Friday, March 15, 2013

Arlo James Brooke Trotter

 The Hon Asia Brooke Trotter (nee Mackay, b 1980), scion of the Earls of Inchcape, wife of Andrew D. Trotter, gave birth to a son, Arlo James Brooke, 1 Mar, 2013, a brother for Octavia.

Andrew Trotter is the youngest son of Mr Douglas Trotter, of Eaglesfield, Cumbria, and Mrs Margaret Trotter, of Ullock, Cumbria, and the Hon. Asia Trotter is a daughter of the Baron Tanlaw (life peer, b. 1934) of Tanlawhill, Dumfriesshire, and Baroness Tanlaw (nee Rina Siew Yong, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) .

Lord Tanlaw is the yst son of the 2nd Earl of Inchcape.


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