Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Diana Evelyn Mary Arkwright (nee Garle) (died 2023)

 Diana Arkwright (nee Garle) died 8 September, 2023.

Diana Evelyn Mary Garle was born circa 1929, daughter of Capt John Aubrey Batten Garle (1893-1967), of Fiddington, Somerset, and his wife the former Beatrix Feodora Evelyn Neville Aveling (1895-1965), scion of that landed gentry family; and married in 1952, Major Anthony Richard Frank Arkwright, late the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, scion of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Godrey Bertram Arkwright, DSO, MC (1905-1942), and his wife the former Joyce Nancy Evelyn Pepys (1908-2001), by whom she had issue, a son, Anthony Mark Garle (born 1954), and a daughter, Caroline Feodora Joyce (born 1955).


Alexandra Nancy Taylor (née Howard) 1946-2023

 Alexandra Taylor, who died 17 September, 2023, aged 76, was a scion of the Earls of Carlisle.

She was born Alexandra Nancy Howard, 14 November, 1946, the eldest daughter of Major Roger Alexander Howard (1919-1998), and his wife the former Jean Alington (1917-2007), scion of that landed gentry family; and married in 1971, Christopher Skidmore Taylor, by whom she had issue, two daughters, Emily Clare (born 1973), Alexia Lucy (born 1974), and a son, Charles Argentine Weston (Argie) (born 1981).

The 5th Earl of Carlisle > Maj Hon Frederick Howard > Frederick John Howard > Alfred John Howard > Vice-Admiral Ronald Howard > Maj Roger Howard > Alexandra Howard


The 1st Marquess of Ailsa > Archibald, Earl of Cassillis > Lord Gilbert Kennedy > Mary Alice Kennedy > Vice-Admiral Ronald Howard


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Lord Cobbold's son and heir weds

  The marriage has taken place on the Knebworth estate, Hertfordshire, between the Hon Edward Lytton Cobbold (born 23 April, 1992), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Cobbold (born 12 May, 1962), of Knebworth, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Martha Frances Boone, & Miss Helena Meyer-Johann, daughter of Frau Dr Ulrike and Herr Dr Carsten Meyer-Johann, of Enger, Germany.

 Lady Cobbold is a daughter of James Buford Boone, Jr., of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. The Cobbold peerage was created in 1960 for Edward's great-grandfather, Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, KG, GCVO, PC, Governor of the Bank of England 1949-61, and Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth II 1963-1971.


Monday, September 25, 2023

Mervyn Richard Streatfeild 1942-2023

 Mervyn Richard Streatfeild died 14 September, 2023, aged 81. He was a kinsman of the Queen via his Keppel ancestry. A Kent landowner whose home was Hoath House, set in a renowned landscape.

He was a scion of the Streatfeild landed gentry family of Chiddingstone, born in Yorkshire in 1942, eldest son of Brigadier Richard John Streatfeild, DSO (1903-1952), and his wife the former Jane Eglantine Stephenson (1914-1990); and married in 1981, Jane Romanes, daughter of Giles Romanes, by whom he had issue, four sons, Richard, Geoffrey (the actor), Luke, and Roland, and a daughter, Daisy.

Jane Streatfeild has overseen the creation of the spectacular Hoath House Gardens in Kent, in the grounds of the house now the home of their eldest son, Major Richard Streatfeild.

William Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle > Lady Mary Keppel > Sir Augustus Stephenson KCB > Sir Guy Stephenson CB > Jane Stephenson > Mervyn Streatfeild (died 2023)


Sunday, September 24, 2023

Lady Mary Biddulph 1938-2023

 The Lady Mary Biddulph, who died 16 September, 2023, aged 84, was the widow of the 4th Baron Biddulph, and a scion of the Earls of Lauderdale.

She was born the Hon Mary Helena Maitland, 23 October, 1938, the elder of the three daughters of Ivor Colin James Maitland, styled Viscount Maitland (1914-43), and his wife the former Helena Ruth Perrott (1912-99), scion of the Perrott baronets, and was a granddaughter of the 15th Earl of Lauderdale (1891-1953). 

On 28 Oct 1953 she was granted the rank and precedence of an Earl's daughter. Her father, killed in action in North Africa, 18 Jan, 1943, would have, had he lived, succeeded his father as 16th Earl of Lauderdale.

Lady Mary Maitland married 9 April, 1958, the Hon Robert Michael Christian Biddulph (born 6 Jan, 1931), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Biddulph (1898-1972), and his wife the former Lady Amy Louise Agar (1905-1983), scion of the Earls of Normanton. Her husband succeeded his father, 21 July, 1972, as 4th Baron Biddulph (Peerage of the UK, cr 1903), and died 3 November, 1988.

Lady Mary leaves issue, two sons Anthony and William, and a daughter, Fiona. The elder son, Anthony Nicholas Colin Maitland Biddulph (born 8 April, 1959) is the 5th Baron Biddulph.

She retained the style 'Lady Mary Biddulph' in the style of an earl's daughter.


Hedwig Marie-Daisy Alexandra Rosita Gioia, Grafin Leutrum von Ertingen 1934-2023

Hedwig Marie-Daisy Alexandra Rosita Gioia, Grafin Leutrum von Ertingen, died 10 September, 2023, aged 88.

She was born 11 October, 1934, daughter of Bolko Konrad Friedrich, Prince of Pless (1910-1936), and his wife Clotilde de Silva y Gonzalez de Candamo (1898-1978), and was a granddaughter of Hans Heinrich XV, Prince of Pless (1861-1938), and his wife the former Mary-Theresa (Daisy) Cornwallis-West (1873-1943), the noted society beauty in the Edwardian period, a scion of the Earls De La Warr .

She married 1stly, 30 Aug 1954 (religious) 31 Aug 1954 (div 1980) Alfred Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (1923-2017); married secondly, 30 Jan 1981 Karl Magnus Graf Leutrum von Ertingen (born 10 Oct 1931)


Iona, Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn (died 2023)

 Iona, Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn, who died 19 September, 2023, was the widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Arscott Molesworth-St Aubyn, 15th Baronet, Cornish landowner, a former High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall.

She was the former Iona Audrey Armatrude Tottenham, descended from the Tottenham family (now Marquesses of Ely), daughter of Admiral Sir Francis Loftus Tottenham, KCB, CBE, RN (1880-1967), and his wife the former Evelyn Rosalie Prescott (1895-1986); and married 2 May, 1957, Lieutenant-Col John Arscott Molesworth-St Aubyn (born 15 Dec, 1926), son of Sir John Molesworth-St Aubyn, 14th Baronet (1899-1985), and his wife the former Celia Marjorie Vivian (died 11 Oct, 1965). Her husband succeeded to his father's baronetcy, 15 Nov, 1985, and died 22 April, 1998.

Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn leaves two sons, William and James, and a daughter, Emma. Her elder son is Sir William, the 16th Baronet (born 23 Nov, 1958).


Saturday, September 23, 2023

Freddie Harvey Francis Linnell (born 2023)

Rebecca Mary Linnell [born 1991, nee Culverwell] wife of Harry Charles Francis Linnell [born 1990], gave birth to a son, Freddie Harvey Francis, 7 September, 2023, a brother for Charles Mark James, who was born 24 January, 2021.

Rebecca is a scion of the Culverwell landed gentry family, daughter of [Anthony] James Culverwell [born 5 Aug, 1956], and his wife, the former Catriona Andrew [born 1956].


Sir Rudolph Agnew 1934-2023

 Sir Rudolph Agnew, who died 14 September, 2023, aged 89, was descended from the Campbell baronets.

He was Chairman of Stena International BV and LASMO plc.

Career: officer in the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars 1953-57; joined Consolidated Gold Fields 1957, Deputy Chairman 1978-82, Group Chief Executive 1978-89, Chairman 1983-89, &c.

He was born 12 March, 1934, third son of Rudolph John Agnew and his wife the former Pamela Jean Theophila Campbell, scion of the Campbell baronets.

He married 1stly, 1 June, 1957 (div 1964), Tessa Eiluned Longley (born 1938), daughter of Squadron Leader John Molony Longley RAFVR (1906-1994), head of that landed gentry familym, and his wife the former Nancy Evelyn Harvey (1914-1990); married 2ndly, 29 March, 1965 (div 1980), the Hon Clare Rosalind Dixon (born 15 Nov, 1937), daughter of the 2nd Baron Glentoran (1912-1995), and his his wife the former Lady Diana Mary Wellesley (died 2 Jan, 1984), daughter of the 3rd Earl Cowley (1866-1919); and married 3rdly, 1980, Whitney Warren (who died 2018), daughter of Chester Ingersoll Warren Jr.

From his first marriage he had a son, Charles (1961-1982), and a son and daughter from his second marriage, James (born 23 Apr 1968), and Charlotte (born 17 Oct 1970).


Annie Aurelia Mulvaney (born 2023)

 Louisa Judith Mulvaney [nee Whitworth, born 1984], wife of the Rev Jamie E.J. Mulvaney, gave birth to a daughter, Annie Aurelia, 13 September, 2023, a sister for Rupert Bode Peveril, who was born 25 August, 2021.

The Rev Jamie Mulvaney is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs Bruce Mulvaney, of Canterbury, Australia.

Louisa Mulvaney is a daughter of the Rev Canon Patrick John Whitworth, descended from the Marquesses of Bristol, by his wife the former Olivia Helen Judith Colman [born 7 Aug 1956], scion of the Colman baronets. Louisa is a granddaughter maternally of Sir Michael Jeremiah Colman, 3rd Baronet [b 7 July, 1928]. Her great-grandfather, Aymer William Whitworth, married Alice Ruth Patience Hervey, scion of the Marquesses of Bristol.


Actress Michelle Dockery has married Jasper Waller-Bridge

 The marriage took place 23 September, 2023, between Jasper Cyprian Waller-Bridge [born 1987], son of Michael Cyprian Waller-Bridge [born 1953], and his wife the former Teresa Mary Clerke [born 6 July, 1951], scion of the Clerke baronets, and Michelle Suzanne Dockery [born 15 December, 1981], the actress, daughter of Michael Dockery and his wife the former Lorraine Witton.

Michelle, who starred as Downton Abbey's Lady Mary, has wed her own aristocrat. Jasper is a brother of Phoebe Waller-Bridge [b 14 July, 1985], the actress and screenwriter. Their mother, Teresa, is a daughter of Sir John Edward Longueville Clerke, 12th Baronet [1913-2009].

Jasper Waller-Bridge is a ninth cousin, several times removed, of the Earl of Carnarvon, of Highclere Castle, the setting of Downton Abbey.

Jasper Waller-Bridge > Teresa Clerke > Sir John Clerke, Bt > Francis Clerke > Sir Wm Clerke, 11th Bt > Sir Wm Clerke, 10th Bt > Sir Wm Clerke, 9th Bt > Byzantia Cartwright > Hon Airmine Crewe > Thomas 2nd Baron Crewe of Stene  > John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe of Stene [Speaker of the House of Commons]

George, 8th Earl of Carnarvon > Henry, 7th Earl of Carnarvon > Henry, 6th Earl of Carnarvon > George, 5th Earl of Carnarvon > Lady Evelyn Stanhope > George, 6th Earl of Chesterfield > Lady Henrietta Thynne > Thomas, 1st Marquess of Bath > Lady Louisa Carteret > John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville > George, 1st Baron Carteret > Lady Jemima Montagu > Jemima Crewe > John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe of Stene


Laurence James Wilson Hay (born 2023)

 Edwina Chantal Elizabeth Hay [nee Langley, born 1985], wife of James Malcolm Douglas Hay [born 30 May, 1985], scion of the Marquesses of Tweeddale, gave birth to a second son, Laurence James Wilson, 13 September, 2023, a brother for Gilbert Christopher Malcolm, who was born 9 September, 2021.

James Hay is the eldest son of Malcolm Charles Hay of Seaton [born 4 March, 1956], of Edinglassie, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, by his wife the former Deborah Louise Rouse.

Edwina Hay is a daughter of Christopher J.M. Langley, of Alderton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, by his wife the former Diana Constance Mary Crewdson [born 11 June, 1959].

James Hay is descended from George Hay, 7th Marquis of Tweeddale [1753-1804].

Edwina is a great-granddaughter of the 3rd Baron Grimthorpe [1891-1963].


Barclay/Morgan engagement

The engagement was announced 23 September, 2023, between Frederick William Barclay (born 1994), scion of the Barclays of Higham, son of Robert Charles William Barclay [born 1957], of Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Susan Harriet Ralli [born 13 January, 1963], scion of the Ralli baronets, and Miss A.V.R (Rosie) Morgan, daughter of Mr & Mrs Richard Morgan, of Brecon, Wales.


Sir Richard Houldsworth, 5th Baronet 1947-2023

Sir Richard Houldsworth, 5th Baronet, died 14 September, 2023. He was 76.

Sir Richard was a landowner and farm manager at Kirkbride, Glenburn, Crosshill, Ayrshire.

Richard Thomas Reginald Houldsworth was born 2 August, 1947, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Reginald Douglas Henry Houldsworth, OBE, TD, 4th Baronet (1903-1989), and his wife the former Margaret May Laurie (1908-1995), scion of the Laurie baronets. 

The Houldsworth baronetcy was created in 1887 for William Henry Houldsworth, MP for Manchester 1883-85, and for Manchester North West 1885-1906.

He married firstly, 12 September, 1970 (div 1982), Jane Orr, daughter of George Alistair Orr, of Montgreenan, Ayrshire, and his wife the former Doreen Elizabeth Cole; married 2ndly, 2 May, 1992, Ann Catherine Tremayne, daughter of Capt Jean Jacques Tremayne, of Sway, Hampshire.

Sir Richard leaves two sons from his first marriage, Simon, and Nicholas, and a son from his second marriage, Matthew.

His eldest son, Simon Richard Henry Houldsworth (born 6 Oct, 1971), succeeds to the baronetcy.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Frederick Robert Dennis Boyle (born 2023)

Rosie Boyle (nee Plumridge), wife of Patrick Gordon Tobias Boyle (born 1991), scion of the Earls of Cork & Orrery, gave birth to a son, Frederick Robert Dennis, 14 September, 2023.

Patrick Boyle is a son of Robert Edmund John Boyle (b 28 Sept, 1954), of Bisbrooke, Rutland, by his wife the former Gabrielle Georgiana Telfer Smollett (b 7 July, 1960), scion of that landed gentry family.

Rosie Boyle is a daughter of Mr Stewart Plumridge, of Bolter End, Buckinghamshire, and Mrs Jacqueline Plumridge, of Lewknor, Oxfordshire.

The infant is a descendant of the 8th Earl of Cork.


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Juliet Sibell Garwood FitzRoy (born 2023)

The Hon Victoria FitzRoy (nee Garwood), wife of the Hon Charles Edward Millett FitzRoy (b 18 Jan 1983), gave birth to a daughter, Juliet Sibell Garwood, 18 August, 2023, a sister for Scarlett Ismay Garwood, who was born 29 Oct, 2019.

The Hon Charles FitzRoy is a scion of the Barons Southampton (Baron, GB, cr 1780), the only son & heir of the 7th Baron Southampton (b 8 Jul 1955), of Morchard Bishop, Devon, by his wife the former Rachel Caroline Vincent Millett.

Victoria FitzRoy is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Christopher Garwood, of Kensington, London.


Francis John Robert Eden (born 2023)

 The Hon Helen Eden (née Shepheard-Walwyn, born 1990), wife of the Hon John Michael Oliver Eden (born 30 June, 1988), scion of the Barons Henley, gave birth to a son, Francis John Robert, 14 September, 2023.

The Hon John Eden is the eldest son and heir of the 8th Baron Henley (born 22 Nov, 1953), and his wife the former Caroline Patricia Sharp (born 1958).

Helen Eden is a daughter of Simon Shepheard-Walwyn (born 1958), with a landed gentry ancestry, and his wife the former Christine Walker.