Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Elizabeth Houssemayne du Boulay (d 2014)

__. Elizabeth Houssemayne du Boulay, who died 11 August, 2014, was the wife of Roger William Houssemayne du Boulay (b 30 Mar, 1922), scion of that landed family, of  Donhead Hall, &c.

She was the former Elizabeth Home, daughter of Brigadier Francis Wyville Home, by his wife the former Molly Smyth (later Lady Pile), and married firstly, in 1944, Sir Havelock Henry Trevor Hudson (b 1919, d 1996), sometime chairman of Lloyds, son of Savile Hudson, from whom she was later divorced; married 2ndly, 30 Jan, 1957, Roger Houssemayne du Boulay, of the Colonial Service and later of the Foreign Service.

She leaves a son, Anthony Havelock Hudson, from her first marriage, and a daughter, Sophia, born in 1959, from the second marriage.


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