Saturday, June 26, 2021

Felix Charles Ragnar Lethbridge [born 2021]

 Zaria Louise Lethbridge [nee Rich, born 1980], wife of Alexander Ralph Periam Lethbridge [born 1982], scion of the Lethbridge baronets, gave birth to a son, Felix Charles Ragnar, 15 June, 2021, a brother for Frederick Clive Mytton, who was born 22 March, 2019.

Alexander Lethbridge is the third son of Sir Thomas Lethbridge, 7th Baronet [born 1950], of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, by his first wife the former Susan Elizabeth Rocke [now Susan, Lady Lethbridge].

Zaria Lethbridge is a daughter of Nigel Mervyn Sutherland Rich, of Chelsea, and his wife the former Cynthia Elizabeth Davies.


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