Tuesday, September 24, 2019

7th Viscount Southwell 1930-2019

_. The 7th Viscount Southwell, a peer in the Peerage of Ireland, died 23 September, 2019, aged 89.

[Pyers] Anthony Joseph Southwell was born 14 September, 1930, son of the Hon Francis Joseph Southwell [1900-1953] by his wife the former Agnes Mary Annette Clifford, 
and succeeded to the family honours on the death of his uncle, the 6th Viscount, 18 November, 1960.

He married 3 Dec, 1955, Barbara Jacqueline Raynes, daughter of Andrew Raynes, of Harpenden, Co Hertford, by whom he had issue, two sons.

The peerages now devolve on the elder son, the Hon Richard Andrew Pyers Southwell, who was born 15 June, 1956.


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