Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Eveline Adelita Liv Thursby-Pelham [b 2017]

_. Kristin Thursby-Pelham [nee Veighey], wife of Fergus William Vaughan Thursby-Pelham [b 1975], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Eveline Adelita Liv, 14 February, 2017.

Grandson for Princess Caroline of Monaco

_. Beatrice Casiraghi [nee Borromeo, b 18 Aug 1985], wife of Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi [b 5 September, 1987], scion of the Royal House of Monaco, and descended from the Dukes of Hamilton and Brandon, gave birth to a son, Stefano Ercole Carlo, 28 February, 2017, at Monaco, a grandchild for Princess Caroline of Monaco.

William, 11th Duke of Hamilton = Princess Marie Amelie of Baden
Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton = Albert I, Prince of Monaco
Louis II, Prince of Monaco = Marie Juliette Louvet
Charlotte Grimaldi, Duchess of Valentinois = Pierre Duc de Valentinois
Rainier III, Prince of Monaco = Grace Kelly
Caroline of Monaco = Stefano Casiraghi
Pierre Casiraghi = Beatrice Borromeo
Stefano Ercole Carlo Casiraghi
born 28 Feb, 2017


Andreyev/Tyrwhitt engagement

_. The engagement was announced 25 February, 2017, between Dr [Hubert] Jervoise Nikolay Andreyev [b 1959], son of Dr Nikolay Andreyev [1908-82], by his wife the former Pamela C.L. [Jill] Huddleston, of Cambridge, & Letitia Mary Hildyard Tyrwhitt [b 1988], scion of the Tyrwhitt baronets, daughter of Sir Reginald Thomas Newman Tyrwhitt, 3rd Baronet [b 1947], of Barton-Upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, by his wife the former Charlotte Hildyard [b 1958], scion of that landed family, and granddaughter maternally of the 2nd Baron Morris.

Dr Andreyev  is a grandson maternally of Major-Gen Sir Hubert Jervoise Huddleston, GCMG, GBE, CB, DSO, MC [1880-1950].


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Madeleine Aurelia Viktoria Carin of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (b 2017)

__. Princess Kelly of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha {nee Rondestvedt, b 1975], wife of Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha [b 16 Sept, 1975], gave birth to a daughter, Madeleine Aurelia Viktoria Carin, 22 February, 2017, a sister for Katharina (b 30 Apr 2014), and for Philipp (b 15 July, 2015).

Prince Hubertus is descended from HRH The Prince Leopold, 1st Duke of Albany, Queen Victoria's youngest son, and is remainder to that dukedom which was suspended during the First World War.


Jake William Waterlow [b 2017]

_. Elizbeth Waterlow [nee Roberts] wife of Rufus Dudley Robinson Waterlow [b 1976], scion of the baronets of that name, gave birth to a son, Jake William, 2 February, 2017, in Vancouver, a brother for Oscar Dudley Cooper Waterlow,  who was b 2013.

Rufus is the son of John William Waterlow [b 1945], by his wife the former Camilla Farmer.

Elizabeth Waterlow is a daughter of Graham Roberts.


Lord Waddington, GCVO, PC, QC 1929-2017

_. Lord Waddington, GCVO, PC, QC, who died 24 February, 2017, aged 87, was _as David Waddington _ Conservative MP for Nelson & Colne 1968-74, and for Clitheroe 1979-83, and for Ribble Valley 1983-90, was Government Chief Whip 1987-89, Home Secretary 1989-90, Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords 1990-92, & later Governor of Bermuda, &c.

cr, PC (1987), GCVO (1994), and Baron Waddington, of Read Co Lancs (1990).


Lord Dixon 1929-2017

-. Lord Dixon, who died 19 February, 2017, aged 87, was for 18 years the Labour MP for Jarrow. 

Donald Dixon was born  at Jarrow, 6 March, 1929. He was MP for Jarrow 1979-97, and created a life peer on leaving the Commons.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Talbot/Cullen engagement

_. The engagement was announced 23 Feb, 2017, between Charles Edward Cameron Talbot [b 1987] scion of the Earls of Shrewsbury, eldest son of Mr David Talbot (b 1960), of Blackwater, Hampshire, and Margaret Plummer, of Ash Green, Surrey, & Katherine Emma Cullen (b 1986), daughter of Mr Leslie Cullen, of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, by his wife the former Elaine Ponton.

Maldwin Andrew Cyril Drummond, OBE [1932-2017]

_. Maldwin Drummond, OBE, who died 18 February, 2017, aged 84, was a scion of the Earls of Perth (Earl, Peerage of Scotland, cr 1605).

Maldwin Andrew Cyril Drummond was born in 1932, a son of Maj. Cyril Augustus Drummond [1873-1945], by his second wife, Mildred Joan, daughter of Horace Humphrys. Educ at Eton; a JP and DL for Hampshire, and High Sheriff of Hampshire, 1980; cr OBE (civil in 1990.

He married firstly, 1955 [div 1977] Susan Dorothy Maria Gabrielle, daughter of Sir Kenelm Cayley, 10th Baronet; married secondly, 1978, Mrs Gillian [Gilly] Vera Laing, yr daughter of Charles Gavin Clark [descended from the Royden baronets], and former wife of Alexander Graham Aathol Turner Laing.

He leaves issue, two daughters, Frederica & Annabella from his first marriage, and a son, Alfred, from his second marriage.

The funeral takes place at Fawley Church, Hampshire, Thursday 16 March, 2017.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Philippa Mary Bradstock [d 2017]

_. Philippa Mary Bradstock [nee Wilson], who died 18 Feb, 2017, aged 86, was the wife of Capt David Fitzherbert Bradstock, MC, scion of the landed gentry family of Bradstock of Yokehurst.

She was the former Philippa Mary Wilson, daughter of Bernard Alexander Wilson, and married David Bradstock, Capt, 1st Royal Dragoons, 5 Oct, 1954. Her husband was a cousin of Sarah Duchess of York, via his Wright ancestry.

Mrs Bradstock was the mother of two sons, Mark and Charles, and a daughter, Arabella.

The funeral is at St Peter & St Paul, Kimpton, 6 March, 2017.


Pauline Guinness [c 1926-2017]

_. Pauline Guinness [nee Mander], who died 18 February, 2017, aged 90, was the widow of James Guinness, CBE, a scion of the Irish brewing dynasty, and mother of the Prince of Wales's former squeeze, Sabrina Guinness.

She was born Pauline Mander, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Howard Vivien Mander [1894-1950], by his first wife the former Monica Christian Hardy. Pauline was a cousin of Sir Alfred Hickman, 3rd Baronet, who married Margaret Kempson, the former 1st wife of Sir Denis Thatcher.

She married in 1953, James Edward Alexander Rundell Guinness, CBE [1924-2006], who died 26 March, 2006, aged 81. He was a son of Sir Arthur Guinness, KCMG.

Pauline Guinness leaves one son, Hugo [b 1959], and four daughters, Sabrina, Miranda, Anita and Julia.

The funeral takes place at St Michael's Church, Heckfield, Hampshire, 3 March, 2017.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Obituary- Anita Mostyn (1993)

Flora Alexandra Eloise Llewellyn [b 2017]

_. Natalie Llewellyn [nee Palys, born 1981]. wife of Harry Owen Llewellyn [b 1982], descended from the Barlow baronets [Bt, cr, UK 1902], gave birth to a daughter, Flora Alexandra Eloise, 25 January, 2017.

Harry Llewellyn is the elder son of Mr Martin Llewellyn, of East Pennard, Someset, by his wife Ms Maat Barlow, of Kensington [Maria-Theresa Barlow, b 1953], and Natalie is a daughter of Rrichard G. Palys by his wife the former Scarlett von Havan.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Jean Elizabeth Scrope [d 2017]

_.Jean Elizabeth Scrope [nee Kingston], who died 14 February, 2017, aged 88, was the widow of Lieut-Col. Geoffrey Thomas More Scrope, late the Green Howards, scion of that ancient landed dynasty.

The funeral is at St Gregory's Church, Crakehall, Bedale, North Yorkshire, 28 February, 2017.


Richard Malcolm Bromey-Davenport [1947-2017]

_. Richard Malcolm Bromley-Davenport, who died 11 February, 2017, aged 69, was a scion of that landed gentry family.

He was born 15 Apr, 1947, son of Richard Anthony Bromley Davenport [b 1910, d] by his wife the former Margaret McNaughten Rorty. Educ at Eton.

Funeral at Poole Crematorium, 6 March, 2017.


Atticus Bamford (born 2017)

_.Leonora G. Bamford (née Pearl), wife of the Hon George H. Bamford, gave birth to a son, Atticus, 9 February, 2017, a brother for Caspian George Anthony, who was b 13 January, 2010.
The Hon George Bamford is the younger son of Anthony Paul Bamford, Baron Bamford [Life peer] (b 23 Oct 1945), Chairman and Managing Director, J.C. Bamford Group since 1975, of Daylesford, Moreron-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire, by his wife, the former Carole Gray Whitt, & Leonora is a daughter of Mr and Mrs David Pearl, of Ballyneale House, Ballingarry, County Limerick.

Sir Giles Hampden Montagu-Pollock, 5th Baronet [1928-2017]

-. Sir Giles Montagu-Pollock, 5th Baronet, died 4 February, 2017. He was 88.

Giles Hampden Montagu-Pollock was born 19 Oct, 1928 "after an idyllic childhood in Norway his family were taken to Germany as diplomatic prisoners in 1940. They were released in 1942 and Giles was sent straight to Eton. During his career he was at de Havilland at the dawn of the jet age. In advertising at J. Walter Thompson...."

He was the son of Sir George Montagu-Pollock, 4th Bt [1900-85], by his wife the former Karen-Sofie Dedekam, only child of Hans Ludvig Dedekam, of Oslo; married 13 June, 1963, Caroline Veronica, yr dau of Richard Francis Russell, bu whom he had issue, a son Guy, and a daughter, Sophie.

The baronetcy now passes to his only son, Guy Maximilian, who was born 27 Aug, 1966.

The funeral takes place at Mortlake Crematorium, 7 March, 2017.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Simon Pery-Knox-Gore [1937-2017]

_. Simon Pery-Knox-Gore, who died 7 February, 2017, aged 79, was a scion of the Earls of Limerick [Earl, Peerage of Ireland, cr 1803].

He was born in 1937, son of Maj Edmond Pery-Knox-Gore [1904-65], by his first wife, the former Gundrede Mary Wynne [descended from the Barons Killanin]; married 1961, Moira [deceased], daughter of Thomas Egan, of Sevenoaks, Kent, by whom he had issue.

Private family cremation followed by a memorial service at St John's Church, Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon, 3 March, 2017.


Jasper William David Mitchell-Innes [b 2017]

_. Charlotte Mitchell-Innes [nee Groves], wife of Peter Mitchell-Innes, scion of that Scots landed family, gave birth to a son, Jasper William David, in London, 8 February, 2017.


Elliot/Björkström engagement

_. The engagement was announced 16 February, 2017, between the Hon Michael Timothy Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound [b 1987], third son of the 7th Earl of Minto [Peerage of the UK, cr 1813] by his wife the former Diana Barbara Trafford, & Miss Emma Björkström , daughter of Mr Malte Björkström & Mrs Gerd Larsson-Lundgren, of Ostersund, Sweden.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Son for singer Bo Bruce

_. The Lady Catherine Anna Binns [nee Brudenell-Bruce, b 1984], wife of Henry D. Binns, and scion of the Marquesses of Ailesbury, has given birth to a son, February, 2017.
Lady Catherine is the singer Bo Bruce, daughter of David Michael James Brudenell-Bruce, styled Earl of Cardigan (b 12 Nov, 1952), by his late wife the former Rosamond Jane Winkley, and granddaughter of the 8th Marquess of Ailesbury (b 31 Mar 1926).


Michael Sean O'Dare Rainey [1941-2017]

_. Michael Sean O'Dare Rainey, who died 29 January, 2017, aged 76, was a British fashion designer who dressed the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

He was born 21 January, 1941, son of Maj Sean Rainey, Seaforth Highlanders, by his wife the former Joyce Marion Wallace [who later married the 5th Baron Wrottesley]; Educ at Eton; married firstly, 1966 [div 1984], the Hon Jane Teresa Denyse Ormsby-Gore [b 1942], dau of the 5th Baron Harlech; married secondly, 2001, Monica Andrada-Vanderwilde Borrajo. He leaves four children from his first marriage, and two daughters from his second marriage, and a son, the film-maker Errol Rainey, from a relationship with Hermione Lyons.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Obituary: Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede

Hon David Julian Wedgwood Benn [1928-2017]

_. The Hon David Julian Wedgwood Benn, who died 2 February, 2017, aged 88, was a writer and broadcaster, a scion of the Viscounts Stansgate [Visc UK, cr 1942], younger brother of firebrand Labour MP Tony Benn.

He was born 28 Dec, 1928, third son of the 1st Viscount Stansgate [1877-1960], by his wife the former Margaret Eadie Holmes; married 28 Dec, 1959, June Mary Barraclough [deceased] , elder daughter of Ernest Charles Barraclough, of Lightcliffe, Halifax, West Yorkshire, by whom he had issue.

Funeral at All Saints' Church, Blackheath, London, 27 Feb, 2017.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Baroness Robert Rothschild [1925-2017]

_. Baroness Rothschild, who has died 3 February, 2017, aged 91, was a scion of the Barons Dunsany [Baron, Peerage of Ireland, cr 1439].

She was the former Mary Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, born in 1925, daughter of Admiral the Hon Sir Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax,  KCB, DSO [1880-1967], by his wife the former Kathleen Chalmers [d 1980]; married firstly, 1948, Robert Gustaf Percy Hollond; married 2ndly ______, Baron Robert Rothschild.

She leaves issue from her first marriage.

A Service of Thanksgiving will be held at St James's Church, Piccadilly, Tues 18 Apr, 2017.


Lt-Col John Kendal Plunket Coghill, OBE [1929-2017]

_. Lieutenant-Col. John Kendal Plunket Coghill, OBE, who died 4 February, 2017, aged 87, was a scion of the Coghill baronets [Bt cr GB 1778].

He was born in 1929, son of Joscelyn Kendal Bushe Coghill [1893-1959]  by his wife the former Maud Evelyn Filder; educ at Sherborne,; late Lt-Col RAOC; cr OBE [civil]  1990; married 1951, Diana Mary, dau of Frederick Charles Callen, by whom he had issue, three daughters.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hoare/Yusuf-George engagement

_. The engagement was announced 11 February, 2017, between Rollo Lupton Hoare [b 1987], scion of that landed family, son of the late Michael Rollo Hoare [1944-2001], of Dogmersfield, Hampshire, by his former second wife the former Caroline J. Abele [Mrs Caroline Hoare, of Chelsea], & Hannah Venetia Yusuf-George, daughter of Mr Evan George and Ms Denise Yusuf, of Streatham, London.


Lady Katharine Mary Veronica Farrell [1922-2017]

_. The Lady Katharine Farrell, who died 7 February, 2017, aged 94, was a scion of the Marquesses of Anglesey, a twin sister of the 7th Marquess. Lady Katharine was a close friend of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother [see Diaries & Letters of the Queen Mother by Wm Shawcross].

She was born Lady Katharine Mary Veronica Paget, 8 Oct 1922, a daughter [twin] of the 6th Marquess of Anglesey, GCVO [1885-1947] by his wife the former Lady Victoria Marjorie Harriet Manners [d 1946], daughter of the 8th Duke of Rutland; married (1) 1941 [div 1948] Lt-Col Jocelyn Eustace Gurney, DSO, MC, late the Welsh Guards [d 1973] son of Sir Eustace Gurney; married (2) 1949, Maj Charles Farrell, MC [1919-2015], Scots Guards; and had issue from both marriages.


Preston/Madeley engagement

_.The engagement was announced 11 February, 2017, between Hugh Simon Preston [b 1987], elder son of Mr Mark Preston, of Lambourn, Berkshire, by his wife the former Hon Caroline Anne Cecil [b 1960], (now Hon Mrs Caroline Preston, of Chisbury, Wilts), scion of the Barons Rockley, & Victoria Christabel M. Madeley [b 1990], elder daughter of Mr Richard Madeley, of Checkendon, Oxfordshire, & Mrs Madeley [nee Maytag].

Hugh Preston is a grandson of the 3rd Baron Rockley.


Alexander Arthur Charles Fraser [b 2017]

_. Charlotte Fraser [nee Stephenson], wife of the Hon William Gordon Fraser [b 1976], scion of the Barons Strathalmond, gave birth to a son, Alexander Arthur Charles, 7 January, 2017, a brother for Flora & Harry.

The Hon William Fraser is the son and heir of the 3rd Baron Strathalmond [b 1947].

Mrs Fraser is a dau of Dr & Mrs Ralph Stephenson, of Gloucestershire.


Thomas Somerled Chamberlayne-Macdonald [1969-2017]

_. Thomas Somerled Chamberlayne-Macdonald died 4 February, 2017. He was 47. He was a scion of the Bosville Macdonald baronets [cr 1625].

He was born 24 Nov, 1969, a son of the late Maj Nigel Chamberlayne-Macdonald, CVO, OBE, late the Scots Guards, of Cranbury Park, near Winchester, by his wife the former Penelope Chamberlayne; married 8 Apr 2006, Irene, daughter of the late Mr Stylianos Goulimis, and Mrs Ionna Goulimis, of Toronto.

Thomas's surviving sibling, a sister is Diana, the Countess of Lindsay [b 12 Sept, 1961]. A sister, Frances, born in 1965, died in 1985, and a brother, Alexander, born in 1959 died in 2015.

The funeral is at St Matthews Church, Otterbourne, near Winchester, Monday 20 Feb, 2017.


Charles Hector Maitland-Makgill-Crichton [b 2017]

_. Alexandra Maitland-Makgill-Crichton [nee Marr], wife of David Maitland-Makgill-Crichton, scion of the Earls of Lauderdale, gave birth to a son, Charles Hector, 4 January, 2017.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Sir John Seale, 5th Baronet [1921-2017]

_. Sir John Seale, 5th Baronet, died 26 January, 2017. He was 95.

John Henry Seale was born 3 March, 1921; succeeded his father, Sir John Carteret Hyde Seale, 4th Bt, 1964; Educ at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford; Capt, Royal Artillery; married 1953, Ray Josephine [deceased] daughter of R.G. Charters, MC, of Christchurch, New Zealand, by whom he had issue.

Sir John is succeeded by his only son, John Robert Charters Seale, who was born 17 Aug 1954.


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Howard/Goldstone engagement

_. The engagement was announced, 9 February, 2017, between George Fulco Geoffrey Howard [b 1985], scion of the Earls of Carlisle, son of the Hon Nicholas Paul Geoffrey Howard [b 25 Apr, 1952], of Castle Howard, near Malton, North Yorkshire, by his first wife the former Amanda Kate Victoria Nimmo (now Mrs William Christie, of Parsons Green, London), & Elissa E.W. Goldstone, American-born artist, daughter of Mr Steven Goldstone, & the late Mrs Linda Wolff [1947-2013], of New York, United States.

George Howard is a grandson maternally of the actor Derek Nimmo.


Molly Tessa Cisi Marsham [b 2017]

_. The Hon Lucy Harriet Marsham [nee Beaumont, b 1981], scion of the Viscounts Allendale, and wife of the Hon Michael Julian Marsham [b 1979], scion of the Earls of Romney, gave birth to a daughter, Molly Tessa Cisi, 1st February, 2017, a sister for Louis Alexander, who was b 4 Oct, 2014.
The Hon Michael Marsham is a yr son of the 8th Earl of Romney and the Countess of Romney.
The Hon Lucy Marsham is a daughter of the 4th Viscount Allendale and Viscountess Allendale.


Dame Jennifer Jenkins [Baroness Jenkins of Hillhead, DBE] [1921-2017]

_. Dame [Mary] Jennifer Jenkins, DBE [Baroness Jenkins of Hillhead], former chairman of the National Trust, and widow of Labour Cabinet minister Roy Jenkins, died 2 February, 2017, aged 96.

She was born Mary Jennifer Morris, 18 January, 1921, daughter of Sir Parker Morris, and married the then Roy Jenkins, in 1945. Her husband served in the Labour administrations of Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, and was Home Secretary, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, became a founder member of the SDP in 1981, created a life peer, as Baron Jenkins of Hillhead, and died in 2003.

Dame Jennifer was chairman of the National Trust 1986-90, &c. and held numerous public appointments. She was cr DBE in 1985.


Isla Rose Mounsey-Heysham (b 2017)

_. Clementine Mounsey-Heysham [nee Stanley], wife of Toby Mounsey-Heysham, scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Isla Rose, 31 January, 2017.


Seren Ayo Irvine-Fortescue (b 2017)

_. Stephanie Irvine-Fortescue [nee Matthews], wife of Nicholas Irvine-Fortescue [b 1983], scion of the Barons [later Earls] Fortescue, gave birth to a daughter, Seren Ayo, in Winchester, Hampshire, 27 January, 2017.


James Peter Rolt [b 2017]

_. .Rosanna Jocelyn [Anna] Rolt [nee Pelly, b 1980], wife of Michael Peter Rolt [b 1980], gave birth to a son, James Peter, 31 January, 2017, a brother for Lyla Valentine, who was b 30 March, 2014.
Michael Rolt is a descendant of the Walker-Okeover baronets. Anna Rolt is a daughter of Mr Peter Pelly by his former wife Dr Katherine Christina Mary Jones [now Lady Robin Innes-Ker, wife of the Duke of Roxburghe's younger brother].

The 2nd Baron Rochester (1916-2017)

_. The 2nd Baron Rochester [Peerage of the UK, cr 1931] died 6 February, 2017. He was 100.

Foster Charles Lowry Lamb was born 7 June, 1916, son of the then Ernest Henry Lamb by his wife the former Rosa Dorothea Hurst [d 1979].

His father was Paymaster-General, 1931-35, and raised to the peerage in 1931 as Baron Rochester.

The 2nd Baron succeeded his father, 13 January, 1955. He married 12 Dec, 1942, Mary Carlisle Wheeler, OBE [d. 2000], daughter of Thomas Benjamin Wheeler, CBE, by whom he had issue, two sons and two daughters. The elder son, the Hon David Charles Lamb [b 8 Sept, 1944] succeeds to the peerage.


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (1971-2017)

_. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, socialite friend [and distant cousin] of the Prince of Wales, was found dead at an address in Bramham Gardens, London SW5, 8 February, 2017.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, scion of that landed family, was born in 1971, a daughter of Charles Algernon Palmer-Tomkinson, by his wife the former Patricia [Patti] Dawson.

Tara's great-grandmother was a member of the Smith banking family, from whom descended Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Miss Palmer-Tomkinson is survived by both her parents, by a brother, James, and a sister, Santa Sebag-Montefiore.


McLaren/Cavendish marriage

_. The marriage took place, 10 Dec, 2016, between Mr Tom McLaren, son of Judge David McLaren, QC, and Mrs Sally McLaren Webster, of East Knoyle, Wiltshire, & the Hon Lucy Georgiana Cavendish [b 1973] scion of the Dukes of Devonshire, a daughter the the Baron Cavendish of Furness [b 1941], life peer, of Low Frith, Cumbria, by his wife the former Grania Mary Caulfeild [b 1947], scion of the Viscounts Charlemont.


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hon Rosamond Joy Butler (b 2017)

-. The Baroness Dunboyne, wife of the 30th Baron Dunboyne [20th peer by Patent], gave birth to a daughter, the Hon Rosamond Joy Butler, 2 February, 2017, in Montreal, a sister for Bridget Gigny Synolda, who was b at Montreal, 9 June, 2015.

Lady Dunboyne is the former Anneka Eileen Anketell-Jones [b 1984], daughter of Peter Andrew Anketell-Jones by his wife the former Roseleen Quigley, and married in 2012, the Hon Richard Pierce Theobald Butler [b 1983], who, in 2013,  succeeded his father as the 30th Baron Dunboyne.


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Patricia More O'Ferrall [1914-2017]

_. Patricia More O'Ferrall died 27 January, 2017. She was 103.

She was born Patricia Richards, 20 January, 1914, dau of Kenneth Richards, of Cowcumbla, Cootamundra, New South Wales, and married firstly, at St Margaret's Westminster, 12 Jan, 1932 [div 1937], George [Grandy] Villiers, 9th Earl of Jersey; married secondly, 1937, Robin Filmer-Wilson [whose grandfather was Arthur Wilson, of Tranby Croft]. Her second husband died 14 Aug, 1944; married thirdly, 25 June, 1953, Lt-Col. Peter Laycock, TD [d 1977]; married fourthly, 1986, Roderic More O'Ferrall [he d 1990].

She leaves a daughter, Lady Caroline Ogilvy, from the first marriage, and a son James, and daughter, Sarah from the second marriage.


5th Earl of Eldon (1937-2017)

_. The Earl of Eldon died 30 January, 2017, aged 79.

 Lord Eldon (the 5th Earl, Peerage of the UK, cr 1821), was born 24 Apr, 1937, son of the 4th Earl of Eldon, GCVO [1899-1976] by his wife the former Hon Magdalen Fraser, OBE, scion of the Lords Lovat; succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 1976; married 1961, Countess Claudine, dau of Count Franz von Monjoye-Vaufrey and de la Roche, by whom he had issue.

He is succeeded in the peerage by his only son, John Francis Thomas Marie Joseph Columba Fidelis Scott, stled Viscount Encombe, who was born 9 July, 1962.

The funeral takes place at the Sacred Heart Church, Edge Hill, Wimbledon, 16 Feb, 2017.


Friday, February 03, 2017

Mrs Patrick Erskine-Murray [d 2017]

_. Mrs Patrick Erskine-Murray, who died 27 January, 2017, aged 92, was the wife of Patrick Elibank Erskine-Murray [b 1927], younger brother of the 14th Lord Elibank [Peerage of Scotland, cr 1643].

She was the former Jenny Margaret Mary Brown, dau of John Brown, of Bowbank, Middleton-on-Tees, and married Patrick Erskine-Murray in 1957; 3 daughters of the union.

Funeral at All Saints' Parish Church, Bakewell, 16 February, 2017.


Margaret Theresa Scrope [nee de Salis] (1938- 2017)

_. Margaret [Mole] Scrope, who died at Aix-en-Provence, 31 January, 2017, was the widow of Christopher Ralph 'Kester' Scrope [1931-2008] scion of that ancient landed family seated at Danby, co York.

She was the former Margaret Theresa Fane de Salis, born 24 March, 1938, a daughter of Maj Count Anthony Fane de Salis [1897-1952], of that landed family, by his wife the former Francoise Carmen Dagmar de la Panouse, and married 'Kester' Scrope, a former priest, on 12 July, 1980.

Her husband was a son of Adrian Cuthbert Scrope, by his wife the former Everilda Sykes, scion of the Sykes baronets, of Sledmere, East Yorkshire. No issue of the marriage.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

Matilde Florence Ritchie [b 2017]

_. Sofia von Sachsen-Altenburg, wife of Will Ritchie, gave birth to a daughter, Matilde Florence, 28 January, 2017, at Frimley Park Hospital.


Major Sir Fergus Matheson of Matheson, 7th Baronet

_. Major Sir Fergus Matheson of Matheson, 7th Baronet, Chief of the Clan Matheson, died 27 January, 2017. He was 89.

Fergus John Matheson was born 22 Feb, 1927, and succeeded his brother, Maj Sir Torquhil Matheson, 6th Bt, in 1993.

Educated at Eton; Major, Coldstream Guards 1945-64, a Member of HM Body Guard of the Hon Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, &c. He married in 1952, the Hon Jean Elizabeth Mary Willoughby, dau of the 11th Baron Middleton, KG, by whom he had issue.

Sir Fergus is succeeded in the baronetcy [Bt, UK, cr 1882] by his son, Alexander Fergus Matheson of Matheson, Yr of Matheson {who was b 26 Aug, 1954].

A Memorial Service takes place at the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, 15 May, 2017.


Smith/Digby engagement

_. The engagement was announced 2 February, 2017, between Joshua W. Smith, son of Mr & Mrs Piers Smith, of Stanton St John, Oxford, & Olivia V. Digby [b 1991] scion of the Barons Digby [Baron, Ireland, 1620; & Baron, GB, cr 1765], younger daughter of the Hon Rupert Simon Digby [b 1956], of Stockcross, near Newbury, Berkshire, by his wife the former Charlotte Fleury Hirst.


Yvonne Avril Catherine Crichton [d 2017]

_. Yvonne Avril Catherine Crichton, who died at her home, 30 January, 2017, aged 98, was the widow of Colonel Richard Crichton, CVO, MC [1916-2002], scion of the Earls of Erne [Earl, Peerage of Ire, cr 1789].

She was the former Yvonne Worthington, dau of Dr H.E. Worthington, and married Col. Richard John Vesey Crichton in 1948.

Mrs Crichton leaves three sons, Vesey, Adrian and Simon.

The funeral is at Mattingley Church, Thursday 9 February, 2017.


Capt [Thomas] Christopher John Mordaunt (1934-2017)

_. Capt Christopher Mordaunt, late the 9th Queen's Royal Lancers, and scion of the Mordaunt baronets [Bt, E, cr 1611], died 24 January, 2017.

Thomas Christopher John Mordaunt was born in 1934, son of Lt-Cdr Richard John Mordaunt, VRD, by his first wife the former Nancy Toler [d. 1986]; married 1959, Belinda Madeline, daughter of Thomas Cecil Gouldsmith [descended from the Laurie baronets], by whom he had issue, two daughters [Sarah] Camilla [b 1961] & Sophie Jane [b 1967].

A Service of Thanksgiving is to take place at St Michael and All Angels Church, Lambourn, Thursday 9 Feb.


Mark Skipwith (1944-2017)

_. Mark Skipwith who died 26 January, 2017, aged 72, was a scion of the Skipwith baronets [cr England, 1622].

The funeral will take place at Basingstoke Crematorium, 14 Feb 2017.


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Patrick David Horsfall (1921-2017) and his wife, June (d 2017)

_. A couple from Lancaster have died on the same day. Capt Patrick Horsfall, late the Duke of Wellington's Regt, a scion of the Horsfall baronets [Bt, UK, cr 1909], died at St John's Hospice, Lancaster, 28 January, 2017, & his wife June died at their home at Arkholme, Carnforth.

Patrick David Horsfall was born in 1921, a younger son of Sir [John] Donald Horsfall, 2nd Baronet [who d 1975], and educ at Uppingham; married in 1947, June, dau of Capt S.H. Clough, of Skipton-in-Craven, & had issue. The couple are survived by a son Christopher [Kit] Horsfall, and are predeceased by a daughter, Carol Collinson.

The joint funeral service will take place at St John the Baptist, Arkholme, Carnforth, Lancashire, Friday 3 Feb, 2017.


Sir John Norton-Griffiths, 3rd Baronet (1938-2017)

_. Sir John Norton-Griffiths, 3rd Baronet died at Rutland, Vermont, USA,  29 January, 2017. He was 78.

He was born 4 Oct, 1938, and succeeded his father, Maj Sir Peter Norton-Griffiths, 2nd Bt, in 1983; educ Eton, Sub Lieut, RN, married 1964, Marilyn Margaret, elder dau of Norman Grimley. No issue.

Sir John is succeeded in the baronetcy [UK, cr 1922] by his younger brother, Michael [who was b 11 Jan 1941].


Mitchell/Dalrymple engagement

_. The engagement was announced 1 February, 2017, between Rory W. Mitchell, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Martin Mitchell, of Llanarth, Monmouthshire, & Hero Cecilia Dalrymple [b 1989] scion of the Hamilton-Dalrymple baronets, eldest daughter of Hew Richard Dalrymple [b 3 Sept, 1955] of North Berwick, East Lothian, by his wife the former Jane Elizabeth Morris.


Orabel Henrietta Montagu-Pollock (b 2017)

_. Sophia Montagu-Pollock (nee Vaughan), wife of Thomas George Montagu-Pollock (born 1983), scion of the Montagu-Pollock baronets (Bt, UK, cr 1872), gave birth to a daughter, Orabel Henrietta, 18 January, 2017, a sister for Wilbur George, who was b 9 December, 2014. 

Thomas is the elder son of Jonathan David MONTAGU-POLLOCK (b 1947) and Deirdre Clare (b 1952, dau of John Edward BINDING of Rock, N Cornwall and ____ HODGE). Which Jonathan M-P is the gs of Sir Montagu Frederick Montagu-Pollock 3rd Bt (1864-1938). 


Lord Christopher Thynne (1934-2017)

_. Lord Christopher Thynne, who died 27 January, 2017, aged 83, was a scion of the Marquesses of Bath [Marquess GB, cr 1789] , younger brother of the eccentric 7th Marquess of Bath _aka the Loins of Longleat _.

Lord Christopher John Thynne was born in 1934, a son of the 6th Marquess of Bath [1905-92], of  Longleat, by his first wife the former Hon Daphne Vivian, scion of the Barons Vivian.

Lord Christopher married in 1968, Antonia Mary, dau of Maj Sir Anthony Frederick Mark Palmer, 5th Baronet [cr 1886], by whom he had issue, a son, Alexander, and a daughter, Sophie.