Saturday, July 30, 2022

Lavinia Matilda Gill [born 2022]

 Miranda Brodie Gill [born 1987, nee Hadsley-Chaplin], wife of Richard Gill, gave birth to a daughter, Lavinia Matilda, at San Antonio, Texas, 22 July, 2022.

Miranda is a daughter of Mark Hadsley-Chaplin and his former wife, the former Lavinia Brodie Henderson [born 9 May, 1962, who, in 2014, married James Newman Gilbey [born 4 Oct, 1956], scion of the Gilbey baronets].

The infant is descended from the Cayzer baronets:-

Admiral Sir Charles Madden, 1st Baronet > Conn Madden > Ian Brodie Henderson > Lavinia Brodie Henderson > Miranda Hadsley-Chaplin > Lavinia Matilda Gill

James Gilbey, step-grandfather of the child, was the close friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, central figure in the Squidgygate Affair, re the pre-1990 telephone conversations between the princess and Mr Gilbey. During the calls Mr Gilbey refered to Diana as "Squidgy" or "Squidge"


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