Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sauré Baroness Tweedsmuir 1935-2021

 Sauré, Baroness Tweedsmuir, who died 10 July, 2021, was the third wife and widow of the late 3rd Baron Tweedsmuir [1916-2008].

She was the former Sauré Cynthia Mary [Sally] Tatchell, daughter of Maj Gerald Edward Tatchell [1902-40], and his wife the former Cynthia Mary Hurlstone Hortin [1908-93]; married 20 July, 1960, as his third wife, the then Hon William de l'Aigle Buchan [born 10 Jan, 1916], second son of John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir [1875-1940], the politician & writer [The Thirty Nine Steps, &c] by his wife the former Susan Charlotte Grosvenor [died 1977], scion of the Barons Ebury.

Her husband was a younger brother of the 2nd Baron Tweedsmuir [1911-96], whom he succeeded as 3rd Baron, 20 June, 1996, and died 29 June, 2008.

Lady Tweedsmuir leaves a son, the Hon Alexander Edward Buchan [born 10 March, 1961].


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