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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lady Lara Spencer

The Countess Spencer (b.1967, nee Hutton) second wife of the 9th Earl Spencer (b. 1964), gave birth to a daughter, Lady Lara Spencer, in April, 2006, a sister for the Hon Edmund Charles Spencer, who was b. London, Monday 6 October, 2003, and a half-sister for Lady Kitty Spencer (b. 1990), Lady Eliza Spencer (b. 1992), Lady Katya Spencer (twin with Eliza, b. 1992), Louis, Viscount Althorp (b. 1994), George Rupert Freud (b. 3 October, 1995), and for Jonah Henry Freud, (b. 1 Apr, 1997).

Source: The Observer 4 June, 2006

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