Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baron Newton of Braintree, OBE, DL (1937-2012)

The Baron Newton of Braintree, OBE, DL, who, as Anthony Newton was Conservative MP for Braintree, died 25 March, 2012, aged 74.

Tony Newton served in the administrations of Margaret Thatcher and John Major as Secretary of State for Social Security, asnd was created a life peer on leaving the Commons.

He was born 29 Aug 1937, and married (i) in 1962 (div 1986), Janet Huxley, by whom he had 2 daughters;  married (ii) Patricia Gilthorpe.


Sophie Lara Moss-Gibbons

_Michelle Moss-Gibbons (nee de Bourbon, b 12 Feb 1979) a scion of the Royal House of Bourbon, & wife of James T.D. Moss-Gibbons, gave birth to a daughter, Sophie Lara, 12 March, 2012, a sister for Emma Rose, who was b 7 June, 2010.

Michelle Moss-Gibbons is a daughter of Adrian Philip de Bourbon (b 1948), and a granddaughter of Gaetan de Bourbon, Principe di Borbone delle Due Sicilie (b 16 Apr 1917), by his wife the former Olivia Yarrow.


Hon Mrs Douglas Vivian

The Hon Mrs Douglas Vivian (nee Mary Alice Borthwick), who died 21 March, 2012, in her 99th year, was a scion of the Lords Borthwick (Peerage of Scotland cr circa 1450), and the widow of Lieut-Commander the Hon Douglas David Edward Vivian, DSC, RN (who d 1973), a scion of the Barons Vivian (Peerage of the UK, cr 1841), &c.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Garter for Blair ?

With the death of Viscount Ridley, KG, a Knight of the Garter since 1992, the Queen will be pondering on possible candidates to fill the vacancy now caused in England's senior-most Order of Chivalry.

Will Her Majesty bestow the prestigious honour on her former Prime Minister, Tony Blair in this her Diamond Jubilee Year?

The Garter is traditionally awarded on St George's Day (April 23) and is limited to 24 non-royal Knights Companion. The new knights are invested at Windsor at the start of Royal Ascot week in June, and process from the castle to St George's Chapel in the splendid Garter robes.

Former Prime Ministers nearly always collect the Garter. Harold Macmillan declined the honour, but later accepted an earldom, Alec Douglas-Home was already a Knight of the Order of the Thistle (Scotland's senior order) when he became PM in 1963. Harold Wilson collected his within weeks of his resignation in 1976, but Heath, Thatcher and Major waited several years to collect their Garter stars and ostrich plumed hats. The speed of their advancement depends on vacancies cropping up.

It would certainly go against tradition for Gordon Brown to dubbed a KG before his predecessor, but Brown, a Scot, who held a Scottish seat in Parliament, may pick up the Thistle instead.


Harry George Chilton Beard

Sophie Beard (nee Aubrey-Fletcher, b 1976), scion of the Aubrey-Fletcher Baronets, and wife of Andrew Beard, gave birth to a son Harry George Chilton, 19 March, 2012.


4th Viscount Ridley, KG, GCVO (1925-2012)

The 4th Viscount Ridley, KG, GCVO, who died 22 March, 2012, aged 86, was a former Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland, a Lord Steward of the Household to the Queen, and was holder of England's senior order of chivalry, the Order of the Garter.

Matthew White Ridlet was born 29 July, 1925, son of the 3rd Viscount by his wife the former Ursula Lutyens, daughter of Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, OM, KCIE.

Lord Ridley was Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland 1984-2000, and served as Lord Steward of the Household, 1989-2001. He was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1992, and GCVO in 1994.

He succeeded his father as 4th Viscount (Peerage of the UK, cr 1900), 25 Feb, 1964; married at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, 3 Jan 1953, Lady Anne Katherine Lumley (d 2006), daughter of the 11th Earl of Scarbrough, KG, the Queen's Lord Chamberlain, by whom he had issue, 1 son and 3 daughters. The son, the Hon Matthew White Ridley, born 7 Feb, 1958, now inherits the family honours.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Hon Hedley Vicars Strutt (1915-2012)

Capt The Hon Hedley Vicars Strutt, who died 20 March, 2012, at the age of 97, was a scion of the Barons Rayleigh (cr UK, 1821), a son of Robert John Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh (1875-1947) by his 1st wife the former Lady Mary Hilda Clements, daughter of the 4th Earl of Leitrim; born 19 Feb, 1915; career:-----> Scots Guards (Capt) WWII; Unmarried.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Churchward/Cawley engagement

The engagement was announced 22 March, 2012 between Matthew Churchward, son of Mr & Mrs Robert Churchward, of Aveyron, France, & the Hon Susan Mary Cawley (b 1980), daughter of the 4th Baron Cawley (Peerage of the UK, cr 1918), of Leominster, Herefordshire, by his wife the former Regina Sarabia de Hazas.


Finnian Angus Peter Cameron

Sarah Elizabeth Cameron (nee Maclay, born 1977), wife of Donald Andrew John Cameron, Younger of Lochiel (born 1976), gave birth to a second son, Finnian Angus Peter, 11 March, 2012, a brother for Donald Fergus Ralph, who was born 3 July, 2010.

Donald Cameron is the son of Donald Cameron, Chief of the Clan Cameron by his wife the former Lady Cecil Kerr, daughter of the late 12th Marquess of Lothian, KCVO.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chadwyck-Healey/Fraser engagement

The engagement was announced 21 March, 2012, between Oliver Peregrine Chadwyck-Healey (b 1982), scion of the Chadwyck-Healey Baronets (cr UK, 1919), son of Peregrine James Chadwyck-Healey (b 1950), by his wife the former Julia Mary Boughey (b 1952), scion of the Boughey Baronets, & the Hon Virginia Fortune Hart Fraser (b 1982), only dau of the 3rd Baron Strathalmond (b 22 Jul 1947), by his wife the former Amanda Rose Taylor.


Piers Scandrett Harford (1937-2012)

Piers Scandrett Harford, who died 16 March, 2012, aged 74, was a scion of the Harford Baronets (cr UK, 1934). He was born 9 Sept, 1937, 2nd son of Sir George Arthur Harford, 2nd Baronet, by his wife the former Anstice Marion Tritton, dau of Sir Alfred Tritton, 2nd Baronet; married 22 Jul 1961 (div 1972), Hyacinthe Cecilia, eldest dau of Lt-Col Nigel Walter Hoare, OBE, TD, by whom he had issue, a son,  Henry (b 1963) and a daughter, Charlotte, b 1965); married 2ndly, 1975, Patricia Jane Burnett, by whom he had a son, William (b 1976).


Sir John Cecil Nicholson Wakeley, 2nd Baronet (1926-2012)

Sir John Cecil Nicholson Wakeley, 2nd Baronet, died 10 March, 2012. He was aged 85. He was born 27 Aug 1926, son of Sir Cecil Pembrey Grey Wakeley, KBE, CB, who was created a baronet, (cr UK, 1952), and who died in 1979; married 1954, June, dau of Donald Frank Leney, by whom he had issue, 2 sons and one daughter. The son, Nicholas Jeremy b 17 Oct 1957, succeeds as 3rd Baronet.

Sir John's daughter is the fashion designer, Amanda Wakeley.


Patricia Countess Jellicoe (1917-2012)

Patricia Countess Jellicoe, who died 18 March, 2012, aged 94, was the first wife of the 2nd Earl Jellicoe (1918-2007). She was born in Shanghai in 1917 as Patricia Christine O'Kane, dau of Jeremiah O'Kane, of British Columbia, Canada, and married 23 Mar 1944, as his first wife, George Patrick John Rushworth Jellicoe, 2nd Earl Jellicoe, son of the 1st Earl, Admiral of the Fleet, sometime C-in-C of the Grand Fleet in the First World War, who was given an earldom in 1925. The marriage, which produced 2 sons and 2 daughters, ended in divorce in 1966.

Countess Jellicoe is survived by her children. The elder son, Patrick, is the 3rd Earl.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morwenna Torlesse (1937-2012)

Morwenna Torlesse, who died 14 March, 2012, aged 74, was a scion of the Prideaux-Brune landed family, seated at Prideaux Place, Padstow, Cornwall. She was born 21 March, 1937, elder daughter of Hugh Treverbyn Prideaux-Brune (b 14 Aug 1890), by his wife the former Elsie Honora Greenfield; married 1962, Charles David Torlesse, elder son of Rear Admiral Arthur David Torlesse, CB, DSO, by whom she had six children.


Major The 14th Lord Napier & Ettrick, KCVO (1930-2012)

Maj The 14th Lord Napier & Ettrick, KCVO, private secretary to HRH The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon 1973-98, died 15 March, 2012. He was 81.

Francis Nigel Napier was b 5 Dec 1930, son of the 13th peer and succeeded to the family honours (peerage of Scotland; Barony in the peerage of the UK, and a baronetcy) on his father's demise, 1954.

He served in the Scots Guards, was equerry to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, and was appointed to Princess Margaret's household in 1973, as private secretary, comptroller and equerry.

He married in 1958, Delia Mary Pearson, a kinswoman of Princess Margaret (a descendant of the Bowes Lyons), by whom he had issue, 2 sons and 2 daughters. The peerages and baronetcy now devolve upon his elder son, Francis, Master of Napier, born 3 Nov 1962.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Hon Richard Temple Fisher (1930-2012)

The Hon Richard Temple Fisher, one of the six sons of the Most Rev & Rt Hon Geoffrey Fisher, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury, and later Baron Fisher of Lambeth, died 15 March, 2012, aged 82; he was born in Jan 1930; married Clare Le Fanu, by whom he had issue, a son, Paul, and a dau, Rosamond.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salvesen/Elphinstone engagement

The engagement was announced 15 March, 2012 between Edmund Salvesen, son of Mr & Mrs Andrew Salvesen, of Torphins, Aberdeenshire, & (Mary) Abigail Elphinstone (b 1984),scion of the Elphinstone Baronets (cr Nova Scotia, 1701), daughter of Charles Elphinstone (b 1958),of Edzell, Angus, and Mrs Lucy Elphinstone (nee Reynolds), of Cold Ash, Berkshire, dau of Maj. M.D. Reynolds, of Barnstaple, Devon.

The bride-to-be is a granddaughter of Sir John Elphinstone of Glack, 11th Baronet.


Maj Nicholas Hales Pakenham Mahon (1926-2012)

Maj. Nicholas Hales Pakenham Mahon, who died at Cirencester, 12 March, 2012, aged 86, was a scion of the Barons (later Earls) of Longford. He was born 23 Feb 1926, the son of Wilfrid Stuart Atherstone Hales, afterwards Hales Pakenham Mahon, by his wife the former Olive Pakenham Mahon; married 1953, Jennifer, dau of Gordon Batten, by whom he leaves issue.


Jonathan James Kidston (1951-2012)

Jonathan James Kidston, who has died aged 62, was a grandson maternally of the the 4th Baron Manners (cr  UK, 1807) and was a scion of the landed family of Kidston of Redenham Park. He was born in 1949, second son of John Bonham Kidston by his wife the former Hon Patricia Anna Manners. He married in 1981, Joanna, dau of Colonel Michael Panton.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pym/Taylor engagement

The engagement was announced 14 March 2012 between Benjamin Ruthven Pym (b 1979), scion of that landed family, son of the Hon Andrew Leslie Pym (b 30 Nov 1954), of Everton, Bedfordshire, by his wife the former, Ruth A. Skelton, and Anna L. Taylor, dau of Mr & Mrs Sidney Taylor, of Little Linton, Bedfordshire.

Benjamin Pym is a grandson of the late Rt Hon Francis Leslie Pym, Baron Pym, PC, MC (life peer) sometime Conservative MP and Foreign Secretary in the Thatcher Administration, &c.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baron Hooson, QC (1925-2012)

The Baron Hooson, politician and lawyer, who was born 26 March, 1925, died 21 February, 2012. (Hugh) Emlyn Hooson was the Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire 1962-79, and Leader of the Welsh Liberal Party 1966-79, created a life peer, 1979. He was married and the father of two daughters.


Baron Wedderburn of Charlton (1927-2012)

The Baron Wedderburn of Charlton, QC, professor of law and an expert on employment law, who was born 13 Apr 1927, died 9 March, 2012. He was 84. Kenneth William Wedderburn was created a life peer in 1977; he was thrice wed and leaves issue.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frances Pamela Ann Parr (1919-2012)

Frances Pamela Ann Parr (nee Strickland) who died 1 March, 2012, at the age of 93, was a scion of the Strickland-Constable Baronets. She was born in 1919, a daughter of Claude Francis Strickland, CIE (1881-1962); married 1stly, 1942, Anthony William Vivian, who served in the RAF Vol res. He was killed in action in 1942; married 2ndly, 1946, Capt Anthony James (Tony) Parr (1914-96), and leaves a son, Francis and a daughter, Laetitia, from her first union.


Elizabeth Isabel Albina Woodhead (1942-2012)

Elizabeth Isabel Albina Woodhead, who died 6 March, 2012, was born in 1942, a dau of Sir Gilbert Samuel Inglefield, GBE (1909-91), sometime Lord Mayor of London, by his wife the former Laura Barbara Frances Thompson (1908-2004), scion of the Thompson Baronets, of Park Gate, Guiseley (cr UK, 1890). She married 1stly 1962, Maj Christopher Wyndham Diggle (1926-86), by whom she had issue, and married 2ndly, 1997, Colonel Michael F. Woodhead, 


Jean Martin (1915-2012)

Jean Martin (nee Heriot-Maitland), who died 8 March, 2012, at Montevideo, was a scion of the Earls of Lauderdale (cr Peerage of Scotland, 1624). She was born in 1915, a daughter of Frank de Courcy Maitland-Heriot (1882-1957), by his 1st wife, the former Marguerita Mary Logan, who d. 1935; married 1935, Henry Ranald Martin, OBE, who died in 1979, by whom she had issue.


Paul de Rham (c1938-2012)

Paul de Rham, who died 7 March, 2012, aged 73, was ths son of Bernard de Rham, of Villars-sur-Ollon and Morocco; married 1967, Sally Joan Pelly (b 1944), scion of the Pelly Baronets (cr UK, 1840) dau of Capt Charles Nigel Pelly, OBE (1908-66) by his wife the former Betty Joan Webster (1911-95). He leaves a widow and four children.


Friday, March 09, 2012

Yorke-Long/Maddrell engagement

The engagement was announced 9 March, 2012 between Marcus John Yorke-Long (b 1983), son of Jonathan C. Yorke-Long (b 1951), by his wife the former Charlotte Rose Luttrell (b 2 Nov 1954), & (Catherine) Aalish Maddrell (b 1983), daughter of David Maddrell (b 1950), of the Isle of Man, by his wife the former Marie Eckersley. 

Marcus Yorke-Long is a grandson maternally of John Henry Fownes Luttrell (1919-91), of that landed family, by his wife the former Eleanor Sarah Joy Williams (1927-96), scion of the Williams of Brideshead Baronets.


Betty Crichton (1918-2012)

Betty Crichton, who died 29 February, 2012, aged 93, was the second wife of David George Crichton, LVO (b 1914), scion of the Earls of Erne, and was widow previously of Andrew George Hughes-Onslow, scion of the Earls of Onslow. She b 15 March, 1918, as Betty Lee, daughter of Colonel Maurice George Lee, MC, of Christchurch, New Zealand, and married (1) 1944, Aandrew George Hughes-Onslow (1920-79); married (2) 1994, as his 2nd wife, David George Crichton, LVO. She leaves issue (see Onslow E, cr UK, 1801), &c.


His Honour Andrew James Blackett-Ord, MVO (1921-2012)

His Honour Andrew James Blackett-Ord, MVO, scion of a landed family, died 21 February, 2012. He was 90.
He was b 21 Aug 1921, the younger son of Maj John Reginald BLACKETT-ORD JP (b 10 Feb 1885-) sometime head of that gentry family of Whitfield Hall, Northumberland; married 1945, Rosemary, d of Edward William BOVILL of Brook House, Moreton, Ongar, formerly Little Laver Hall, Harlow, Essex, and had 4 sons (the eldest, Christopher, b&d same day 1946) and a dau (Nicola (Nicky) Mary Lena b 1961).


Corinna Rose Tryon

Dr the Hon Katherine Anne Lyon Tryon (nee Carroll, b 1981), wife of the Hon Charles George Barrington Tryon (b 15 May 1976), godson of the Prince of Wales, gave birth to a daughter, Corinna Rose, 6 Feb, 2012. The Hon Charles Tryon,  sometime Page of Honour to the Queen, is the eldest son of the 3rd Baron Tryon (b 26 May 1940) and the late (Kanga) Baroness Tryon, of Calne, Wiltshire, and Dr Tryon is the only daughter of Mr Peter R. Carroll, of Sandwich, Kent, by his wife the former  Palline J.Lyon.


Gabriel Ewan Lionel Theo Graham

Nicola Elizabeth Anne Graham (nee Sheffield), wife of Fergus Hugh Stirling Graham (b 1973), scion of the Graham Baronets (cr UK 1906), gave birth to a son, Gabriel Ewan Lionel Theo, 7 January, 2012. Nicola (b 1973), is a scion of the Sheffield Baronets (cr GB 1755), and is therefore kin of Samantha Cameron, wife of the Prime Minister, &c.


Penelope Vestey

Penelope Vestey, who died 1 March, 2012, was widow of Roger Edmund Vestey (1921-2005), scion of the Vestey Baronets (cr UK 1921). She was the former Penelope Jane Little, dau of Lt-Col Robert Arthur Little, DSO, and married in 1950. Her son, James Patrick, born in 1954 is heir pres to the family baronetcy.


Baron St John of Fawsley, PC (1929-2012)

The Baron St John of Fawsley, the former Conservative MP as Norman St John-Stevas, died 2 March, 2012, aged 82. He served as Arts Minister (1979-81) and Leader of the House of Commons and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (1979-81) in the administration of  Margaret Thatcher and later served as Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and chairman of the Royal Fine Art Commission. His Who’s Who entry reveals that Norman Anthony Francis St John-Stevas was the only son of an engineer and company director, Stephen Stevas, and his wife, Kitty St John O’Connor, and that he was born in London, 18 May 1929.


Mamie Grace Nicholson

_. Emily Nicholson (née Scrope, b 24 May 1972), scion of that ancient landed dynasty, and wife of Christopher J Nicholson, gave birth to a third dau, Mamie Grace, 24 Feb, 2012, a sister for Alice Rose, b 7 Jul 2008, and for
Tessa May, who was b 14 Oct 2009. Christopher is the son of Mr Robin Nicholson and the late Mrs Pippa 
Nicholson, of Wigtownshire, and Emily is the only daughter of Simon Egerton Scrope (b 23 Dec 1934), of Danby, North Yorks, by his wife the former Jennifer Jane Parkinson, and granddaughter paternally of Richard Ladislas Scrope by his wife Lady Jane Egerton, daughter of the 4th Earl of Ellesmere (see Sutherland D). 


Alexander Charles Andrew Johnson

_The Hon Alice Rose Alathea Johnson (nee Hamilton b 1974), wife of Dominic R.A. Johnson, gave birth to a son, Alexander Charles Andrew, 6 Feb 2012. Dominic is a son of the late Patrick Johnson and Madame Ivan Brumpt, & Alice is the youngest daughter of the Baron Hamilton of Epsom (b. 1941), a life peer, by his wife, the former Anne Catharine Napier. Alice Hamilton is a granddaughter paternally of the late 3rd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell, GCVO (1911-90), a Lord in Waiting to the Queen.


Wigram/Harding engagement

The engagement has been announced between Harry Richard Clive Wigram (b 20 May, 1977), eldest son of Maj the Hon Andrew Francis Clive Wigram, MVO, Grenadier Guards, sometime Equerry to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (b 18 Mar 1949), by his wife the former Gabrielle Diana Moore, and Nicola J. Harding, dau of Mr & Mrs Richard Harding.

Harry is a grandson of the 2nd Baron Wigram (b b 2 Aug 1915).


Jacobi Heathcoat Amory

Tatiana Rose Heathcoat Amory (nee Sloane) wife of William Francis Heathcoat Amory (b 19 Jul 1975), gave birth to a son, Jacobi, 22 February, 2012. William is the eldest son of Sir Ian Heathcoat Amory, 6th Baronet (b 1942) of Tiverton, Devon, by his wife the former Frances Louise Pomeroy (scion of the Viscounts Harberton), and Tatiana is a daughter of the late Major Simon Sloane and of Mrs Simon Sloane, of Ash Priors, Somerset. 


Veronica Tatton-Brown (1944-2012)

Veronica Tatton-Brown (nee Wilson), who died 2 March, 2012, aged 67, was thew wife of Timothy Tatton-Brown (b 1947), scion of that landed gentry family. She was the former Veronica Ann Wilson and married in 1979. She is survived by her husband, two sons and two daughters.


Anne Pollock (1923-2012)

Anne Pollock (nee Barrett-Lennard) who died at South Molton, Devon, 5 March, 2012, aged 88, was a scion of the Barrett-Lennard Baronets (cr UK, 1801). She was born 2 Dec, 1923, only child of Sir (Thomas) Richard Fiennes Barrett-Lennard, 5th Baronet, OBE (d 1977), by his wife the former Una Kathleen Finora FitzGerald; married 4 May, 1949, the Rev. John Charles Pollock, scion of that family of baronets (Pollock of Hatton Barts). No issue.


Death of Lady Lovat, 94.

Rosamond Lady Lovat, who died at her home 3 March, 2012, aged 94, was the widow of the 15th Lord Lovat, MC (1911-1995), of Beauly, Inverness-shire, and was a scion of the (Delves) Broughton Baronets. She was born 20 May, 1917, only dau of Sir Henry John Delves Broughton, 11th Baronet (1883-1942) by his 1st wife, the former Vera Edyth Griffith-Boscawen, and married Lord Lovat in 1938. She leaves issue. Her grandson, Simon, 35, is the current peer.


Friday, March 02, 2012

Charles Armstrong-Jones's appointment

The Hon Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones (b 1 July 1999), son of Viscount and Viscountess Linley and a great nephew of Her Majesty the Queen has been appointed a Page of Honour to HM, and will be in scarlet tunic and breeches at the State Opening of Parliament in May, then at the annual Garter service in Windsor on the Monday of Royal Ascot week.


Beryl Lady Mustill

Beryl Lady Mustill (nee Reid), who died 18 February, 2012, aged 79, was the first wife of Michael Mustill, the Baron Mustill (b 1931) life peer, and a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary 1992-97. She was born 19 Feb, 1932, and married Michael Mustill in 1960. He was knighed in 1978 on his appointment as a Judge of the High Court. They divorced in 1983, and he was raised to the peerage in 1992.


von Holzing-Berstett / Reid engagement

The engagement is announced 2 March 2012 between Oliver, only son of Peter, Freiherr von Holzing-Berstett, of Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire, and Veronika, Freifrau von Holzing-Berstett, of Zug, Switzerland, and Emily C. Reid, only daughter of Major James Reid, of Silverton, Devon, and the late Mrs Reid. 

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Beaumont / Faulkner engagement

_The engagement was announced in March, 2012, between Edward Beaumont (b 1983) scion of the Viscounts Allendale, elder son of the Hon Charles Richard Beaumont (b 1954), of Hexham, Northumberland, by his wife the former Charlotte Sybil Taylor (descended from the Barons Buckland) and Lucinda Faulkner, only daughter of the Hon (Brian) David Alexander Faulkner (b 1951), of Killinchy, Co Down, by his wife the former Belinda Gail Wilson, and granddaughter of the Baron Faulkner of Downpatrick (ext 1977). 


Eliza Welby-Everard

Henrietta I.S.G. Welby-Everard (née Snook) wife of Guy John Earle Welby-Everard (b 1979), scion of the Welby Baronets (cr 1801), gave birth to a daughter, Eliza, 24 February, 2012, in London. Guy is the son of Colonel Hugh Earle Welby-Everard, MBE (b 1944) by his late wife the former Virginia Gresley Morris (Mrs Binna Welby-Everard) and stepson of Mrs Miranda Welby-Everard, of Winchester, and Henrietta is a twin daughter of Colonel and Mrs Anthony Snook, of Petworth.