.

She was born the Hon Miranda Mary Fitzalan Howard, 1 June, 1927, third daughter of the 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop, MBE (1885-1972), a scion of the ancient House of Howard, by his wife Mona Josephine Tempest Stapleton, suo jure Baroness Beaumont. Her seven siblings all had names beginning with the letter "M". Miles, Michael, Martin, Mark, Mariegold, Miriam and Mirabel.

Her father, until his demise in 1972, was heir presumptive to his kinsman, Bernard, 16th Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England. It was her brother, Miles, who in 1975 succeeded the 16th Duke in the premier Dukedom of England, and subsequently Miranda and her siblings were elevated to the rank of children of a duke, &c.

She married 22 July, 1947, the Hon Christopher Anthony Robert Emmet, son of Mr Thomas Emmet, of Amberley Castle, by his wife the Baroness Emmet of Amberley, a life peeress, and one of the first women to sit in the House of Lords.

Lady Miranda leaves issue, Teresa, Catriona, Rowena and Robert.

The funeral takes place at the Cathedral of St Philip Howard, Arundel Castle, 4 June, 2018.


Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Harbord-Hamond/Luxmoore-Styles engagement

_. The engagement was announced 2 May, 2018 between the Hon George Edward Seymour Harbord-Hamond (b 1991), second son of the 13th Baron Suffield (b 1956), of Wandsworth, London, by his wife the former Katharine Margaret Lucy Seymour (b 1959), scion of the Marquesses of Hertford, & Lily Sarah Luxmoore-Styles (b 1990), daughter of Roger P. Luxmoore-Styles (b 1962), of Hintlesham, Suffolk, by his wife the former Mary Nainby-Luxmoore (b 1962).

Baron Temple-Morris 1938-2018

_. Lord Temple-Morris, life peer, died 1 May, 2018. He was 80.

As Peter Temple-Morris he was Conservative MP for Leominster 1974-2001, but then changed parties and sat in the House of Lords as a Labour peer.

He was born 12 Feb, 1938, son of Owen Temple-Morris, a Tory MP.

Lord Temple-Morris married in 1964, Taheré Khozeimé-Alam, an Iranian, by whom he had issue.


Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Memorial Service: Earl of Ancaster (1983)

Obituary Lord (Bernard) Miles

Obituary: Kitty Clements

Obituary: Jocelyn Hambro

Obituary: Terence de Vere White

Obituary: Lord Strauss

Duke of Beaufort marries Georgia Powell

_. The marriage took place 30 April, 2018, at the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Badminton, Gloucestershire, between Henry John Fitzroy Somerset, 12th Duke of Beaufort (born 22 May, 1952), of Badminton House, eldest son of the late 11th Duke of Beaufort (1928-2017), by his first wife the former Lady Caroline Jane Thynne (1928-95), scion of the Marquesses of Bath, & Miss Georgia Powell (born 18 Feb, 1969), scion of the Powell landed family, daughter Tristram Roger Dymoke Powell (b 1940), descended from the Earls of Longford, by his wife the former Virginia Beatrice Lucas, scion of the Lucas landed family, of Oakash.

The Duke of Beaufort married firstly, 13 June, 1987, in the presence of the Princess of Wales and Duchess of York, Tracy Louise Ward (b 22 Dec 1958), scion of the Earls of Dudley, daughter of the Hon Peter Ward by his wife the former Claire Leonora Baring, by which marriage he had two sons and a daughter.

The new Duchess of Beaufort is a granddaughter of Anthony Dymoke Powell, the great author, by his wife the former Lady Violet Georgiana Pakenham, third daughter of the 5th Earl of Longford (1864-1915), by his wife the former Lady Mary Julia Child Villiers, daughter of the 7th Earl of Jersey. She married firstly, in 1996, Tobias Coke, by whom she has a son and a daughter.


Lord O'Neill of The Maine