Friday, November 27, 2009

Agatha Frances Roche: birth of daughter to a cousin of Diana, Princess of Wales

_.Pippa K.V. Roche (née Long), wife of the Hon. (Edmund) Hugh Burke Roche (b. 1972), brother & heir presumptive of the 6th Baron Fermoy (and a first cousin of Diana Princess of Wales), gave birth to a daughter, Agatha Frances, 15 October, 2009, a sister for Rosie, who was b 21 Jun 2005, and for Archie, who was b 5 Oct 2007.

Pippa (aka Philippa/Phillipa) is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Derek Long, of Goldsborough, North Yorkshire.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Death of Lord De Freyne, 7th Baron, aged 82

_. Francis Arthur John [French], 7th Baron De Freyne, died at his
home, 24 November 2009, aged 82. He was b 3 Sept 1927, son of the 6th
Baron (1884-1935), by his wife the former Lina Victoria Arnott (d. 25
Oct 1974), 3rd dau. of Sir John Alexander Arnott, 2nd Bt., by his wife
Caroline Sydney Williams DBE, 1st dau. of Sir Frederick Martin
Williams, 2nd Bt, of Tregullow, co. Cornwall; succeeded to the peerage
(cr UK 1851) on the demise of his father, 24 Dec 1935. Married (1)30
Jan 1954 (div. 1978) Shirley Ann Bradbury Pobjoy, only child of of
Douglas Rudolph Pobjoy, of Box Farm House, Woodmancote, co.
Gloucester; mar. (2)18 Jul 1978 Sheelin Deirdre Stevenson (widow of
William Walker Stevenson), yst. dau. of Lt Col Henry Kane O'Kelly DSO,
of Co. Wicklow.
He is succeeded by his 1st son of the 1st marriage, Hon (Fulke)
Charles Arthur John French (b 21 April 1957).


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Archie Roderick James Riddell

_.Cecilia Frances Stephanie (Lily) Riddell (née Napier, b 1976), scion of the Lords Napier & Ettrick, wife of A.J.M. (Jamie) Riddell, gave birth to a son, Archie Roderick James, 12 Nov, 2009. Jamie is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Alastair Riddell, of Glen Lyon, Perthshire, and Cecilia is the youngest daughter of the Hon ( Charles) Malcolm Napier (b. 1933), of Bardmony, Alyth, Perthshire, by his wife the late Lady Mariota Cecilia Murray, yr daughter of the 7th Earl of Mansfield & Mansfield.


Lord Brougham's son engaged

_. The engagement was announced 23 Nov 2009, between the Hon Charles William Brougham (b 7 Nov 1971), son of the 5th Baron Brougham and Vaux, CBE (b 2 Aug 1938), of Westminster, London, by his 2nd wife the former Catherine Gulliver (now Mrs Catherine Russell wife of Mr Rupert Edward Odo Russell, of Oare, Wiltshire), and Nicola J Moore, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs David Moore, Mobberley, Cheshire.


Death of Alice Caroline Peto

_. Alice Caroline (Carrie) Peto (nee Turner), who died at Anwoth, 21 November, 2009, was the wife of William Gurth Peto (b 1949), scion of the Peto Baronets (cr 1855). She was a dau of Dermot Holdsworth Harling Turner and married a yr son of the 3rd Baronet in 1976. She is survived by him and by a son, Roland Harry Morton, b 1982, and a dau, Alice Jane b 1979. Funeral to be held at Girthon Church, Gatehouse,
30th November 2009.


Death of Richard Howard-Vyse, former High Sheriff of N Yorks

_. Richard Edward Howard-Vyse, who died 15 November, 2009, aged 68,
was a scion of that LG family.

He was b 1941, son of Lt-Gen Sir Edward Dacre Howard-Vyse, KBE, MC (d
1992), by his wife the former Mary Bridget Willoughby (b 1910), scion
of the Barons Middleton (cr GB 1711); married 1965, Sally Rosemary
Whalley, dau of Cdr R.R. Whalley, RN, and had issue, Thomas Norcliffe,
b 1971; Mary Elizabeth b 1975, and Alice Joan Lucy, b 1978. Memorial
Service, Wednesday 9th December, 2009, at York Racecourse.


Death of the Hon Isobel Cooper-Heyman, daughter of Lord Pargiter

_.The Hon Isobel Cooper-Heyman (née Pargiter), who died 15 Nov, 2009,
was a daughter of the Baron Pargiter (Peerage Extinct 1982); b 1931,
married 1964, Ernest Cooper-Heyman, who d 1982.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Son for Viscount & Viscountess Carlow

_. Clare L. Dawson-Damer, styled Viscountess Carlow (née Garside), wife since 2002, of Charles George Yuill Seymour Dawson-Damer, styled Viscount Carlow (b. 1965), son and heir of the 7th Earl of Portarlington, gave birth to a son, Henry (Harry) Dawson-Damer, at Sydney, Australia, 13 November, 2009, a brother for Alice, Georgina
and Emma.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Princess Royal promoted vice-admiral from Dec 1 2009

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, KG, KCVO, ADC, is to be promoted rear-admiral with effect from February 19, 2010.

Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, KG, KT, GCVO, QSO, is to be promoted to vice-admiral with effect from December 1, 2009.

Duke of York promoted rear-admiral on his 50th birthday

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, KG, KCVO, ADC, is to be promoted rear-admiral with effect from February 19, 2010.

Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, KG, KT, GCVO, QSO, is to be promoted to vice-admiral with effect from December 1, 2009.


Death of Bettine Viscountess Gort, widow of the 8th Viscount

_.Bettine Viscountess Gort, who died in the Isle of Man, 17 Nov, 2009, at the age of 91, was the widow of the 8th Viscount Gort (1916-95). She was b circa 1918 as Bettine Mary Mackenzie Green, dau of Godfrey Green, of Douglas, and former wife of Arthur Henry Jarrand, and married Colin Leopold Prendergast Vereker in 1946. He succeeded to the peerage (cr Peerage of Ireland 1816) in 1975; she was widowed, 6 Apr 1995; she leaves issue, incd 9th Visc.


Christopher Michael Edward Talbot

_.Christopher Michael Edward Talbot, who died 16 Nov 2009, aged 81, was a scion of the Earls of Shrewsbury (Earl E, 1442); b 1928, son of Lt-Col Evan Arthur Christopher Talbot, MBE (1903-75), late the Grenadier Guards, by his wife the former Felicite Annette Cynthia Long; married 1962, Suzanne Barbara, dau of Arthur Dulley, and leaves issue. Funeral at St Mary's, Cerne Abbas, 27 November 2009.


Gladstone/Riddell engagement

_. The engagement was announced 19 Nov 2009 between Captain Harry W. Gladstone, The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, scion of the LG family of Gladstone of Capenoch, son of Mr and Mrs Robert Gladstone, of Capenoch, Dumfriesshire, and Katie I.J. Riddell, daughter of Lt Col and Mrs Roderick Riddell, of Crieff, Perthshire.


Cantwell/Bruce engagement

_. The engagement was announced 20 Nov 2009, between Ronan P. Cantwell, son of Mr and Mrs Padraic Cantwell, of Galway, Ireland, and Antonia Katherine Sarah Bruce (b 1979), scion of the Barons Aberdare (cr UK 1873), daughter of the Hon James Henry Morys Bruce (b 1948), of Westbury, Wiltshire, and Mrs Grace Wu Bruce, of Hong Kong.


Fortescue/Rodgers engagement

_. The engagement was announced 20 Nov 2009 between James Adrian Fortescue (b 1978), scion of the Earls Fortescue (cr GB 1789), only son of the Hon Seymour Fortescue (b 1942), of Chelsea, by his 1st wife the former Julia Pilcher (now Mrs Benjimin Bonas, of Morecote, Switzerland), and Olivia R. Rodgers, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Graham Rodgers, of Windsor.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Victoria Frances Olivia Vane-Tempest

_.Alexandra Vane-Tempest (nee Soens), wife of Christopher James Stewart Gt George Vane-Tempest (b 1 Aug 1978), scion of the Marquesses of Londonderry, gave birth to a dau, Victoria Frances Olivia, in Belgium, 12 Nov, 2009.

Christopher is the son of Charles Stewart Martin St George Vane-Tempest, by his wife the former Jillian Barbara von Bulow; & grandson of Charles Stewart M'Donnell Vane-Tempest, by his wife the former Diana Constance Seth-Smith, &c.


Arthur Chatto serves as Page of Honour to his great-aunt The Queen

A poignant moment at the State Opening of Parliament yesterday was the sight of the Queen's great-nephew Arthur Chatto, clad in scarlet tunic, serving as a Page of Honour.

Dear Princess Margaret would have been delighted. Arthur is the son of Royal favourite Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and Daniel Chatto.


Sarah Sienesi appointed Lady-in-Waiting to the Countess of Wessex

The Countess of Wessex has appointed Miss Sarah Sienesi to be a Lady-in-Waiting to Her Royal Highness from Oct 28, 2009.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Death of Lady Mairi Bury, daughter of the 7th Marquess of Londonderry

Lady Mairi Bury, nee Vane-Tempest-Stewart, last surviving daughter of the 7th Marquess of Londonderry, KG, MVO, TD, and Edith, Marchioness of Londonderry, died at Mount Stuart, 16 Nov 2009.

Lady Mairi Bury, 87, was married in 1940 to Derek William Charles Keppel, Viscount Bury (1911-1968), eldest son of Walter Keppel, 9th Earl of Albemarle. They were divorced in 1958.

Lady Mairi lived at Mount Stewart, near Newtownards in County Down, Northern Ireland throughout her life. Mount Stewart is now a property of the National Trust. Her nephew is the 9th and present marquess. Lady Mairi's niece is Lady Annabel Goldsmith.


Robert Edward John (Robin) Compton (1922-2009)

Robert Edward John (Robin) Compton, DL, sometime squire of Newby Hall, near Ripon, North Yorkshire, scion of the Marquesses of Northampton, died 14 Nov 2009, at the age of 87. He was born 11 Jul 1922, son of Edward Robert Francis Compton (1891-1977), A godson of King Edward VII, of Newby Hall, by his 1st wife the former Sylvia Farquharson (of Invercauld).

His elder brother, Alwyne (b 1 May 1919) succeeded as chief of the clan Farquharson of Invercauld and assumed that surname. Robin Compton was educ at Eton; served as Maj Coldstream Guards; was High Sheriff of North Yorks, 1978; married 5 Jul 1951, Ursula Jane Kenyon-Slaney (b 1920), scion of the Barons Kenyon, former wife of (i) Lt-Col David Lindsay, scion of the Earls of Crawford & Balcarres, and (ii) Sir John William Maxwell (Max) Aitken, 2nd Baronet (the disclaimed 2nd Baron Beaverbrook). He leaves issue, (i) James Alwyn Compton, b 11 May, 1953 (heir to the clan chieftainship of Farquharson of Invercauld), married to Lady Tania Frances Meade, a dau of the Earl of Clanwilliam, & (ii) Richard Clephane Compton, b 18 Apr 1957, who succeeded to the Newby estate, married to Ursula Hohler, of that LG family.


Viscount Thurso's son and heir engaged

_. The engagement was announced 18 Nov 2009 between the Hon James Alexander Robin Sinclair (b 14 Jan 1984), son and heir of the 3rd Viscount Thurso (b 10 Sept 1953), by his wife the former Marion Ticknor Sage, and Claire R. Schofield, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Schofield, of Bromley, Kent.


Violet Ruth Noel

Zara Noel (b 1978, nee van Cutsem) wife of the Hon Henry (Harry) Noel (b 1 July 1977), scion of the Earls of Gainsborough, gave birth to a daughter, Violet Ruth, 12 Nov 2009, a sister for Edward (Ned) Noel, who was b 30 April, 2007.

Harry is the only son and heir of Viscount Campden (himself the eldest son and heir of the 5th Earl of Gainsborough) by his wife the former Sarah Winnington (scion of the Winnington Baronets)

Zara is a daughter of Geoffrey Neil van Cutsem, scion of that LG family, by his wife the former Sally McCorquodale, of that LG family.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McCulloch/Kindersley engagement

_. The engagement is announced between Robert McCulloch, son of Mr Terrence McCulloch and Mrs Moira McCulloch, and Vanessa Kindsersley (b 1980), scion of the Barons Kindsersley, elder daughter of Christian Philip Kindersley (b 1950), by his 1st wife Hilary Luise, dau of David Radcliffe Guard, of Ryders Well House, Lewes, Sussex (she is now the Baroness Westbury, wife of the 6th Baron).


Reynolds/Bence-Jones engagement

_. The engagement was announced 16 Nov 2009 between Stefan Reynolds, elder son of Mr and Mrs Simon Reynolds, of London, and Silvia Camilla Coromandel Bence-Jones (b 31 Oct 1980), younger daughter of Mark Adayre Bence-Jones (b 29 May 1930), writer &c, scion of an LG of Ireland family, of Orwell Park, Suffolk, by his wife the former
Gillian Enid Pretyman (b 16 Mar 1934), scion of that LG family, only child of George Marcus Tomline Pretyman (b 23 Apr 1895), head of that LG family, of Orwell Park, by his wife the former Hon Camilla Elizabeth Gurdon (1909-1985), dau of the 2nd Baron Cranworth (1877-1964).


Brother of Cameron chief weds

_. The marriage took place at Chelsea Register Office, 12 Nov 2009, between John Alastair Nigel Cameron (b 1954), yr son of the late Sir Donald Hamish Cameron of Lochiel, KT, CVO, TD, Chief of the Clan Cameron, and Lady Cameron of Lochiel (nee Margaret Doris Gathorne-Hardy, scion of the Earls of Cranbrook), and Mrs Clare E. Hoare, former wife of Jonathan M.D. Hoare (b 1953), & daughter of Peter Parsons and the late Zoe Parsons.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Walter Henry Patrick de Laszlo

_. Katy A. de Laszlo (nee Guinness), wife of William Patrick de
Laszlo, (b. 1979), gave birth to a son, Walter Henry Patrick, 30 Oct
2009, a brother for Alice. William is the younger son of Mr Damon
Patrick de Laszlo, b. 1942, (descended from the Viscounts Greenwood)
and his wife, the former Hon Sandra Daphne Hacking, (b.1950), of
Newton Valence, Hampshire, and Katy is the younger daughter of Mr and
Mrs Timothy Guinness, of Ellisfield, Hampshire.

William de Laszlo is a maternal grandson of the 2nd Baron Hacking
(1910-71), and a great-grandson of the 1st Viscount Greenwood


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Son for Tory MP for Norfolk South, Richard Bacon

_Victoria Bacon (née Panton) wife of Richard Michael Bacon, Conservative MP for Norfolk South (b 3 Dec 1962), gave birth to a son, Ranulph Stephen Talbot, 29 Oct 2009, a brother for Rollo.


Fergus Timothy Seymour Dawson-Damer

_. Alexandra Louise Dawson-Damer (née Noad) wife since 2003 of the Hon. Henry Lionel Seymour Dawson-Damer, [b. 1971], youngest son of the 7th Earl of Portarlington, & the Countess of Portarlington, of Gledswood, Roxburghshire, and Sydney, Australia, gave birth to a son, Fergus Timothy Seymour, 5 Nov 2009, at Sydney, Australia, a brother for Jasper George Seymour, b at Sydney, 15 December, 2005, and for
Grace Francesca Seymour, b Sydney, 28 Nov 2007. Alexandra Dawson-Damer is the only daughter of Mr Timothy Noad, of Nairobi, Kenya, and Mrs Peter de Rougemont, of Alderney, Channel Islands.


Savannah Aurora Melrose-Cantouris

_.Charlotte Amaryllis Melrose-Cantouris (née FitzGeorge-Balfour, b 29
Sept 1981), wife of Andrew Cantouris (or Melrose-Cantouris), gave
birth to a daughter, Savannah Aurora, 9 Oct, 2009.

Andrew is a son of Mr & Mrs John Cantouris, of Sherston, Wilts, &
Charlotte, a descendant of the Royal Family
of the United Kingdom of Gt Britain & Ireland, is a daughter of Robin
Victor Fitzgeorge-Balfour (b London 5 June 1951), by his wife the
former Patricia Rountree (b 27 Mar 1952).

The infant is a gt-granddaughter paternally of Sir Robert Fitzgeorge-
Balfour (1913-94), and a great-great-granddaughter of Mabel Iris
Fitzgeorge (1886-1976), and a gt-gt-gt-granddaughter of George William
Adolphus Fitzgeorge (1843-1907), who was a natura son of HRH Prince
George, Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), by Sarah Louise Fairbrother,
known as Mrs Fitzgeorge (1816-90)


Baronet's heir and daughter murdered in Australia

Nicholas Anthony Ronald Waterlow, heir pres to the Waterlow Baronetcy (cr 1873), was murdered, at Randwick, Australia, together with his daughter, Chloe Diana, 9 Nov 2009. The murder suspect is Mr Waterlow's elder son, Antony Waterlow, b 1967, who now becomes heir pres to Sir Christopher Rupert Waterlow, 5th Baronet (b 12 Aug 1959). Nick Waterlow was b 30 Aug 1941 and educated at Harrow; son of Anthony Edgar
Russell Waterlow (1914-46), by his wife the former Barbara Winifred
Davy. He married 1965, Rosemary,dau of W.J O'Brien, of Sydney, and had
(i) Antony William Nicholas, b 1967
(ii) Luke Frederick Ronald, b 1969
(i) Chloe Chloe Diana, b 1972, married Ben Heuston, and d with her
father, 9 Nov 2009


Friday, November 13, 2009

George William Amherst Cecil

_.Clare D Cecil (née Stephens), wife of Henry Edward Amherst Cecil (b.1976), scion of the Barons Amherst of Hackney, gave birth to a son, George William Amherst, 7 Nov, 2009, a brother for Eleanor Rose Amherst, who was b 21 January, 2008.

Henry is the son of the Hon. Anthony Henry Amherst Cecil (b. 1947), of Compton Abbas, Dorset, by his second wife, the former Jane Elizabeth Holbrook, & Clare is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Nicholas Stephens, of Montford Bridge,
Shropshire. Henry Cecil is a grandson of the 3rd Baron Amherst
of Hackney.


Granddaughter for Marquess of Reading

_.The Lady Sybilla Alice Hart (née Rufus Isaacs, b. 1980), wife of Charles B.B. Hart, gave birth to a dau, Beatrice Rose, 5 Nov, 2009, a sister for Isaac David Boy Hart, who was b 15 December, 2006. Charles Hart is the youngest son of Mr David Hart, of Shimpling, Suffolk, and Mrs Christina Hart, of Glemsford, Suffolk, and Lady Sybilla is the elder daughter of the 4th Marquess of Reading & the Marchioness of
Reading, of Bisley, Gloucestershire.


Death of Lady Touche, wife of the 2nd Baronet

Lady Touche, who died suddenly from heart failure, 8 Nov, 2009, at Calgary, Canada, was the wife of Sir Rodney Gordon Touche, 2nd Baronet (b 5 Dec 1928). She was the former Quida Ann MacLellan, dau of Frederick Gerald MacLellan, of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and married in 1955. The baronetcy was cr in 1962 for her father-in-law, Sir Gordon, MP< who was Chairman of Ways & Means, House of Commons,
1960-62. She leaves issue.


Death of Rear-Admiral Jonathan Burch

_.Rear Admiral Jonathan Alexander Burch, CBE (1991), DG Aircraft (Navy) 1998-2000, Chief Naval Engr Officer, 1999, Chief Exec,Royal Academy of Engineering 2000-03, died 4 Nov, 2009. He was b 18 Jun 1949, son of Lt-Cdr Walter H. Burch, and married 1976, Ursula Georgette Victoria Maria Villiers (b 1943), scion of the Earls of
Clarendon, widow of Lt John Philip Bear, RN, who d 1967, and dau of George Pelham Villiers (1909-89), by his 1st wife. He leaves no issue, by survived by stepson, Alexander George Philip Villiers Bear, b 1966.


Second son for the Earl and Countess of Clarendon

_.The Countess of Clarendon (née Bryonie Leask), wife of the 8th Earl
of Clarendon (b 12 Feb 1976), gave birth to a second son, the Hon
Frederick Henry Alexander Villiers, 29 Oct 2009, a brother for Edward
George James, Lord Hyde, who was b 17 Apr 2008.

Lord Clarendon, who recently succeeded his father, married Bryonie V L
Leask, dau. of Maj General Anthony de Camborne Lowther Leask CB CBE,
of Stibb Green, Burbage, co. Wiltshire (by his wife Heather Catherine
Moir), only son of Lieut General Sir Henry Lowther Ewart Clark Leask
KCB OBE DSO, of 9 Glenalmond House, Manor Fields, London SW15,
Governor of Edinburgh Castle 1969-72, by his wife Zoe de Camborne
Paynter, dau. of Col William Patterson Paynter DSO. Villiers (b. 17
Apr 2008).


Death of John Valentine Willis Fleming

_. John Valentine 'Roo' Willis Fleming, who died 3 Nov, 2009, aged 84,
was a scion of the Willis Fleming LG family, of Stoneham; b 26 May
1925, second son of Brig John Browne Phillimore Willis Fleming, CBE (b
2 Jun 1895), of Pyle Manor, Chale, Isle of Wight (head of the family),
by his wife the former Eirenne Charrington, scion of that LG family of
Bures Manor; educ----->RN College Dartmouth; married (i) 8 Jun 1955,
Angela Jean St John, dau of Brig Brian Wolseley Webb-Carter, DSO*,
OBE, by his wife Rosemary (nee Hood), & sister of Maj-Gen Sir Evelyn
John Webb-Carter, KCVO (b 30 Jan 1946); married (ii ??)
Josephine____; survived by wife and issue, (i) Thomas b 28 Dec 1958,
(i) Sarah Anne b 10 Apr 1956, Harry b____, and Emily b______. Funeral
on Friday 13th November 2009 at St Goran Church, Gorran.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birth of son and heir to Lord & Lady Hamilton of Dalzell

_. The Baroness Hamilton of Dalzell (née Harriet Roskill) wife since
1997 of the 5th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell (b. 8 Oct, 1968), gave birth
to a son and heir, the Hon Francis Alexander James Goulburn Hamilton,
20 October, 2009, a brother to twins Sybilla Ismene, and Octavia
Elisabeth b 16 an 2001, and for Venetia Rose, who was b 31 Jul 2005.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Death of the Rt Rev Stephen Verney, 90, sometime Bishop of Repton

_.The Rt Rev Stephen Edmund Verney, who died 9 Nov, 2009, aged 90, was
Bishop Suffragan of Repton 1977-85, scion of the Verney Baronets, and
grandson maternally of a Viceroy of India.

He was b 17 Apr 1919, son of Lt.-Col. Sir Harry Calvert Williams
Verney, 4th Baronet,by his wife the former Lady Rachel Catherine Bruce
(1890-1964), dau of the Earl of Elgin & Kincardine, KG (1849-1917),
sometime Viceroy of India, &c.

. He married, firstly, Priscilla Avice Sophie Schwerdt, daughter of
George Francis Ignatius Schwerdt, on 13 December 1947, by whom he had
4 children. He married, secondly, Sandra (?) in 1981. A son from this
marriage died in infancy.


Lord Norton's son engaged

_. The engagement was announced 7 Nov 2009 between the Hon Edward
James Arden Adderley (b 19 Oct 1982), only son of the 8th Baron Norton
(b 2 Jun 1947), of Verbier, Switzerland, by his 1st wife, now Mrs
Peter Edwards, of Monaco, and Sarah Jane Wilkinson, only daughter of
Mrs Jane Wilkinson, of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire..—


Isabella von Westenholz

_. Nicole A. von Westenholz (née Hayes), wife of Nicholas Anthony
Philip von Westenholz (b. 1975), gave birth to a dau, Isabella
Charlotte Mary, 19 Oct 2009, a sister for Maximilian.

Nicholas is the third son of Charles von Westenholz, of Widford,
Hertfordshire, by his wife the former Lady Mary
Marianella Kerr (b. 1944), & Nicole A. Hayes, daughter of Mr & Mrs
John Hayes, of Datchet, Berkshire.

Nicholas von Westenholz is a grandson maternally of the 12th Marquess
of Lothian, KCVO (1922-2004).


Flavia Georgiana Erica Boyce

_.Sophia Henrietta Boyce (née Hotham, b 1967), wife of James C. Boyce,
& scion of the Barons Hotham, gave birth to a dau, Flavia Georgiana
Erica, 5Nov, 2009. _.

James is a son of Mr Robert Boyce, of Newmarket, and the late Mrs
Boyce, and Sophia is a daughter of Martin Patrick Hotham, and the late
Mrs Hotham.


Matilda Sykes

_.Anna Sykes (née Hanbury) wife of Samuel Adrian Aubrey (Sam) Sykes (b.
1974), gave birth to a dau, Matilda, 2 Nov 2009, a sister for Poppy.

Sam Sykes is a son of Mr Adrian William Guy Sykes by his wife the Hon.
Nicola Mary Caroline Buxton, (b. 1947), of Cook's Mill, Colchester, &
grandson of the late Baron Buxton of Alsa (of the Buxton Baronets).
Anna is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Leslie Hanbury, of The Manor House,
Wickhambrook, Suffolk.


Lamb/Ward engagement

_. The engagement was announced 10 Nov 2009 between Joshua T.R. Lamb,
son of Mr and Mrs Martin Lamb, of Stockleigh English, Devon, and Laura
Sunniva Ward (b 1984), daughter of Maxwell Bernard Colin Ward (b 22
Aug 1949), of Humbie, East Lothian, scion of the Viscounts Bangor, by
his wife Lady Sarah Ward (b 3 Oct 1954, nee Marsham), sister of the
8th Earl of Romney.


Maj John Evelyn Shirley, cousin of Lord Ferrers, dies

_.Maj John Evelyn Shirley, late the KRRC, of Ettington Park, Startford-
upon-Avon, and Lough Fea, co Monaghan, who died at his home, Isle of
Man, 7 Nov, 2009, aged 86, was scion of the Earls Ferrers, and
descended from the Earl Ferrers who was tried and convicted of the
murder of his steward and executed (with silken rope) at Tyburn in
1760; b 1922, son of Lt-Col Evelyn Shirley (1889-1956), by his wife
the former Kathleen Cardew; educ at Eton. Married 1952, Judith
Margaret Dugdale, scion of the Dugdale Baronets, and had issue, inc
dau Emily, b 1957, who married 1984, the 3rd Baron Grimston of


Scots Guards officer Peter Rous dies on military training exercise aged 25

_.Lt. Peter George Rous, of the Scots Guards, died suddenly whilst on
a military exercise, 3 November, 2009, aged 25 years. He was a scion
of the Earls of Stradbroke. Born in 1984, son of Robert Charles Rous
(b 1983), by his wife the former Teresa Mary Mercedes Heathcote; he
had one sibling, Laura Frances, b 1982. Funeral Service and
celebration of a happy life at St Mary's Church, Dennington, Suffolk,
13 November 2009.

Lord Brennan's daughter engaged

_.The engagement was announced 11 Nov 2009 between the Hon Daniel
Brennan, eldest son of Lord Brennan, QC, and Lady Brennan, of Bibury,
Gloucestershire, and Rebecca Usher-Smith, daughter of Mr and Mrs
Stephen Usher-Smith, of Bath.


Viscount Cobham's daughter engaged

_.The engagement was announced 11 Nov, 2009, between George Frederick
Merrylees, son of Mrs Joan Merrylees, of Portloe, Cornwall, and of the
late Mr John Merrylees, and the Hon Sophie Emma Lyttelton (b 1978),
daughter of the 12th Viscount Cobham (b 23 Oct 1947), and Viscountess
Cobham, of Hagley, Worcs.


Death of Angela, Lady Frank

_.Angela, Lady Frank (née Cayley) who died 6 Nov, 2009, was the first
wife of Sir Robert John Frank, 3rd Baronet, and was a scion of the
Cayley Baronets. She was b Angela Elizabeth Cayley, 22 Aug 1930, 1st
of the seven daughters of Sir Kenelm Henry Ernest Cayley, 10th Baronet
(1896-1967), by his wife the former Frances Elizabeth Edwyna Brewis,
and married Sir Robert, 10 May 1950. They divorced in 1959. Funeral at
All Saints Church, Brompton by Sawdon, North Yorkshire, on Monday 16th
November 2009.


Death of Gen Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson, GCB

1973), of 1 Drury Pk, Snape, Saxmundham, Suffolk; born 12 Aug 1921;
died on Remembrance Sunday, 8 Nov, 2009. The funeral, for family and
friends, will be held on Tuesday 24th November at.— 2 p.m., at St John
the Baptist Church, Snape, Suffolk.


Friday, November 06, 2009

Lord Goldsmith's daughter to marry Edward Lascelles

_.The engagement was announced 6 November, 2009, between Edward
William Anthony Lascelles, son of Mr and Mrs Richard Lascelles, of.—
Kensington, London, and the Hon Charlotte Louise Goldsmith, daughter
of the Baron Goldsmith, PC, QC (b 5 January, 1950), of St James's
Park, London, & Baroness Goldsmith.


Capt Peter Tatton-Brown, RN 1921-2009

_.Peter Duncan Tatton-Brown, Capt RN Retd, died at his home, 1 Nov,
2009, at the age of 88. He was a scion of the LG family of that name,
of Westergate Wood, b 23 Apr 1921, 3rd son of Capt Duncan Tatton
Brown, RN (1875-1960), by his wife the former Alice Mary Cobbold (d
1968); married 3 Mar 1947, Geraldeen, dau of G. Mortimer, and had
issue. Burial Service on 13th November 2009 at Seaton Cemetery
followed by a Service of Thanksgiving at St Winifred's Church,
Branscombe, Devon.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hon Mrs Jeremy Cowdrey

_.The Hon Mrs Philippa E. Cowdrey (nee Telford), who died six weeks
ago, at the Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, aged 49, was the wife of
the Hon Jeremy C. Cowdrey, a son of the late life baron Lord Cowdrey
of Tonbridge. She was the former Philippa Telford and married the
great cricketer's son in 1989. She leaves issue.


Vernon/Farquhar engagement

_.The engagement was announced 4 Nov 2009 between Andrew Robert
Richard Vernon (b 1979), scion of the Barons Lyveden (UK 1859) son of
(Hugh) Richard Mervyn Vernon (b 1947), of Stairaird, Ayrshire, by his
wife the former Hon Victoria Arthur (b 1946), dau of the 3rd Baron
Glenarthur (1909-1976), and Alice P.M. Farquhar, eldest daughter of Mr
and Mrs James Farquhar, of Inchaffray, Perthshire.


Hugh Michael Campbell Ferrier

_.Henrietta M Ferrier (née Burnell-Nugent) wife of Nicholas O.C.
Ferrier, gave birh to a son, Hugh Michael Campbell, 28 Oct 2009, a
brother for William. Nicholas is the son of Mr and Mrs Andrew Ferrier,
& Henrietta is a dau of Vice-Admiral Sir James Michael Burnell-Nugent
(b 19 Nov 1949), sometime Second Sea Lord and C-in-C Home Command and
Flag Aide-de-Camp to The Queen, of Sheepham, Devon, by his wife the
former Henrietta Mary Woods.

Henrietta is a granddaughter maternally of the Rt Rev Robin Woods,
KCMG, KCVO (1914-97), sometime Dean of Windsor and Domestic Chaplain
to HM The Queen, and later Bishop of Worcester, by his wife the former
("Etta") Marian Wilson (d 8 Feb 2005, aged 88).


Alice Henriette Akers-Douglas

_.Camilla E.H. Akers-Douglas (née Edwards), wife of the Hon Oliver Ian
Akers-Douglas (b 13 October 1973), gave birth to a daughter, Alice
Henriette, 27 Oct 2009, a sister for Ivo Artas, who was b 27 July,

Oliver is the son of Alastair George Akers-Douglas, 4th Viscount


Wilfred Christopher Michael Hanbury Copcutt

_.Jessica Copcutt (née Hanbury) wife of Nicholas Copcutt, gave birth
to a son, Wilfred Christopher Michael Hanbury, 22 Oct 2009, a brother
for Hector Stanley Hanbury, who was b 1 January, 2005, and for George.

Nicholas Copcutt is the only son of Mr and Mrs Michael Copcutt, of
Bray, Berkshire, and Jessica, (b. 13 April, 1979), is the youngest
daughter of Major Christopher Osgood Philip Hanbury, (b. 1944), & Mrs
Hanbury (nee Bridget Anne Birch), of Hungerford, Berkshire. Jessica is
a granddaughter maternally of Charles Francis Birch (of
Birch, formerly of Clare Park), and is a niece of Mrs A. William A.
Spiegelberg, (nee Birch), mother of the 19th Earl of Derby.


Hon Patrick Best 1923-2009

_.The Hon Patrick George Mathew BEST, wo died 30 Oct 2009, aged 86,
was a son of the 7th Baron Wynford (1874-1943), by his 1st wife; he
was b 1923, & was educ at Wellington; married 1947, dau of Hamilton
Gardner, and had issue. Funeral at the Parish Church of St Luke,
Milland, Hampshire, Monday 16th November, 2009.


Death of Aileen Hugh Smith

_.Aileen Hugh Smith, who died 1st Nov 2009, aged 93, was widow of (i)
L-Cdr the Hon (John) David Hotham, DSC RN (1911-1962), and o Cdr Colin
Hugh Smith, RN, who d 1975. She was the former Aileen Coates, dau of
Capt Harry Coates, of the Durham Light Infantry, and married David
Hotham in 1939 (he had ben raised to the rank of baron's son in
1924); she married (ii) 1969, Cdr Colin Hugh Smith. She leaves issue
from the 1st marriage.
Funeral at St Mary's Church, Battersea Church Road, London, Thursday
12th November 2009.

Donald Black, MC 1932-2009

(Michael) Donald Gordon Black, MC, who died at Edenwood, Cupar, Fife,
28 Aug 2009, aged 76, was the grandfather (maternally) of a future
Marquis of Lothian; b at Edenwood, 7 Sept 1932;married (i) 1958,
Priscilla Holt (she d. 1996), 1 son, 2 daughters; married (ii) 2000,
Jenni, Lady Napier, widow of Sir Robin Surtees Napier, Bt, who
survives him.

His dau, Marie-Claire, married in 1988, as his 2nd wife, Lord Ralph
William Francis Joseph Kerr (b 7 Nov 1957), 2nd son of the 12th
Marquis of Lothian (1922-2004), &c.


Adam Fremantle 1934-2009

_.Adam Fremantle, who died 30 Oct 2009, in London, was a scion of the
Barons Cottesloe (UK 1874), b 1934, son of the Hon Christopher Evelyn
Fremantle (1906-78), by his wife the former Anne Huth Jackson, scion
of the Jackson Baronets (cr 1869); married 1963 (div 1978) Mary
Christine, dau of Prince Paul Sapieha, and leaves issue;
The Funeral will be in London on Monday 9th November at St Mary's
Battersea, Battersea Church Road, SW11 3NA.


Edward Huw Gruffudd Jones

.— Emma Gruffudd Jones (née Barttelot) wife of Freddie N. Gruffudd
Jones, gave birth to a son, Edward (Ned) Huw, 18 Oct 2009. Freddie is
the younger son of Mr and Mrs Dafydd Gruffudd Jones, of Anglesey, and
Emma is the youngest daughter of Col Sir Brian Walter De Stopham
Barttelot, OBE, 5th Baronet (b 17 Jul 1941), of Stopham, Pulborough,
Sussex, by his wife the former Hon (Mary Angela) Fiona Weld-Forester
(b 1944), yst dau of the late 7th Baron Forester (1899-1977).


Death of Lord Steinberg

Lord Steinberg, a life baron, has died.

LEONARD STEINBERG died on 2 November 2009. He was cr Baron Steinberg, of
Belfast in the County of Antrim, for life in 2004. He is survived by
his widow (m 1962) Beryl dau of Maurice COBDEN, of Hull and his son,
Hon Jonathan b1967 m 1989 and has issue; and his dau Hon Lynne
Rochelle Hon Mrs Ferster) b 1964 m 1989.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Death of Sir Peter Holcroft, Bt

_. Sir Peter George Culcheth Holcroft, 3rd Baronet, sometime High
Sheriff of Shropshire, died 26 Oct 2009. Born in 1931, married 29 Jul
1956, Rosemary Rachel Deas, daughter of George Nevill Deas, by his
wife the former Rachel Paget, scion of the Marquesses of Anglesey.
Memorial Service takes place 1st Dec 2009, at All Saints Church,
Berrington, Shrewsbury.