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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Masha, Baroness Bolton 1946-2020

_. Masha Baroness Bolton, who died 11 January, 2020, aged 73, was the second wife of the 7th Baron Bolton [1929-2001], of Bolton Castle, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. Her home was at Arklow Hill, Thornton Steward.

Masha Anne Hudson was born in 1946, a daughter of Major Francis Edward [Tony] Hudson [1912-2002], of Winterfield House, Bedale, by his wife the former Masha Muirhead-Murray, a descendant maternally of the Vavasour baronets.

Her father was High Sheriff of North Yorkshire in 1981, and was Chairman of Yorkshire Post Newspapers Ltd, 1981-83.

She married 26 June, 1981, as his second wife, the 7th Baron Bolton, a North Yorkshire landowner. The marriage ended in divorce in 1990.


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