Monday, July 05, 2021

Christopher Joseph Charlie [Kit] Cameron [born 2021]

 Sarah Elizabeth Cameron on Lochiel [nee Maclay, born 1977] wife of Donald Andrew John Cameron, Younger of Lochiel [born 1976], and scion of the Barons Maclay, gave birth to a son, Christopher Joseph Charlie [Kit], 20 March, 2021, a brother for Donald Fergus Ralph [born 2010], and for Finnian Angus Peter [born 2012], for Rose [born 2014], and for Ossian Francis Robert [born 2018].

Sarah Cameron is a daughter of the Hon Angus Maclay [born 1945], and his first wife the Hon Elizabeth Victoria Baillie [born 1950], scion of the Barons Burton.

Donald Cameron, younger of Lochiel, heir to the Cheiftainship, is the son of Donald Cameron, The Cameron Lochiel [born 1946], and his wife the former Lady Cecil Nennella Therese Kerr [born 1948], daughter of the late 12th Marquis of Lothian [1922-2004].


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