Monday, September 03, 2018

Petronella Troubridge (died 2018)

_. Mrs Petronella Troubridge, who died 2 September, 2018, was the second wife of Thomas Troubridge (1939-2015), scion of the Troubridge baronets (cr GB, 1799).

She was the former Petronella von Woyrsch, daughter of Siegfried von Woyrsch, of Portals Nous, Mallorca, by his wife Sibylle von Gersdorff, and was niece of Udo von Woyrsch, a high ranking Nazi official responsible for implementing the regime's racial policies in the Second World War.

She married firstly (div), James Russell Forgan Jr, (1930-2001), a New York businessman; married 2ndly, 1981, as his second wife, Thomas Troubridge (1939-2015), who had married firstly, 1971 (divorced 1977, and marriage annulled  by the Roman Catholic Church 1978) Baroness Marie-Christine Hedwig Agnes Ida von Reibnitz (she married 30 June, 1978, as her second husband, HRH Prince Michael of Kent).

Mrs Troubridge left no children from her second marriage.

A Memorial Service is to take place at Chelsea Old Church, 23 Oct, 2018.


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