Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Arlo Edward Roger Hinchliffe [born 2021]

 _. Laura Katherine Elizabeth Hinchliffe [born 17 March,1985, nee Elletson], wife of Charlie R. Hinchliffe, gave birth to a son, Arlo Edward Roger, in London, 30 January, 2021, a brother for Sienna.

Charlie Hinchliffe is the eldest son of Mr & Mrs Roger Hinchliffe, of East Sussex.

Laura Hinchliffe, is a scion of the Elletson landed gentry family, daughter of Philip Roger Chandos Elletson, of Huish, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Lady Alexandra Susan Marquis [born 12 January, 1961], scion of the Earls of Woolton, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Woolton [1922-69], and his wife the former Cecily Josephine Gordon-Cumming [1925-2012], a triple peeress, wife of [1] Lord Woolton, [2], the 3rd Baron Forres, & [3] the 3rd Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor.


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