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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Son for Lady Wrottesley

Baroness Wrottesley, wife of the 6th Baron, gave birth to a son, 19 June, 2006, at Zurich, a brother for the Hon Victor Wrottesley, who was b. at Zurich, 28 January, 2004.
Lord and Lady Wrottesley married on 14 July, 2001, in the Chapel of Regina Pacis, St Moritz. The peer, b. 10 Aug 1968, as Clifton Hugh Lancelot De Verdon Wrottesley, is sixth holder of the barony, (created 1838), and the baronetcy created in 1642. He is son of the late Hon Richard Wrottesley and of Mrs Jonathan Seddon-Brown.
Lady W is the former Sascha Schwarzenbach, daughter of Mr & Mrs Urs Schwarzenbach.

Source: Daily Telegraph 21 June 2006


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