Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elsa Zoe Hendriks

_.Marina Hendriks (nee Floyd, born 1971), wife of Timothy I.M. Hendriks, and scion of the Floyd Baronets (Bt, cr UK, 1816), gave birth to a daughter, Elsa Zoe, 8 March, 2013, a sister for Hermione (Marni). Timothy is the son of the late Peter Hendriks, and of Mrs Conia Hendriks, of Fernhurst, Surrey, & Marina Jocelin Hendriks is the 3rd daughter of John Edmund Kincaid Floyd (b. 1936), of London, by his 1st wife the former Victoria Jane Cannon (now Mrs Bryan Norman, of Much Fadham, Hertfordshire).Marina is a granddaughter paternally of Lt-Col. Sir John Duckett Floyd, 6th Baronet, TD.

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