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Major Michael James Massy-Beresford 1935-2022

 Maj Michael James Massy-Beresford, late the Royal Green Jackets, who died 26 September, 2022, aged 87, was a descendant of the Barons Massy.

He was born 10 April, 1935, son of Brigadier Tristram Hugh Massy-Beresford [1896-1987], and his wife the former Helen Lindsay Lawford [1903-79]. 

2nd Baron Massy > Hon John Massy > Very Rev John Massy-Beresford > John Massy-Beresford > Tristram Massy-Beresford > Maj Michael Massy-Beresford


Jolliffe/Ross engagement

 The engagement was announced 6 October, 2022, between the Hon John Raymond Edward Arthur Jolliffe [born 1977], fourth son of the 5th Baron Hylton [born 13 June, 1932], and his wife the former Joanna Ida Elizabeth de Bertodano [born 1939], & Sophie Anne Marie Ross [born 1985], daughter of Sir Walter Robert Alexander [Bertie] Ross, KCVO, FRICS [born 1950], former Secretary and Keeper of the Records of the Duchy of Cornwall, by his wife the former Ingrid Wieser.

The Hon John Jolliffe is a great-grandson of the 6th Earl of Mexborough [1868-1945]:-

6th Earl of Mexborough > Lady Mary Savile > Joanna de Bertodano > Hon John Jolliffe.


Jane Frances Mary Grey-Edwards [née Fitzgerald-Lombard] 1936-2022

 Jane Frances Mary Grey-Edwards [née Fitzgerald-Lombard], died 23 September, 2022, aged 85.

She was born in 1936 a daughter of Colonel James Cotter Roger Fitzgerald-Lombard, OBE [1905-1979], scion of that Irish landed family, and his wife the former Winifred Helen Mary Woulfe Flanagan; and married in 1958, Christopher R.L. Grey-Edwards, son of Theodore Walpole Lester Grey-Edwards [1903-1993], and his wife the former Nesta Gwenllian Rhys Hughes [1909-2001], by whom she had four daughters, Victoria, Caroline, Clare and Annie.


Robert Donald Harman, KC 1928-2022

 Robert Donald Harman, KC, who died 30 September, 2022, aged 94, was a Recorder of the Crown Court 1972-97.

He was born 26 September, 1928, scion of the Harman landed gentry family, son of Herbert Donald Harman, MC and his wife the former Dorothy Fleming; and married 1stly, 1960, Sarah Elizabeth Cleverly [who died 1965], by whom he had two sons; married 2ndly, 21 February, 1968, Rosamond Geraldine Scott, JP [born 6 June, 1938], descended from the Bolitho landed family and the Jervoise baronets, second daughter of Commander Geoffrey Thomas Archibald Scott, RN [1895-1958], and his wife the former Geraldine Amelia Watt, by whom he had two daughters.

Career: Called to the Bar at Gray's Inn, 1954; Bencher, 1984; South Eastern Circuit; a Junior Prosecuting Counsel to the Crown at the Central Criminal Court 1967-72; a Senior Treasury Counsel 1972-74; Member of the Senate of the Inns of Court and Bar 1985-87; Appeal Steward BBB of C 1981-98; Liveryman of the Goldsmiths' Co, &c.


Anne Carr Carlyon Soames [died 2022]

 Anne Carr Carlyon Soames [nee Coates], died 29 September, 2022. She was a daughter of Maj Sidney Coates, MC, of Garlands, Pebmarsh, Essex, and maried in July, 1948, Commander William John Soames, RN [1926-2020], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Allen Aldwyn Soames [1882-1955], and his wife the former Marjorie Combe [1894-1980], a granddaughter maternally of the 3rd Marquess Conyngham [1825-82]; by whom she had issue, a son Michael [1950-2013], and a daughter, Patricia Anne [Tisha] [born 1952].


Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Vincent Oliver Robin Goldsmith [born 2022]

 Jemima Goldsmith [nee Jones, born circa 1987], wife of Benjamin James [Ben] Goldsmith (born 1980), descended from the Marquesses of Londonderry, gave birth to a son, Vincent Oliver Robin [Vinny], in 2022., a brother for Eliza [born 2016], Arlo [born 2017], and for Vita [born 2020], and a half-brother for the late Iris [2004-2019], for Frankie [born 2005], and for Isaac [born 2008].

Ben is a son of the late Sir James Michael Goldsmith (1933-97), by his wife the former Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b 1937), scion of the Marquesses of Londonderry (Marquess, Ire, 1816), & Jemima is a daughter of Edward Jones, archirect, by his wife, Margot, and sister of film-maker Quentin Jones, &c.

Ben Goldsmith is a grandson maternally of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry. His first marriage which ended in divorce was to Kate Emma Rothschild, scion of the Barons Rothschild.


The Dowager Countess of Mansfield & Mansfield, widow of the 8th Earl

 The Dowager Countess of Mansfield and Mansfield, who died 2 October, 2022, was widow of the 8th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield [1930-2015], a government minister in the Thatcher administration.

She was the former Pamela Joan Foster, daughter of Wilfred Neill Foster, CBE, of Port of Spain, Trinidad, by his wife the former Millicent Agnes Mary Duckham [died 1981] [who married 2ndly, in 1948, the 2nd Baron Cochrane of Cults [1883-1968].

She married 19 December, 1955, William David Mungo James Murray, styled Viscount Stormont [born 7 July, 1930], son  and heir of the 7th Earl of Mansfield & Mansfield [1900-1971], of Scone Palace, Perthshire, and his wife the former Dorothea Helena Carnegie [1906-85], scion of the Earls of Southesk [later Dukes of Fife]. 

Her husband was appointed a member of the first British delegation to the European Parliament from 1973 to 1975 (prior to the direct election of MEPs), and was an opposition spokesman in the House of Lords from 1975 to 1979. This was followed by serving as a Minister of State in the Scottish Office from 1979 to 1983 in Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative administration and then in the Northern Ireland Office from 1983 to 1984. Her husband had succeeded to his father's peerages, 7 September, 1971, and died 21 Oct, 2015.

The Countess leaves issue, two sons, Alexander Davd Mungo, the 9th Earl [born 17 Oct, 1956], and the Hon James Murray [b 7 June, 1969], and a daughter, Lady Georgiana Dorothea Mary Bullough [born 10 Mar 1967].


Sarah Elizabeth Thistlethwayte (née Batt) 1938-2022

 Sarah Elizabeth Thistlethwayte [née Batt], died 1 October, 2022.

She was born Sarah Batt in 1938, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Major William Frederic Batt, MBE [1904-90], head of that landed gentry family, and his wife the Hon Elisabeth Noel Monck [1908-88], scion of the Viscounts Monck; and married in 1958, Capt Peter Thomas Thistlethwayte [1933-2020], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Arthur Donald Claude Thomas Thistlethwayte [1903-56], and his wife the former Hon Gwladys Eileen Berry [1908-55], daughter of the 1st and last Baron Buckland [1877-1928].

Mrs Thistlethwayte leaves three daughters, Katie, Carina and Tania.


William George Joseph Nall 1926-2022

 William George Joseph Nall, who died 20 September, 2022, the day before his 96th birthday, was a scion of the Nall baronets. He was born 21 September, 1926, younger son of Sir Joseph Nall, 1st Baronet [1887-1958], and his wife the former Edith Elizabeth Francklin [died 25 Jan, 1963]; and married 6 May, 1961, Jennifer Jane Richardson [who died 9 January, 2014], daughter of Leo Aylwin Richardson, FRCP, of Minstead, Hampshire, by whom he had issue, two sons, Charles [born 23 Apr, 1965], and Richard [born 16 Sept, 1966], and a daughter, Olivia [born 20 Mar, 1970].


The Viscountess Knollys, OBE 1937-2022

 The Viscountess Knollys, OBE, wife of the 3rd Viscount, died 26 September, 2022. She was 84.

Viscountess Knollys was born 5 December, 1937, as Sheelin Virginia Maxwell, scion of the Barons Farnham, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Somerset Arthur Maxwell [1905-42], and his wife the former Angela Susan Roberts [died 10 Apr, 1953], and was a sister of the 12th Baron Farnham [1931-2001], and the 13th Baron Farnham [born 12 Dec, 1933]. She was raised to the rank of a Baron's daughter in 1959.

She married 1 Oct, 1959, the then Hon David Francis Dudley Knollys [born 12 June, 1931], son of the 2nd Viscount Knollys [1895-1966], and his wife the former Margaret Mary Josephine Coats [died 1987]. Her husband succeeded his father, 3 Dec, 1966, as the 3rd Viscount Knollys [Peerage of the UK, cr 1911].

Viscountess Knollys, whose home was in Norwich, leaves issue, three sons, Capt the Hon Patrick Knollys, Capt the Hon Christopher Knollys, sometime Equerry to HRH The Duke of Kent, and Capt the Hon Michael Knollys, and a daughter the Hon Clarinda Snowball.


Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Lyghia Boyd Maunsell [nee Peterson] [died 2022]

 Lyghia Boyd Maunsell (nee Peterson) died 28 September, 2022, aged 93.

She was born circa 1929, a daughter of Dr M. Peterson, of Wimbledon, and married in 1957, Nevill Francis Wray Boyd Maunsell [born 1930], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Colonel Cecil Robert Wray Boyd Maunsell [1898-1961], and his wife the former Elizabeth Frances Boyd [1905-2004], by whom she had a son, Michael, and a daughter, Elizabeth [Indi].


Imogen Sophia Iris Briam Benn [born 2022]

Vicky Benn [née Briam], wife of the Hon Daniel John Wedgwood Benn [born 10 December, 1991], scion of the Viscounts Stansgate, gave birth to a daughter, Imogen Sophia Iris Briam, 18 September, 2022, a sister for Joshua [born 2018], and for Rory [born 2019].

The Hon Daniel Benn is the son and heir of the 3rd Viscount Stansgate [born 21 Aug, 1951].


Bacon/Vere Nicoll engagement

 The engagement was announced 4 October, 2022, between Dr Timothy C. Bacon, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Clive Bacon and Dr Dawn Bacon, and Robyn M. Vere Nicoll, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Alexander Vere Nicoll [born 1952], and his late wife the former Meriel Joanna [Jo] Wormald [1955-2011].


Ross/Gladstone engagement

 The engagement was announced 4 October, 2022, between Hugo M. Ross, younger son of Mr and Mrs Malcolm Ross, of Letheringham, Suffolk, and Xanthe Flora Mali Gladstone [born 23 June, 1995], third daughter of Sir Charles Angus Gladstone of Fasque and Balfour, 8th Baronet [born 11 Apr, 1964], of Hawarden Castle, Flintshire, and Glen Dye Lodge, Kincardineshire, and Lady Gladstone [nee Caroline Thomas].


Monday, October 03, 2022

Ruth Ivy Somerset [née Wildbur] 1928-2022

 Ruth Ivy Somerset [née Wildbur], died 25 September, 2022, aged 94. She was born in 1928, the former Ruth Ivy Wildbur, daughter of Wilfred Robert Wildbur [1892-1978], of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, by his wife the former Mabel Winifred Ivy [1899-1990]; and married 16 Apr, 1955, David Henry FitzRoy Somerset [1930-2014], scion of the Barons Raglan, descended from the Dukes of Beaufort, son of the Hon Nigel FitzRoy Somerset, CBE, DSO, MC [1893-1990], and his wife the former Phyllis Marion Offley Irwin [1898-1979], by whom she had issue, a son, Henry Robert FitzRoy [born 13 Feb, 1961], and a daughter, Louise Charlotte [born 28 Aug, 1956].


Pittalis/Pease engagement

 The engagement was announced 1 October, 2022, between Kyriacos Nicos Pittalis [born 1992], elder son of John Kyriacos Pittalis [born 1960], of Essendon, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Sally Duncan, & Sybilla Mary Pease [born 1994], younger daughter of Christopher Berkeley Pease [born 27 Apr, 1958], of Upper Woodcott, Hampshire, and his wife the former Mariana Steuart Fothringham, scion of that landed gentry family, descended from King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan.

King William IV > Lady Elizabeth FitzClarence > Lady Ida Hay > Charles Noel, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough > Maj Hon Charles Noel > Carola Mary Noel > Robert Steuart Fothringham > Mariana Steuart Fothringham > Sybilla Mary Pease


William Nicolas Tate 1934-2022

William Nicolas Tate, who died 24 September, 2022, aged 87, was a scion of the Tate baronets [Bt, UK, cr 1898].

He was born 19 November, 1934, a younger son of Sir Henry Tate, 4th Baronet [1902-1994], and his wife the former Lilian Nairne [1901-84]; and married 7 Dec, 1960, Sarah, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Angus John Campbell Rose [1909-80], of Comrie, Perthshire, by his wife the former Charlotte MacHarg, by whom he had two sons, Rupert [born 13 Nov 1962], and Adrian [b & d 1966], and two daughters, Melissa [1964-69], and Georgina [born 1969].


Robert Archdale [Robin] Palmer 1930-2022

 Robert Archdale [Robin] Palmer, died 24 September, 2022, aged 91, was a scion of the Palmer baronets [cr GB, 1791]. He was born 21 Nov, 1930, the second son of Sir John Archdale Palmer, 7th Baronet [1894-1963], and his wife the former Kathleen Elsie Smith [1897-1980]; and married 26 Jan, 1963, Rosalie Margaret Newell [born c 1936], daughter of Keith Monk Newell [1908-97], and his wife the former Drucilla Mathews [1909-97], by whom he had issue, two sons, Philip and Jeremy, and two daughters, Catherine and Sarah.


McPherson/Stevens marriage

  The marriage has taken place between Rory John McPherson [born 2 Nov, 1989], only son of Malcolm William McPherson, of Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, and his late wife the former Hilary Ann Cobb, & Olivia Catherine Anne Stevens [born 1989], younger daughter of Julian Bryan Stevens, of Clanfield, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Elizabeth Margaret Moira Bevis [born 29 Aug, 1960].

The bride is descended from the Earls of Haddington:-

6th Earl of Haddington [1680-1735] > Charles, Lord Binning [1697-1732] > Hon George Baillie [1721-97] > George Baillie [1763-1841] > Hon John Baillie [1810-88] > Cecilia Baillie [1846-1914] > John Barstow [1872-1914] > John Barstow [1905-77] > Elizabeth Barstow [b 1933] > Elizabeth Bevis [b 1960 see above]


Life peerage for Dominic Johnson

 Dominic Robert Andrew Johnson CBE, a financier, hedge fund manager and politican, the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Somerset Capital Management, has been created a life peer on his recent appointment as a minister of state in the Cabinet Office and the Department for International Trade.

In October 2022, Johnson was appointed as a minister in the Cabinet Office and the Department for International Trade. Johnson has given more than £250,000 to the Conservative Party, and was its vice-chairman from 2016 to 2019.

Johnson began his career in finance with Robert Fleming & Co. in 1995, and then with Jardine Fleming, Hong Kong, in 1998. In 2001, he went into asset management, and worked for Lloyd George Management until 2007. In 2007, he co-founded Somerset Capital Management (SCM) with Jacob Rees-Mogg and Edward Robertson.[3][1] All three were colleagues at Lloyd George Management in Hong Kong. Rees-Mogg was CEO of SCM until Johnson succeeded him in 2010.

From 2006 to 2010, Johnson was a Conservative councillor for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. In 2016, when his friend David Cameron stood down as prime minister, Johnson gave him the use of his £2,650-a-week Chelsea house, and Cameron accordingly declared a benefit of more than £37,000 in the register of MPs' interests. Johnson has given more than £250,000 to the Conservative Party, and was its vice-chairman from 2016 to 2019. In the 2017 New Year Honours, Johnson was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) "for political service".

In 2006, he married the Hon Alice Rose Alethea Hamilton (born 1974), the daughter of Archibald Hamilton, Baron Hamilton of Epsom, a British Conservative Party politician.


Saturday, October 01, 2022

Robin Geoffrey Marlar 1931-2022

 Robin Geoffrey Marlar, who died 30 September, 2022, aged 91, was the veteran Sunday Times cricket correspondent and sometime president of the MCC.

He was born 2 Jan, 1931, and married firstly, in 1955, Wendy Dumaresq; married 2ndly, 1980, the Hon Gillian Doreen Kimmins  [1934-2019], former wife of Simon E.A. Kimmins, and daughter of the life peer the Baron Taylor of Hadfield [1905-1995].

Mr Marlar leaves six children from his first marriage.


Carrington Smith/Beazley engagement

The engagement was announced 1 October, 2022, between Miles Stephen Carrington Smith [born 1985], descended from the Earls of Liverpool, younger son of Major Nigel Anthony Carrington Smith [born 19 March, 1943], of Brancaster, Norfolk, and his wife the former Jane Elizabeth Lee [born 1946], and Alice Nancy Beazley [born 24 September, 1992], scion of that landed family, eldest daughter of Roland Michael [Roly] Beazley [born 1959], of Gressenhall, Norfolk, and his wife the former Louise Jones.

Cecil Foljambe, 1st Earl of Liverpool > Hon Bertram Foljambe > Ursula Foljambe > Nigel Carrington Smith > Miles Carrington Smith



Bolton/Devereux engagement

 The engagement was announced 1 Oct, 2022, between Frederic William S. Bolton [born 1990], son of James William Bolton [born 15 June, 1957], of Clapton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire, descended from the Barwick baronets, and his wife the former Karin Beck-Andersen [born 1957], & Carla Devereux, daughter of William Devereux, of Walshetown, Wexford, Ireland, and his wife Siobhan.

Sir John Barwick, 1st Baronet > George Short Barwick > Valerie Margaret Barwick > James Bolton > Frederic Bolton


Friday, September 30, 2022

Prayers for the Royal Family

 From the London Gazette 30 September 2022:-

Warrants Under the Royal Sign Manual


The King has been pleased by Royal Warrant under His Royal Sign Manual dated 17th September 2022 to alter prayers for the Royal Family, in form following:

WHEREAS it is provided by section 1(7) of the Church of England (Worship and Doctrine) Measure 1974 that in the prayers for or referring to the Sovereign or other members of the Royal Family contained in any form of service authorised for use in the Church of England, the names may be altered, and any other necessary alterations made, from time to time as the circumstances require by Royal Warrant, and those prayers as so altered shall be used thereafter:

NOW, therefore, WE by this Our Royal Warrant declare Our Will and Pleasure as follows:

That in every prayer for or referring to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and contained in any form of service authorised for use in the Church of England instead of the word “Queen” the word “King”, instead of the word “Elizabeth” the word “Charles” and instead of the words “Sovereign Lady” the words “Sovereign Lord” be inserted;

That in every prayer for the Royal Family contained in any form of service authorised for use in the Church of England, instead of the words “Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Charles Prince of Wales” the words “Camilla the Queen Consort, William Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales” be inserted; and

That in all prayers so altered, such change of the pronouns “She” and “Her” be made as will by those alterations be rendered necessary.

Given at Our Court at Saint James’s

the 17th day of September 2022

In the first Year of Our Reign

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jane Lucinda Naylor-Leyland 1955-2022

 Jane Lucinda Naylor-Leyland [nee Christian], who died 23 September, 2022, aged 67, was the wife of David George Edward Naylor-Leyland [born 13 Oct, 1955], scion of the baronets of that name.

She was born Jane Lucinda Christian [29 Apr, 1955], daughter of Lt-Col John Monsell Christian [1911-74], and his wife the former Catherine Barford; and married David Naylor-Leyland, in 1978. Her husband is a son of Michael Montague George Naylor-Leyland [1926-2012], and his wife the former Jacqueline Marie Françoise Floor, by whom she had issue, two sons, John [born 1984], and Frederick [born 1987], and a daughter, Victoria [born 1982].


The 18th Baron Zouche 1943-2022

The Lord Zouche, 18th Baron, died 21 September, 2022. He was 79.

His peerage was created in 1308, by Writ of Summons, for his ancestor William La Zouche, who was born circa 1276, and has descended through the female line from that family, through Bisshopp, Curzon and Frankland.

The 18th Baron was born James Assheton Frankland, 23 February, 1943, son of Maj the Hon Sir Thomas William Assheton Frankland, 11th Baronet [born 11 Aug, 1902], son of Sir Frederick William Francis George Frankland, 10th Baronet [1868-1937], and his wife Mary Cecil Curzon [1875-1965], in her own right Baroness Zouche.

James Frankland succeeded to his father's baronetcy, aged only one, 5 Aug, 1944, when the 11th baronet was killed in a motoring accident. On 25 September, 1965, he succeeded to the Barony of Zouche of Haryngworth on the death of his paternal grandmother.

Lord Zouche, of The Abbey, Charlton Adam, Somerset, was a Captain in the 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars, and served as ADC to the Gov of Tasmania 1965-68. He was a direct descendant of Oliver Cromwell.

He married 15 Dec, 1978, Sally Olivia Barton, daughter of Roderic Barton, of Pulham St Mary, Norfolk, by whom he had issue, a daughter, the Hon Victoria Lucy Frankland [born 23 Nov, 1982], and a son, the Hon William Thomas Assheton Frankland [born 23 July, 1984], who now succeeds as 19th Baron Zouche, and the 13th baronet, of Thirkelby, created in 1660.


Valerie Nina Dudley Ryder (nee Soames) 1928-2022

 Valerie Nina Dudley Ryder (nee Soames), who died 18 September, 2022, aged 94, was the widow of Capt Edward Dorian Dudley Ryder, Irish Guards (1924-84), scion of the Earls of Harrowby.

She was born in 1928, daughter of John Beecroft Soames (1884-1951); and married 20 Marcn, 1948, Capt Edward Dudley Ryder [born 20 Aug, 1924], son of Maj Henry Dudley Ryder, MC [1894-1958], and his wife the former Dorothy Marion Streatfeild, scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had issue, a son, Nicholas [born 10 June, 1960], and two daughters, Jennifer [born 19 Jul 1949], and Vanessa [born 14 Apr 1951].