Monday, September 17, 2018

Barnaby Charles Gordon Lennox (born 2018)

_. Susannah Clare Gordon Lennox (born 1984), wife of Hamish Charles Gordon Lennox (born 1980), scion of the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon, gave birth to a son, Barnaby Charles, 16 September, 2018.

Hamish Gordon Lennox, a descendant of King Charles II, is the son of Capt Michael Charles Gordon Lennox, OBE, RN (born 1938), by his wife the former Jennifer Susan Gibbs, CVO (born 1944), sometime Lady-in-Waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, scion of the Barons Aldenham & Hunsdon.

Susannah Gordon Lennox is a daughter of (Robert) Michael John Coy (born 1944), by his wife the former Janet M. Knight.


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