Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Susan Marion Ingleby-Mackenzie [died 2020]

 _. Susan Marion Ingleby-Mackenzie [nee Clifford-Turner], died 12 November, 2020. She was 83.

She was the former Susan Marion Clifford-Turner, daughter of Raymond Clifford-Turner, and married firstly, 30 Oct, 1956 [divorced], Robin Andrew Stormonth Darling [1926-2009], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Patrick Stormonth Darling [1886-1960], and his wife the former Edith Mary Ormston Lamb; she married 2ndly, 1975, Alexander Colin David Ingleby-Mackenzie, OBE [1933-2006], the cricketer, son of Vice-Admiral Sir Kenneth Ingleby-Mackenzie [1892-1961].

Susan Ingleby-Mackenzie had three sons and one daughter from her first marriage, and a daughter from the second marriage.


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