Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Otto Tamniarn Joseph Chichester-Clark (b 2013)

_. Nina C. Chichester-Clark (nee Varchevker), wife of Adam Tamniarn Chichester-Clark (b 1973), descended from the Marquesses of Donegall, gave birth to a son, Otto Tamniarn Joseph, 27 Dec, 2013. Adam is the elder son of Sir Robert (Robin) Chichester-Clark (b 10 Jan 1928), by his 2nd wife the former Caroline Bull (b 11 Jul 1947), scion of the Bull Baronets, & Nina is the only daughter of Dr Arturo Varchevker and Renata Li Causi. Adam's paternal grandmother, Marion Chichester (d 1976), daughter of Lt-Col Robert Chichester (1873-1921), and granddaughter of Lord Adolphus Chichester (1836-1901), and gt-granddaughter of the 4th Marquess of Donegall (1799-1889). -=-

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