Sunday, September 01, 2019

Hans Anders Rausing, KBE 1926-2019

_. Hans Anders Rausing, KBE, who died 30 August, 2019, aged 93, was a Swedish businessman and philanthropist based in the United Kingdom. He made his fortune from his co-inheritance of Tetra Pak, a company founded by his father Ruben Rausing, and the largest food packaging company in the world.

Born 25 March, 1926. In 1995 he sold his share of the company to his brother, Gad. In the Forbes world fortune ranking, Rausing was placed at number 83 with an estimated fortune of US$10 billion in 2011.

According to Forbes, he was the second richest Swedish billionaire in 2013. By the time of his death in August 2019, Forbes estimated the net worth of Rausing and his family to be $12 billion.


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