Saturday, August 25, 2018

Otto Frederick Charles Helmore (born 2018)

_. Princess Augusta von Preussen (born 15 Dec, 1986), wife of Caspar William Helmore (born 27 Jan, 1987), gave birth to a son, Otto Frederick Charles, 11 August, 2018.

Caspar is the second son of Mr Charles Patrick Helmore, of London, and Mrs Rachel Helmore (born 1952, nee Aykroyd), of Rogate, west Sussex, scion of the Aykroyd baronets (Bt, cr UK, 1929, of Birstwith Hall, Harrogate). He is a nephew of Lucy Helmore, the socialite and model, former wife of pop singer Bryan Ferry, who took her own life earlier in 2018.

Princess Augusta Lily von Preussen, a scion of the Royal House of Prussia, & a descendant of Queen Victoria, is the  daughter of HRH Prince (Frederick) Nicholas von Preussen (b 3 May, 1946). of Kensington, by his former wife the former Hon Victoria Mancroft (b 1952) (Victoria, Princess von Preussen, of East Coker, Somerset)  scion of the Barons Mancroft (Baron UK, cr 1937).

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