Monday, January 06, 2014

Terence Walter (Terry) Biddlecombe 1941-2014

__.Terence Walter (Terry) Biddlecombe, who died 5 January, 2014, aged 72, was a jockey, and husband of the racehorse trainer Henrietta Knight, scion of a landed family. He was born 2 Feb, 1941, son of Walter Biddlecombe, by his wife Nancy, and married in 1995, Henrietta Knight (b 15 December, 1946),a daughter of Maj. Hubert Guy Broughton Knight (1917-93), by his wife the former Hester Loyd, scion of that landed family. He was a brother~in~law of Celia Elizabeth Knight (b 1949), wife of the 3rd Baron Vestey, &c. -=-

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