Sunday, April 30, 2023

Rounding/Froggatt marriage

 The marriage took place 14 April, 2023, between Edward George (Ed) Rounding (born 1991), son of Anthony Rounding (born 1955), and his wife the former Elaine Kaiser (born 1954), and Lucy Amelia M.Y. Froggatt (born 24 August, 1993), descended from the Stanley of Dalegarth & Ponsonby landed gentry family, only daughter of Nicholas Keith Froggatt {b 11 Jan 1963), by his wife the former Maggie Tang {b 21 May 1962}, & she is a great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Norah Stanley (b 1909- ?) who descended from the Earls of Galloway and from King Henry VII.


Susan Mary Moncrieff (née Martin) 1939-2023

 Susan Mary Moncrieff (née Martin), died 14 April, 2023, aged 83. She was born in 1939, daughter of Rupert Claude Martin (1905-1991), of Quantocks, Burnham-on-Sea, by his wife the former Ellen Wood; and married 30 July, 1966, Maj John Graham Moncrieff of Kinmonth (1929-2012), head of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Graham Moncrieff of Kinmonth, MC (1893-1983), and his wife the former Henrietta Doreen St John (1900-1987), scion of the Viscounts Bolingbroke, by whom she had issue, a son, Andrew Graham Moncrieff of Kinmonth (born 1 Dec, 1969), and a daughter, Mary Rose (born 13 Dec, 1971).


Hon Juliet Honor Boobbyer 1930-2023

The Hon Juliet Honor Boobbyer (nee Rodd), who died 24 January, 2023, aged 92, was a scion of ther Barons Rennell.

She was born 28 October, 1930, second of the four daughters of the 2nd Baron Rennell (1895-1978), and his wife the former Hon Mary Constance Vivian Smith (1901-1981), scion of the Barons Bicester; and married 5 July, 1957, Brian Boobbyer (1929c-2011), son of Philip Watson Boobbyer, MRCS, of Ealing, London, by whom she had issue, two sons, Dr Philip Christopher Boobbyer (born 8 Sept, 1963), and Mark Tremayne Boobbyer (born 31 March, 1967).



Charles Peter William Buller 1959-2023

 Charles Peter William Buller, who died 13 April, 2023, aged circa 64, was a descendant of the Stuart Earls of Moray. Born in Surrey (registered Apr 1959), he was a son of Peter Henry Buller (1925-2022)m and his wife the former Elizabeth Landon.

He was a grandson of Admiral Sir Henry Tritton Buller, GCVO, CB (1873-1960), and his wife the former Lady Hermione Moray Stuart (1899-1989), daughter of the 17th Earl of Moray (1955-1930).


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Westacott/Cazalet engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 April, 2023, between William Robert Westacott (born 1984), son of Christopher Robert Westacott (born 1949), of Frogmore Farm, Berkshire, and his wife the former Rowena Jane Evans (born 1963), & Eloise Margaret R. Cazalet (born 15 August, 1991), scion of that landed family, of Fairlawne, daughter of Peter Charles Grenville Cazalet (born 1959), of Monk Soham, Suffolk, and his wife the former Victoria Jane Perry.


Alfred Quentin James Boyd-Bowman (born 2023)

Eloise Violet Boyd-Bowman (née Nelson, born 2 Aug, 1988), wife of George Boyd-Bowman (born 1988), and scion of the Barons Nelson of Stafford, gave birth to a son, Alfred Quentin James, 22 March, 2023.

George is the son of Robert Boyd-Bowman (born 1944), of Norfolk. Eloise is a daughter of the Hon James Jonathan Nelson (born 17 June, 1947), of Penselwood, Somerset, and his wife the former Lucy Mary Brown, and a grandson of the late 2nd Baron Nelson of Stafford (1917-1995).


Bobkov/Thorold engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 April, 2023, between Michail Bobkov, son of Elena Levashova and the late Yuri Bobkov, of Vienna, & Alexxandra Susannah G. Thorold (born 29 May, 1992), scion of the Thorold baronets, daughter of John Richard Thorold (born 6 September, 1947), of Marston, Lincolnshire, and his wife the former Elizabeth Cruickshank.


Lady Bannerman 1937-2023

Lady Bannerman, whio died 21 April, 2023, was the wife of Sir David Bannerman, OBE, 15th Baronet.

She was the former (Mary) Prudence Ardagh-Walter, daughter of the Rev Philip Frank Ardagh-Walter (1899-1979), and his wife the former Hazel Gertrude Frances Mary Robertson (1904-1986); and married 25 June, 1960, David Gordon Bannerman (born 18 August, 1935), son of Sir Donald Arthur Gordon Bannerman, 14th Baronet (1899-1989), and his wife the former Barbara Charlotte Cameron (who died in 2001). Her husband succeeded to the baronetcy (created in 1682), on his father's death, 21 November, 1989.

Lady Bannerman is survived by her husband and by four daughters, Claire (b 1961), Margot (b 1962), Arabella (b 1965), and Clodagh (b 1975),



James Andrew Nigel Duff Gordon (born 2023)

Charlotte Victoria Duff Gordon (nee Griffiths, born 1984), wife of Frederick Samuel Douglas Duff Gordon (b 1981), scion of the Duff Gordon baronets, gave birth to a son, James Andrew Nigel, 21 April, 2023, a brother for Celia (born 2018), and Cosima (born 2020).

Charlotte, a journalist was the Girl About Town editor, Mail on Sunday, the only daughter of Nigel Griffiths, by his wife the former Fiona Malcolm.

Freddie Duff Gordon is the son of Sir Andrew Duff Gordon, 8th Baronet (1933-2023), by his second wife the former Eveline (Evie) Virginia Soames (b 1947).

The infant was born three days before the death of his grandfather, Sir Andrew.


Hon Penelope Mary Motion 1933-2023

 The Hon Penelope Motion (nee Harcourt), who died 18 April, 2023, in Western Australia, aged 89, was a scion of the extinct Viscounts Harcourt. 

She was born 17 May, 1933, second of the three daughters of the 2nd and last Viscount Harcourt, KCMG, OBE, DL (1908-1979), and his 1st wife the former Hon Maud Elizabeth Grosvenor (1909-2000), daughter of the 4th Baron Ebury (1883-1932).

She married 14 August, 1954, Maj Anthony David Motion (who died 7 Sept, 2012), son of Maj Malcolm Davie Motion, by whom she had issue, a son, Stephen (born 1 Aug, 1967), and a daughter Georgina (born 24 Oct, 1965). 


Quicke/Broughton engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 April, 2023, between Jonathan Alexander Quicke (born 1992), fourth & youngest son of Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Neville Brayley Quicke, of Hartley Witney, Hampshire, and his wife the former Amanda Julia Dewey (b 7 March, 1957), scion of the Dewey baronets & Sophie Rose Broughton (born 30 April, 1992), scion of the Barons Fairhaven, elder daughter of Maj the Hon James Henry Ailwyn Broughton (born 25 May, 1963), of Great Barton, Suffolk, and his wife the former Sarah Olivia Creighton.

Sophie Broughton is a granddaughter of the 3rd Baron Fairhaven (born 16 Nov, 1936).


Sir Andrew Duff Gordon, 8th Baronet 1933-2023

 Sir Andrew Duff Gordon, 8th Baronet, died 24 April, 2023. He was 89.

Andrew Cosmo Lewis Duff Gordon was born 17 October, 1933, the only son of Sir Douglas Duff Gordon, 7th Baronet (1892-1964), and his wife the former Gladys Rosemary Henry (died 18 October, 1933), daughter of Colonel Vivien Henry, CB.

The baronetcy was created in 1813, for a scion of the Gordon Earls of Aberdeen. Sir Andrew's forebear - Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, the 5th Baronet and Lady Duff-Gordon - were passengers on board the Titanic. The couple boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with ticket 11755 (£39 12s) Sir Cosmo occupied cabin A-16 and Lady Duff-Gordon cabin A-20. For some reason the Duff-Gordons signed onto the ship as Mr and Mrs Morgan. On the night of the sinking they approached First officer William McMaster Murdoch who was supervising the loading of the Emergency Lifeboat 1. Sir Cosmo asked if he and his wife could get in and Murdoch replied that he would be glad if they would. A few minutes later at 1:10 am Lifeboat 1 was lowered containing only 12 people of whom 7 were crew members. Sir Cosmo's reputation was irreparably damaged following the inquiry after the disaster.

He succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's death, 15 March, 1964, having served in the Worecestershire Regiment and the 1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment, 1952-54; and was a member of Lloyd's 1962-91.

He married firstly, 2 Sept, 1967 (div 1975), Grania Mary Villiers-Stuart (1941-2012), daughter of FitzGerald Villiers-Stuart, of Dromana, Villierstown, County Waterford; married 2ndly, 18 December, 1975, Eveline Virginia Soames, scion of that landed family, daughter of Lieutenant-Col Samuel Soames, of Boxford House, Newbury. He is survived by his second wife, Evie, and by a son, Cosmo, from his first marriage, and three sons, William, Thomas and Frederick from his second marriage.

His eldest son, Cosmo Henry Villiers Duff Gordon, born 18 June, 1968, succeeds as 9th baronet. 

Sir Andrew died three days after the birth of a grandson, James, born on 21 April, to his son Frederick and his wife Charlotte.


Friday, April 28, 2023

Catherine Marion Mackay (née Gurney) 1933-2023

 Catherine Marion Mackay (née Gurney), who died 19 March, 2023, aged 90, was a sciom of the Gurney landed gentry family, of North Runcton.

She was born 4 March, 1933, the second daughter of Capt Walter Noel Gurney (1902-1972), of North Runcton Lodge, King;s Lynn, Norfolk, by his wife the former Helen MarionWhitwell (1904-1998); and married 30 September, 1961, George Anthony Mackay, of Dore, Sheffield, son of Donald John Everard Mackay, of Fulford Lodge, Crowthorne, Berkshire, by whom she had issue, three sons, Alastair, Angus and Robert, and two daughters, Elizabeth and the late Jeanie.


The individuals performing ceremonial roles at the Coronation of the King and Queen

 Buckingham Palace is pleased to announce further details on the Ceremonial roles to be performed by individuals in the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on 6 May, 2023.

The Ceremonial roles include bearing the Regalia in the Procession and presenting the items to Their Majesties the King and Queen. Those undertaking these historic roles in the Service have been chosen to recognise, thank and represent the Nation due to their significant service, and include representatives from Orders of Chivalry, the military and wider public life.

The first processions into Westminster Abbey will be made up of Faith Leaders and Faith Representatives followed shortly afterwards by representatives from His Majesty’s Realms. Flags of each Realm will be carried by national representatives accompanied by the Governors General and Prime Ministers. Bearing the Flag of the United Kingdom ahead of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Mrs Akshata Murty will be Cadet Warrant Officer Elliott Tyson-Lee, who said: “It is a great and incredible honour to be a part of Their Majesties’ Coronation Service as a representative of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets."

This will be followed by The Procession of The King and The Queen which will be led by:-

Charles Alexander Vaughan Paget, the 8th Marquess of Anglesey (born 13 November, 1950), who is a sixth cousin of King Charles III; Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster (born 29 January, 1991), the King's fourth cousin once removed; Nicholas James Alexander, the 7th Earl of Caledon, KCVO (born 6 May, 1955), celebrating his birthday on Coronation day, a 10th cousin once removed of the King; and Alexander Henry Scrymgeour, 12th Earl of Dundee (born 5 June, 1949), the King's sixth cousin, who will carry the Standards of the Quarterings of the Royal Arms and Standard of the Principality of Wales. Francis John Fane Marmion Dymoke (born 19 January, 1955), will carry The Royal Standard.

Mr Dymoke’s claim to undertake a historic role in the Coronation was upheld by the Coronation Claims Office. The title of King or Queen’s Champion has been held by the Dymoke family since the Middle Ages. The King’s Champion would previously ride on horseback into the Coronation Banquet and challenge any who doubted the right of The King or Queen to the throne. There has not been a Coronation Banquet since that held by King George IV in 1821 so the Champion has instead undertaken a different role since, usually bearing a flag or Standard. Mr Dymoke is a sixth cousin of King Charles.

Also taking part in the procession will be Admiral Sir Antony David (Tony) Radakin, KCB, ADC (born 10 Dec, 1965) Chief of the Defence Staff, acting as Lord High Constable of England, an office held for the day only. Traditionally the Lord High Constable is a Great Officer of State and has historically been connected to the military. He will take part alongside the Earl Marshal, Edward William Fitzalan Howard, the 18th Duke of Norfolk, GCVO, DL (born 2 December, 1956).

Merlin Sereld Victor Gilbert Hay, the 24th Earl of Erroll (born 20 April, 1948), will act as Lord High Constable of Scotland. Similar to that of Lord High Constable of England, this role has historically been connected to the military and the Earldom of Erroll through a Coronation claim. Lord Erroll is the King's fifth cousin twice removed.

Anthony Robert Lindsay, the 30th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres (born 24 November, 1958), will act as Deputy to the Great Steward of Scotland, HRH The Prince of Wales, KG. Lord Crawford and Balcarres, who succeeded his father in the peerages in March, is a sixth cousin once removed of King Charles.

The following will then process to the altar carrying Her Majesty’s Regalia:

Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, KC (born 12 May, 1950) – Carrying The Queen Consort's Rod.

General Sir Patrick Nicholas Yardley Monrad Sanders, KCB, CBE, DSO, ADC (born  6 April, 1966) – Carrying Queen Camilla's Sceptre

Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley, the 9th Duke of Wellington (born 19 Aug, 1945) – Carrying Queen Mary’s Crown. The Duke of Wellington is married to Antonia von Preussen, a descendant of Queen Victoria.

The Rt. Reverend and Rt. Hon the Lord Chartres, GCVO (born 11 July, 1947) – Carrying The Queen Consort's Ring

Lord Chartres said: “The ceremonies of the Coronation are ancient but they have been freshly interpreted for our contemporary world.”

The following will then process to the altar carrying His Majesty’s Regalia:

General Sir Gordon Kenneth Messenger, KCB, DSO & Bar, OBE, ADC (born 15 April, 1962), the Governor of HM Tower of London – Carrying St Edward’s Crown as Lord High Steward of England

Elizabeth Lydia, Baroness Manningham-Buller LG, DCB (born 14 July, 1948) – Carrying St Edward's Staff - she is a sixth cousin of the King.

Richard Walter John Scott, the 12th Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KT, KBE, CVO (born 14 February, 1954) – Carrying the Sceptre with Cross - the duke is King Charles's sixth cousin once removed.

Floella Benjamin, Baroness Benjamin OM, DBE, DL (born 23 September, 1949) – Carrying the Sceptre with the Dove

Dame Elizabeth Anionwu, OM, DBE (born 2 July, 1947) – Carrying the Orb

The Keeper of the Jewel House, Brigadier Andrew Jackson – Carrying The Sovereign’s Ring

Petty Officer Amy Taylor – Carrying the Sword of Offering

Delaval Thomas Harold Astley, 23rd Baron Hastings (born 25 April, 1960), ninth cousin of the King, and Simon Michael Abney-Hastings, the 15th Earl of Loudoun (born 29 Oct, 1974) , the King's ninth cousin once removed –  both Carrying the Spurs

Lord President of the Council, the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt, MP, PC (born 4 March, 1973) – Carrying the Sword of State in The King’s Procession

Air Chief Marshal Stuart William Peach, the Baron Peach, GBE, KCB, DL (born 22 Feb, 1956) – Carrying the Sword of Mercy (The Curtana)

General David Julian Richards, the Baron Richards of Herstmonceux, GCB, CBE, DSO, DL (born 4 March, 1952) – Carrying the Sword of Spiritual Justice

General John Nicholas Reynolds Houghton, the Baron Houghton of Richmond, GCB, CBE, DL (born 18 Oct, 1954)  – Carrying the Sword of Temporal Justice

General Sir Gordon Messenger, the Lord High Steward of England, (also an office held for the day only) is the most senior Great Officer of State for the Coronation, in order to bear the St Edward’s Crown into the Abbey, the most significant item of Regalia. On carrying St Edward’s Crown, General Sir Gordon Messenger said: “It is a huge and unique honour to be appointed Lord High Steward for His Majesty’s Coronation. To be playing a key role on such an important and historic occasion is a source of great pride to me, my family, the Royal Marines, and the Tower of London community.”

Petty Officer Amy Taylor will be the first woman to bear the Jewelled Sword of Offering into the Abbey. She has been selected to represent Service men and women, as a Royal Navy Petty Officer, a tribute to His Majesty’s military career. She said: "Having served most of my senior career as an Aircraft Engineer on 845 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton where His Majesty originally trained and served as a pilot, I am deeply honoured and humbled to play my part in this historic event. Coming from a farming family His Majesty has always been such a great advocate for our community and someone I have admired growing up."

Baroness Benjamin and Dame Elizabeth Anionwu are amongst recent appointees to the Order of Merit, the final members to be chosen for the Order by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Baroness Benjamin said: “I feel honoured and privileged to be part of the historic Coronation ceremony. To be selected to carry the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Dove, which represents spirituality, equity and mercy, is for me very symbolic as it’s everything I stand for and sends out a clear message that diversity and inclusion is being embraced."

Participating in the act of Recognition of His Majesty whereby His Majesty will be presented to the Congregation at the start of the Service will be:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Valerie Amos, Baroness Amos LG, CH, PC (born 13 March, 1954),  Lady Elish Angiolini LT, DBE, PC, KC (born 24 June, 1960), and Christopher Finney, GC (born 23 May, 1984) Chair of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association.

During the Coronation Service the Regalia will be presented to Their Majesties. Those presenting have been chosen on the advice of Government. Those presenting Regalia to His Majesty will be:

Rupert Francis John Carington, the 7th Baron Carrington, DL (born 2 December, 1948), Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain – Presenting the Spurs - Lord Carrington is a third cousin of the King

Syded Kamall, the Baron Kamalln (born 15 Feb, 1967) – Presenting the Armills

Gillian Joanna Merron, the Baroness Merron (born 12 Apr, 1959) – Presenting the Robe Royal

The Most Reverend John McDowell (born 1956), the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh – Presenting the Orb

Narendra Patel, the Baron Patel KT (born 11 May, 1938) – Presenting the Ring

Indarjit Singh, the Baron Singh of Wimbledon, CBE (born 17 September, 1932)  – Presenting the Coronation Glove

The Most Reverend Mark Jeremy Strange (born 2 Nov, 1961), Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness, and Episcopal Primus of Scotland – Presenting the Sceptre with Cross

The Most Reverend Andrew Thomas Griffith John (born 9 Jan, 1964), the Archbishop of Wales – Presenting the Sceptre with Dove

The Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev and Rt Hon Justin Portal Welby ( born 6 January, 1956), – Performing the crowning with St Edward’s Crown - the archbishop is the King's tenth cousin once removed

Those presenting Regalia to Her Majesty will be:

The Rt. Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin CD (born 19 Jan 1961), The Bishop of Dover – Presenting The Queen Consort's Rod

The Rt. Reverend and Rt Hon. Lord Chartres – Presenting The Queen Consort's Sceptre with Cross

Brigadier Andrew Jackson, The Keeper of the Jewel House at HM Tower of London – Presenting The Queen Consort's Ring

The Archbishop of Canterbury – Performing the crowning with Queen Mary’s Crown

On presenting Regalia to Her Majesty, The Bishop of Dover said: “I am surprised, excited and honoured to have been asked to play a part in this historic once in a lifetime occasion. As I make my presentation, both Their Majesties will remain in my prayers as they seek to serve the nation and the Commonwealth.”


Elizabeth Susan Winn 1925-2023

 Elizabeth Susan Winn who died 20 April, 2023, aged 98, was a scion of the Barons St Oswald.

She was born 25 January, 1925, the elder daughter of Major the Hon Reginald Henry Winn (1899-1985), and his wife the former Alice Moncure Perkins (d 2 Jan, 2001), daughter of T. Moncure Perkins, of Virginia, USA, and his wife a member of the Langhorne family, sister of Nancy, Viscountess Astor. 

She was unmarried.

Elizabeth Winn was a granddaughter of the 2nd Baron St Oswald (1857-1919), of Nostell Priory, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


The 3rd Viscount Knollys 1931-2023

 The 3rd Viscount Knollys died 21 April, 2023. He was 91.

David Francis Dudley Knollys (pronounced 'Knowles') was born 12 June, 1931, son of the 2nd Viscount Knollys, GCMG, MBE, DFC (1895-1966), and his wife the former Margaret Mary Josephine Coats (died 1987), a scion of the Coats baronets, daughter of Sir Stuart Coats, 2nd Baronet.

He was a grandson of the courtier Sir Francis Knollys, GCB, GCVO, KCMG, ISO, PC (1837-1924), who served as Private Secretary to HRH The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) 1870-1910, and to HM King George V 1910-1913, who was created a Baron in 1902, and advanced to Viscount Knollys, of Caversham, in 1911. 

He was educated at Eton and served at a lieutenant in the Scots Guards (1951). He succeeded his farther in the two peerages, 3 December, 1966.

Viscount Knollys married 1 Oct, 1959, the Hon Sheelin Virginia Maxwell (1937-2022) (who was granted, in 1959, the title, rank and precedence of a Baron's daughter, which would have been hers had her father survived to succeed to the Barony of Farnham), daughter of Lt-Col the Hon Somerset Maxwell, MP (1905-42, he was killed in action at El Alamein), and his wife the former Angela Susan Roberts (later Mrs Edward Remington-Hobbs), who was killed in a plane crash in Jamaica, 10 Apr, 1953.

Viscount Knollys was widowed 26 September, 2022. He leaves three sons, Patrick, Christopher, and Michael, and one daughter, Clarinda. The eldest son, the Hon Patrick Nicholas Mark Knollys, who was born 11 March, 1962, now succeeds as 4th Viscount Knollys.


Thursday, April 27, 2023

Bethell/Earnshaw engagement

 The engagement was announced 27 April, 2023, between Edward David John Bethell (born 1994), scion of the Barons Westbury, son of the Hon James David William Bethell (born 22 February, 1952), of Middleham, North Yorkshire, and his wife the former Sally Roberts (born 31 May, 1955), and Camilla Jane L. Earnshaw (born 1989), daughter of Mr Alan Earnshaw, of Leicestershire, and Mrs Sally Earnshaw (nee Scott), of Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire.

Edward Bethell is a grandson of the late 5th Baron Westbury (1922-2001).


The 5th and last Viscount Gough 1941-2023

 The 5th Viscount Gough died 14 April, 2023. He was 81, and the last of his line.

Shane Hugh Maryon Gough was born 26 August, 1941, son of the 4th Viscount Gough (1892-1951), and his wife the former Matgaretta Elizabeth Maryon-Wilson (who died 9 March, 1977), scion of the Wilson baronets. Shane Gough succeeded to the viscountcy, created in 1849, on his father's death, 4 Dec, 1951. 

Viscount Gough served in the Irish Guards 1962-67;  & was admitted to the Royal Company of Archers. He was member of the Executive Committee of the Standing Council of the Baronetage.Appointed FRGS, &c.

Gough was unmarried and his peerages and baronetcy now become extinct.


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wilbur Thomas Owbridge Cubitt (born 2023)

 Eleanor Cubitt (nee Milligan-Manby), wife of James William Cubitt [born 25 July, 1992], scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, Wilbur Thomas Owbridge, 10 April, 2023.

James Cubitt is the elder son of Major General Sir William George Cubitt, KCVO  [born 1959], of Honing, Norfolk, by his wife the former Lucy Jane Pym [born 24 Sept, 1961], scion of that landed gentry family.

Eleanor Cubitt, scion of the Milligan-Manby landed gentry family, is the elder daughter of James Milligan-Manby, of Thorganby, Lincolnshire, by his wife Emma.


Sir Richard Arthur Sullivan, 9th Baronet 1931-2022

 Sir Richard Sullivan, 9th Baronet (who did not use his title), died in 2022.

Richard Arthur Sullivan who lived in Santa Ana, California, was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

He was born 9 Aug, 1931, son of Sir Richard Benjamin Magniac Sullivan, 8th Baronet (1906-77), and his wife the former Muriel Mary Paget Pineo (died 1988); and he succeeded to the baronetcy created in 1804, on the death of his father in August, 1977.

He married 17 February, 1962, Elenor Mary Thorpe, daughter of Kenneth Merson Thorpe, of Somerset West, Cape Province, South Africa, by whom he had issue, a son, Charles, and three daughters, Katherine, Sarah and Margaret. The son, Charles Merson Sullivan, born 15 December, 1962, now succeeds to the baronetcy.


Arlo Edward Crosthwaite (born 2023)

 Alexandra E. Crosthwaite [nee Moore], wife of Thomas Richard Crosthwaite [born 1988], descended from the Hervey-Bathurst baronets, gave birth to a son, Arlo Edward, 14 April, 2023, a brother for Archie Thomas Peter, who was born 28 January, 2020.


Sunday, April 23, 2023

King makes appointments to the Order of the Garter

 Today, St George’s Day, the King has made two appointments to the Order of the Garter, England’s oldest and senior order of chivalry.

Baroness Ashton of Upholland becomes a Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, and Lord Patten of Barnes, CH, is appointed a Knight Companion.

Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland, LG, GCMG, PC (born 20 March 1956) is a British Labour politician who served as the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and First Vice President of the European Commission in the Barroso Commission from 2009 to 2014.

Christopher Francis Patten, Baron Patten of Barnes, KG, CH, PC (born 12 May 1944) is a British politician who was the 28th and last Governor of Hong Kong from 1992 to 1997 and Chairman of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1992. He was made a life peer in 2005 and has been Chancellor of the University of Oxford since 2003. 

Duke of Westminster to marry Olivia Henson

 The engagement has been announced between the Duke of Westminster and Miss Olivia Grace Henson.

One of Britain’s wealthiest men, certainly our richest duke, 32,  is godfather to Prince George of Wales, and a close confidante of the Prince and Princess of Wales. He was born 29 January, 1991, the only son of the 6th duke (1951-2016).

Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, the 7th duke, inherited the Eaton Hall estate near Chester, and large land holdings in London, Lancashire, Scotland, and in Canada, on the death of his late father, who died suddenly on his Abbeystead estate in Lancashire,  9 August 2016. The Westminster fortune is estimated to stand at 9.46 billion. 

The duke’s mother, the former Natalia Ayesha Phillips (born 8 May 1959), descended from the Russia tsars and from Pushkin, is a granddaughter of Lady Zia Wernher, of Luton Hoo, a great friend of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

It is expected that the Duke of Westminster, a godson of the King, will be at next month’s coronation of the King and Queen, perhaps in the company of his bride-to-be.

The duke has three sisters, Lady Tamara van Cutsem (born 20 Dec 1979), wife of another of the King’s godsons, Edward van Cutsem, and Lady Edwina Snow (born 4 Nov, 1981), a criminologist, wife of historian and broadcaster Dan Snow, and Lady Viola Roberts (born 9 Oct, 1992), wife of Dragoon Guards officer, Angus Roberts.

Their is no heir to the dukedom, and a son and heir would secure the peerage and the vast Grosvenor inheritance.

The dukedom of Westminster was the last dukedom to be given outside the confines of the royal family, and was created by Queen Victoria in 1874.

Miss Henson (born 1 Sept, 1992), is a senior account manager with Belazu, an ethical food company, in London. She is the elder daughter of Mr Rupert Cornelius Brooke Henson (born 1962), and his wife the former Caroline Belinda Frisby (born 1963), scion of that landed gentry family, descended from the Hoare banking family and the Marquesses of Bristol. Olivia’s uncle, Charles Wolrige Gordon, is the Grand Master of Scottish freemasons, Scotland’s senior freemason. Olivia’s mother is the twin sister of Charles’s wife, Angela Clare Wolrige Gordon.

Olivia is a granddaughter paternally of Thomas John Brooke Henson, and his first wife the former Jennifer Caswell Cornelius (born 1938), daughter of Leonard Raymond Cornelius (1907-88), and his wife the former Betty Kathleen Caswell (1916-2010). Her grandparents divorced and in 1983 Mrs Jennifer Henson married Robert Christopher Thoroton Hildyard (1912-86), scion of a Yorkshire landed gentry family, descended from the Foljambe Earls of Liverpool.

Olivia is also descended from the Dukes of Rutland :-

The 5th Duke of Rutland > Lady Katherine Manners > Lord Augustus Henry Charles Hervey > Lady Geraldine Mariana Hervey > Angela Beryl Hoare > Simon Rollo Frisby > Caroline Belinda Frisby > Olivia Grace Henson


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Dusty McRae Colchester (born 2023)

 Lara McRae Colchester (née Scott, born 1990), wife of Jack Halsey N. Colchester (born 1989), gave birth to a daughter, Dusty McRae, 28 March, 2023, a sister for Ferris, and Billy.

Lara Colchester is a daughter of Andrew H. Scott by his wife the former Belinda M. Dearden.

Jack Colchester is a son of Jonathan Halsey Luke Colchester (born 1955), by his wife the former Zalda Naldera Metcalfe (born 1957), and is a grandson maternally of David Patrick Metcalfe (1927-2012), by his first wife Alexandria Irene Boycun (1928-66), who was the widow of Sir Alexander Korda.

Jack's great grandfather was Major Edward ('Fruity') Metcalfe MVO (1887-1957), equerry to King Edward VIII, who married Lady Alexandra ('Baba') Naldera Curzon (1904-95), daughter of the 1st (and last) Marquess Curzon of Kedleston (1859-1925), &c.


Monday, April 17, 2023

David Eustace Gurney Prain 1937-2023

 David Eustace Gurney Prain, who has died aged 85, was a scion of that Scots landed gentry family, born in 1937, the only son of Major James Easton Prain, TD (1905-1976), and his wife the former Rosamund Agatha Gurney (1908-2000), scion of that landed gentry family, of Walsingham Abbey; & married in 1966, Diana Elizabeth Lentaigne (born 1940), daughter of Commander Charles Nugent Lentaigne, DSO, RN (1901-81), and his wife the former Susan Euphemia Taylor (1909-2002), by whom he had issue, a son, Alastair James (born 1972), and a daughter, Lucinda Elizabeth (born 1977).


Mary Cynthia Anne Philipson (nee Macdonald-Buchanan) 1935-2023

 Mary Cynthia Anne Philipson (nee Macdonald-Buchanan) died 8 March, 2023, aged 88.

She was born in 1935, a daughter of Major Sir Reginald Narcissus Macdonald-Buchanan (formerly Macdonald) (1898-1981), of Cottesbrooke Hall, Northampton, and his wife the Hon Catherine Macdonald-Buchanan (nee Buchanan), daughter of the 1st and last Baron Woolavington (1849-1935); and married in 1958, Maj Christopher Roland Philipson (1919-2002), son of Maj Thirlwall Philipson, MC (1897-1952), The Life Guards, and his wife the former Daphne Gladstone (1901-71), by whom he had issue, two daughters, (1) Caroline Mary Philipson (born 1959), who married 14 Oct, 1989, the 8th Marquess of Donegall (born 9 May, 1952), and (2) Joanna Catherine Philipson (born 1961), who married in 1986, Hugo George Lascelles (born 31 Oct, 1958), scion of the Earls of Harewood.


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Lady Raison 1933-2023

 Lady Raison, who died 12 April, 2023, aged 89, was the widow of the Rt Hon Sir Timothy Raison, MP (1929-2011), Conservative MP for Aylesbury from 1970 until his retirement in 1992.

The former Veldes Julia Charrington, she was born in 1933, daughter of John Arthur Pepys Charrington (1905-79), of Netherton, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, president of the Charrington Brewery and Master of the Worshipful Company of Brewers in 1952, of that landed gentry family of Cherry Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset, and his wife the former Barbara Haliburton Cunard (1906-76), scion of the baronets of that name; and married in 1956, Timothy Hugh Francis Raison (born 3 Nov, 1929), son of Maxwell Raison (1901-1988), of The Old Rectory, Theberton, Suffolk, and his wife the former (Emily) Celia Atkinson (1900-1936), by whom she had issue, a son, Paul (born 1963), and three daughters, Naomi (born 1957), Laura (born 1959), and Katharine (born 1962).

Her husband died 3 Nov, 2011.


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Hon Isobel Caroline Sales (née Irby) 1917-2023

The Hon Isobel Caroline Sales (née Irby), who died 23 March, 2023, aged 105, was a scion of the Barons Boston.

She was born 4 May, 1917, second daughter of the 7th Baron Boston (1889-1958), and his wife the former Constance Beryl Lester (1894-1969); & married 1stly, 3 Nov, 1946 (div 1950), Maj Vernon Owain Roberts, and married 2ndly, in 1950, Squadron Leader Edward Horatio Sales (1906-88), son of Joseph Edward Sales, of Madras, India, by whom she had a son, Christian (b 11 Oct, 1950), and a daughter, Alexandra (1952-2008).


Hon Andrew Nicholas Buckmaster 1980-2023

The Hon Andrew Nicholas Buckmaster, who died 10 April, 2023, aged 42, was the son and heir of the 4th Viscount Buckmaster.

He was born in 1980, the only son of the 4th Viscount Buckmaster (born 2 February, 1949), and his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Mark; and married 2014, Helen Murray, daughter of Steven Murray, of Chesterfield, by whom he had two sons, Rupert (born 2015) & Frederick (born 2016), and a daughter, Heidi (born 2020).


Friday, April 14, 2023

Ralph Ingilby (born 2023)

 Elizabeth Ingilby, wife of Joslan Richard Ryland Ingilby (born 7 Oct, 1986), scion of the Ingilby baronets, has given birth to a son, Ralph, 6 April, 2023, a brother for Alicia, who was born 23 August, 2019.

Joslan, who married Elizabeth in 2018, is the second son of Sir Thomas Colvin William Ingilby, 6th Baronet (born 17 July, 1955), of Ripley Castle, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Emma Clare Roebuck Thompson (born 1960).


Helen Cynthia Mary Eiloart (née Ebsworth) 1927-2023

 Helen Cynthia Mary Eiloart (née Ebsworth), died 9 April, 2023, aged 95. 

She was born in London Nov/Dec 1927, daughter of Brigadier Wilfrid Algernon Ebsworth, CB, CBE (1897-1978), and his first wife the former Cynthia Bleck (1900-75), and was descended from the Harcourt-Vernon landed gentry family. She married 1stly, 29 November, 1952, Major Christopher Thomas Vesey (1916-1956), scion of the Viscounts De Vesci, son of General Sir Ivo Lucius Vesey, KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO (1876-1975), & his wife the former Geraldine Foley (died 16 Sept, 1963), scion of the Barons Foley; married 2ndly, 15 December, 1969, Brigadier (Ferdinand) Shaw Eiloart, OBE (1915-1993), son of Ferdinand Robert Eiloart (1885-1953) and his wife the former Peggy Farquharson (1882-1967). She leaves two sons from her first marriage, the Rev Nicholas Ebsworth (born 7 Sept, 1954), and Thomas (born 17 Jul 1956).



Sage/Hocknell engagement

 The engagement was announced 14 April, 2023, between Jonathan Peter Sage (born 1985), elder son of Mr Gordon Sage, of Swavesey, Cambridge, and his wife the former Valerie Carr, & Henrietta Jean Wallop Hocknell (born 1992), second daughter of Edward H. Hocknell, and his wife the former Anna Catherine Bruce (born 1 October, 1962), scion of the Earls of Elgin & Kincardine.


Thursday, April 13, 2023

Dame (Barbara) Mary Quant, CH, DBE 1930-2023

 Dame (Mary) Barbara Quant, CH, DBE, the fashion designer, and fashion icon, died 13 April, 2023. She was 93.

Mary Quant became an instrumental figure in the 1960s London-based Mod and youth fashion movements. She was one of the designers who took credit for the miniskirt and hotpants.

She was born 11 February, 1930, daughter of Jack Quant, and his wife Mildred; and married in 1957, Alexander Plunket Greene (1932-90), descended from the Earls Granville, son of Richard George Hubert Plunket Greene (1901-1978), and his wife the former Elizabeth Frances Russell (1899-c1986), scion of the Dukes of Bedford, by whom she had issue, one son, Orlando Plunket Greene (born 4 November, 1970).

She was appointed OBE in 1966, and advanced to DBE in 2015, and appointed a Companion of Honour in 2023.


Bryn St Pierre Parry, CBE 1956-2023

 Bryn St Pierre Parry, CBE, who died 12 April, 2023, aged 66, was co-founder of Help for Heroes and cartoonist.

He was born 22 September, 1966, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Robin George Richard Parry, MC (1918-1961), and his wife the former Doreen Constance Painter, and married in 1981, Emma Christina Ponsonby, OBE (born 29 October, 1959), scion of the Barons De Mauley, second daughter of Capt Myles Walter Ponsonby (1924-1999), and his wife the former Ann Veronica Theresa Maynard, b y whom he had a son, Thomas (born 1985), and two daughters, Sophie (born 1983), and Louisa (born 1987).

The Help for Heroes charity, which he set up with his wife, seized the public imagination and raised millions for veterans.


Joan, Baroness Gorell (died 2023)

 Joan, Baroness Gorell (née Collins), who died 26 March, 2023, aged 94, was the widow of the 4th Baron Gorell (1927-2007).

The former Joan Marion Collins, she was born circa 1928, daughter of John Collins, MC, of Moseley, Birmingham; and married 29 May, 1954, the then Hon Timothy John Radcliffe Barnes (born 2 Aug, 1927), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Gorell (1884-1963), and his wife the former Maud Elizabeth Furse Radcliffe (who died 26 Apr, 1954). Her husband succeeded his father, 2 May, 1963, as 4th Baron, and died 25 September, 2007.

Lady Gorell leaves two daughters, the Hon Susan (born 26 Dec, 1958), and the Hon Jennifer (born 6 Oct, 1960).


Sally Neale Yonge (nee Brickwood) 1933-2023

 Sally Neale Yonge (nee Brickwood), who died 29 March, 2023, aged 89, was a scion of the Brickwood baronets.

She was born 30 March, 1933, the elder daughter of Sir Rupert Redvers Brickwood, 2nd Baronet (1900-1974), and his wife the former Rachel Neale Shutt (1902-1972); and married 2 June, 1956, Nigel William Seville Yonge (1926-2012), son of Maj Gustavus Edward Hascared Yonge (1892-1967), and his wife the former Louise Kythé Veronica Boulton (1890-1934), scion of the Boulton baronets, by whom she had issue, two sons, William (born 26 Jan, 1961), and Andrew (born 16 Sept, 1964), and two daughters, Susannah (born 30 July, 1957), and Annabel (born 3 Aug, 1959).


Ellen Valerie Clarke (born 2023)

 Georgina Jane Clarke [née Crichton, born 1988], wife of Rex H. Clarke, and scion of the Earls of Erne, gave birth to a daughter, Ellen Valerie, in Brisbane, 24 March, 2023, a sister for Harrison Lloyd, who was born 6 September, 2020.

Rex Clarke is a son of Brian Clarke, of Brisbane, Australia, by his wife Wendy.

Georgina is a daughter of Hugh Patrick George Crichton [born 1949], by his wife the former Kerry Kyle-Little.


Auer/Davis engagement

 The engagement was announced 13 April, 2023, between Charles Felix Ernst Auer (born 1991), son of Christoph D. Auer, of East Stour, Dorset, and his wife the former Jane Diana Digby (born 21 September, 1962), scion of the Barons Digby, and Lindsay J. Davis, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. Scott Davis, of Tybee Island, Georgia, USA.

Charles Auer's descent from the Barons Digby:-

The 10th Baron Digby (1846-1920) > Hon Robert Digby (1903-59) > Henry Berkeley Digby (b 1933) > Jane Diana Digby (b 1962) > Charles Auer (b 1991)


Kenneth McAlpine, OBE, DL 1920-2023

 Kenneth McAlpine, OBE, DL, who died 8 April, 2023, aged 102, was a scion of the McAlpine baronets, and sometime a Formula One racing driver.

He was born 21 September, 1920, the third son of Sir Thomas Malcolm McAlpine, KBE (1877-1967), and his wife the former Maud Dees (who died 13 July, 1969), and was a grandson of Sir Robert McAlpine, 1st Baronet (1847-1934). He married 24 November, 1955, Patricia Mary Jeans, daughter of Capt Francis William Hugh Jeans, CVO, RN, of Rudgwick, Suffolk, by whom he had issue, two sons, Richard (b 1958), and James (b 1960).

McAlpine was a racing driver who participated in seven Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 19 July 1952 at the British Grand Prix. He scored no championship points. During the development of the Connaught Racing Team based at Send in Surrey, McAlpine became a considerable financial backer and enjoyed several team owner triumphs including Tony Brooks's memorable F1 victory at the 1955 Syracuse Grand Prix. The team was eventually broken up in 1958 and cars sold off.

After retiring from motor racing, McAlpine returned full-time to his civil engineering business and later established a successful English wine growing and bottling business at his estate in Lamberhurst, Kent. He was also a member of The Air Squadron.

Kenneth McAlpine was High Sheriff of Kent, 1973-4.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Baron Phillips of Sudbury, OBE 1939-2023

 The Baron Phillips of Sudbury, OBE, Liberal party politician, life peer, died 9 April, 2023. He was 84.

Andrew Wyndham Phillips was born 15 March, 1939, son of Alan Clifford Phillips, and his wife the former Dorothy Alice Wyndham.

Andrew Phillips was originally a member of the Labour Party, and contested the 1970 General Election for Labour in Harwich. But he was expelled from the party in 1973 for publishing a letter in The Times deploring the party's policy of nationalising the top 100 companies and indemnifying trade unionists with criminal convictions, and joined the Liberals in the early 1970s. He unsuccessfully stood as a Liberal candidate in Saffron Walden in both a 1977 by-election and the 1979 General Election. He was also unsuccessful as the Liberal candidate in Gainsborough and Horncastle at the 1983 general election. He was the unsuccessful Liberal candidate for Essex North East constituency for the first European Parliament elections in 1979.

He was appointed OBE in 1996.

He was raised to the peerage for life in 1998, as Baron Phillips of Sudbury, of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk. He sat in the House of Lords as a Lib Dem.

He married in 1968, Penelope Ann Bennett, by whom he had one son and two daughters.


Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Nigel Guthrie McNair Scott 1945-2023

 Nigel Guthrie McNair Scott, who died 7 April, 2023, aged 77, was a grandson maternally of the 1st Viscount Camrose.

He was born 6 September, 1945, the second son of Major Ronald Guthrie McNair Scott (1904-1995), and his wife the former Hon Mary Cecilia Berry (1906-1996), daughter of the 1st Viscount Camrose (1879-1954), and his wife the former Mary Agnes Corns (1882-1962); and married 11 May, 1968, Anna Margaret Colquhoun (born 21 May, 1946), daughter of William Reginald Colquhoun (1899-1971), and his wife the former Ruth Veronica Greenwell (1916-2003), 5th daughter of Sir Bernard Eyre Greenwell, 2nd Baronet (1874-1939), by whom he had issue, four sons, Robert (b 20 March, 1970), Alastair (b 1972), David (b 1973), and Benjamin (b 1976).


Bridget Juliet Orr Ewing (née White) 1936-2023

(Bridget) Juliet Orr Ewing (née White), late of Torhousemuir, died 5 April, 2023, aged 86. She was a scion of the White baronets, and was born 31 August, 1936, daughter of Sir Thomas Astley Woollaston White, 5th Baronet (1904-1996), and his wife the former Daphne Margaret Athill (who died 20 Dec, 2012, aged 99); and married 4 August, 1962, Lieutenant Commander Charles David Orr Ewing (born 10 Aug, 1936), scion of the Orr Ewing baronets, second  son of Capt David Orr Ewing (1900-1964), and his wife the former Helen Mary Stuart Noaks (who d 1994), by whom she had issue, two sons, David (born 8 Sept, 1964), and Robert (born 23 February, 1966).


Sunday, April 09, 2023

Felix John Gordon-Harris (born 2023)

Emily Rose Gordon-Harris [nee Brunel-Cohen, born 1985], wife of Charles John Gordon-Harris [born 1986], gave birth to a son, Felix John, 20 March, 2023, a brother for Topsy Malory, who was born 20 January, 2021.

Charles is the son of John William Gordon-Harris [born 1948], of Bexhill, East Sussex, and his wife the former Christine Leonie Wilson.

Emily Gordon-Harris is the fourth daughter of Mark Patrick Brunel-Cohen [born 1949], of Sherborne, Dorset, descended from a brother of the 1st Viscount Samuel, and his his wife the former Sally Joan Culham [born 1954].


Cressida Mary Spry Grant-Dalton (born 2023)

 Harriet M. Grant-Dalton (nee Nicholls), wife of Jolyon Grant-Dalton [born 1991], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Cressida Mary Spry, 27 March, 2023.

Jolyon is a son of Kevin Duncan Spry Grant-Dalton [born 23 Dec, 1952], of Fulham, London, and his wife the former Amanda Charlton de Smitt.

Harriet is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Mark Nicholls, of Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

The 6th Baron Ventry [1864-1936] > Hon Francis Eveleigh-De Moleyns [1901-64] > Valentina Eveleigh-De Moleyns [b 1928] >  Kevin Grant-Dalton [b 1952] > Jolyon Grant-Dalton [b 1991] > Cressida Grant-Dalton (b 2023)


Jack Francis Noel Lethbridge (born 2023)

 Zaria Louise Lethbridge [nee Rich, born 1980], wife of Alexander Ralph Periam Lethbridge [born 1982], scion of the Lethbridge baronets, gave birth to a son, Jack Francis Noel, 15 March, 2023, a brother for Frederick Clive Mytton, who was born 22 March, 2019, and for Felix Charles Ragnar, who was born 15 June, 2021.

Alexander Lethbridge is the third son of Sir Thomas Lethbridge, 7th Baronet [born 1950], of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, by his first wife the former Susan Elizabeth Rocke [now Susan, Lady Lethbridge].

Zaria Lethbridge is a daughter of Nigel Mervyn Sutherland Rich, of Chelsea, and his wife the former Cynthia Elizabeth Davies.


Saturday, April 08, 2023

Hughes-D'Aeth/Bassil engagement

 The engagement was announced 8 April, 2023, between Henry Alexander P. (Harry) Hughes-D'Aeth (born 1992), scion of that landed gentry family, youngest son of (Wyndham) Jonathan Hughes-D'Aeth (born 1955), of Dubai, and his wife the former Fiona J. McKenzie, and Krystel Bassil, the only daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Bassil, of Beirut.



Lorraine Frances Lougheed Tollemache (nee Allen) (d 2023)

 Lorraine Frances Lougheed Tollemache (nee Allen), who has died aged 82, was a daughter of Brigadier Frederick Joshua Allen, OBE, of Farnham Surrey, and his wife the former Leila Portlock; married 25 August, 1962, Robert Hugh Thomas Tollemache (born 22 February, 1937), scion of the Tollemache baronets, the second son of Major-General Sir Humphrey Thomas Tollemache, CB, CBE (1897-1990), and his wife the former Nora Priscilla Taylor (who died 1990), and had two adopted children, William (b 20 May, 1966), and Rosa (born in 1970).


Duke of Wellington's heir to wed for second time

 The engagement has been announced between Arthur Gerald Wellesley, styled Earl of Mornington (born 31 January, 1978), elder son and heir of the 9th Duke of Wellington, OBE, DL (born 19 Aug, 1945), of Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, and Apsley House London, and his wife the Princess Antonia Elizabeth Brigid Luise von Preussen (born 28 Apr, 1955), & Hayley Elizabeth Whitehead (born Feb, 1986).

Arthur does not use the courtesy title Marquess of Douro, and retains the style Earl of Mornington that was his from his birth. He married firstly in Barbados, 4 June, 2005, Jemma Madeleine Kidd (born 20 Sept, 1974), elder daughter of John Edward Aitken Kidd (born 12 Dec, 1944), and his wife the former Wendy Madeleine Hodge (born 8 Nov, 1941), daughter of Sir John Rowland Hodge, 2nd Bt (1913-1995).

The Earl of Mornington and his first wife have issue:-

Arthur Darcy Wellesley, a future Duke of Wellington (born 4 Jan, 2010)

Lady Mae Madeleine Wellesley (twin witgh her brother)

Lord Alfred Wellesley (born Dec, 2014)


Darvill/Chenevix-Trench engagement

The engagement was announced 8 April, 2023, between Thomas Edward Darvill (born 1989), eldest son of Dr Dudley R (Dougal) Darvill (born 1958), of Henleaze, Bristol, and his wife Dr Rebecca Darvill (nee Collis, born 1964), and Fleur Melesina Chenevix-Trench (born 1992), scion of the Barons Ashtown, daughter of Rupert George Chenevix-Trench (born 14 September, 1957), of Little Bentley, Essex, and Ms Susannah Rainey Chenevix-Trench (nee Craik, born 1961), of Woodbridge, Suffolk.



(Mathew) Ivo Hubert Boys Forde 1949-2023

 (Mathew) Ivo Hubert Boys Forde died tragically in a car accident in Norfolk, 5 April, 2023. He was born in 1949, the younger son of Noel Henry Boys Forde and his wife the former Pamela Brinton, and was a brother of the Countess of Leicester (nee Sarah Forde, born 1947).


Friday, April 07, 2023

Molly Margit Sandilands (born 2023)

Lucy J. Sandilands (née McNulty), wife of Christopher Francis Sandilands [ b 1986], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Molly Margit, 20 March, 2023, a sister for Sophie Gill Lily, who was born 4 April, 2019.

Lucy is a daughter of Dr David and Martina McNulty, of Richmond, Surrey. Christopher, descended from the Dukes of Norfolk, is a son of the late James Sebastian Sandilands [1944-91],  by his wife the former Gabrielle Mellich [b 1952], of Fulham, London.


Anne Catherine Usher (nee Davidge) 1932-2023

Anne Catherine Usher (nee Davidge), who died 28 March, 2023, aged 90, was a scion of the Davidge landed gentry family; born 19 September, 1932, daughter of Cecil Vere Davidge (1901-1981), and his first wife the former Ursula Catherine Smyth (1898-1948), scion of that landed gentry family; and married in 1963, William Ernest Broadbent Usher (1931-2020), son of Major Ernest Henry Broadbent Usher, MC (1892-1942), and his wife Gertrude Lynette Griffiths (1894-1988), by whom she had issue, a daughter, Catherine (born 8 December, 1974).


Gobourn/Galbraith engagement

The engagement was announced 7 Apr, 2023, between Harry Peter C. Gobourn (born 1993), elder son of Andrew D.C. Gobourn (born 1960), of Greenhead, East Lothian, by his wife the former Claire Kelway Smith-Carington (born 10 April, 1962), scion of that landed gentry family, of Ashby Folville, and the Hon Elizabeth Ida Skinner Galbraith (born 1 Dec, 1993), eldest daughter of the 2nd Baron Strathclyde, CH, PC (born 22 February, 1960), of Barskimming, Ayrshire, and the Baroness Strathclyde (nee Jane Skinner).


Thursday, April 06, 2023

Ethel Cordelia Ruth Stevenson (born 2023)

 Amy Stevenson (nee Thompson), wife of the Hon William Beckford J. Stevenson [born 1984], gave birth to a daughter, Ethel Cordelia Ruth, 1 April, 2023.

Amy is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Mark Thompson, and William Stevenson is the son of the life peer the Baron Stevenson of Codenham [born 19 July, 1945], and his wife the former Charlotte Susan Vanneck [born 26 February, 1947], scion of the Barons Huntingfield, and Amy M. Thompson, daughter of Mr & Mrs Mark Thompson.

William Vanneck, 5th Baron Huntingfield [1883-1969] > Hon Sir Peter Vanneck, GBE [1922-99], sometime Lord Mayor of London > Charlotte Vanneck > Hon William Stevenson > Ethel Stevenson


Anthony Charles Brown, OBE 1936-2023

Anthony Charles Brown, OBE, died 4 April, 2023, aged 86. He was a son of Frederick Charles Brown and married 23 September, 1961 (div 1980), as her first husband, Rosamund Hope Vestey (born 8 April, 1940), scion of the Vestey baronets, daughter of Sir John Derek Vestey, 2nd Baronet (1914-2005), and his wife the former Phyllis Irene Brewer (1913-2006), by whom he had issue, a son, Mark (b 7 Apr, 1964), and a daughter, Julia (b 26 Aug, 1962).


Christopher John Prideaux 1936-2023

 Christopher John Prideaux, who died 31 March, 2023, aged 86, was head of that landed gentry family.

He was born 12 November, 1936, son of Colonel Sir John Francis Prideaux, OBE, TD (1911-1983), and his wife the former Joan Terrell Brown (1911-2008), scion of the Brown batonets; and married 16 April, 1959, Celia Daniell (born 1936), scion of that landed family, daughter of Sir Peter Averell Daniell, TD (1909-2002), scion of that landed gentry family, and his wife the former Leonie Mayne Harrison (1912-1997), by whom he had issue, two sons, David and Charles and a daughter, Lavinia. The elder son, David John (b 5 Oct, 1962), succeeds as head of the family.


David Michael Shapiro 1934-2023

 David Michael Shapiro died 1 April, 2023, aged 88. He married 20 July, 1972, the Hon Virginia Makins (born 15 January, 1939), daughter of the 1st Baron Sherfield, GCMG, GBE (1904-1996), and his wife the former Alice Brooks Davis (d 1985), by whom he had issue, three sons, Adam, Jacob  and Jeremy.


Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Edward James Money 1936-2023

 Edward James Money, who died 30 March, 2023, aged 86, was a scion of the Money-Kyrle landed gentry family. Born in 1936, son of Edward Douglas Money (1889-1974), and his swcond wife the former Edith Lilian Fraser (1896-1974). He leaves a widow, Catherine, and sons, Robert and Henry.


Catriona Mary Alexa (Rosie) Grant-Rennick 1953-2023

 Catriona Mary Alexa (Rosie) Grant-Rennick, died tragically in Spain, 9 March, 2023. She was a scion of the landed gentry family of that name, born in 1953, daughter of Capt Richard de Clanay Grant-Rennick (1923-2004), and his first wife the former Violet Mary Barnardo (1922-80).


Coronation news: Pages of Honour to the King & Queen announced

 The King and Queen have honoured family, friends and members of their inner circle in their choice of Pages of Honour to to carry their robes at the Coronation on 6 May, 2023. 

King Charles and Queen Camilla have four pages each. For His Majesty the role will be served by his grandson, the future monarch :-

(1) Prince George of Wales (born 22 July, 2013), elder son of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

(2) Lord Oliver Cholmondeley (born 12 Oct, 2009), the younger twin son of the former Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley (born 27 June, 1960), and his wife the former Rose Hanbury (born 15 March, 1984).

(3) Ralph Tollemache (born 16 Sept, 2010), son of the Hon Edward Tollemache (born 12 May, 1976), scion of the Barons Tollemache, a godson of the King, and former Page of Honour to Queen Elizabeth II, and his wife the former Sophie Johnstone (born 1981).

(4) Nicholas Barclay (born 15 June, 2009), son of Piers Barclay, and his wife the former RoseTroughton who is the elder daughter of Peter Troughton, of Upper Wanborough, Swindon, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Sarah Rose Colman (b. 1953), sometime Lady-in-Waiting to HRH The Duchess of Kent. Nicholas is a great-grandson of Sir Timothy Colman, KG, by his wife the former Lady Mary Cecilia Bowes Lyon (b. 1932) sometime Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy. Lady Mary Colman is a sister of the late 17th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne, and a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Camilla's Pages of Honour:-

(1) Her Majesty's grandson, Gus Lopes (born 29 Dec, 2009), scion of the Barons Roborough, son of Harry Lopes (born 7 Oct, 1977), and his wife ther former Laura Rose Parker Bowles (born 1 Jan, 1978), daughter of Brig Andrew Parker Bowles (b 27 Dec, 1939), and HM Queen Camilla.

(2) Louis Lopes (born 29 Dec, 2009), twin with his brother Gus. Grandson of Queen Camilla.

(3) Her Majesty's grandson, Freddy Parker Bowles (born 28 Feb, 2010), scion of the Earls of Macclesfield, son of Thomas Parker Bowles (b 18 Sept, 1974), and his former wife the former Sara Buys.

(4) Arthur Elliot (born 2012), great-nephew of Queen Camilla, son of Benjamin Elliot (born 1975), and his wife the former Mary-Clare Winwood, and a grandson of the Queen's sister, Annabel Elliot.


Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Clementine Lily Scrope (born 2023)

 Eliza Clementine Rothwell Scrope [nee Walker], wife of Richard Conyers William Scrope [born 1980], scion of that landed family, of Danby, co York, gave birth to a daughter, Clementine Lily, 28 March, 2023, a sister for Isabella Daisy Beatrix, who was born 16 October, 2019.

Richard Scrope is a son of the late William James Conyers (Bill) Scrope [d 22 June, 2009], by his wife the former Virginia [Ginny] Sheffield Mitchell [Mrs Ginny Scrope, of Chittoe, Wiltshire].

Eliza Scrope is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Paul Walker, of Chiswick, London.

Richard Scrope is a grandson of Adrian Cuthbert Scrope (1906-92) by his wife the former Everilda Sykes, dau Col Sir Mark Sykes, 6th Baronet, of Sledmere. &c.

Monday, April 03, 2023

The Baron Lawson of Blaby, PC 1932-2023

 The Baron Lawson of Blaby, PC, who died 3 April, 2023, aged 91, was a Conservative party politician, and leading member of Margaret Thatcher's administration, Chancellor of the Exchequer for six years.

Lord Lawson of Blaby served as Conservative MP for Blaby from 1974 to 1992, and served in Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet from 1981 to 1989. Prior to entering the Cabinet, he served as the Financial Secretary to the Treasury from May 1979 until his promotion to Secretary of State for Energy. He was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in June 1983, and served until his resignation in October 1989. In both Cabinet posts, Lawson was a key proponent of Thatcher's policies of privatisation of several key industries.

Nigel Lawson was a backbencher from 1989 until he retired in 1992, and was raised to the peerage for life in that year as Baron Lawson of Blaby, of Newnham in the County of Northamptonshire.

Nigel Lawson was born 11 March, 1932, the only son of Ralph Lawson, and was educated at Westminster and Christ Church, Oxford (BA 1954); Fellow of Nuffield College Oxford 1972-73; on the editorial staff of the Financial Times 1956-60, City Editor of the Sunday Telegraph 1961-63; Editor of The Spectator 1966-70; Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (Sir Alec Douglas-Home) 1963-4 and Special Political Adviser, Conservative HQ 1973-74; a Director of Barclays Bank; &c.

He was sworn of the Privy Council in 1981.

He married firstly 1955 (div 1980) Vanessa Mary Addison Salmon (who died 1985), daughter of Felix Addison Salmon, of Ham Common, Surrey; married 2ndly 1980, Therese Mary, daughter of Henry Charles Maclear Bate, of Putney, London.

From his first marriage he leaves a son, Dominic Ralph Campden (born 1956), and daughters, Nigella (b 1960), Thomasina (b 1961), and Horatia (b 1966); and from his second marriage a son, Thomas (b 1976), and daughter, Emily (born 1981).


Sunday, April 02, 2023

Michael Edward Rudman 1939-2023

 Michael Rudman, the theatre director died 30 March, 2023. He was 84.

He was born born in Tyler, Texas, 14 February, 1939, son of Mayer Billy Rudman and his wife Josephine (née Davis); he married firstly, 3 April, 1964 (div 1980), Veronica Anne Colburn-Bennett (born 7 April, 1942), descended from the Barons Camoys, daughter of John Alfred Colburn-Bennett, CMG, CBE (who died 1969), and his wife the former Joan Florence Mary Stonor (1907-1956); and married 2ndly, 1983 (div 1990), the actress Felicity Kendal, CBE (born 25 September, 1946), daughter of the actor Geoffrey Kendal (1909-98), and his wife the former Laura Liddell (died 1992). He was reunited with Miss Kendal in 1998, but didn't re-marry.

From his first marriage he leaves two daughters, Amanda and Katherine, and he leaves a son, Jacob, from his marriage to Felicity Kendal.



Saturday, April 01, 2023

Clara Lucinda Dashwood-Chase (born 2023)

 Victoria Lucinda Dashwood-Chase (nee Dashwood, born 21 March, 1991), scion of the Dashwood baronets, and wife of James Matthew Dashwood-Chase [nee Chase, born 1990], gave birth to a daughter, Clara Lucinda Dashwood-Chase, 29 January, 2023.

James Dashwood-Chase is a son of William Leonard Chase [born 1960], of Herefordshire, and his wife the former Sarah Kathleen Cowap [born 1963].

Victoria Dashwood-Chase, is the only daughter of Sir Edward John Francis Dashwood, 12th Baronet [born 25 September, 1964], of West Wycombe Park, and Lady Dashwood [nee Lucinda Nell Miesegaes [born 1964].


Elizabeth Kathleen Astor 1951-2023

Elizabeth Kathleen Astor, who died 26 March, 2023, aged 71, was a scion of the Barons Astor of Hever.

She was born 22 July, 1951, daughter of the Hon John Astor (1923-87), and his 1st wife the former Diana Kathleen de Vere Drummond (1926-1982), scion of the Earls of Perth, and was a granddaughter paternally of the 1st Baron Astor of Hever (1886-1971).


Benitz/Weinstock marriage

 The marriage took place at the King's Chapel of the Savoy, London, 10 March, 2023, between Max Edward F. Benitz [born 1985], youngest son of Bryan Benitz, of Wylye, Wiltshire, and his wife, nee Hutchinson, & Celia Rose Weinstock [born 1985], second daughter of the late Hon Simon Andrew Weinstock [1952-96], and his wife the former Laura Helen Legh [born 16 May, 1954] [now Laura Weinstock Sykes, of Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire] scion of the Barons Newton.

The 3rd Baron Newton [1888-1960] > Maj Hon Sir Francis Legh [1919-84] > Laura Helen Legh [b 1954] > Celia Weinstock [b 1985]


The 18th Earl of Perth 1935-2023

The 18th Earl of Perth died at his home, 27 March, 2023. He was 87.

He was Earl of Perth (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1605), and Viscount Strathallan (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1686).

John Eric Drummond was born 7 July, 1935, son of the 17th Earl of Perth, PC (1907-2002), of Stobhall, Perth, and his wife the former Nancy Seymour Fincke (1911-96), of New York, USA, and succeeded to the peerages on his father's death, 25 November, 2002.

He married firstly, 7 January, 1963 (div 1972), Margaret Anne Gordon, daughter of Robin Gordon; and married 2ndly, in 1988, Mrs Marion Verity Grey Elliot (born 1947, nee Eton), daughter of Alfred John Douglass Eton (1908-1996), and his wife the former Renee Rosena Gadd (1916-2003), and leaves issue from his first marriage, two sons James and Robert, and was predeceased by a daughter, Annabella (who was born and died in 1964). The elder son, James David Drummond, styled Viscount Strathallan (born 24 Oct, 1965), now succeeds to the peerages. 


Robert Andrew Bogdan 1950-2023

 Robert Andrew Bogdan died 22 March, 2023, aged 72. He was born in 1950, son of Andrew Brogdan (1917-1996), and his wife the former Mary Dorothea Forbes Innes (1916-2007), scion of that Scots landed gentry family, of Drum.

Funeral service at All Saints’ Church, Whiterashes, Aberdeenshire, on Tuesday 11th April followed by the interment at St Mary’s Chapel, Straloch. 


Hobhouse/Holland-Hibbert engagement

The engagement was announced 1 April, 2023, between Jack Samuel Hobhouse (born 6 Sept, 1995), scion of that landed gentry family, son of William Arthur Hobhouse (born 29 March, 1956), of Sarratt, Hertfordshire, & his wife the former Anna Catherine (Kate) Weston, & Isabel Katherine Holland-Hibbert (born 11 May, 1995), scion of the Viscounts Knutsford, daughter of the Hon Henry Thurstan Holland-Hibbert (born 6 April, 1959), of Munden, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Katherine Ropner (born 16 Apr, 1964), scion of the Ropner baronets.

Isabel Holland-Hibbert is a granddaughter of the 6th Viscount Knutsford (born 27 Dec, 1926).


Capron/Burnett engagement

The engagement was announced 1 April, 2023, between Robert Charles Capron (born 20 November, 1991), scion of that landed gentry family, son of Adam David Capron (born 1954), of West Berkshire, and his wife the former Polly H. Irwin-Clark (born 1955), & Lottie Burnett, daughter of Jane Burnett and the late Daniel Burnett, of Bayswater, London