Sunday, May 28, 2023

The 3rd Baron Kirkwood 1931-2023

 The 3rd Baron Kirkwood has died aged 91.

Lord Kirkwood was senior lecturer of Metallurgy, 1974-1987 at Sheffield University, South Yorkshire, and was registered as a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.). He was a consultant at Sheffield University from 1987. His home for many years was at 56 Endcliffe Hall Avenue, Sheffield.

David Harvie Kirkwood was born 24 November, 1931, son of the 2nd Baron Kirkwood (1903-70), and his wife the former Eileen Grace Boalch (died 6 May, 1999); and was educated at Rugby and Trinity Hall Cambridge (MA, PhD); lecturer in Metallurgy at Sheffield University, 1962; Warden of Stephenson Hall, Sheffield University 1974-80; Member of the Select Committee on Science and Technology, House of Lords 1987-92, and 1996-99.

He succeeded his father, 9 March, 1970, in the peerage which was created in 1951 for his grandfather, David Kirkwood, PC (1872-1955), Labour MP for Clydebank, Dumbarton Burghs 1922-50, and for East Dumbarton 1950-51.

He married 31 July, 1965, Judith Rosalie Hunt, daughter of John Hunt, of Leeds, West Yorkshire, by whom he had issue, three daughters, Ruth Emily (born 17 Sept, 1966), Anne Judith (born 24 Apr, 1969), and Lucy Jennifer (born 28 July, 1972).

He is succeeded as 4th Baron by his younger brother, the Hon James Stuart Kirkwood (born 19 June, 1937).


Saturday, May 27, 2023

The former wife of the 13th Duke of Manchester has died aged 73

 The first wife of the 13th Duke of Manchester has died at the age of 73.

The former Marion Johanna Stoner (born Hamburg 1 February, 1950), the daughter of Fritz Stoner and his wife Maria. She emigrated with her parents to Australia in 1954. 

She married in 1984 in Melbourne, Australia, the then Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu (born 11 Dec, 1962), son of the then Lord Angus Charles Drogo Montagu (born 9 Oct, 1938), and his wife the former Mary Eveleen McClure. Marion's husband was a grandson of the 10th Duke of Manchester (1902-77), and nephew of the 11th Duke (1929-85).

The 11th Duke of Manchester died in 1985, and her husband's father succeeded to the family peerages. Alexander Montagu was then styled Viscount Mandeville, as heir to his father's dukedom.

Marion's marriage, a violent one, ended in divorce in 1996, Alexander Montagu having married bigamously, in 1992, Wendy Dawn Buford. With the death of the 12th duke, 25 July, 2002, Alexander succeeded as 13th Duke of Manchester (cr 1719), 16th Earl of Manchester, co. Lancaster [E., 1626], 16th Baron Kimbolton of Kimbolton, co. Huntingdon [E., 1620], 16th Viscount Mandeville [E., 1620] , &c. 

Marion was unsure of the validity of her divorce in 1996. If the marriage was not dissolved then she became Duchess of Manchester on 25 July, 2002. If the divorce was legal, then she was in fact Marion, Viscountess Mandeville from 1985. Her former husband was styled Viscount Mandeville by courtesy, from 1985 until succeededing to the dukedom.


Robert Peter Agnew 1953-2023

 Robert Peter Agnew died 16 May, 2023. 

He was born in 1953, the son of Sydney Alexander Agnew (1924-2003); and married 1982, Anna Margaret Pepys (born 25 July, 1956), scion of the Earls of Cottenham, daughter of the Rt Rev George Christopher Cutts Pepys (1914-74), a former Bishop of Buckingham, by his wife the former Elizabeth Margaret Ekin (1924-2009), by whom he had issue, two sons, Alexander (b 1984), Thomas (b 1987), and a daughter, Eleanor (b 1990).


Jago Henry Frederick Hodgson (born 2023)

 The Hon Mrs Barnaby Hodgson [nee Megan Grace Sandow, born 1990], wife of the Hon Barnaby Peter Granville Hodgson [born 1986], gave birth to a son, Jago Henry Frederick, 18 May, 2023, a brother for Hector James Granville, who was born 17 March, 2020.

Barnaby Hodgson is a son of the life peer Baron Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, CBE [born 1942], of London, by his wife the life peeress Baroness Hodgson of Abinger, CBE [born 1954].

Megan Hodgson is a daughter of Frederick K. Sandow, of Taunton, Somerset, by his wife the former Joanna P. Richards.


Cosmo Balthazar Patrick Dodd-Noble (born 2023)

 Emily Kate L. Dodd-Noble [nee Rowlinson, born 1984], wife of Harry Thomas B. Dodd-Noble [born 1985], gave birth to a son, Cosmo Balthazar Patrick, 6 April, 2023, a brother for Bertie-Fox Burlington Leo, who was born 14 August, 2021.

Harry Dodd-Noble, a descendant of the Merrie Monarch Charles II, is a son of (Simon) Thomas Antony (Tom) Dodd-Noble (b 17 Feb, 1955), of Oxfordshire,  by his former wife the former Carolyn A. Botting (now Mrs Carrie Stewart, of London), and is a grandson of Adrian Dodd-Noble (1922-2013) (a grandson maternally of the Baron Kirkley). by his 1st wife the former Lady Elizabeth Theresa Boyle (1920-81), sister of the 13th & 14th Earls of Cork & Orrery.

Emily Dodd-Noble is a daughter of Mr Stephen R. Rowlinson, of East Sussex, by his wife the former Kathleen A. McGowan.


Hon Lady Dundas 1924-2023

 The Hon Lady Dundas died 22 May, 2023, aged 98.

She was the widow of Sir Hugh Dundas, CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC, a fighter pilot in the Second World War and later senior a senior broadcasting executive. She was a scion of the Barons Trevethin & Oaksey.

The former Hon (Enid) Rosamond Lawrence, she was born 19 June, 1924, the second daughter of the 3rd Baron Trevethin &  1st Baron Oaksey, DSO, PC, DL (1880-1971), the senior British judge at the Nuremberg trials after the Second World War, and his wife the former Marjorie Frances Alice Robinson (who died in 1984); and married 28 January, 1950, Group Capt Hugh Spencer Lisle Dundas (born 22 July, 1920), sciom of the Earls (later Marquesses) of Zetland, son of Frederick James Dundas (1877-1950), and his wife the former Sylvia Mary March Phillipps (who died 30 Dec, 1976),s cion of that landed gentry family.

Her husband  joined Rediffusion Ltd in 1961, becoming a director in 1966, and served as Chairman of Thames Television until 1987. He died 10 July, 1995.

The Hon Lady Dundas leaves issue, a son James (born 4 Nov, 1950), and two daughters, Sarah Jane (b 15 Jan, 1953), and Amanda (b 28 March, 1956).


Friday, May 26, 2023

Wills/Kainradl engagement

 The engagement was announced 26 May, 2023, between the Hon Robert Anthony Hamilton Wills (born 20 Oct, 1983), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Dulverton (born 2 May, 1944), of Batsford, Gloucestershire, and of his first and former wife Rosalind, Baroness Dulverton (nee van der Velde), of Marbella, Spain, & Sophie Elizabeth Kainradl (born circa 1985), daughter of Mr Peter Kainradl, of Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire, and his wife the former Josephine Alice Danneman (born 21 March, 1951).


Gillian Elizabeth Pole-Carew (died 2023)

 Gillian Elizabeth Pole-Carew (nee Burton) died 20 May, 2023. She was 91.

The former Gillian Elizabeth Burton, daughter of Clive Mence Burton, of Cape Province, South Africa, she married 3 April, 1954, Christopher Gerald Pole-Carew (born 17 May, 1931), scion of the Pole baronets, son of Maj Gerald Ayshford Pole-Carew (1887-1969), and his wife the former Eileen Flora O'Callaghan (1893-1989). Her husband died 12 Feb, 2020, aged 88.

Mrs Pole-Carew leaves issue, a son, Peregrine (born 2 Sept, 1957), and two daughters, Delia (born 13 Feb, 1955), and Camilla (born 12 May, 1961).


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Coulthard/Davies engagement

 The engagement was announced 25 May, 2023, between Harry Caldecott Coulthard (born 1991), son of Michael William Coulthard (born 1958), of Ardnacille, Isle of Scalpay, and Mrs Coulthard, & Mollie Scarlett Davies (born 5 Oct, 1989), younger daughter of Mark Edward Trehearne Davies, CVO (born 20 May, 1948), of Admington Hall, Warwickshire, and his wife the former Antonia Catharine Chittenden (born 1960).

Mollie's brother, Hugo (born 1989), married 20 Aug, 2021, the Lady Jemima Juliet Herbert (born 4 Oct, 1989), daughter of the late 17th Earl of Pembroke (1939-2003), of Wilton House, Salisbury.


Palmer/Thrower engagement

 The engagement was announced 25 May, 2023, between Charles Henry Somerset Palmer (born 12 Oct, 1992), son and heir of Sir Robert John Hudson Palmer, 9th Baronet (born 20 Dec, 1960), of Wandsworth, London, and his wife the former Lucinda Margaret Barker (born 1961), and Naomi Louise Thrower (born 1992), daughter of Philip Andrew Thrower (born 1962), of Woking, Surrey, and his wife the former Susan Mackay.


Capel/Pleydell-Bouverie engagement

 The engagement was announced 25 May, 2023, between Edward J.S. Capel, son of Mr Jonathan Capel and Mrs Alexandra Nielsen, of Australia, and the Lady Hope Pleydell-Bouverie (born 4 November, 1997), elder daughter of the 9th Earl of Radnor (born 5 January, 1955), of Longford Castle, Wiltshire, and his wife, the Countess of Radnor ( the former Melissa Stanford).


Alan Stobart Monckton 1934-2023

 Alan Stobart Monckton, DL, who died 21 May, 2023, aged 88, was a scion of the Viscounts Galway.

Sometime of Stretton Hall, Staffordshire, he was a former High Sheriff of Staffordshire, and a deputy lieutenant of the county. 

He was born 5 September, 1934, son of Reginald Francis Percy Monckton (1896-1975), of Somerford Hall, Staffordshire, and his wife the former Sheila Stobart (who died 25 March, 1999).

 He married 30 September, 1961, Joanna Mary Bird, daughter of George Carlos Bird, of Appleton, Abingdon, Berkshire, by whom he had issue, three sons, Piers (b 23 Oct, 1962), Simon (1967-69), and Toby (b 26 Feb, 1970), and two daughters, Davina (b 21 May, 1964), and Sophie (b 13 Nov, 1967).

He had a ducal ancestry:-

Hugh, 1st Duke of Northumberland > Algernon Percy, 1st Earl of Beverley > Rt Rev Hon Hugh Percy > Algernon Charles Heber Percy > Evelyn Mary Heber-Percy > Reginald Monckton > Alan Monckton (d 2023)


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Elizabeth Sarah Rose More Nisbett (born 2023)

India More Nisbett (née Williamson), wife of Charles Nielson George More Nisbett (born 1984), scion of that Scottish landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth Sarah Rose, 20 May, 2023.

India, from Houston, Texas, married circa 2021, Charles More Nisbett, younger son of (George) Alan More Nisbett (born 1940), of The Drum, Edinburgh, and his wife the former Patrea Evelyn MacDonald.

 Charles More Nisbett is a great-great grandson of Lady Agnes Dalrymple, daughter of the 9th Earl of Stair.


Octavia Lily Pleydell-Bouverie (born 2023)

Imogen Nadia Pleydell-Bouverie [born 1987, nee Oates], wife of Edward Richard Pleydell-Bouverie [born 1984], scion of the Earls of Radnor, gave birth to a daughter, Octavia Lily, 20 May, 2023, a sister for Charles Sebastian, who was born 17 May, 2020.

Imogen is a daughter of John Oates, of Barnard Castle, and Mrs Claire Oates [nee Bromley], also of Barnard Castle, co Durham.

Edward is the second son of Rupert William Pleydell-Bouverie (b Dec 1950), of Monkwood, Alresford, Hampshire, by his wife the former Evelyn Marie Conlon.


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Otto John de Savary Symondson (born 2023)

 Amber Camilla C. Symondson (née de Savary), wife of Angus John Symondson (born 1988), gave birth to a son, Otto John de Savary, 5 May, 2023, a brother for Siena Rose (born 19 August, 2019).

Amber Symondson is a daughter of Peter de Savary (1944-2022), the multi-millionaire businessman, sometime of Skibo Castle, Dornoch, Sutherland, and his 3rd wife the former Lana Paton.

Angus Symondson is a son of Robin Francis Symondson (born 9 March, 1957), a scion of the Innes of Balvenie baronets, and his wife the former Alison Gaddie.


Monday, May 22, 2023

Archibald Andrew Ian Fleming 1934-2023

 Archibald Andrew Ian Fleming, who died 26 April, 2023, aged 88, was a grandson of the 1st Baron Inverforth.

He was born 25 October, 1934, son of Archibald Robert Cecil Fleming (who died 5 Aug,1969), and his wife the Hon Alexandra Cora Wilmer Weir (1902-1971), fifth daughter of the 1st Baron Inverforth (1865-1955), and his wife the former Anne Dowie (died 12 June, 1941).

He was unmarried.