Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hilma Iona Trenchard

  _. Amanda K.M. Trenchard [nee Karlsson], wife of the Hon William James Trenchard [born 14 May, 1986], scion of the Viscounts Trenchard, gave birth to a daughter, Hilma Iona, 12 June, 2021, in Stockholm, a sister for Astrid Isla, who was born in Bergen, Norway, 11 December, 2019.

The Hon William Trenchard is the second son of the 3rd Viscount Trenchard [born 12 March, 1951], by his wife the former Hon Fiona Elizabeth Morrison [born 11 Nov, 1954], scion of the Barons Margadale.

Amanda Trenchard is a daughter of Thomas Karlsson, of Stockholm, Sweden.


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