Monday, August 18, 2014

Hon Harry Aeneas Hugo Mackay (born 2014)

_The Lady Reay (nee Mia J. Ruulio), wife of the 15th Lord Reay (b 20 March 1965), gave birth to a second son, the Hon Harry Aeneas Hugo Mackay, 10 July, 2014, a brother for the Hon Alexander and the Hon Iona Mackay.

Lord Reay {Peerage of Scotland, cr 1628} is the son of the 14th Lord Reay (1937-2013), of Whittington Hall, Lancashire, by his 1s wife the former Hon Annabel Thérese Fraser (now the Hon Lady Keswick, of Oare House, Wilts), 2nd dau. of the 15th Lord Lovat.

Lady Reay is the elder dau of Mr & Mrs Markus Ruulio, of Helsinki, Finland.


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