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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Charles Noel Janson, DL (1917-2006)

Charles Noel Janson, DL, late the Welsh Guards, b. 25 December, 1917, eldest son of Charles Wilfrid Janson, of 16 Wilton Crescent, London SW1; married 5 January, 1946, Elizabeth Millicent, (24th) Countess of Sutherland (in her own right) (b. 30 Mar 1921); father of 3 sons, (i) Alistair Charles St Clair SUTHERLAND, styled Lord Strathnaver (b. 7 Jan 1947), (ii) the Hon Martin Dearman Sutherland Janson (twin with Alistair b. 1947), and (iii) the Hon Matthew (who d. 1961), and a daughter (i), the Lady Annabel (b. 1952); died at his home 15 June, 2006.

Source: The Times

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