Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Edie Dree Elphinstone (born 2018)

_. Isobel L. Elphinstone (nee Smith), wife of the Hon Angus John Elphinstone (b 1982), scion of the Lords Elphinstone (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1509/10), gave birth to a daughter, Edie Dree, 11 September, 2018, a sister for Albie James, 6 August, 2015.

The Hon Angus Elphinstone is the second son of the late 18th Lord Elphinstone (1953-94), by his wife the former Willa Mary Gabriel Chetwode (b 1954) scion of the Barons Chetwode (cr UK 1945), now the Dowager Lady Elphinstone, of Tyninghame, East Lothian.
Isobel Elphinstone is the daughter of Mr Michael Smith, of Savannah, Georgia, USA, and Mrs Donald Gilbert, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
The infant is a descendant of the 14th Earl of Strathmore, and is thus a kinsman of HM The Queen.


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