Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Capt William George Antony Warde-Norbury 1936-2014

_. Capt. (William George) Antony (Tony) Warde-Norbury, late Coldstream Guards, who died 1 January, 2014, aged 77, was a scion of the Warde-Aldam landed family of Hooton Pagnell, Healey & Frickley. He was born 13 March, 1936, son of Maj Harold George Norbury, later Warde-Norbury (1899-1974), of Hooton Pagnell Hall, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, by his wife the former Mary Betty Warde-Aldam (b 27 Mar, 1909 - d 1978). Mary Betty Norbury received the Hooton Pagnell estate as a gift from her father, Col William St Andrew Warde-Aldam, in 1952, and she and her husband assumed the surname of Warde-Norbury by Royal Licence in 1958. Capt Tony Warde-Norbury married 15 Apr, 1961, Philippa Margery Davies-Cooke (scion of the Cooke Baronets), dau of Col Philip Ralph Davies-Cooke, of Owston Hall, Yorks, by whom he had issue. His son, William Mark Antony, born 29 Jul, 1962, succeeded to the Hooton Pagnell estate some years ago. The funeral takes place at the Minster Church of Saint George, Doncaster, 13 January, 2014. -=-

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