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Saturday, January 04, 2020

Cosima Mary Astor [born 2020]

_. Victoria L. Astor [nee Hargreaves], wife of the Hon James Jacob [Jake] Astor [born 1981]. scion of the Viscounts Astor, gave birth to a third daughter, Cosima Mary, in Hong Kong, 3 January, 2020, a sister for Sybil Nancy [born 2015], and for Atalanta Philippa Annabel [born in 2017].

The Hon Jake Astor is a younger son of the 4th Viscount Astor [born 1950], by his wife the former Annabel Lucy Veronica Jones [born 1958], and is a half-brother of Samantha Cameron, wife of the former Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Victoria Astor is a daughter of Lt-Col. Patrick Hargreaves and Mrs Charles Goodall.


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