Saturday, June 26, 2021

Romilly Winter Bo Burnett [born 2021]

  Rose-Anna [Rosie] Burnett [nee Daukes, born 1981], wife of the Hon George Arthur Burnett [b 1979], gave birth to a daughter, Romilly Winter Bo, 9 June, 2021, a sister for Cosmo Aubone Louis [born 5 Sept, 2017], and for Iona Evelyn Wren [born 20 Feb, 2019].

The Hon George Burnett is a son of the life peer Baron Burnett [b 1945], by his wife the former Elizabeth Sherwood de la Mare.

Rosie Burnett is a daughter of Brigadier Clendon Daukes [b 1945], by his wife the former Camilla de Courcy Trasenster, scion of that landed family.


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