Friday, August 30, 2013

Hon Susan Elizabeth Foster 1935-2013

_.The Hon Susan Elizabeth Foster (nee Bridgeman), who died 26 August, 2013, aged 77, served as 'Lady in Waiting' to Lady May Abel Smith, wife of the Governor of Queensland 1958-60, and was a scion of the Viscounts Bridgeman (Peerage of the UK,, cr 1929). She was born 19 Oct, 1935, second daughter of Robert Clive Bridgeman, 2nd Viscount Bridgeman, KBE (1896-1982), by his wife the former Hon Mary Kathleen Lane Fox, dau of the 1st & last Baron Bingley; married 1 Aug, 1962, David Kenneth Dudley Foster, by whom she had issue, three sons. Lady May Abel Smith, was wife of Sir Henry Abel Smith, and a daughter of the Earl of Athlone, brother of Queen Mary, and a 1st cousin of King George VI, &c. Funeral at St Peter's RC Church, Ludlow, Shropshire, Friday 6 Sept.

Luke Edward Charlton (b 2013)

The Hon Edwina Laura Marguerite Charlton (nee Palmer), born 1982, scion of the Barons Palmer (Baron, UK, 1933), wife of Andrew Charlton, and daughter of the 4th Baron Palmer (b 8 Oct 1951), of Manderston, Duns, Berwickshire, has given birth to a son, Luke Edward, born in Singapore. Andrew Charlton is a friend of the Duke of Cambridge ~both were at prep school at Ludgrove. -=-

Rosemary Tyser (nee Scrope) 1947-2013

_.Rosemary Tyser (nee Scrope), who died 26 August, 2013, aged 66, was a scion of the Scrope dynasty, of Danby, co York, which can claim 5 Garter Knights, 2 bishops, one archbishop of York, a Lord Chancellor, 4 High Treasurers, and 2 Chief Justices, and the baronies of Scrope of Bolton and Scrope of Masham, &c. She was born 10 July, 1947, second of three daughters of Lt-Col Conyers Stephen Scrope, MC, by his wife the former Lady Mary Egerton, 3rd daughter of the 4th Earl of Ellesmere, MVO, and sister of the 6th Duke of Sutherland. She married 1976, Robert Patrick Tyser (born 1926 ~ died 17 Dec, 2006, aged 80), son of Walter Parkyns Tyser, of Gordonbush, Brora, co Sutherland, by his wife the former Jessie Quill. The funeral is at St Mary's Church, Kelso, Tues 3 September, 2013. -=-

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vernon/Crutchley engagement

_.The engagement was announced 29 Aug, 2013, between Charles E.A.P. Vernon, son of Mr Peter Vernon and Mrs Prue Vernon, of Gloucestershire, & Daisy Alice Crutchley (born 1986), daughter of the late Lieutenant Commander William Victor Percy Crutchley, RN (who d 2007), descended from the FitzRoy Barons Southampton (Baron, GB, 1780), by his wife the former Hon Penelope Anne O'Neill (b 1947), scion of the Barons O'Neill (Baron, UK, 1868), daughter of the Rt Hon Terence Marne O'Neill (1914-90), created a life peer as Baron O'Neill of the Maine, 1970. -=-

Lieutenant-Colonel John Drogo Montagu 1916-2013

_.Lieutenant-Col. John Drogo Montagu, of Freshwater, Isle of Wight, who died 18 August, 2013, aged 97, was a scion of the Dukes of Manchester (Duke, GB, cr 1719). He was born in 1916, son of John William Montagu (1877-1954), by his wife the former Violet Irene Shuter (who died 1970), and was educated at Exeter School, and RMC Sandhurst; Lt-Col, 2nd Punjab Regiment, Indian Army, served in the Far East 1939-45 (despatches); married 1952, Dorothy Boreham Chuter (died 1990), dau of C.E. Chuter, of Brisbane, Australia, by whom he had issue, Sally, Michael, Nigel, Richard and Felicity. The funeral takes place at All Saints' Church, Freshwater, 2 September, 2013. -=-

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Davis/Lethbridge engagement

_.The engagement was announced 28 Aug, 2013, between Mr Gavin H. Davis, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Keith Davis, of Melbourne, Australia, & Rachael Elizabeth Mary Lethbridge (b 1986), youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Pelham Hector Noel Lethbridge, 7th Baronet (b 17 Jul, 1950) (Baronet, UK, cr 1804), of Newmarket, Suffolk, by his former wife, Susan Lady Lethbridge of Milverton, Somerset (nee Susan Elizabeth Rocke, dau of Lyle Rocke, of Maryland, USA), &c. -=-

Wilfred Douglas William Cable-Alexander (b 2013)

_. Claire Cable-Alexander (nee Whiteside), wife of Fergus William Antony Cable-Alexander (b 18 June, 1981), scion of the Cable-Alexander Baronets, gave birth to a son, Wilfred Douglas William, 22 Aug, 2013. Fergus is the son and heir of Sir Patrick Cable-Alexander, 8th Baronet (Bart, UK, cr 1809), b 19 Apr 1936, by his 2nd wife the former Jane Mary Lewis, and is a half-brother of Melanie Cable-Alexander who has a son by the 1st Earl of Snowdon, GCVO, &c. -=-

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Robert Maclean, DL 1951-2013

_.John Robert Maclean, DL, of Westfield House, Spynie, Elgin, Morayshire, who died 22 August, 2013, aged 62, was head of the landed gentry family of Maclean of Westfield, a cadet of the Macleans of Dochgarroch. He married in 1979, Veronica Mary (born 1954) dau of Evelyn Charles Lacy Hulbert-Powell (1914-85) by his wife the former Hon Philippa Catherine St Aubyn (b 1922) daughter of the 3rd Baron St Levan. He is survived by his wife and a son, Hugh Charles b 1984, who succeeds him as head of the family, and 2 daughters, Charlotte and Anastasia. -=-

Jacobi Hugh Macdonald-Buchanan (b 2013)

__.Poppy Augusta Macdonald-Buchanan (nee Fraser, born 1979), scion of the Lords Lovat, and wife of (Charles) Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan (b 1970), gave birth to a son, Jacobi Hugh, 20 Aug, 2013, abrother for Constance, Lorcan & Bertie. Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan is the fourth son of Mr Alexander James Macdonald-Buchanan, of The Tower House, Eccles, Berwickshire, and Mrs Elizabeth Macdonald-Buchanan (b 1939, nee Vivian Smith, scion of the Barons Bicester), of London SW3, & Poppy is a dau of the late Hon Hugh Alastair Joseph Fraser, by his wife the former Drusilla Montgomerie. Charles Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan is descended from the 1st (and last) Baron Woolavington. -==-

Oliver Birchall (b 2013)

Joanna Birchall (b 1973, née Douglas-Home), wife of Nicholas P. Birchall, and scion of the Earls of Home, gave birth to a son, Oliver,20 Aug 2013, a brother for William and James. Nicholas Birchall is the son of Mr and Mrs Julian Birchall, of Drumelzier, Peeblesshire, Scotland, and Joanna is the elder daughter of Mr Simon Douglas-Home, [b. 1947], of London, and Mrs Douglas-Home, & a granddaughter of the Hon. Edward Charles Douglas-Home, [b. 1920], & great-granddaughter of the 13th Earl of Home, KT, TD, [1873-1951], &c. -=-

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kate's university friend bags scion of Scottish landed gentry

_.The engagement was announced in July, 2013, between Mr George F. Wallace, scion of the landed family of Wallace of Candacraig, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, elder son of Mr Falconer Alexander Wallace (b 3 Mar, 1949), of Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, by his wife Laura, OStJ, & Miss Olivia Jane Bleasdale (born 1983), younger daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremy Bleasdale, of Huttons Ambo, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Juliet Tudor. Miss Bleasdale is a close friend of the Duchess of Cambridge ~ from their university days. George Wallace is a distant cousin of the Duke of Cambridge. -=-

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Arbuthnot-Leslie/Whittington engagement

_.The engagement was announced 24 Aug, 2013, between William Anthony Arbuthnot-Leslie (born 1982), elder son of Sebastian Anthony Arbuthnot-Leslie (born 1954, formerly Stainton), head of the landed family of the landed family of Leslie, of Warthill, Aberdeenshire, by his wife the former Candida Mary Sybil Weld (b 1956), scion of that landed family of Chideock, descended from the Earls of Verulam & Sarah Alexandra Whittington (b 1983), daughter of Mr Peter A. Whittington (b 1955), of Stuton, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Penelope A. Wilson. William's sister is the actress Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte in the TV series "Game of Thrones". -=-

Tomalin/Simmonds engagement

_.The engagement was announced 24 August, 2013, between Oliver J.M. Tomalin, only son of Mr & Mrs Michael Tomalin, of Highclere, Hampshire, & Rose Simmonds (born 1987), third daughter of Mr John Edward Simmonds, of Great Pednor, Buckinghamshire, by his wife the former Lady Caroline Knox (b 11 Dec 1948) only child of Thomas Daniel Knox, 6th Earl of Ranfurly, KCMG (d. 1988) (Earl, UK, cr 1831), by his wife the former Hermione Llewellyn, OBE. -=-

Lucas/Severn (nee Hanbury) engagement

_.The engagement was announced 24 Aug, 2013, between Mr William Lucas and Mrs Zahra Patricia Anne Severn (nee Hanbury, b 10 Apr, 1971), scion of that landed family, eldest daughter of Maj. Christopher Osgood Philip Hanbury (b 16 Feb, 1944), by his wife the former Bridget Anne Birch (b 1949). The marriage is to take place in the autumn. Zahra married 1stly, 1994, Mr Ross J. Severn (b 13 Apr, 1965), by whom she has issue. -=-

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maxey/Beaumont engagement

_.The engagement was announced 22 Aug, 2013, between Mr Richard Maxey, son of Mr & Mrs Philip Maxey, of Longmeadow, Hertfordshire, and the Hon Alice Theresa Beaumont (born 1983), second daughter of the 4th Viscount Allendale (b 13 Nov, 1948) (Peerage of the UK, cr 1911), of Bywell Castle, Stocksfield-on-Tyne, Northumberland, by his wife the former Theresa Mary Magdalene More O'Ferrall. -=--

Wilfred Kit Diggory Coode (b 2013)

_.Clare K. Coode (née Smales) wife of Edward R (Ed) Coode (b. 19 June, 1975), the Gold Medal winning Olympic oarsman, gave birth to a son, Wilfred Kit Diggory, 22 July, 2013, a brother for Beatrice Mary, who was b 11 Feb 2007, and for Ottilie Mary, b 16 Mar, 2009, and Jonathan Peter who was b 21 Dec, 2011. Ed Coode is the son of Jonathan Arundell Coode (b. 1938), scion of the Coode LG family formerly of Polapit Tamar, and descended from the Neave baronets, and Mrs Coode, of Lanhydrock, Cornwall, and Clare is the daughter of Mr Peter Smales, of Fontmell Parva, Dorset, and Mrs Mary-Joyce Smales, of Lymington, Hampshire. --==--

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Allegra Annabel Astor (b 2013)

.Lohralee Astor (nee Stutz) wife of the Hon William Waldorf Astor (b 19 Jan 1979) , gave birth to a daughter, Allegra Annabel, 14 Aug, 2013, a sister for William Waldorf, who was b 4 May, 2012. The Hon William Astor is the elder son of the 4th Viscount Astor (b 27 Dec 1951), by his wife, the former Annabel Lucy Victoria Jones (descended from the Barons Clifford of Chudleigh), and Lohralee is a daughter of Mrs Lee Villas and Mr Serge-Alian Stutz. --=--

Kenyon-Slaney: twin boys

_. Christina Kenyon-Slaney (nee Macmillan), wife of Rupert David Kenyon-Slaney (b 1975), scion of the Barons Kenyon, gave birth to twin sons, Robert Duncan Thomas, and Orlando William Percy, 14 August, 2013. Rupert David is the son of Robert (Robin) Ivan KENYON-SLANEY (1926-84), scion of the barons KENYON and, through his mother, gs of the 3rd Duke of ABERCORN) by his wife Meriel Rose Afia, LVO (b 1940, now Mrs Peter Afia, of Hatton, Shropshire), dau of Capt Joseph Gurney Fowell BUXTON, scion of the Baronets of that name & Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Alexandra the Hon Lady Ogilvy). Christina is a daughter of Professor and Mrs Duncan Macmillan, of Edinburgh. -=-

Angus John Mercer Nairne (b 2013)

_.Melissa . Mercer Nairne (née Wakeley), wife of Joseph Douglas (Joe) Mercer Nairne (b. 1980), scion of the Marquesses of Lansdowne, gave birth to a son, Angus John, 8 August, 2013, a brother for Fergus Grey, who was b 26 Sept, 2009, and for Florence Daisy, who was b 17 Apr, 2011. Joseph Mercer Nairne is the yr son of Lord Robert Mercer Nairne (b. 1947), by his wife, the former Jane Elizabeth Gordon, scion of the Marquesses of Huntly, & Melissa is the yr daughter of Mr & Mrs Timothy Wakeley. --==--

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dowager Viscountess Waverley, widow of 2nd Viscount

_. The Dowager Viscountess Waverley, who died 12 August, 2013, aged 88, was the widow of David Aslastair Pearson Anderson, 2nd Viscount Waverley 1911-90 (Peerage of the UK, cr 1952). She was the former Lorna Myrtle Ann Ledgerwood, daughter of Lt-Col Frederick Hill Ledgerwood, and Mrs Alfred John Home Ross, and married the then Hon David Anderson, 13 Nov, 1948. Her husband succeeded, to the viscountcy on the demise of his father, 4 Jan 1958, the 1st Viscount, who, as John Anderson, served in the wartime government of Winston Churchill successively as Lord Privy Seal, Home Secretary and Minister for Home Security {after whom is named the Anderson Shelter}, Lord President of the Council and Chancellor of the Exchequer. He was created a peer in 1952. Lady Waverley leaves a son, John, the 3rd viscount, and two daughters, Ida and Patricia. -=-

Mougouch Fielding 1921-2013

. Mougouch Fielding, who died 2 June, 2013, aged 92, was the former debutate who became the wife and muse of the Armenian-born artist, Arshile Gorky. She was born Agnes Magruder, 1 June, 1921, at Boston, Mass, daughter of Admiral John H. Magruder, of the US Navy, and married firstly, Arshile Gorky (1904-48), by whom she had 2 daughters; married secondly, in 1949 (div 1959), the Bostonian painter Jack Phillips, by whom she had 2 more daughters; married thirdly, 1978, Maj Alexander Wallace (Xan) Fielding, DSO (1918-91), the British author, translator, journalist, soldier, traveller, former husband of the Hon Daphne Vivian (scion of the Barons Vivian, cr UK 1841), son of Alexander Lumsden Wallace. -=-

Colonel Julian Patrick Fane, MC 1921-2013

_.Colonel Julian Patrick Fane, MC, late the Life Guards & the 12th Royal Lancers, who died 11 Aug, 2013, aged 92, was awarded the Military Cross for his part in the evacuation of Dunkirk. He was born 17 Feb 1921, son of Col Cecil Fane, CMG, DSO, and married 1stly 27 April, 1949, the Lady Ann Mary Lowther (b 30 April, 1927; died as the result of a motor accident in Germany, 23 Aug 1956), sister of the 7th Earl of Lonsdale; married 2ndly, in 1959, Diana Hill. From his 1st marriage he leaves two children, Diana and Anthony, and from the second marriage, two children, Alexandra and Andrew. The funeral is at St Mary's Church, Kintbury, Berkshire, 23 August, 2013. -=-

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lord Northbrook to wed

_.The engagement has been announced between Francis Thomas Baring, 6th Baron Northbrook (and 8th baronet) (b 21 Feb, 1954), son of the late 5th Baron Northbrook (1915-90), by his wife the former Rowena Margaret Manning, and Mrs Charlotte Pike. (more details to follow) -=-

The Baron Chitnis 1936-2013

_.The Baron Chitnis, Liberal party organiser, Head of the Liberal Party Organisation, 1966-69, and life peer, died 12 July, 2013. He was born Pratap Chidamber Chitnis, in London, 1st May, 1936. Married Anne Brand, 1964, created a life Baron inn 1977 as Baron Chitnis, of Rydedale in the County of North Yorkshire. -=-

Maj. Nigel Donald Peter Chamberlayne-Macdonald, CVO, OBE 1927-2013

_.Maj. Nigel Donald Peter Chamberlayne-Macdonald, CVO, OBE (formerly Macdonald of the Isles), who died 15 Aug, 2013, aged 86, was a scion of the Bosville Macdonald Baronets (Bt, NS, 1625) and was owner of one of Scotland's biggest and famous estates, the 80 square mile Knoydart estate. He was born in 1927, a yr son of Sir (Alexander) Somerled Angus Bosville Macdonald of Sleat, 16th Baronet. He assumed the additional surname of Chamberlayne in 1958 on his marriage to Penelope Mary Alexandra, daughter of Tankerville Chamberlayne, of Cranbury Park, Winchester. Maj Chamberlayne-Macdonald, of the Scots Guards, served as equerry and assistant private sec to the late Duke of Gloucester, was a Gentleman Usher to the Queen from 1979, High Sheriff of Hampshire in 1974, and a DL for Hants from 1975. From his marriage he leaves 4 children, Alexander, Diana (Countess of Lindsay), Frances and Tom. The funeral is at St Matthew's Church, Otterbourne, near Winchester, 21 Aug, 2013. -==-

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Archibald/Cumani engagement

_.The engagement was announced 17 Aug, 2013, between Mr Robert Archibald, eldest son of Mr & Mrs James Archibald, of Scone, New South Wales, & Francesca Deepsea Cumani (born 1983), daughter of Mr Luca Matteo Cumani (b 7 Apr, 1949), the racehorse trainer, of Newmarket, by his wife the former Sara Doon Plunket (b 1957), scion of the Barons Plunket (Baron UK, 1827). -=-

Albert Andrew Lindsay (born 2013)

_.The Lady Amy Jane Lindsay (nee Gordon, b 1975), wife of Andrew James Ronald Lindsay, MBE (B 1977), gave birth to a son, Albert Andrew, 8 Aug, 2013, a brother for Geordie, Hector and Wilfred. Lady Amy is a daughter of the 13th Marquess of Huntly (b 4 Feb 1944) (Marquess, Scot, 1599), of Aboyne Castle, Aberdeenshire, by his 1st wife, the former Jane Elizabeth Angela Gibb, descended from the Viscounts Cowdray (Peerage, UK, 1917), &c. Andrew Lindsay is a son of Lt-Col and Mrs Stephen Lindsay.

Guest/Garton engagement

__.The engagement was announced 17 Aug, 2013, between Robert O.G. Guest, son of Mr & Mrs Charles Guest, of Edinburgh, & (Annabel) Rose Maria Francesca Garton (born 1984), daughter of Mr (Anthony) Juan Garton, of St Anne's, Alderney, by his wife the former Hon Annabel Jocelyne Hudson (born 1952), daughter of the 2nd (and last) Viscount Hudson (extinct 1963). -=-

Isabelle Beatrice Mary Penn (born 2013)

_. Francesca Penn (nee Boys), wife of Rory D.A. Penn (b 1980), descended from the Earls of Strathmore & Kinghorne, and a cousin of the Queen, gave birth to a daughter, Isabelle Beatrice Mary, 8 Aug, 2013, a sister for Eliza. Rory Penn is a son of Christopher Arthur Penn (b 1950), of Burnham Market, Norfolk, by his wife the former Sabrina Mary Colman (b 4 Feb 1955), & Francesca is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Andrew Boys, of Fulham, London. Rory Penn is a grandson maternally of Sir Timothy Colman, KG (b 19 Sept 1929) by his wife the former Lady Mary Cecilia Bowes Lyon (b 30 Jan 1932), Lady in Waiting to HRH Princess Alexandra, & a 1st cousin of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Rory's paternal grandfather was Lt-Col Sir Eric Penn, GCVO, a senior member of the Royal Household, who in turn was a nephew of Sir Arthur Penn, GCVO, stalwart of the court of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, &c. -=-

Friday, August 16, 2013

Order of Succession to the Throne, Aug 2013

THE LINE OF SUCCESSION Line of Succession as at Aug 2013 SOVEREIGN 1. The Prince of Wales 2. The Duke of Cambridge 3. Prince George of Cambridge 4. Prince Henry of Wales 5. The Duke of York 6. Princess Beatrice of York 7. Princess Eugenie of York 8. The Earl of Wessex 9. Viscount Severn 10. The Lady Louise Windsor 11. The Princess Royal 12. Mr. Peter Phillips 13. Miss Savannah Phillips 14. Miss Isla Phillips 15. Mrs. Michael Tindall 16. Viscount Linley 17. The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones 18. The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones 19 The Lady Sarah Chatto 20. Mr. Samuel Chatto 21. Mr. Arthur Chatto 22. The Duke of Gloucester 23. Earl of Ulster 24. Lord Culloden 25. The Lady Cosima Windsor 26. The Lady Davina Lewis 27. Master Tane Lewis 28. Miss Senna Lewis 29. The Lady Rose Gilman 30. Master Rufus Gilman 31. Miss Lyla Gilman 32. The Duke of Kent 33. The Lady Amelia Windsor 34. Master Albert Windsor 35. Master Leopold Windsor 36. The Lady Helen Taylor 37. Mr. Columbus Taylor 38. Mr. Cassius Taylor 39. Miss Eloise Taylor 40. Miss Estella Taylor 41. The Lord Frederick Windsor 42. Miss Maud Windsor 43. The Lady Gabriella Windsor 44. Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy 45. Mr Alexander Ogilvy 46. Miss Flora Ogilvy 47. Mrs Marina Mowatt 48. Mr. Christian Mowatt 49. Miss Zenouska Mowatt 50. The Earl of Harewood

To Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor: a daughter, Maud

Lady Frederick Windsor, wife of the Queen's cousin, Lord Frederick Michael George David Louis Windsor (born 6 Apr, 1979), has given birth to a daughter, Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina, in Los Angeles, United States. In a statement Prince and Princess Michael of Kent said: "Lady Frederick Windsor was yesterday safely delivered of a baby girl at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles. The weight of the baby was 7lb. Lord Frederick Windsor was present at the birth. Lord Frederick is a grandson of the late Prince George, Duke of Kent, by his wife Princess Marina of Greece & Denmark. Lady Frederick Windsor is the former Sophie Lara Winkleman (born 5 Aug, 1981), actress, daughter of Mr Barry L.D. Winkleman, by his former wife the former Cynthia J. Black. Miss Windsor is the first male-line descendant of King George V to be born in the United States. The last Maud in the Royal Family was Prince Michael's great-aunt, Princess Maud, daughter of Edward VII, who married King Haakon of Norway. -=-

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hon Marian Cynthia Brudenell 1934-2013

_.The Hon Marian Cynthia Brudenell, who died 10 August, 2013, at Kettering, Northamptonshire, was a daughter of Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller, 1st Viscount Dilhorne (Peerage of the UK, cr 1964), Lord Chancellor in the governments of Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas-Home, by his wife the former Lady Mary Lilian Lindsay, daughter of the 27th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres, KT. She was born 26 Nov, 1934, and married 8 Nov, 1955, Edmund Crispin Stephen James George Brudenell (b 24 Oct 1928), scion of the Marquesses of Ailesbury (Marquess, UK, cr 1821), by whom she had 2 sons, Robert and Thomas, and one daughter, Anna. Funeral at St Peter's Church, Deene, Northants on Thursday August 29th 2013. There will be no Memorial Service. -=-

Peter John de Appleby Moore, MC 1921-2013

_.Peter John de Appleby Moore, MC, who died 23 July, 2013, aged 91, won a Military Cross during the liberation of Italy in the Second World War, and was descended from the Barons Byron (Peerage, 1643). The Moore family were Lord of the Manor of Appleby in Leicestershire from 1599, but the estate there had been sold by an uncle before Peter's birth. He was born at Much Wenlock, 16 Dec, 1921; his grandfather, the Rev Charles Thomas Moore, was rector of Appleby from 1877 to 1922, and married Mabel Charlotte Byron, a granddaughter of the 7th Baron Byron (1789-1868). He married in 1957, Cynthia Mason, by whom he had three sons. -=-

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Christopher Lewis (Larch) Loyd, MC 1923-2013

_.Christopher Lewis (Larch) Loyd, MC, soldier, landowner and horse racing enthusiast, who died 14 July, 2013, was head of the landed family ~ the Loyds of Lockinge Manor, Wantage, Berkshire ~; born there, 1 June, 1923, son of Arthur Thomas Loyd, OBE, , and educated at Eton and King's College, Cambridge; awarded MC (1943); High Sheriff of Berkshire (1961); inherited Lockinge Manor; married 17 Dec, 1957 (div) Joanna Smith-Bingham (b 17 Nov 1936), scion of that landed family, of Mickleton Manor, by whom he had issue, 2 sons,Thomas (b 1959) and James (b 1966), and one daughter, Harriet (b 1962). -=-

Drew/Fergusson engagement

__.The engagement was announced 14 August, 2013, between Felix Hugh Drew (born 1985), son of the late Mr Rodney Drew and Mrs Teresa Drew (nee Miller), & Alice Mary Marama Fergusson (born 1986), scion of the Fergusson of Kilkerran Baronets (Baronet cr NS, 1703), a daughter of {the Hon} George Duncan (Geordie) Fergusson (b 30 Sept, 1955), Governor of Bermuda, of Government House, Bermuda, by his wife the former Margaret Sheila Wookey. Geordie Ferguson, who does not use his courtesy title, is a son of the late life peer the Baron Ballantrae, by his wife a scion of the Grenfell family, &c. -=-

Ferdinand James Mount Dugdale

_. Diana Dugdale (nee Redvers) wife of (Thomas) Joshua Stratford Dugdale (b 1974), scion of the Dugdale Baronets (cr 1936), gave birth to a son, Ferdinand James Mount, 10 July, 2013. Joshua Dugdale is the son of Sir William Stratford Dugdale, CBE, MC, 2nd Baronet (b 1922), of Blyth Hall, Warwickshire, by his 2nd wife the former Cecilia Mary Mount (b 1931), scion of the Mount Baronets (cr 1921) and Diana Dugdale is a daughter of John and Mary Redvers, of Hartpury, Gloucestershire. Joshua Dugdale is a 1st cousin of the Rt Hon David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister. -+-

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hon Gwenllian Philipps, OBE 1916-2013

_.The Hon Gwenllian Philipps, OBE, who died at Boughrood, Llyswen, Brecon, 4 Aug, 2013, was a daughter of the 1st Baron Milford (1974-1962), by his wife the former Ethel Georgina Speke; Unmarried. Appointed OBE (Civil), 1962; former Subaltern, ATS; JP for Radnorshire; County Councillor for Radnorshire 1959-64; High Sheriff of Radnorshire, 1970-71, &c. Funeral Service on Friday 9 August in Llanstephan Church, Boughrood. -=-

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Graham/Baynes marriage

_.The marriage took place 3 August, 2013, at St Molio's Church, Shiskine, Isle of Arran, between Lord Calum Ian Graham (b 1958), younger son of the 7th Duke of Montrose (Duke, Scotland, cr 1707) (1907-92), by his 2nd wife, the former Susan Semple, & Mrs Estelle Baynes. Lord Calum is a half~brother of the 8th Duke of Montrose, of Auchmar, Drymen, Glasgow. -=-

Friday, August 09, 2013

Maybanks/Sidney engagement

__.The engagement was announced 9 August, 2013, between Charles Edward Maybanks (b 1981), son of the late Mr John C. Maybanks, by his wife the former Susan N. Burleton, now of Pimlico, London, and the Hon Sophia Mary Jacqueline Sidney (b 25 Feb, 1983), only daughter of Philip John Algernon Sidney, 2nd Viscount De L'Isle, MBE (b 21 Apr, 1945), of Penshurst Place, Tonbridge, Kent, by his wife the former Isobel Compton. -=-

Dolly Goldsmith (born 2013)

. _ Alice Miranda Goldsmith (nee Rothschild, born 1983), scion of the Barons Rothschild, wife of Zacharias Frank (Zac) Goldsmith (b 1975), descended from the Marquesses of Londonderry, gave birth to a daughter, Dolly, in circa August, 2013. Zac Goldsmith is the son of the late Sir James Goldsmith by his wife the former Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b 1934), and Alice is a daughter of the late Hon Amschel Mayor James Rothschild by his wife the former Anita Patience Guinness, scion of the merchant banking arm of the Guinness dynasty, &c. -=-

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Annabel Harriet Hand (born 2013)

__. Georgina Alice Hand (born 1977, nee Bowes-Lyon) wife of Roger Hand, gave birth to a daughter, Annabel Harriet, 1 August, 2013. Roger Hand is the son of Mrs Anthony Hand and the late Mr Anthony Hand, & Georgina, a scion of the Earls of Strathmore & Kinghorne, is the daughter of David James Bowes-Lyon (b. 1947), by his wife, the former (Elizabeth) Harriet Colville (b. 1952), a goddaughter of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and a Lady-in-Waiting to HRH The Princess Royal since 1990, scion of the Viscounts Colville of Culross. -=-

Valentine and Lulu Guinness: divorce

The twenty seven year marriage of the Hon Valentine Guinness and his mercurial handbag designer wife, Lulu has ended in divorce. The Hon Valentine Guy Bryan Guinness (b 9 March, 1959), a younger son of the 3rd Baron Moyne (Peerage of the UK, cr 1932), married in 1986, Lucinda Jane (Lulu) Rivett-Carnac (born 1960) (scion of the Rivett-Carnac Baronets, Bt cr UK, 1836), dau of Cdr Miles Rivett-Carnac, of Martyr Worthy, Winchester, Hants, by his wife the former April Sally Villar. The Guinnesses, who have two daughters, Tara and Madeleine, have lived apart for several years. -=-

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Pownall/Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe engagement

__.The engagement has been announced between Alan Pownall (born 30 Dec, 1986), and Miss Gabriella Zanna Vanessa Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (b 1989), scion of the Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe Baronets (Bt, cr UK, 1929), daughter of John Austen Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (b 14 Jul, 1947), by his 2nd wife, the former Vanessa Mary Theresa Hubbard (descended from the Dukes of Norfolk). The bride~to~be is known as Gabriella Wild, model turned actress &c. Gabriella's father's 1st wife, Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, scion of the Earls Howe, is mother of Miss Cressida Bonas, inamorata of HRH Prince Harry of Wales, &c. -=-

Jasper Jock Spurway (b 2013)

_.Clare Hermione Spurway (born 1977, nee Lochore), wife of Guy C. (Santa) Spurway, gave birth to a son, Jasper Jock, 2 August, 2013. Mr Spurway is the son of Mr & Mrs H.Spurway, of Linnhouse, West Lothian, & Clare is the dau of Capt. Hamish John Lochore (b 29 Jul 1943), of Burgie, Moray, (grandson maternally of Sir Robert Weston Brooke, 2nd Baronet, Cr. 1919), by his wife the former Pollyann Elise Hely-Hutrchinson (b 1942), scion of the Earls of Donoughmore. Capt Hamish Lochore, a friend of the Princess Royal and Capt Mark Phillips, stood sponsor at the christening of Peter Phillips at Buckingham Palace, Dec 1977. -=-

Marriage/Buxton engagement

__.The engagement was announced 7 August, 2013, between Rupert Neville .L. Marriage (b 1982), son of Mr Michael J. Marriage, of Ham, Wilts, by his wife the former Clare E. Richardson & Olivia Louise Buxton (born 1986), daughter of Mr (Aubrey) James Francis Buxton (b 1956), of Carlton, Cambridgeshire, by his wife the former Melinda Samuelson. The bride-to-be is a granddaughter of the Baron Buxton of Alsa (Life Peer, cr 1978), a scion of the Buxton Baronets (Bt, UK, cr 1840), &c. -=-

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Stoddart/Fox-Pitt marriage

_.The marriage took place at Holy Cross Church, Goodnestone, near Dover, 20 July, 2013, between Sebastian Crawford A. Stoddart (born 1975), son of Mr Alastair Stoddart and Mrs Laini Stoddart (nee Rickard), & Alicia Helenita J. Lane Fox-Pitt (born 1981), scion of that landed family, daughter of the late Mr (William) Oliver Lane Fox-Pitt (1932-2011), by his wife the former Marietta Speed, and sister of the British Olympic equestrian, William Fox-Pitt. The bride is an old friend of the Duchess of Cambridge and was present at the Royal wedding in April, 2011. -=-

Ava Flora Kynaston Mainwaring (b 2013)

__.Sophie Ruth Flora Mainwaring (b 1976, nee Parry), wife of Giles Kynaston Mainwaring (born 1979), scion of that landed family, gave birth to a daughter, Ava Flora Kynaston, 24 July, 2013. Giles is the son of Robert Kynaston Mainwaring (b 1946) head of that gentry family of Oteley, by his wife (Margaret) Ann dau of Lt-Col J F Franklin, OBE of Penybont Hall, Oswestry, Shropshire Sophie is the daughter of Michael Gordon Croose Parry, by his wife the former Hon Anna Josephine (b 1950, dau of the 2nd Baron Banbury of Southam (1915-81), &c. -=-

Hon (Christian) Avril Curzon 1923-2013

_.The Hon (Christian) Avril Curzon, who died 1 August, 2013, aged 90, was a scion of the Viscounts Scarsdale (Peerage of the UK, cr 1911), of Kedleston Hall, Derby. She was born 24 Apr, 1923, only daughter of the Hon Francis Nathaniel CURZON (1865-1941), by his wife the former (Winifred) Phyllis Combe (1891-1961) d of Capt Christian COMBE, by his wife the former Lady Jane Seymour CONYNGHAM (d 1941), d of 3rd Marquess of CONYNGHAM (1825-82) and Lady Jane St Maur Blanche STANHOPE (d 1907) d of 4th Earl of HARRINGTON, &c. Her brother, Francis John Nathaniel Curzon succeeded to the family honours in 1977, and three years later she was raised to the rank of a viscount's daughter. She was unm. Funeral at All Saints' Church, Kedleston on Friday 9 August 2013. --==--

Dominick Roy Harrod 1941-2013

_.Dominick Roy Harrod, who died 4 Aug, 2013, aged 71, was sometime economics correspondent of the BBC and descended from the ffolkes Baronets (cr 1774). He was born at Oxford 21 Aug 1941, son of Sir (Henry) Roy Forbes Harrod, Knt (1900-78), economist, biographer of Keynes, by his wife the former Wilhelmine (Billa) Cresswell; married 1974, Christina Hobhouse, wby whom he had a son. His mother was a daughter of Capt Francis Joseph Cresswell (killed in action 1914), of Norfolk, by his wife the former Barbara ffolkes, DBE (1923), (b 1884, who married 2ndly, 1918, Gen Sir Edward Peter Strickland, KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO, DL, of The Old Hall, Snettisham, Norfolk), daughter of Martin William Browne ffolkes (1849-1901), yr brother of Sir William ffolkes, 3rd Baronet, &c. -=-