Thursday, November 05, 2020

The Earl of Lauderdale, 82, weds Sarah Sasse, 84

_. The marriage took place 10 October, 2020, at St Mary's, Bourne Street, London SW1, between the 18th Earl of Lauderdale [born 4 Nov, 1937], and Mrs Sarah Lindsay Sasse [nee Collings].

Ian Maitland, the Earl of Lauderdale, is a son of the 17th Earl [1911-2008], and his wife the former Stanka Lozanic [who died 2003], daughter of Prof Milivoje Lozanitch, of Belgrade University, Yugoslavia. He succeeded to the earldom, 

Lord Lauderdale married firstly, 27 April, 1963, Ann Paule Clark [who died 1 Apr 2020], daughter of Geoffret Clark, of London's Dolphin Square, by whom he has one son, John, styled Viscount Maitland [born 29 May, 1965], and a daughter, Lady Sarah [born 26 March, 1964].

The bride, the former Sarah Collings [born in August, 1936], married firstly, 1960, as his second wife, Capt Frederick Hugh Sasse [1924-1987].

The Earldom of Lauderdale, in the peerage of Scotland, was created in 1623, for his ancestor, John Maitland, a Lord of Session, and President of the Scottish Parliament. The earl is Hereditary Bearer of the National Flag of Scotland, 2 Dec, 2008, and Chief of the Name and Arms of Maitland. He is also Viscount Maitland, Viscount of Lauderdale, Lord Maitland, Lord Thirlestane & Boltoun, and a baronet.


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