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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Elletra Rita Lucia Boscawen [born 2020]

_. Emilia Boscawen (nee Falcetti), wife of (Evelyn George) William Boscawen (born 1 Oct 1979), scion of the Viscounts Falmouth (Peerage of GB, cr 1720), gave birth to a daughter, Elletra Rita Lucia, 8 January, 2020, a sister for Evo and Edward.

Evelyn George William Boscawen is the son of the Hon Evelyn Arthur Hugh Boscawen (b 13 May 1955), of Cornwall, by his 1st wife the former Lucia Caroline Vivian~Neal {now Mrs David Borradaile}, of Dorset, & Emilia Boscawen is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Fabrizio Falcetti, of Rome.

William Boscawen is the grandson and heir but one to the 9th Viscount Falmouth.


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