Saturday, September 01, 2018

Max Robin Wynford Dewhurst (born 2018)

__. Katherine Leila Sarah Dewhurst (nee Rose Price, born 1985), scion of the Price baronets and wife of Robert Edward Charles Dewhurst (born 1984), gave birth to a son, Max Robin Wynford, 30 August, 2018.

Robert Dewhurst is a son of Charles Frederick Dewhurst (born 1946) descended from the Warren baronets, by his wife the former Lindsay Mary MacLeod Phillimore (born 1951), scion of the Barons Phillimore.

Katherine Dewhurst is a daughter of (Thomas Geoffrey) Timothy Rose Price (born 1948), by his wife the former Leila Anne Katherine Rasch (born 1952), dau of Maj Sir Richard Rasch, 3rd Baronet (1918-96).



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